Aaron Yan and Puff Guo Continue Massively Flirting with Cuteness in Just You

I’m still keeping up with the Friday TW-drama Just You (Just Want to Make You Fall in Love With Me), though the drama is trying its darndest to make me quit. There is absolutely no plot to speak of other than the central conceit – love-burned OCD boss Qi Yi institutes a no workplace dating policy that rubs the employees at his company wrong and go-getter Cheng Liang Liang is roped into making Qi Yi fall for her to violate and thereby end the policy. That’s it. All their interactions stem from working together and living together when they become reluctant roommates after he buys the house she’s renting and she refuses to move out. This drama manages to squeeze out an hour a week of stuff happening that literally vanishes from my consciousness the moment it’s over. Conversely it’s also completely harmless and coasts on the sweet chemistry of leads Aaron Yan and Puff Guo, though its more accurate to say that the drama works because off-screen Aaron and Puff are performing their own are-they-aren’t-they dance of flirtation for all to see. I haven’t seen a set of co-stars quite this touchy-feely and chummy with each other in quite some time, and many TW-drama co-stars nowhere close to their level of affection have ended up dating in real life.

As far as idols go, Aaron and Puff occupy the same echelon for me – they don’t suck so much I want to erase them from my screen, but neither have the acting training or innate talent to get any better than where they are currently at. Aaron has improved but this is likely his ceiling, whereas Puff has a bit more potential but I don’t see how she can unlearn her idol girl tendency to be cute and use earnestness to sell a scene. I do like them both a lot as entertainers and as actors they aren’t annoying to watch, though Puff’s talking voice leans towards the grating side and takes awhile to warm up to. As far as currently airing TW-dramas go, I casually recommend JY since its way less annoying and manipulative as Love Around trying to shove Annie Chen and George Hu’s over-used chemistry down everyone’s throats wrapped in dumb plot. JY also has a wonderful OST, the highlight being the ending theme song “Irresistible Sun” from Aaron’s just released EP. Even the press is always hinting in barely veiled asides in articles about the drama that Aaron and Puff are sooooo close. I’m not vested in them getting together in real life, though it’d be funny to see Fahrenheit fangirls and Dream Girls fanboys trying to get along if it happens. Check out tons of smoochie and cuddly stills from the drama and candids from filming, as well as the download link for “Irresistible Sun” which is indeed irresistibly addicting to listen to.

If that picture above doesn’t give them away, I’m not sure what to think of two co-stars napping like that between takes. They even have the perfect pair of matching dog and cat in real life – that adorable fat cat belongs to Ah Fu (Puff) and the precious widdle MaltiPoo belongs to Ah Bu (Aaron). I imagine lots of cute pet playdates while their parents are “hanging out”.

Of course Ah Fu can’t forget to pimp out Ah Bu’s new Taipei travelogue book

“Irresistible Sun” by Aaron Yan:

Click here to download “Irresistible Sun” on Mediafire.


Aaron Yan and Puff Guo Continue Massively Flirting with Cuteness in Just You — 31 Comments

  1. XD oh.. they are so cute together! I’ve been watching Just You as well, although I fast foward every time Jia You comes on screen.

    So sad about Love Around.. As much as I love Annie, I just cringe when I watch it, so many force and awkward acting and storyline.

  2. Huh?That nap is real?

    You’re right there is no plot but darn those 2 are cute. So far they make me smile every week . Considering some of the K dramas have made me stressed and one has made me cry every episode, really appreciate a cute drama every week.

    Love around even with the cute chemistry is too angsty. I think I prefer the right previous drama together.

  3. I totally watch it just for their chemistry. They are so adorable, I’m envious. Aaron is a hogtie.

    Dean looks like he jumped straight out of a manga, his features are very anime like.

  4. I liked Aaron a lot in Love Buffet and wanted to watch this but his face is really turning me off. He seems to have had some work done to his eyes. She looks like she had something done too. Both look like they had their faces stretched and she is not very appealing. It’s a pity because I am really in the mood for some rom com fluff. It is even more mind numbing to watch George and Anne. I can’t wait for Heirs to start airing.

  5. LOL! You’re so right!

    Puff Guo looks so much like Tsubasa Honda, it’s incredible.

    I really REALLY wanted to watch and love this drama… but even supreme cuteness can’t keep me watching if there’s no plot.

  6. Isn’t Aaron gay, though? Rumours have been around for years about him being in a relationship with a guy called Ah Ben (from a boyband as well, I think). He’s always quite chummy with his female co-stars. Seems to me it’s just a way to cover everything up. And get people interested in the drama. Everyone wins.

    • Who is talking about Aaron Yan sexualitty? why people cares so much about celebrities sexuality? I like him, and I don’t mind if he does girls, boys, or sheeps 😛

    • Aaron is most likely gayer than a jaybird with years of outings here and there. But he could also be bi. Who knows, and who cares other than he’s adorable and if he likes boys then it means less cuteness for the ladies out there. He and Puff are probably just 麻吉 but they sell the romantic sweetness on and off the screen. He seems to genuinely adore her, and the way he gushes and hovers over her is pretty darn cute. Even if it’s all a screen. Those Fahrenheit boys, all that hiding, what with Wu Chun hiding him being married and even has a little girl now. This is TW-ent, no one cares.

      • Wu Chun has a kid? He’s married? Wow, yeah, I had no clue. I started watching Just You today, but it’s not exactly a marathonable drama, so I didn’t get very far. Still, Aaron and Puff are adorable, so I’ll probably keep watching off and on.

      • I don’t understand this gay rumor about him. At most he’s a bi, but I think he is very much interested in girls by the way he behaved around Puff and the suggestive words that came out of his mouth.

  7. By the way, I’m totally glued to this drama!!! love the chemistry between the OTP, love the OST and hate Jia You. I think the real angst will come with the missing mom.

  8. All I can say is Puff can act. She can act as the most awful “B….” as she is in MR or as cute as Liang Liang in Just You. I have the Just You follower to as it’s relieving my stress and ease my Frdiday work loads.

  9. Yeah, Ive been watching Just you, including the ending BTS takes between aaron and puff, today’s episode discussing the hug scene in the office and the kiss scene in the street.. they are SUPER close.. i mean close even as friends.. lots of flirting..there was one a few backs where he was on the phone and lacing/interwining, then playing with his fingers with hers while he was talking on his cell.. talk about being super obvious right??

    I actually would not care if they got together, both cute and around the same age.. no harm feelings, as long as the fans learn to accept.. they are human beings allowed to date and all.


  10. No offense but I don’t really like the OTP in this drama … and I think Aaron did a little procedure on his face. Nonetheless, good luck to both of them

  11. Interesting couple.I must say don’t know much about these two but are they related by any chance? They look sooo much alike. I wish either of them had a different hair colour, so I wouldn’t get the strange sibling vibe from these pictures.

  12. Thank you so much for talking about this drama. It is something about those two that drawn me to the drama. They really do look cute together and the chemistry between them. I would not be surprise if they do date in the future.

  13. In a way this is a very interesting drama in the sense that even without a ploy, it was able to keep so many people captivated every week including me.

  14. Okay, what do people have against plastic surgery? What does who’s had work done and who hasn’t have to do with the show? In Aaron’s case, he’s always been pretty. He probably always will be pretty. I’ve never seen a drama with Puff before – her acting’s over the top, but I think it’s always an adjustment to go back to TW dramas after watching only Korean ones for a year or so.

    I find Just You mildly entertaining. I haven’t fallen in love with a TW drama since Drunken to Love You, and I haven’t fallen in love with Just You yet, but I’ve only watched 4 episodes. Maybe…

  15. I love reading your blogs and respect everyone’s opinions. I usually will start watching a drama from whatever country is from that check your blog to see what you have to say about it (or vise versa) and I enjoy it.(even when we have different opinions 🙂 thank you for taking the time to give us always something out of the everyday life to read about. Kansanmida

  16. I love you puff you are so beautiful and Aaron he’s so cute. This drama is my best and favorite. Thanks for the emotions on this drama.

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