Lee Dong Gun Interviewed by Entertainment Relay on the Set of Marry Him If You Dare

While the upcoming time-travel romance and life choices K-drama Marry Him If You Dare (Mirae’s Choice) has released the first official stills for Yoon Eun Hye, Jung Yong Hwa, and Han Chae Ah, leading man Lee Dong Gun has been conspicuously missing. The fact that he’s been away from the entertainment world for five long years makes me even more impatient to see what’ll he’ll look like in this drama. Now my question has been answered because the variety program Entertainment Relay interviewed Lee Dong Gun on the set of MHIYD and he’s styled like a less odious version of the stereotypical newscaster/anchorman. I’m not digging the slicked back hair AT ALL, but accept that it’s part and parcel for his role. Imagine him sporting the scruffy facial hair and rebel leather duds from Lovers in Paris here. Yeah, not gonna happen. I do hope when he’s not on the job he gets to look less suit-and-tie, and his hair is allowed to blow in the wind more. For his short interview on Entertainment Relay, the reporter asked if he had confidence to win the heart of the leading lady and he laughed and said no way, Jung Yong Hwa has considerable charm and talents as well. Very diplomatic answer. He did make a promise that if the drama hit 20% in ratings, he would do anything including an episode of Guerilla Date or even a freestyle dance in public with Jung Yong Hwa. Ha, this I gotta see! This interview slightly mollified me from my growing annoyance at the lack of Lee Dong Gun goodies from the drama. There is definitely this tinge of sadness in his eyes and a more grounded air about him after all he’s gone through in the last few years. I’m even more interested to see how his acting has changed from the time away.

Lee Dong Gun for Entertainment Relay:


Lee Dong Gun Interviewed by Entertainment Relay on the Set of Marry Him If You Dare — 19 Comments

  1. It seems like his hair won’t stay like that for EVERY scene he’s in. When he’s hanging out w/ YEH’s character he’s sporting a more laid-back style.

    The hairdo reminds me of Jung Kyung Ho’s look in CC, only more severely flat. It looks too shiny. JKH had a bit of curl/wave to it, so it hid the spray’s oil better.

    Oh well… He’s still a sexy beast.

  2. I agree – always got a very melancholy vibe from him and I can’t imagine what he went through when his brother died. Here’s to hoping that this drama does well for his sake.

  3. Sweet 18 was one of my first few kdramas so i am happy to see him finally return to the business. I hope it works out the way he hopes after a tough bunch of years.

    • I think the “problem” with his face is because he is a lot thinner than fiver years ago. He has lost a lot of weight these years, and this kind of hair doesn’t suit him.

      • Other than him being thinner, idk, but his cheeks looks so stiff. Botox? But I like the maturity he exudes now though minus the stiffness.

  4. Welcome back to one of my earliest heartthrobs! Saw all his dramas and love his CD album which I still play from time to time. The difficult years must have taken a toll on him… he has lost weight but he still looks good.

    Looking forward to seeing him act again and I hope he does it well enough to win an award at the end of the year. LDG, hwaiting!

  5. He really looks sweet and shy.I read an interview of him by the time he was in a relation with his co-star from” sweet 18 “and “my boyfriend is type B”,where they both admit that they are a couple in RL and he says that he fell in love with her when they were filming the swwet 18 and she had a scene in the rain.At that time he looked at her and he said to himself ” I have to keep this girl warm”.At this moment he realized he was in love with her.Even, that year when he went to take his awards he was not afraid in his acceptance speech to thank the woman who stole his heart and for the last year supported him.Thinking that we speak for the Korean movie industry where usually actors and idols try to hide their personal life from fear the “scandal” I see that he is a real man who puts the people he loves on top of everything.I wish him the best not only as actor but mainly as a person.

  6. just rewatched Boyfriend is Type B last night and it reminded me of the carefree look he had back then. OK, there is this air of cockiness but who cares… After the years of absence, it seems like the dude — as some people say — got grounded and more mature.

    As i see it, he doesn’t have to be flashy as before since, he got enough credentials as an effective actor. he’s well rounded to be a bad ass, a sweet and tender loving oppa, a singer-idol. He’s list of projects may not be as long as the others but longevity and credibility in the business counts. Others may be so bloody popular these days but can they be at par with Dong Gun? He was nowhere in the last 5 or so years for crying out loud yet his comeback is eagerly awaited and welcomed.

    hehehe… pardon my cussing and stuff, just letting out some steam…

  7. Yah, something is different, I guess I’m not used to seeing him wear that hair. But since the role is news anchorman, does he really have other choices??? I don’t know, I’ve seen Joe Cheng, a Taiwanese actor who also played as news anchorman in Channel X, he’s hair was modern stylish and unexpectedly suited him there; maybe, LDG doesnt have to stick to usual all-gel do for a news anchorman. Anyway, wish them Good luck in this drama!

  8. OMG he looks like Jung Kyung Ho’s older brother here (especially Cruel city attire)! Same naturally sad eyes!!! LDG what did you to me 😀

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