Jung Kyung Ho Makes a Comedic Cameo in Webtoon Drama After School Bokbulbok

You have no idea how happy and relieved I am to come across Jung Kyung Ho news. The last I heard of him, Cruel City (Heartless City) was ending in a torrent of tears while leading man Jung Kyung Ho was off to recover and rehab from a serious back injury sustained towards the latter part of the grueling filming for the noir thriller drama. I wasn’t expecting to hear from him so it’s a double treat to see that he’s doing well and doing a hilarious cameo in the webtoon drama After School Bokbulbok (which translates to Random Stuff After School). Starring Kim So Eun, the drama is a high school mission-oriented harmless fluff produced by entertainment company Fantagio to launch its first idol boy group 5urprise (pronounced Surprise). Kim So Eun is Fantagio’s popular young-aged actress so she’s the perfect person to lend her hoobae’s a hand and help out her own agency’s expansion endeavors into the music world. So it should come as no surprise (har har) that Jung Kyung Ho is also a member of Fantagio hence the cameo. In fact, the webtoon is bursting at the gills with cameos from pretty much every Fantagio actor or actress making this a group effort for all. In addition to Jung Kyung Ho, expect to see Yum Jung Hwa, Kim Sung Soo, Joo Sang Wook, Jung Kyeo Woon, Kim Young Ae, and many others from the agency randomly showing up for a twirl. Kim So Eun plays a timid high school girl that starts to come out of her shell when she joins an after school club that includes the five members of the group playing her high school classmates. She engages in various missions in each episode and becomes more outgoing. For Jung Kyung Ho’s particular cameo, he plays a pharmacist that Kim So Eun goes to buy constipation medicine from and embarrassment ensues. After spending two months with Jung Kyung Ho playing The Doctor’s Son Jung Shi Hyun, it’s a bit jarring to see him revert to his more typical goofy onscreen persona here. Seeing him up and about and doing this cameo is an encouraging sign that he’s mostly or all recovered from his back injury. I can’t wait to see him in another drama leading role, hopefully sooner rather than later.

Jung Kyung Ho cameo in After School Bokbulbok:


Jung Kyung Ho Makes a Comedic Cameo in Webtoon Drama After School Bokbulbok — 24 Comments

    • Sad to say that this has been pre-produced, the filming/shooting actually finished 2 months ago, so his cameo shoot was done even before the accident in Heartless city, so KyungHo oppa is still in rehab right now.
      But like you I am praying and wishing for his fast recovery.

      anyway he is just so darn cute in the first pic.
      Him and Soeun Side by side is liek baby face siblings together.. Ahhhhhh!!!!!!

  1. He is adorable in this! I especially love the sound effects he’s providing.
    What a change from Cruel City. Hope he is well and we see him soon.

  2. I just finished I’m Sorry I Love You and spent the whole series having to remind myself that THAT kid was Baksa. The two characters were too different for me to be able to connect them.

    This is adorable and makes me happy he isn’t in some hospital bed somewhere in horrible pain.

    • Omo! I’m almost done with MiSa and I had the exact same thoughts bout JKH too. I would never have guessed that he went from THAT to Baksa!

      Glad he’s recovering! Hope to see him back on screens for real soon

    • I know!!!!!!!!!! He’s so cute there, it’s hard not to feel like a perv especially when he’s in the bathtub covered in suds, ha! (not that there is much to laugh about, with it being so weepy)

  3. Please pick a comedy film/series as your next project. I miss his comedic charm in Smile You. He was so adorable there. Please please please.

    • I just started to watch Smile, You and so far I love it, it’s hilarious.

      Glad to see him up and well again. What ever you choose to do next Jung Kyung Ho, I’ll follow you anywhere.

  4. Is anyone else slowly stretching out the process of watching Heartless City, just so they can revel in the marvelous that is Paksa Adeul? Jung Kyung-ho makes me swoon these days!

  5. What do you mean swoon..? I was ready to leave my hubby and go find that skinny guy who stole my heart with his intense eyes. …..LOL
    His acting was excellent during the whole series.

  6. Oh! I’m so happy to hear news of him. I’ve been worried. I hope he recovers fully and star in something so we can swoon after him again.

  7. OMG… I am so relieve now, he is really well now, thanks god…

    I miss parksa/jung shi hyun so much, kinda strange to see he doing cute…

    I wish to see him as a cold man again in future, please GOD, he is the hottest cold man I’ve ever seen in kdramaland for all this 11 years!

    Cant wait to see his new movie which is directed by ha jung wo!

    oh, thanks koala, for this info, love you!

  8. I hope he takes care of his health and heals fast so we get a new drama with him in the lead soon – hopefully WITHOUT the ruined back this time!

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