Lee Dong Gun Makes a Wet Entrance in Marry Him If You Dare

The wait was definitely worth it, but there being no reason for the lag in releasing the first official stills of leading man Lee Dong Gun in Marry Him If You Dare still baffles me. Oh wells, I’ll not look a gift horse in the mouth so thank you KBS! Lee Dong Gun plays Kim Shin, a news anchor/announcer who is also going to be leading lady Mi Rae’s husband in the future. Her future self time-travels back to change her own life apparently so that she doesn’t go down the path of marrying Kim Shin. It’s absurdity mixed with heresy to even hold that thought, but in all honesty I am really curious what happens in their marriage to make her so fixated on not marry him. The easy answer is that he turns out to be a Cheating McCheaterson, but that really is a pretty piffling reason to time-travel back and mess with one’s own life. If a cheating spouse is that dramatic and impossible to deal with, then a good chunk of the world is time-traveling as we speak. I would prefer a much more compelling reason – if I was writing this tale, I’d make it that future Kim Shin dies because of something stemming from their marriage and Mi Rae loves him so much that she thinks she can change his fate if she doesn’t marry him. Wouldn’t that be supremely angsty for all involved? In the first stills of Lee Dong Gun, he’s getting water splashed all over him by a very grumpy haraboji that he’s trying to score an interview from. I LOL’d a little that the other three leads had pretty stills that were sitting down and doing something quiet, while poor Lee Dong Gun is introduced in the guise of being a drowned rat. But a very hot and handsome one at that, though this scene would be exponentially more awesome if he was shirtless. What? A normal guy would strip off that coat and shirt right then and there after getting dunked in water. Lee Dong Gun apparently filmed this water splashing scene for three hours, enduring multiple takes of water over his head. I super can’t wait for this drama and so far nothing coming out of the promotional machine makes me doubt that this production has all the ingredients to rock an awesome romance drama.


Lee Dong Gun Makes a Wet Entrance in Marry Him If You Dare — 18 Comments

  1. Well, in his character description, it say’s he is principled so I supposed it will not be a problem of philandering….might be a problem of his volatile temper.

    • And why didn’t they call me? I could have thought of at least a hundred different angles to shoot Lee Don Gun getting wet. . . Wow, that did NOT come out the way I planned. Get your minds out of the gutter people! I am thinking about art. I am thinking about art.

  2. Uh… I disagree, I’d go back to the past and make my younger self not marry my cheating bastard of a husband. If you love someone so much and they died why would you want to go back in time to not marry them? Instead Wouldn’t You would go back in time to save them? Anyways, lee dong gun is looking good.

    • What Koala was getting at was that LDG’s character could die in the future as a direct result of the marriage. Hence the only way to save him would be to not marry him. Admittedly, I can’t think of a scenario like this off the top of my head — maybe Yoon Eun Hye’s character is the daughter of a gangster?

  3. Yah, what would be the ultimate reason that you’d do the impossible of traveling back to time and not marry your husband??? Aside from Cheating, will he turn into a psycho serial killer?? Hahaha! Anyway, in reality, since you cant turn back time, then just Divorce! Wondered how they are going to make this storyline interesting though. Hope YEH made a better choice this time than that holycrap Missing You!

  4. Ok – so now I officially can’t wait for this drama. I was trying to temper myself since YEH’s last drama, just was 100% not for me. With many disappointments, I like to keep the expectations low and then be drawn in easily. It makes for a much happy drama viewer in me. But LDG is just too much to resist. 🙂 Love these stills. I know it’s actually pretty tough to get the water splashing just right. YEH and LDG together is awesome enough.

    As for the breakdown of their marriage in the future – I really hope it’s not that he becomes or is Cheating McCheaterson, cause it will make it very hard to like KS. I hope that it’s something like Koala describes but for me, it doesn’t have to be serious as in life & death, even though the stakes are higher that way.

  5. He hasn’t aged one bit. Just finished re-watching Sweet 18 for the nth time, and he just looks the same as he did in that drama. I take that back—he actually looks better in those photos. Can’t wait for this new drama.

  6. I can’t wait either …. miss him much …
    and no descent kdrama captured my interest thus far so I indulged myself in legend of lu zhen and with one fan dedicated cutest moments on every episodes just made my day. .. I’m content .. watching it every night …

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