Park Shin Hye Encounters a Sprinkler and Lee Min Ho on an Almond Farm for Heirs

I hope my opinion doesn’t ignite a firestorm but if it does then at least good old-fashioned debate still exists even for something as inane and inconsequential as Korean dramas. Heirs or The Inheritors has already released first stills of Park Shin Hye‘s Cha Eun Sang and Lee Min Ho‘s Kim Tan first meeting. Apparently it takes place in Los Angeles and he appears to be extricating her from a bind, though the “It’s okay, baby” spoken in perfect Engrish (and no, I didn’t misspell English) rather deflated the cuteness of the moment. I can’t handle the drama telling me Kim Tan spent years studying in LA and still speaks with as noticeable an accent. But that’s beside the point, I can overlook that, but what really concerns me is something I noticed in the first stills and its repeated itself now with the latest batch of stills showing the two leads interacting. Cha Eung Sang and Kim Tan have an encounter at almond farm (apparently filmed near Santa Barbara) and it’s rather romantic what with the beautiful scenery and even some strategic sprinklers going off around them to spray the scene with droplets of misty water. I know Kim Eun SookΒ overly manufactures all her romances and I don’t mind if the leads have oodles of chemistry to sell it.

Here’s the rub – Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho have zero chemistry, in these stills and in the first stills. Zero, nada, zip. It’s like they are in two separate scenes and spliced together. No, I don’t need them to be all over each other since clearly that is not where their relationship is at, and as high school students they can’t be all “I want to tear your clothes off” eye-sexing each other from the get go. I get all that. But chaste teen chemistry exists, a sweet kind that makes the air around the two thrum with an awareness. I swear these two are like mannequins propped up in a scene. And Park Shin Hye’s wide-eyed look in some of her stills is really off-putting because she is capable of way more than a stunned deer look. I’m worried now the PD is directing these two all wrong, because both are decent enough actors and these stills are so blah. When I see them in action on the screen after the drama airs, perhaps their chemistry will shine through then. But it’s just not here and there are tons of K-drama leads who can burn up a screen even in chaste stills alone. Kim Eun Sook is usually really good at picking leading couples that ooze chemistry (Lovers, City Hall, On Air) and even the lesser combustible pairings are pretty darn good enough (Secret Garden, Lovers in Paris, Lovers in Prague, A Gentlemen’s Dignity). I hope my initial impression turns out to be wrong but so far these stills are not making me squee in the least. Consider me unimpressed for now.


Park Shin Hye Encounters a Sprinkler and Lee Min Ho on an Almond Farm for Heirs — 108 Comments

  1. I agree…I really like them both but I don’t think they go well together. Also, it might be the hair but does LMH look different from his City Hunter/Faith days to you too?

      • He’s lost a lot of weight, but it’s also his jaw. I’m convinced he had some jaw shaping done. It’s really a shame, because like Hyun Bin his face now has that hungry jackal look and I am not comfortable when I see it, I just want to give him a sandwich.

      • @ Skelly (hello!),

        So would you say that Hyun Bin had some plastic surgery (the jaw thing)? I wondered the same thing, after seeing him in SeGa, and especially after seeing him here (look at the picture below). I had a hard time believing that it was him, mostly because he seemed to be looking so different than his MNIKSS and World Within days, for example. I personally do not think HB looks his best that way. I feel that he looks better when his face (and his body) are fuller (he has never gotten too big or bulky on all the pictures I have seen of him, and I think that is good, so I am not concerned about that).

        Here is the picture I was referring to:

        And that comes from here:

        I personally didn’t think HB looked attractive (at least not to me) in SeGa. I would not have been attracted to his character.

      • I also wanted to add that I can now see what you guys meant about LMH’s face looking a little different. I rewatched BOF on KBS World recently, and in it, LMH (who yes, is younger and much thinner), has a face that is a little more square shaped than here (one sees his jaws more, imho):

        His face on this picture looks more oval to me. I can’t prove anything (whether he has had plastic surgery done about his jaws), however, it makes one think…

      • I thought I was the only one who thinks that LMH got plastic surgery recently. Just like @ivoire I watched BOF and LMH looks way different than what he looks now, especially his chin is more sharp now and his face complexion is kinda glowy/shiny now -I don’t wanna think that he got botox, but who knows!- so that makes me think that he might got some plastic surgery recently. He is a good actor, talented and he has a big big charisma,I don’t think he needs to do anything to his face.

    • I never thought she was a good actress. I don’t even get the hype around her. Lee Min Ho is good. In some scenes of City Hunter, he just killed it. Not the best actor in his age group, that goes to actors like Song Joong Ki, Yoo Ah In, Lee Jee Hoon, and Lee Jun Ki, but he is still decent and deserves the hype. But Park Shin Hye? She is bland compared to actresses like Son Ye Jin, Moon Chae Won, and Gong Hyo Jin. Those 3 are just so charismatic on screen, but Park Shin Hye is just so boring. She uses the same facial expressions, and her chemistry with her co-stars (namely the kiss scenes) are nothing special. Can someone please explain the hype around her? Is she really that popular in KOrea, or just with the international audience because of You’re Beautiful?

      • She’s being hyped so much because she used to be a child actress. Even when an actor or an actress is underperforming, they easily get forgiven and still get praised if they were once a child actor.

        Son Ye Jin and Gong Hyo Jin are very charming, but Moon Chae Won is not charismatic to me. She acts ok, but there’s something about her that feels bland to me. She is verly lucky for having a good agency who has great connections.

        Son Ye Jin and Gong Hyo Jin are terrific actresses. They are the complete package

      • I agree with what you said about Park Shin Hye, but I disagree with you said about Moon Chae Won. I think she is one of the most charismatic actresses in her age group with a lot of promise to go far as an actress. Not only that, but she has the rare ability (in Kdrama actresses) to be subtle, yet display all the right emotions. Although her role in Good Doctor hasn’t done it for me, I think the fault lies in the writer rather than the actress, because she just isn’t given enough to work with. Have you watched Princess Man? She just absolutely killed it in that drama. And about her company having good connections, that is just a unjustified accusation. Rather than that, I think she just has a knack of picking excellent dramas. And Son Ye Jin is in the same company as her.

      • Different strokes for different folks I guess. Like I said I just dont find Moon Chae Won engaging. If you like her as an actress, good for you I guess. Yes I have seen Princess Man & Shining Inheritance

        Son Ye Jin is more of a movie superstar than a tv actress. She has hits after hits in movies, but doesn’t deliver so well in drama ratings.

        Moon Chae Won is under an agency, her agency has more say in what projects she chooses than her. She’s very lucky to be paired with good actors and male centered storyline.

      • I think she’s so popular due to You’re Beautiful it really has a cult following. It explains how so many of the actors and actresses from that show still have work.

        On a side note, the only time I have ever seen her have chemistry with anyone was with Yun Si Yun. Then again, he’s so talented, he could make a sack of potatoes look good on screen.

    • That wide-eyed look just makes her look stupid. It made sense in YAB, where her character was sweet, loyal, and incredibly brainless, but seeing it in Heartstrings and FBND and yet again here whenever she talks to LMH … I am just so over that look. Is she amazed, astounded, shocked, appalled, puzzled – or are the synapses just not firing? Who knows?

  2. IMO psh’s acting has been bland ever since stairway to heaven. Her wide eyed look is getting old, hope she tones it down. Sometimes she feels lost in the dramas she leads and its hard to see the chemistry. Hope she has breakthroughs through this drama.

    • I like PSH… But to me, she’s one of those actresses who does not have electrifying or a lot of chemistry with her male leads in dramas… just my opinion…. especially in the eyes… I can see her sadness and sometimes sadness through her eyes, ut I don’t see love….

      But these are just stills, I still need to see the real thing.

  3. Here’s my take on the problems with on screen chemistry between Korean actors and actresses. Many don’t have normal real life experiences with the opposite sex to draw from for their romantic scenes because they have to live such sheltered lives. It amazes me that they spend so much time and money on looking perfect but fangirls and fanboys are SHOCKED if they date in real life. In fact it’s called a scandal!! LOL I don’t know how it all started but it needs to stop.

    • Hehe… I am willing to bet that there is at least some loving going on somewhere πŸ™‚ just we don’t know about it nor do we really need to know about. I find it hard to believe that they would have little real experience in this modern age. High school or youth love… At least that much for this particular drama.

    • So, according to your theory, if an actor is to perform a role of murderer, he better get some experience?
      I’m convinced in the opposite: staying pure gives one inner strength and insight to do things the best possible way. It comes from the heart.

  4. I will reserve full judgement on chemistry when I see the first few episodes but so far, it’s not looking promising. It could be totally not their fault. I was somewhat bored by the JoJ lil stills but the OTP totally rose to the occasion after I saw the trailers.

    I honestly was neither excited nor unexcited by the OTP pairing as I don’t consider myself a fan of either. For psh, I too hope that she can really have a breakthrough in drama performance here. Her characters tend to blend all together for me.

    Either way, I know KES’s dramas always entertain me in one way or another even if I think a lot of it stinks or drives me crazy. So OTP fighting!! Please have good high school youth love chemistry for us to chatter over.

    • It’s true that KES can work magic with couple scenes. But previously she has worked with better, older actors playing more mature roles. Even though I am not a Jang Dong Gun fan, and I thought the chemistry in A Gentleman’s Dignity was hit or miss (mostly because of Kim Ha Neul), that bathroom scene was off the charts. I am skeptical about the chemistry in Heirs because KES is hampered by the “youthful innocence” Korea required for high school dramas, her leads are definitely hit or miss in the chemistry department (although LMH is loads better than PSH) and this doesn’t seem to be a PD known for romance.

  5. hmm..i always have problem with the wardrobe when the female is supposed to be poor. can they at least look more lively? i get it high school, no money but, there r plenty of good clothes with style at low price. And at least don’t mixed the pale and boring color together. at least if she is to wear pale blue, mixed it with vibrant color shirt inside. It won’t make her appearance so bland. Didn’t they know that right clothing is essential for viewer’s interest to watch and get to know the character. She already had barely make up on her, at least dress her well so that her character will be more alive.

    • Maybe her life is full of sorrow? Colorful clothes aren’t suit her character?
      She said that she consults the director often on howto act for her character. I wonder why? isn’t she supposed to understand her character well and know how to act instead of relying too much on the director?
      Well if this one flops then it shows she isn’t as good as people think she is.
      I enjoy her performance in Heartstrings alot. Her wide eyes were great in there. And her cutenes was overload.
      I used to like Moon Chae Won in Painter of the Wind. But not anymore. Her eyes bug me. Feel like they about to pop out. Before they were not like that. Don’t know what happened.

  6. i Agree!!! Zero chemistry! And there you go again PSH’s signature stunned deer look! Tsk! hope it will be different on actual drama.

    • I think this woman skipped ALL of the classes at the academy and only made it to that stunned look class. THat is why I think she is exactly the same everywhere, strange really

    • Yeah i love park shin hye, but i noticed she does that alot now too. Sigh… I think her acting ability was better when she was younger.

      Lets wait and see some clips to see if there is any chemistry. though i am going to go with a big fat no for these stills.

  7. Huh,So I’m not the only one who got the chemistry issue either….. even in the first official stills it felt like a brother sister duo hugging more than anything else…and this is weird because I put park shin hye in the category of actors who almost always have good to great chemistry with their costars… Even when the co-star isn’t a very good actor… Lee Min Ho is kinda on and off in the chemistry department for me…just like with his acting lol…I guess we won’t really be able to tell much till this thing actually airs

  8. Just wanted to add my two cents about the accent thing. One of my best friends is a Korean exchange student and she still speaks with a relatively noticeable accent (meaning when she speaks you know she didn’t grow up here -in our case here being Canada-). But the thing is even though she’s still technically an exchange student, she’s been here since the 7th grade for the school year (so September to June) while returning to her family for the summer months and at this point we’re in our second year of university. Conversely, her younger sister who has been here a year less than her (they have an age gap of a year so when my friend came for grade 7 her sister stayed in Korea until she also was going into grade 7) speaks with almost no accent at all. So I’m pretty sure that it just depends on the person even with living years and years in an English speaking country.

    P.S. I honestly just recently helped my friend learn to say refrigerator properly though she has to really concentrate to get it right. The r/l seems to be the biggest hurdle that some Koreans can’t ever pass.

    • I’ve got 3 friends actually that still carries their native accent when speaking in English and they’ve more or less grew up in OZ. One is from Hong Kong…she’s been here since 10 (19 now); one from Vietnam…she’s 22 and have been in Oz for 18 years; a Japanese living in Oz and he came here to study high school 6 years ago and currently 2nd year uni. All have got great English but still have their so called native tone/accent and you can pretty much tell which country/background they’re from.

    • I was gonna the same thing. In my country we speak Spanish. My best friend has been living in the US for 5 years. I, on the other hand, have never lived there. But when you hear us both talking in English, she has the most remarkable accent between us.

      Even with people who speak the same language can be difficult to change their accent. Hear Emma Watson speaking with an American accent… is not that good. My brother’s best friend is Mexican and has been living in our country for almost 10 years… now his Spanish accent is a mix from both countries.

      Now, I’m gonna give my two cents about this couple chemistry… I’ve seen the BTS photos taken by fans while filming in LA and I’ve seen their interviews back when they where and endorsement couple for Etude… and, although they don’t have an explosive chemistry, the do have a comfortable rapport and seem to have fun around each other… so I’m hoping is just the promotional stills that are this bland. But I’m gonna say this, Park Shin Hye always seem to have more chemistry with her partners off camera than in the actual drama. I don’t know if she has been in love and in a relationship before… bit a do believe she needs to learn how to convey that feeling of loving someone. I still love her, though… and she’s still young.

  9. park shin hye is a mediocre actress at best. she’s pretty and likable enough, but she’s been stuck at the same level of acting for years now. or maybe it’s just that it feels like she’s been playing the same character for a few dramas in a row. in any case, she either needs to step up her acting game or make way for other, more talented young actresses to take a gander at the roles that i imagine just falling at her feet. i see no chemistry here and that’s saying something considering she’s standing across from lee min ho, who has had great chemistry with virtually all of his leading ladies. yes, even kim hee sun, which is REALLY saying something.

  10. i agree. that scene is just bland, even the sprinkler effect does not do its job. they are actors and they have to act like what? there seems to be no instructions as to what the scene is supposed to convey. what i do get is two people stupidly standing and getting themselves wet.
    also noticed that LMH’s face looks different, somehow something changed i can’t pinpoint where?

    • I agree. He looks slightly different. But different. I’m usually good at honing in on the area but here I actually can’t figure out exactly where. Nose? Eyes? Cheeks? Jaw? It’s not as obvious in the first stills that the production airbrushed the heck out of, but in a more natural setting it stands out. No biggie, as long as his face still moves.

      • I think it’s the jaw looking narrower. Either he got thinner thus thinner face or he got under the knife or both. Plus, his hair is framing his face quite awkwardly as well. I may be wrong but one thing’s for sure he looks way better before.

  11. I’m one of those people that think chemistry can be built, or grown. A skillful director can make sparks fly on screen in any given scene even if chemistry is not palpable from stills or first meetings.
    I will however, agree that those stills are rather bland — our leads are not exhibiting any sparks. I like to give shows the benefit of the doubt, cause there were several dramas where you could put two people together, snap a picture, and say they have no chemistry when in reality they have a very sweet kind of chemistry that was built through good rapport (recent one that comes to mind is ihyv). Of course, that is a completely different kind of romance, but I’ve watched enough kdramas to know that I’ll only believe it when I see it.

    • I hope you’re right, really. I’d hate for this one to be a bust in the chemistry department, especially since it’s following in the wake of two SBS dramas where the OTPs had fantastic chemistry – Master’s Sun and before it, IHYV.

  12. I said it in the other post about this drama. I swear they look more siblings than lovers. Like honestly can’t get passed that. So it will look awkward for me.

  13. I find more chemistry in the split second Kim Woo Bin and Kim Ji Won appear together in the preview than the entirety of the main couple’s. We’ll see, hopefully minus + minus = plus indeed!

  14. well this makes me miss seol chan and se Yi :(. even though they were apparently not close off screen, they were convincing as a teenage couple struggling with teenage angst. sigh. I still saranghae you junhyung!!! haha

  15. Could this be the part where the girl says they have nothing in common? And she has not fallen (in love) yet? The writer made what practically are all memorable dramas for me; so I am hopeful that indeed chemistry can go through slow combustion.

  16. I think this is the reason, despite all the cuteness and the promise of Choi Jin Hyuk, that I cannot get myself excited about this show. They seem really bland together, and Captain Koala is correct. It is not an age thing. Yeo Jin Gu and Ha Yeon Soo have it in spades in their stills from the new Potato show that is coming out (sorry I cannot remember the full title in that thing) and the couple playing high schoolers in Answer Me 1997 also had enough to burn up the screen, (tenderly mind you). I feel like Park Shin Hye had more chemistry with Kim Ji Hoon in Flower Boys Next Door even though we all knew that relationship was going to be in the friendzone forever. It is not even the wide-eyed thing because Yo Si Hyun did it constantly in Who are You? and still had chemistry with Kim Jae Wook (okay, how could anyone not have chemistry with that man–looselaf paper would have chemistry with that man!).

  17. I used to be excited about this drama. But the more news i see, the less interest i have of this drama. I find myself more interested in Secret and Medical Top Team

    • That’s how I feel too. They seem to be deliberately lowering expectations. Since it’s LMH and PSH’s first drama together and there’s such high expectations and excitement they are probably trying to make sure it doesn’t work against the drama. You can tell by reading the comments that there is too much nit picking already.

  18. I agree! No chemistry and the cursed PSH’s wide-eyed look. I’ve said before that picking this drama might have been a step backwards for these two actors, who were transcending into more serious roles, but if their acting gets worse too then it would be such a pity.

    All I want now is pictures of Choi Jin Hyuk and Im Joo Eun!

  19. There are so much talk about this drama that the expectation is so high. Let’s not criticize or made any assumption until we see the actual drama on 9th Oct.
    Everybody has different expectations, options
    Just relax and enjoy !!!!!!!

    • Why does it seem like PSH is being blamed for the lack of chemistry and LMH is not getting any negative comments? I like him but he is the one who seems to be lacking something in all the stills released so far. He seems to look different but not for the better and that hair they have given him is not working. PSH on the other hand is blosomming into a soulful young lady and she’s been looking good in all the stills. Please remember her character is in a foreign land and she’s just had a nasty shock so her blank looks make sense. I stopped watching YAB because I couldn’t stand her doormat character Minam but even there she was supposed to be this clueless convent girl. So maybe her blank stares have something to do with the characters she’s been playing. She was very good in STH and TOL. Since FBND, she’s been coming on to her own and am liking how she looks in Heirs.

      • I agree with you!
        There is way too much negativity toward Shin Hye. I am not fangirling like crazy or anything. I keep reading the comments about her big doe eyes and people making it sound like the worse thing ever…even if she squinted, her eyes are big and beautiful… and I went back and looked at all the stills and I saw 2 people just starting to check each other out with a bit of shyness and awkwardness….like it would be in real life. I don’t know how anyone can look at the stills of Shin Hye and Min Ho and say he showed chemistry and she didn’t..that is the same as saying “I really like Shin Hye, I really do but she can’t act and doesn’t come across as someone sincere etc etc and then list all sorts of stuff that sounds rather mean…I don’t think you can say that about an actress and say you like her…just my opinion. You can’t like someone you don’t like and words always gives it away.
        I think she is a really good actress and has grown since the beginning. I think she has portrayed every character as the script dictated. I think she will get even better in the future. And dissing Shin Hye does not make someone’s real bias look or act better. It is a big world in K-Drama and more than one actress can be great and share the limelight.
        I looked at the still of Woo Bin and Ji Won and I don’t see any chemistry at all. So everything is a matter of one’s perspective.
        I have also noticed that no other actress on koalas playground gets as many comments good or bad as Shin Hye everytime she is mentioned.
        I think Shin Hye and Min Ho will show us an entertaining time on “Inheritors” and it only makes sense to see the drama before condemning it.

    • I agree too. Let’s all actually watch an episode or two before saying there is a lack of chemistry here or whose fault it may be. It seems too much to me to be already deciphering the success of this series and this pairing based on a few still shots

  20. I cee tht in koals posts most comments r ab ths drama soni think she keeps on posting it despite of not liking it at all ……but woooo a lot of ppl r

  21. Sorry,but i have a totally different opinion. I like the stills and think this is just the beginning of the “sparks” that are gonna fly. What’s the best type of fire? Is it the one that burns itself out quickly? The deep,slow
    red hot coals at the bottom are the best to cook on. LMH and PSH both have the “it” factor, just look at any of their photoshoots. Let’s watch and see.

    • This is certainly true for Koreans love his acting, just look at the comments of these same photos in Korean pages they praise his eyes and pure act. In my opinion she is known internationally but she has to be a willing and knowing in Korea and if they like the girl with big eyes quiet shy she will have to try to do that

  22. I think it might just be too early to tell. I remember when they were first announced, I thought they wouldn’t work out. I’ve seen a CF of theirs a while ago and they seemed pretty boring together. But it may change.

    Also, I think PSH isn’t the only one to blame for the lack of chemistry. LMH’s chem with his costars are pretty on and off in itself. Sometimes it’s epic (like in city hunter) then dreadful (in faith). He’s also not the best actor of his age group – what with LSG, SJK and LJS amongst others being around the same year.

    As for PSH, she’s worked with virtually everyone, but I personally didn’t find her chemistry appealing with anyone other than Jang Geon Seok and then that MV with Lee Seung-gi. I’ll wait and see. These days it takes me a while to like a couple together. GFB, GD and NG are big examples of that.

  23. They dont look like school students.What deflated my Kim Eun Sook fan balloon was the sheer fear that it rings oh so almost like BOF[which I hated]
    Why dont they make a college student situation?? is it a taboo or something?
    As for chemistry… it might work if they were playing victims in a horror movie.
    still even then I doubt it….

  24. Wide eyes that solely owned by “Park Shin Hye” I loved tha. t

    For this drama and chemistry, better if we wait until airing and then Comment as much as we want hehe

  25. Interesting how PSH is the only one getting slated for the no-chemistry issue when LMH himself has been distinctly hit-or-miss in that department, but of course no one comments on that/only blames the actress.

    at least this comment thread hasn’t yet resorted to behaving like Park Shin-hye’s kissing scenes are written and directed by her and have no directorial/writerly input re: deadness.

  26. I’ll reserve judgment regarding the chemistry until I watch the first episode.

    Frankly, I don’t even see the wide-eye part. I don’t even think it’s a stunned-deer look. I’ve seen stunned-looking deers before, just before they scuttle away from cars, but they don’t look like that on PSH. IMO, it’s more of a wary, curious look. I don’t think it’s right to judge actors base on a single frame that a single person chose to advertise on the net.

    Other actors have actually studied in English-speaking countries and still have that Engrish accent. The character may be rich, but not all sons of chaebols can speak fluent English even after living abroad for years. To each his own.

    I used to be excited about this drama, but reading reviews and comments from this site really kills the thrill for me. But well, to each her own.

    • You’ve just said all the things I wanted to write. It’s unfair to judge chimistry based on pictures and more unfair to judge a drama way before its premiere. I used to love reading comments in Koala too but I’m sick of people who only blame PSH for every thing about this drama and critize every little things about her acting. I’ll rather read the review on dramabeans or on soompi forum =/
      *sorry for my bad english, I’m french*

      • A book – you can form an opinion on the cover, and form a separate opinion on the pages inside. What you can’t do is form an opinion that the cover extends to what is inside.

        It’s perfectly fine and in fact should happen for people to have separate opinions about various elements. As long as it doesn’t lead to an extrapolation judgment. The stills need to be viewed and discussed on its own merits (or lack thereof). The drama itself when it airs will be viewed on its own as well.

        I never said the lack of dynamic interaction in the stills means the drama chemistry won’t be there. It may or may not, I don’t know until I see it. But it’s perfectly fine to have an opinion on the stills as is. I don’t know why that seems unfair to you?

        If I get a dish of food at the restaurant, the presentation is as important as the taste. I will of course LOOK at the dish and say its pretty/looks delicious. Then after I taste it I can say it tastes good/doesn’t taste good. Neither contradict each other and co-exist.

        My opinion on the stills stands on its own and is neither unwarranted nor unfair. And lastly – why does it matter if other people have different opinions at all. If the entire world was a bunch of sheep blah blah blahing the same opinion, then I would hate to see how the conformity of opinion could be beneficial to discourse and add to the value of intellectual stimulation. Why bother looking at something when one is only allowed to parrot the opinion that makes a certain subset happy to read it?

    • I agree, i’ll watch this because of the other actors like Minhyuk, Kim Woo Bin and Choi Jin Hyuk,. that’s all, all i can see is that his kdrama is full of hype…overrated…

      I can still see more chemistry between Minhyuk and PSH, main reason was because they had Hearstrings before.

  27. It’s funny how people are judging when we haven’t even seen a single ep or known the situation of these stills. Do you expect them to be in love right at the beginning? then we will have 2 ep of the drama, not 20 right?
    And even if they don’t have chemistry, why is it PSH taking the blame? The girl has chemistry with everyone she works with, doesn’t matter age or nationality… Oh it’s sexist in the fandom where the actors can’t do no wrong. I see…

    And Koala, I hope you eat your words once again when the drama airs, just like many times before…
    You know it happens quite often lol

    • I hope that happens, too! LOL, I want to love this drama otherwise why write about it. Doesn’t mean I need to be blind and not comment on things I see. And first impressions aside, what’s wrong with being disappointed with previews and loving the final end product.

      I think it’s hilarious because the converse is happening – there will be people who see these stills and think PSH-LMH are bursting with chemistry. And they won’t be called out for forming an opinion before the drama airs. Why the hypocrisy? Oh yes, because the opinion is positive ergo its allowed, but if its less than glowing then one must “withhold judgment” until the drama airs. I call bullshit on that double standard.

      • I never said they have so much chemistry either. In fact I think PSH and KWB might have more chemistry than the OTP too. But I’m not going to judge until I watch them in action.
        However, as a blogger you are really prejudge though, I have seen it many times…
        While I don’t have high hopes for the drama (Knowing KES) but I think it’s harsh for people to bash on it and its actors when they haven’t even seen a single episode
        And honestly, I think it’s your blog and you can write what ever you want. We have different opinion. Just simple as that… It’s just human can’t help but follow others and it’s annoying when they just repeat whatever you say

      • But that is exactly what I’m doing. I said my opinion on the stills and am waiting to see how they are in action when the drama airs, i.e. I am withholding judgment on their pairing in the actual drama until it airs. Not sure if you are reading the actual post?

        A first impression is not pre-judging, even if you think it is. And you need to read what others are commenting, trust me when I say I can’t hear a single person forming their opinion simply because of what I said. People disagree with me all the time. If it makes you feel better thinking that I am influencing others then so be it. But the logical reality is that there are probably quite a lot of people who have come to the same opinion as me on this particular topic. Independently, and with their own rationale which may be the same as mine or may differ.

        If I wrote that these stills were awesomely exploding with chemistry, I wouldn’t be accused of “pre-judging” and telling me not to influence others on Heirs. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander – it’s not the particular opinion that matters, its the ability to form an well thought out opinion that is valuable. If your perspective is correct, then that means you need to be chiding anyone who pre-loves a drama based on the stills as well as someone who is pre-disappointed base on previews. It’s the flip side of the same logical coin.

      • OcKoala, thank you for your blog. I am reading your recap because you recapped very fast but skip insights/comments. I found the comments not healthy for me, probably you are so tired when you write your insights because more negative comes out than positive. It really attracts HATERS. Look at your followers. Btw, I checked your blog about Heirs because I am curious from what I read from twitter.

        To all haters/bashers, sorry I call you haters/bashers… just be reminded that there is a difference between bash and criticize. Criticizing is giving opinion/facts objectively while bashing is giving negative opinion/comments without solid basis.

        To all pissed off readers, there are other sites to read news about your favorite dramas/films/actors. Different people have different opinion. Its your choice to believe or not, stick or sway, bitter or happy. Let us choose to be HAPPY. Happy HEIRS/INHERITORS all the way!!! I chose this because I think its entertaining(pretty actors, nice locn…), and I am more inclined to romantic comedy genre. Let’s hope for the best for HEIRS!

  28. I think the thing that baffles my mind is that Park Shin Hye has loads of chemistry with her co-stars when she is not being filmed. Like BTS scenes, of her just hanging out and joking around with them, but as soon as she is being filmed that chemistry goes out of the window. She is major fail everytime she has to portray a person who is in love.

    I remember watching her in Stairway To Heaven, Heaven’s Tree and even Miracle in Cell No. 7 she undeniably excels in heartbreaking scenes, however she really is lacking in the Romantic Comedy genre or other genres and I think all the drama projects that she’s done lately has not helped her grow. She’s been doing repetitive roles and my impression is that she now only cares more about how to get more popularity than picking good projects that would help her growth as an actress.

    • Someone secretly took video of PSH and LMH in a restaurant in SoCal, when they were waiting to come out the door for a filmed exit. The video is about a minute long, but even though they were standing right next to one another and would obviously need to be in character and interacting with one another as soon as the director gave the signal, they were both very much in their own zone. They did not look at one another, they did not speak to one another, there was as much physical distance as possible between them (and allow them to still fit in the doorway). PSH adjusted her cuffs; LMH stared off into space. Unless something magical happens, or these two just happen to be two of the most fabulous actors on earth, we are not going to see much between them. The gulf between them seemed to be about a mile wide.

      • because one minute says a lot right?
        I don’t even talk to my boyfriends all the time. Does that mean we don’t have chemistry or don’t love each other?
        A lot of time actors do their own things too offcam too but they are still sizzling oncam…
        We just have to wait and see

  29. She is a stunning women, and can be styled as sexy, earthy, cute and brainy.

    She has a low voice, which if used to advantage doesn’t sound at all like a young innocent girl right out of the convent as she played in YAB.

    The wide eyes look belongs in the past with Go Minam. Let’s hope the director saw her really good scenes in Heartstrings and FBND and presents us with a beautiful mature woman, not a ditsy candy. I know nothing abut this director, though. As far as the writing, I want the KES who wrote the women in City Hall and Lovers in Prague to come out and play, NOT the one who wrote weepy Secret Garden and criminally virginal AGD. I wanted to stab myself watching those female characters, and I like myself.

    LMH, I feel, can get by on charm. He just has it in heaps. Whether he and PSH click or not, I can’t tell. Which means it isn’t a “Hell, yes!!” Looking to the very brief preview and stills, I get a brother/sister vibe, so far. They are both smooth and soft personalities, no sharp edges between them, no flint, either. That’s how I felt with PMY and PIE and why I think Baseball Jane didn’t do anything for me. Too much sweet and not enough salt.

  30. looking at the bts photos of the filming in LA, Park Shin Hye actually has way more chemistry with Kang Min Hyuk than she does with Min Ho
    and i think she’ll have better chemistry with Kim Woo Bin in the drama as well
    i’m actually anticipating the Minhyuk-Krsytal, Papa Gu-Im Joo Eun-Kang Hae Naeul lovelines more than the main leads

  31. Just a thought, PSH deer in headlights look could come from being in high school and being 18(her character). Quite often at that age you either 1) know exactly what you want, 2) you don’t care for various reasons, or 3) you know you want something more but aren’t sure what that is or that you can achieve it so you put off thinking about/doing it and blankly just go thru the motions of what you have to do. And with the description of her character’s background I’m more inclined to go with the 3rd.

  32. The haters must be so happy now seeing a lot of criticisms against PSH. But honestly I think one of the reasons is the blogger. Yes, I quite blame her. Kekeke. But ofc it’s her blog, she could express whatever she wants to write. Anyways, I really do think that PSH is a great actress, even her own country has nothing to say bad in her acting. It’s just that she’s popular so these criticisms are expected. About the chemistry thing, well ofc we have different opinions. But how can we forget You’re Beautiful? Heartstrings? The pairings create fandoms. Those might have bad script, unforgettable story but the pairing is memorable. So I will not prejudge based on the stills, because I know her capability on that side. If the story turns out bad, specially on the chemistry thing then that’s the time. Because I wouldn’t want to eat my words after. I find that embarrassing. And lastly, yes, you can say whatever you want, you can prejudge a food that will be serve to you in the restaurant. but you will not write a blog about it not before you have actually tasted it.

    • I dont think that the reason why Park Shi Hye is getting criticized is because of the blogger.

      Just like you who praise Par Shin Hye to the high heavens and find her perfect…there are people who disagree and find her lackluster and are also vocal about what they think.

      Just because people from her country dont criticize her doesn’t mean that she is a great actress. Park Shin Hye has gotten a lot of free pass and perks where acting is concerned because she’s deemed as one of the former child actors (nation’s little sister), since she started acting young. Koreans are very forgiving and biased when it comes to former child actors. This is also why her fans have become so arrogant! Sure she is decent enough and excels in certain areas, but she is far from great ex. lacking in chemistry department and etc…

      She has the most butthurt fans I’ve ever seen, who can’t handle even the slightest constructive criticism whatsoever.
      I’ve noticed that any comment about Park Shin Hye that is not praising her or her acting is perceived as a malicious attack against her. I find her fans very controlling in a way that they only want viewers to say what they want to hear..well most of us here are not from korea and we are free to speak our sentiments.

      • I see worse behaviour out of Lee Min Ho’s fans who refuse to admit that the man could perhaps become a better actor, so I’m not sure what your point is either.

  33. koala-sshi.. you just repeat your wrong pre-judgement after gu family book.. now you want to do the same to Heirs?? I remember that you like GFB stills at first until you decide not to like it (stop recapping after few episodes) bcz you think LSG and Suzy doesnt have chemistry and suzy cant acting on sageuk. But, you keep following the (news of) Gu Family Book until its end-episodes. (?)
    Why you are so complicated??
    if you dont like it just stop to write negative comment..
    At least, dont do it (again) to PSH & LMH.

    • ^^ what shiku said.

      @koala, if you’re reading this, please know that some of us actually appreciate how frank and salty you can be sometimes, even when we disagree with you. Please don’t change that in response to too many angry fangirls who are butthurt because you have opinions and share them.

  34. hmmm… i’d like to reserved my opinion in terms of chemistry of PSY and LMH.

    but i agree on the ms koala here. ZERO chemistry if we have to base it off in the PICTURE.. Like, Ji Sub and HyoJin..on-off screen(BTS,Interview,Photos just exudes chemistry..that i actually begin to ship them in real life.)

    I love PSY, she is very likeable and pretty to look at, but in this pictures
    *she have dead eyes*….

    Lee Min Ho – i dont doubt his acting,he can deliver just fine. But he looks very different here. He really reminds me of HB in SG.(I love the tracksuit and his quirks.) But the LOOK!ugh. ITS NOT REALLY SEXY,LMH i cant see myself ogling him- which is a bummer. Omo, but i guess im really into manly SOJisub type. yes?

  35. It seems like the opinion about stills started some lively interaction. To be fair, I’m not judging the owner of the site, nor do I think she’s brainwashing people about the show. She has strong opinions, which are unmistakably hers. I even enjoy her sarcastic commentary about GoF, but maybe it’s because I’m not watching that drama.

    I’ve also read each and every post of Ockoala about Heirs, and most of the time, I agree with her opinions. But somehow, her reviews and comments tend to attract negative comments instead of healthy and smart conversations. I can’t help but to think that some netizens go here to express their hate on actors/actresses.

    But I also know that this is her personal site and it’s not her fault that she has her own voice. It’s not a news site where everything should be written and expressed without bias. I am always thankful for her fast reviews and quirky comments on the side. And of course, I’ll still be visiting this site to read about anything interesting. But for Heirs, I think I’ll just skim the reviews and move on.

  36. Are you people serious? Did you see PSH in Flower Boy Next Door? She was hilarious! It’s not all about chemistry with the lead. Sometimes its about being funny and about being popular. She is both in the dramaworld right now. This is a romantic comedy. I am sure it will work out fine with all these wonderful stars in it!

  37. i know this is her blog, but i cant stand to read so many negative comment about someone.. we all know that nobody is perfect, right? even they are artist.
    i think koala is really tendencious and i conclude that she doesnt like PSH.

    Its simply like your comment, if Koala unnie doesnt like PSH, then she shouldnt write anything about her.

    • A blog is a blog. The owner can write anything she wants in it. I personally like Park Shin Hye, but it doesn’t give me the right to deny another person’s freedom of expression. Different people just have different preferences. So what if not everyone likes PSH? She cannot please everybody, just as I cannot force my preferences to other people. And if Ockoala changes her voice or her stand on her reviews, then her blog won’t be the same anymore.

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