Lee Dong Gun and Yoon Eun Hye Have an Angry Meet Cute in Marry Him If You Dare

Now this is what imma talking about! Chemistry. It’s ephemeral and impossible to bottle up. It’s different than pheromones which can be simulated by manufactured scents, chemistry is about sparks flying and a skin tingling awareness. Kinda like six sense, you can’t describe the reason for the spark but you’ll know it when it’s there. It’s also something hard to deny when it comes to onscreen couples. Production companies and casting directors are often hampered by behind-the-scenes politics and other less than savory reasons for casting certain people, but if they had carte blanche to cast based on potential for onscreen chemistry then many a drama could have been saved. I’ve liked so many qualitatively weak dramas because the two leads combusted together and sold a romance even if the story made no sense. Love – it’s not about reason, it’s about feeling. The first stills are out of the first meeting between the two leads Lee Dong Gun and Yoon Eun Hye in Marry Him If You Dare and I shrieked so loud when I saw these my dog is still hiding in a safe room refusing to come out because he probably thinks a pack of his greatest enemy the cats are attacking.

Yoon Eun Hye and Lee Dong Gun are two of the actors in the industry that have built up a undeniable reputation as having great onscreen chemistry with their co-stars. In fact, I sometimes think their acting gets a slight sheen of rosy tinted glasses at times because they are so good at blasting the screen with the force of their charisma and the connection they form with their co-stars. Is it the chicken or the egg situation? We think they are good actors because they have good chemistry? Or they have good chemistry because they are good actors? It really doesn’t matter what the answer to that rhetorical question is, the fact is they are BRINGING IT here in the first meeting stills even if its one of my least fave meet-cute tropes. Who can live without seeing another car accident meet cute, bumping into each other meet cute, or knocking someone down meet cute? This is so old and so stale, but seeing these two shoot sparks at each other totally pushes the overused cliched meeting into the background. I seriously didn’t even notice Yoon Eun Hye’s frizzy hair! Lee Dong Gun looks super fine and also super angry with her, which is going to be interesting when they fall for each other, and then she’s being told not to fall for him. Heh, too late for that. The other side of hate is love, which is really not true at all in real life, but in dramatic narrative it’s always true for couples who have the meet cute. I need this drama like yesterday.


Lee Dong Gun and Yoon Eun Hye Have an Angry Meet Cute in Marry Him If You Dare — 62 Comments

    • @mj “she could have chemistry with a freaking rock” – Sadly, she’s already tried that once, in The Vineyard Man, and even she couldn’t pull it off. THIS one, otoh, is making me super impatient for October 14th!

      • I think she was just too in awe with Oh Man Seok. The guy is downright fantastic actor and he delivers all the time.

      • Oh Man Seok? A rock? LOL, that’s a first. She was the reason chemistry took so long to develop there even though it came in the end. She just overacted in the beginning and took longer to get into rhythm. He brung it on the first day and that was that. The man oozes charisma and he was that character perfectly.

      • Well, it looks like I might have to check out some of his other work – while acknowledging that YEH’s work definitely showed how green she was, I found watching him in The Vineyard Man incredibly tedious, less charismatic than a rock and less exciting than watching paint dry.

      • Hey, I love The Vineyard Man, the OTP is working fine and the story is great giving YEH a Best Actress award. But it’s actually ‘My Fair Lady’, where I find the OTP somewhat awkward. I agree, OTP takes two to tango, and this MHIYD seems to have an exciting OTP!

  1. There is no denying it the, chemistry is there and it’s awesome!!! The more info I see about this drama (of course Ms. Koala, I have you to thank for that) the more excited I get.

  2. Although I don’t like YEH (I don’t know why either :/ something about her rubs me the wrong way.) I am really looking forward to this drama. Thanks Ms Koala for all the updates. =)

  3. Bring on the AWESOMENESS!!! Yeh always have great chemistry with her co-stars, from joo Ji joon-gy-yc n definitely she will have that spark with lee song gun! Can’t wait;)

      • Agreed. Lie to Me was bad but I really enjoyed watching people on screen that actually looked great together and set the screen on fire. I still get the vapors when I see it!

      • Ahhh, Kang Ji Hwan… Lie to Me. Those were crazy, wishful days. YEH and KJH deluded me with a romantic fantasy.

      • Yes! Best chemistry with KJH, bar none. I’m totally shipping them, and while I really hope YEH and LDG has combustible chemistry, I also hope it will not make me jump ship!
        I feel torn!

      • Yes, agree! 101% . I just love the two them in LTM. and whenever I feel lonely, i will just watch it again and again and again! So many cheesy scenes that’s so romantic. I luv!

      • For me it’s so hard to choose between Kang Ji Hwan and Joo Ji Hoon. And gong yoo! Wow. YEH really does have chemistry with pretty much all her costars.

      • I comletly agree. I loved her in Coffee Prince with Gong Yoo and watched it a few times. But Lie to me is complety off the charts. I’m really addicted to it, and could watch it every month.

      • Yes, agree with you, 110%. No other K-drama couple has come close to the sizzling chemistry of YEH and KJH. So much so that you will be wondering if they are just reel or for real. Even dramabeans thinks so too.

    • Ms. Koala and the rest of YEH-KJW Shippers, I AM WITH YOU!
      Until now, I have not jumped out of the ship and still dreaming (and praying) that someday they will reveal that they are for real.
      Good day to all.

  4. OMO! The production team knows how to tease us!
    I’m loving this pair already! I miss watching a cat-and-dog kind of relationship! And of course, it’s YEH!
    Really looking forward to this drama! So excited! 🙂
    This will be hilarious!

  5. wow.

    my two fav. Together. I love Yoochun and YEH personally but together they just dont work for me maybe because of the writing rather than acting.

    This. I want to watch and root for.

  6. I was trying my best not to get spoiled, but with so much pretty I can’t help myself. A time travel machine would be useful at times like these.

  7. He’s really good at looking at his female lead. Like he can’t take his eyes off her. You can feel his interest. Love him.

    These two both have great eye friction! LOL

      • They do! They do! This couple oozes hot awareness you can feel the sizzle a mile away. The first stills of the LMH-PSY OTP on the other hand, are just… lukewarm. I am hoping the live action will bring out the spark somehow… (*praying – please oh please!)

        So, in order to mitigate possible disappointment, I have conditioned my brain to watch WWTCBTW – H (whew! even the acronym is long) just for the eye candy and the hype (gotta go with the trend, neh?). This drama, I will watch because I just love the 3 leads to death!!! for the romance, the story, and to watch my screen combust and explode with fireworks.

      • Have you checked out the Kim Woo-bin/Park Shin-hye stills? Chemistry through the screen and beyond. Second Lead shipping syndrome anyone?

  8. Yes, this is chemistry! From the stills, you can feel the vibes all the way to your computer screen.

    Lee Dong Gun and Yoon Eun Hye have an almost perfect track record chemistry with their on-screen partner. I’m looking forward to this one!

  9. OMG!! This has rised my excitement!!! If there’s one chemistry queen in Korea is lady Yoon Eun Hye!!! In Goong, Coffe Prince, Lie to Me, Missing You (Yoo Seung Ho) even in variety show X-Man with Kim Jong Kook XD!! I got the feeling this is going to bring back the good story, good chemistry, good comedy and well written characters! I’m super exited 🙂

  10. I saw the picture of them together and in my mind I could not but compare it with the picture of the OTP in Heirs.What a difference.

  11. He has the stern look of someone dealing with an impudent child. She seems concerned and then indignant.

    Some accident happens, she feels some obligation to him but sees it as a simple matter. He sees this as a lack of propriety, and she is put off by his unreasonable behavior but goes along grudgingly for a time.

  12. Oh dear.And you did back to back post. The contrast is just too jarring. I can feel the emotions coming across the stills for this production.

  13. Oh finally my dream pair since their salad song duet and LDG was one of the cast for Yeh’s old drama MFL but it goes to YSH,

    So thank god now my wish came true,

  14. the irony of having great chemistry is that everything is forgiven even there is a cliche meeting, worse storyline(hopefully it won’t happen here) and bad hairday.

  15. I didn’t really get what Ms. Koala said about heirs still having no chemistry. I just thought its meh… Then I saw This! Chemistry oozing everywhere. Is it the body language? The stare? The 4th pic… I wish a guy would look at me like that.

  16. Yes!!!!! That’s chemistry alright! Right out of the stills and need not be explained. I can’t wait for the drama. Please let it be a combo of great actors, great script and great director.

  17. Its been a bad year in kdrama for me, hardly anything to watch and keep me comforted. Now YEH is back, and with LDG, I cat wait to be all over this lol (god spare my life). Reading this article I was like, how can she tell through a pic? Then I scrolled down and BAM!!! I see it.

  18. YEH has this sex appeal that any one whom she will be paired of, there will always be excitement on the screen. I am not familiar with Lee Dong Gun until I came across of Lovers in Paris just recently and I thought he has this appeal that any woman will fall for. Everyone has their own favorite team up and I can say, Yoochun still has the best chemistry with YEH that I have ever seen on small screen. In my opinion, they were gorgeous couple.

  19. In my opinion, Miss Yoon Eun Hye has great chemistry with Ju Jihun, Gong Yoo, Kang Ji Hwan and Park Yoo Chun. Based on stills, I think she will also have amazing chemistry with the two male leads of Marry Him if You Dare/Mirae’s Choice/Future’s Choice.

  20. guess I have to make do with LDG and YEH for now since they both look good so far. had always wanted that pairing of YEH and Hyun Bin [that dimpled darling], maybe sometime in future…. fingers crossed .. hoping…hoping
    I should commend that YEH had chemistry with all her costars, and that is a feat that perhaps the leads from heirs can learn a thing or two. Brownie points to Ms Yoon; had carried a torch for her since her Goong days.

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