Lee Min Ho Looks Damn Fine Surfing for Heirs

Taking each release of stills from Heirs or The Inheritors one at a time, this is far and away the best pictures of Lee Min Ho as Kim Tan that I’ve seen. He looks relaxed, comfortable, engaged and alert, and most importantly, he’s connecting with his surfboard. It would be hilarious if Lee Min Ho has more chemistry with his surfboard (as he does here), than with his leading lady Park Shin Hye. Even funnier would be if she has more chemistry with second male lead Kim Woo Bin, as their first stills released earlier seem to indicate. Then this already clown car-like drama packed to the gills with young actors and idols would be even crazier commentary. I could easily ship Lee Min Ho with his surfboard, boy looks damn fine as a surfer. And believable, too! He must’ve have put some real effort into learning to surf, his body language in a suit and holding his board is pretty darn on point. I also love how the blue suit looks on his, that color suits his complexion and really brings out the red tint in his hair. I think his hair looks better post-surfing than it does in the earlier stills in regular attire. These stills were apparently filmed at Malibu Beach, though his character will also hit the waves in Huntington Beach if the BTS fan stalking reports are to be believed. If Heirs was a beach drama that’ll be cool too, like a Boys Before Flowers special set in a beach retreat. All the more legit excuses to get all the boys nearly nekkid.


Lee Min Ho Looks Damn Fine Surfing for Heirs — 11 Comments

  1. I literally touched my screen as if I touched him physically…
    hope the drama will be good since it has all the good stars in it.
    dont let us down! 🙂

  2. I know right Park Shin Hye seems to have more chemistry with the second lead. And that’s too bad….I won’t be surprised if I ship that boat than lee min ho’s…. :/

  3. The new teaser doesn’t look horrible for the OTP so that’s slightly promising. I am hoping to like this a lot since I tend to get swept up in the craziness of high profile dramas like this. It’s fun even if it’s less than satisfying in quality. I do really need to be onboard with the OTP so I’m hoping ep 1 does that for me. 🙂

    I absolutely agree with koala on the whole chemistry thing. I think out of us will watch a subpar drama just for the good chemistry between the leads. But hopefully the onscreen chemistry beats the on paper stills in this case. Here’s to hoping!

    Lmh looks very fine in surf suit. But I am very partial to suits and formal wear which is strange on a high schooler. But haven’t met a lead character in a dashing three piece or two piece that I didn’t like.

  4. Hot hot and hot! But there’s something off about his face. I don’t know what went wrong but he still look so much better in faith (minus wig) than in Heir. Please2. I hope that it’s just camera effect or the make up.

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