SBS Releases More Stills of Heirs, Spares, and Pretty People

The commentary on Heirs or The Inheritors in this post has been scrubbed to avoid knee-jerk reactions and how-dare-you-prejudge-a-drama-based-on-stills outrage. Of course I didn’t scrub it to avoid debate, but more like these latest stills swing the pendulum back to hhhhmmmm-not-bad side of things. Lee Min Ho is not in any of these, whether that has any correlation I would not hazard a guess. I genuinely don’t know, and those who think the two sets of OTP stills released thus far lack chemistry but point the finger to Park Shin Hye isn’t how I saw it. I thought there was a noticeable distance not in proximity but in body language from both of them, the imperceptible way people’s body will angle where it’s engaged in an interaction. Fast forward one day and SBS dropped adorable new stills of a secondary OTP of Kang Min Hyuk and Krystal‘s characters, poor scholarship boy Yoon Chan Young and the ex-girlfriend of Lee MIn Ho’s character and spoiled rich girl with an attitude. Kang Min Hyuk is adorable personified and I’ve gotten confirmation now that he’s definitely added some manly aura to his repertoire since he did Heartstrings. His first solo stills hinted at it but seeing him in acting opposite Krystal confirmed it. I’m pretty much going to have tolerate her in this drama, none of her stills convince me she can act at all, what with the exact same pinchy faced look. We also see an alterna-ship interaction of Kim Woo Bin‘s character with Park Shin Hye, though I hesitate to use interaction since she’s sleeping on a table top for most of the stills. But he’s shooting chemistry at the camera and at her out the wazoo. If she ends up with more chemistry with him, I won’t hesitate to jump ship because Kim Woo Bin is just that awesome. And funky looking. I have grown to appreciate that. Lastly come the stills for big brother Choi Jin Hyuk, who looks like Hyun Bin in Secret Garden mashed up with Jang Dong Gun in A Gentleman’s Dignity. His look is a little too overly packaged for me but who can deny he doesn’t look damn fine here. With all this talk of chemistry and whatnot, chances are his romance with Im Joo Eun might steal the show from all the high school characters, and I would be fine with that.


SBS Releases More Stills of Heirs, Spares, and Pretty People — 43 Comments

  1. OMAGA.. Choi Jin Hyuk.. why are you so asdfghjkl…. zzzz.. gezz.. he looks awesome in his suits..

    so many OTPs in Heirs.. kkk.. can’t wait to watch this drama soon

  2. Koala you have became famous in some forum. It’s so funny how people r taking others opinion so seriously. Anyway, im going to watch heir and im not fan of any of the casts. I’m watching it because all of the hooplas. But, so far i’m not impressed with the stills and trailers. Somehow i’ve got a feeling that people r going to yell at me “why are you even bother to comment or watch or bla bla bla” . Well the truth is i don’t know why. It’s fun to do so.

    • Love your attitude. In fact, I agree with you, I’m probably going to watch a couple of episodes out of curiosity. I haven’t liked any of KES’s works until now, so chances of me loving this are below zero.

      However, given that this drama is the talk of the town, it’s quite funny to talk about it even if one has nothing to say lol

    • Yes please. But then, I am probably considered one of the haters, so I doubt my opinion counts. If your writing isn’t filled with rainboes, unicorns, and basketsful of kittens, then you shouldn’t write…
      It’s really funny, how koala is considered so critical and a hater and whatnot…did these people read ANYTHING she had to say about Chris Wen? LOL

      Koala,I support you, and your site is fabulous. Hang in there!

      • Yeah totally agree.
        You know people on other
        sites are hating her just
        because she said
        something critical of
        chemistry between actors
        and they feel its harsh to
        their idol.
        I also love Lee Min-ho like
        other fans but for me it is
        refreshing to see someone
        who is critical of him

      • Exactly! But then it can only go up, right? At least I like that they hit it off on good friendly term. I am tired of the “bickering into love” trope, so if they turn friends into lovers later, I am all for it. Just hope then if the romance will enter, they will sell it. But they have time to build on it. Finger-crossed.

  3. LOL 😀
    one thing I learned while reading your site is that now I appreciate the opposite views of people wholeheartedly…
    everyone can have a different opinion about anything in general and one should just enjoy what one wants and be cool with it….I just laughed out loud at all the comment wars going on….
    I just LOVE your writing and that makes me check this site every time even when my view differs from yours most of the time….that’s the whole fun of it I guess!!

    • Thank you Nilechoclat for posting the link! Yes!!! to the new trailer (*fist pump) Now, that’s more like it! First time I see LMH and PSH actually smiling and interacting. I’m loving it! Officially excited!! (must dial it down..must…) Oh, what the heck, bring it on!

      Lots of cracktastic dramas in October. My crack choices – MMIYD and Heirs. We will all end up totally stoned or walking zombies!

  4. Can’t say about chemistry till I watch it but I have to say I’m also looking forward to Choi Jin Hyuk and Im Soo Eun’s loveline.

    And the banner of AHa OTP from TK2H sure is reminding me what real combustible chemistry is!

  5. I love Lee Min Ho, but I feel so so about Park Shin Hye. I don’t know, she just never made me think “oooh I love her character” in any drama I watched of her.

    I just hope the story and the directing is good enough to make me want to keep watching this drama. I think it probably will because I loved other dramas by the same writer and about loving Lee Min Ho and not his OTP!actress.. it happened in Faith, and I ended up really liking it.

    • These two, YESSSSS!! *_*

      Will be redundant again but can’t take Min-hyuk’s ADORABLENESSSS!! geeshhhh… Uri dongsaeng sure has grown since his “Daddy’s daughter” days (which he coincidentally co-starred w/ CJH).

      That little snippet of Krystal in the first trailer had me cringing since she was not only pinchy-faced but also nasally-voiced!! Quite a combo… :/

  6. saw second trailer, still not feeling main couple.

    Still look boring together to me and more like siblings, their meeting on that last stills is meant to be a moving scene for what I saw PSH saying ”Are you ok?” but they seem so stiff and strange together lol I can’t.

    I’m here for second couples!

  7. Well, Im Joo Eun has already shown that she has chemistry with a robot and a goat. I’m sure romancing daddy demon will be easy – I can easily see the two of them stealing the show.

  8. I thought it was a little unfair to compare LDG &YEH’s chemistry to PSH&LMH. The older pair are both just naturally sensual while the LMH and PSH are more the earthy wholesome types. KWB looks like the sensual type with his devilish hot distinctive looks and I have to agree I am getting mighty excited to see him fall for PSH’s wholesome girl. The new trailer has gotten me all excited. I actually got chills watching it. I am a little embarrassed!

  9. One thing i like from 2nd trailer is that Kim-tan is nothing like Gu Jun-pyo. Gu Jun-pyo was an emotionless bully at first until involvement with Jandi changed him while Kim-tan already looks like very emotional person.
    I’m just relieved that Lee Min-ho is not playing same character again which many people were complaining about.

  10. 🙁 damn…. I so want to see MORE . So eXcited !!! I have a feeling that When this drama air, I won’t be focusing on school work anymore. 🙁

  11. Yeah totally agree.
    You know people on other sites are hating her just because she said something critical of chemistry between actors and they feel its harsh to their idol.
    I also love Lee Min-ho like other fans but for me it is refreshing to see someone who is critical of him.

  12. It looks like the main leads will start off on friendly terms instead of the usual clashing and bickering at first sight. Hmmmmmmm……..I think I like that. She seems to have witnessed the painful scene between brothers and is probably aware that LMH’s character is unhappy beneath the devil may care attitude. So are they going to start of as friends? Maybe that’s why they seem comfortable with each other. PSH is looking good. I have a feeling Heirs will be about The Blosomming Of Ms Park Shin Hye.

    • Yes I am glad that they are not bickering and clashing.
      She saw clash b/w brothers and he saw her encounter with her sister. They will understand and comfort each other and become friends.

  13. We love you koala! Even though i might not agree with everything you say, i still enjoy your commentary. It’s fun and full of honesty.

    Oh the new trailer looks good but still very “childish” compared to gossip girl. I guess i have to stop drawing the gg reference heh. And i agree. Wonbin has that devilish look that just screams sex. So it would be pretty easy to get that onscreen chemistry (plus his great acting). Park shin hye looks more promising in the trailers than the wide eye stills, but it does seem like she has more chemistry with other characters other than wth the otp. Minho seems like he’s holding himself back, which isn’t translating so well for me. Okay one more gg conparasion: sort of like nate and chuck. I love chuck since he is so devilish, but nate was a bored

  14. That’s much better. This new trailer shows more promise than the stills. I agree with you Koala, love the chemistry in the stills of KWB and PSH. Wow, at least I don’t have to wait for the on screen acting to see it. In which case, I hope the two main leads develop one for the sake of their respective fans. I’ll 2nd male lead shipping should the chemistry continue. At this juncture I know my curiosity is piqued with the auxiliary characters namely, Choi Jin Hyuk and Im Jo Eun, Kang Ha Neul’s.

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