MBC Weekend Drama Golden Rainbow with UEE and Jung Il Woo Starts Filming

The upcoming MBC weekend drama Golden Rainbow just started filming for the extended kids section. Should we all run for the hills now? Start chanting prayers for the cast and crew to make it out alive, and hopefully not lose a chunk of their brain and soul? I think the cast will be fine since everyone is an actor by profession and just because they are asked to say nonsensical lines and act inconsistent plots doesn’t mean it’ll affect them personally. Otherwise I would be sending out petitions that the casts of such illustrious “dramas” of yore such as Fashion King, I Summon You, Gold, May Queen, and many more, are all sent to specialists for counseling. I don’t know if we the viewers will be fine if we’re subjected to yet another long arduous journey where it starts off promising only to devolve into complete and utter narrative mayhem. May Queen is a good point of reference because of three connections with Golden Rainbow – same network MBC, same screenwriter, and similar ocean-based industries (MQ was shipping, GR is seafood). The drama has two acting group lures, the first being a long 10-episode kids section with 7 very talented child actors playing 7 unrelated orphans who rely on each other. Leading that group is Kim Yoo Jung, I see Lee Chae Mi (who just wrapped Two Weeks), Kwak Dong Yeon (Jang Ok Jung), and many more adorable urchins.

Then comes the solid group of heavyweight established actors playing the parents generation, with Kim Sang Joong, Ahn Nae Sang, Do Ji Won, and Jo Min Ki. The casting from the youngsters and the elders are are good and fine, it’s really the rumored leads that is worth discussing. UEE is confirmed as the leading lady (her younger counterpart is Kim Yoo Jung), but her two leading men are thus unofficially confirmed but reportedly already onboard. Jung Il Woo will be making a drama land return since his second male lead role in The Moon Embraces the Sun in early 2012. Apparently his usual collaboration stylist has already joined the production crew of Golden Rainbow, so I say his casting fairly locked down. There are murmurings from MBC insiders that Yunho (of DBSK fame and many a drama that should not be named) will be playing the second male lead here or an important cameo of sorts. Not sure and no word from his camp yet. UEE is no stranger to weekend dramas and her most famous role to date was probably her popular turn opposite Joo Won in Ojakkyo Brothers, whereas if Jung Il Woo and Yunho join it would be a first for either of them in a weekend drama format and genre. Yunho is pretty much hopeless as an actor, but I’m optimistic UEE and Jung Il Woo would be a very promising onscreen couple in terms of looks and chemistry. I also really like the PD here, he directed I Do I Do, My Princess, and Hon. GR premieres in November after the end of Kim Jae Won‘s Scandal: That Very Shocking and Immoral Incident


MBC Weekend Drama Golden Rainbow with UEE and Jung Il Woo Starts Filming — 18 Comments

  1. Not really fond of Jung II Woo, but I like Uee so maybe I’ll give it a try. Good Weekend dramas are hard to comeby though – and MBC had a collection worth burning in the pits of hell so I dunno what to think of this…

    Good luck to the production team and cast!

  2. I love the child cast (Kim Yoo-jung! Lee Chae-mi <3333), so I'll definitely give this a try. And Uee was good in OB, I just hope her chemistry with Jung Il-woo is as good as it was with Joo-won.

    • I like UEE and I think she is a good actress, and she and joowon had a nice chemistry but I honestly believe that their chemistry mainly was due to JooWon. That guy can make chemistry combust like no one’s business.
      I know UEE is surely going to be one great actress in the future.
      As for Ilwoo, I have faith in him, he is cut from the same cloth as JooWon in acting. so I am crossing all my fingers and toes for them…

      As for the children department, YooJoong is back. I had hoped her next project would be more permanent. Much like YJG in potato2013 and KSH in suspicious housekeeper. I actually hoped the children version of IlWoo was LeeMinHo, nothing agains DongYeon cause I liked him since watching Puberty Medley. But I want YooJoong and MinHo to have a happily ever after ever since Grudge: the tale of the fox tail child.

      AS for the adult version, AHN NAE SANG!!!!!

      as for YunHo, hmmnnn, I don’t know if I can watch through his scenes. Maybe I’ll bring a blanket when I watch this to hide whenever YunHo’s come.

      • I am on-board the adult cast, since visually and acting-wise, they are not on the opposite ends of the spectrum.

        As for the young cast, I believe all the male young leads are different. It seems it’s gonna be Seo Young Joo (also from May Queen) and young Tak Goo. I also want Yoo Jung to have an on-screen happy ending with LMH, but I think he mentioned before that maybe METS is gonna be his last time playing a young counterpart, while Yoo Jung is still on her in-between stage. I think YJG and KSH looks a bit older than their actual age or emits a more mature aura, hence YJG is now playing a 24 y/o, while KSH is almost always playing a high-school girl and it doesn’t look awkward. And I think most prominent/permanent roles for young females are most of the time high school age. And Yoo Jung still doesn’t have that high school “aura”.

        I’ve been following this drama and I’ve been reading Yeon Woo Jin as part of the cast. Could it be him instead of Yunho or a different role altogether? I hope Yunho is not in this one. He is just so awkward and if we go with the writer this is gonna be more of a makjang.

  3. I started May Queen for Kim Yoo Jung … and I guess I made it out of that alive (and with an appreciation for Kim Jae Won though I haven’t watched Scandal yet). But I didn’t know that Jung Il Woo was in this! I’m so in. I don’t care if it turns into a crazy mess, I love him so much that I can just turn of my brain and watch the pretty.

    Don’t love Uee but I don’t have any ill feelings towards her either. It seems like a really good role for her as the Candy leading a pack of orphans.

    But Yunho. Oh Yunho, please tell me it’s just as cameo. Please. I’m a complete cassie but even I can see when there are things my oppas just shouldn’t do. And acting is just one of those things for Yunho (and Changmin).

    • you should really watch SCANDAL, Jaewon oppa is amazing in that show. Well all the cast are amazing bit Jaewon oppa just kills it!!!
      But its also best to watch it when its all done cause if you’re like me, one week waiting for the next 2 episodes is torture…

    • Changmin is a godo actor.you didn’t watch his movie .i watched it and he was so good .Yunho needs time and he will improve.He improved already

  4. Not Yunho, pleaaaase!!! he’s such a bad actor T_____T i he’s the second male lead, will ruin all the drama. And I was waiting for Jung Il Woo coming back. Why, oh, why singers who doesn’t know how to act insist so much in being actors? T_T

    • Yunho improved .He is not as bad as many people think.Most of people enjoyed his last drama and he didn’t bother them.Stop overreacting.He is not the best actor and he is not the worst.

  5. I really like the first episodes of May Queen, Kim Yoo Jung and Park Gun Tae were really good and had chemestry. And I didn’t finish the drama, I didn’t really like the grow-up characters.

    Kwak Dong Yeon was great in special drama Adolescence Medley.

    Yun Joon Suk was good in Shark.

    But I don’t like the acting of UEE maybe she will be able to convince me…

  6. UEE really ? why? why? she cant act .. it would been better if kim so eun/ IU/koo hye sun / hong ah reum / sandarac parks play the role… not not uee . what a waste for jung ll woo no match at all

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