Gong Yoo Steams Up the Pages of Marie Claire with New Movie The Suspect Premiering in December

If I ever saw Gong Yoo in person, I would probably stare slack-jawed. He’s just such a man’s man with his height and physique, but with a boyish charm when he flashes a brilliant smile that completely undercuts the machismo. It’s been over a year since I’ve seen Gong Yoo onscreen, but it doesn’t feel that long because I still re-watch snippets of Big from time to time. It’s so easy to deride that drama for being a hot mess but I reckon the more time passes the more it’ll seem less like a giant failure and more just a drama that skewed to a small minority’s taste. I absolutely love it vis-à-vis the Hong Sisters most recent The Master Sun, which did double the ratings of Big so it looks like the sisters know what the public likes and will stick it more TMS than Big style going forward. For Gong Yoo, the lackluster ratings and reception of Big must’ve been a deterrent in going back to dramas, since he waited nearly two years since his release from military service to return to television with Big. That’ll be a bummer since I think he shines equally brightly on the small screen (Coffee Prince) as he does on the big screen (The Crucible). His next project is a thriller movie called The Suspect. Gong Yoo plays North Korean field agent betrayed by his government during a mission and then his wife and child are sold to China as slaves and end up dead. WOAH, darkness galore. He defects to South Korea to find the North Korean betrayer, working as a driver for a rich Chairman. When the Chairman is murdered and passes on a special pair of glasses to Gong Yoo’s character, he goes on the run when he’s framed for the murder and needs to find out what the secret is in those glasses. Co-starring will be Park Hee Soon (double the hotness), Jo Seong Ha, Yoo Da In, and Jo Jae Yoon. This drama has an intriguing premise and a fantastic cast and is scheduled for a release on December 3, 2013. Here’s to hoping Gong Yoo does a drama early next year.


Gong Yoo Steams Up the Pages of Marie Claire with New Movie The Suspect Premiering in December — 38 Comments

    • I totally agree.. I love LMH but ….when you see Gong Yoo’s abs, wonderful sense of humor in BTS / interviews and fabulous acting chops from serious roles to rom-coms (coffee prince, big) and movies.. Gong Yoo triumphs .. And actor that fights for children rights and a UN rep .. I mean what else can I say!!! Gong Yoo rules

  1. If I saw him, I’d be slack-jawed and drooling. I would not know where to look, so I would look crazy (as if the drool didn’t do that). Thanks for the pictures Madame Koala. I also feel bad about Big becuase I thought he was really good in it. He does earnest pining like nobody’s business. And he kisses like he means it and never wants to kiss another woman again. He won’t get credit for his performance because of the performance of the overall show. But can you imagine what that show would have been like with someone who had less skill? (shudders)

    • Big only worked even in its limited capacity because of him.

      I also just remembered that he was already 26 years old when he was cast to play a high schooler in Biscuit Teacher with Gong Hyo Jin (they were soooo cute together). I do wonder if 26 year old Lee Min Ho can do the same raw high school boy angst in Heirs.

      • yeah, I kept thinking GHJ looked younger than him while I was watching, and then found out that she was, lol. (and now Heirs is doing the same thing with Lee Min-ho and Im Joo-eun, only there’s no romance between them, ha)

      • Wow. Those are shoes that are too big to fill. He was 26 in that? he same age as Lee Min Ho? Gong Yoo was excellent in that; the goofiness, the heartbreaking earnestness, the look on his face as he ate out her spoon. When he begs her not to leave Korea even if she decides to ge married to her first love . . .GAH. He is not the perfect actor here, but perfect for this role. He is raw emotional power snot and all. Just look people. I often go to the scene when I feel like there is no love in the world (I cannot embedd it here, but go to youtube and type in Hello my teacher Ep11-5.flv–it starts at 7:47). He makes me forget the stupid camera spining thing. I even forgive the awful clothes and the crazy hair (though I actually like Gong Hyo Jin’s wardrobe in this show):

      • @trotwood – Yes, she has the most beautiful jackets and coats ever.
        I have screen shots.

        My fav scene in that show was when GHJ met GY out on the highway because he was riding his bike in cold weather from far away (I can’t remember why or any of the details) and she brings him something hot to drink.
        Both her presence and kindness combine the with warmth of the drink and you can see GY thaw right before your eyes and come back to life. It was beautifully acted and shot.

    • If I saw him, I will jump his bones!You guys can have LMH, this one is mine and am just about to watch “Hello my Teacher” and I saw this post.

      • I have watched this show so much to the point that when my daughter walks by, she recognizes it and says, “Are you watching that AGAIN?!?!” He is so full of himself and then so full of love and it is so believeable how they fall in love with each other even though the scenario does not make much sense. I was even believing the time jump when that is one of the drama tropes I cannot stand (and though he comes back wearing a white denim jacet embroidered with red and orange flowers!–shudder). I love the teacher’s character growth and how it takes her so long to recognize what her true feelings are because she so believes in her old love story. GHJ is excellent in here, too. I can see why so many of her co-stars really admire her. I feel like I could even put in a decent acting job opposite her because she is so natural and warm in her roles.

  2. I do like your posts, but sorry Koala I find it interesting, when a drama is not your taste and it ends up being a failure you’ll tear it down to pieces and bring it to every post your can to bash it, but when a failure drama is your taste and you adore it, you’ll find a way to say it isn’t a failure, it is just not to everyone cup of tea, people dont know what they are missing and how it is not a bad drama, lol. I think you should just accept you too like crap dramas instead to try to make it be more than it is…

    • er…I guess you are criticizing Koala for explaining why she might like a drama that no one else does (yes, I admit this is bad, but I like it for A, B C) when she also feels free to describe exactly why she doesn’t like another drama? Let me put it this way:
      – If she likes it, she gets to say why.
      – If she doesn’t like it, she gets to say why.
      – She has also graciously provided an open forum for others to come here and say why they like or dislike something.

      I see nothing dishonest or hypocritical in this. It sounds like you want Koala to “admit she was wrong” about some drama you cherished, or just admit some failing or lack of taste – which doesn’t really make sense when we are talking subjective opinion. Personally, I think Koala is pretty fair – when she likes something, she talks about it, when she doesn’t like something, she talks about it. If there’s a lot she doesn’t like – well, I guess that fills up more space. If it bothers you, scroll on past.

    • Hehe. i don’t agree with what you said about her taste but i do think its funny when you look at most tagged dramas here on playground, they are certified craps in dramaland 🙂
      To each their own.

      • oh my goshh speak my mind- i don’t mind that she criticized drama becos dahhh everyone does!

        but look at all the dramas that she liked!! it was just god awful…

        she’s really has a very very bad taste…

        i mean, she said she doesnt like IHYV cos LJS looked like he got something done with his face – but she’s ok with the guy from 2pm in who are you and khj in playful kiss??? comon –

        u can’t criticize about others if you wore like 15$ dress from kmart…

    • LOL. Not to be a bitch or anything but I really agree here. She always do tend to praise a crap drama if she likes it – no matter how crap it is (i.e. Big, MSOAL). Excuses like ‘varying opinions’, ‘different cup of tea’ etc. etc. But then if a drama isn’t to her liking, no matter what she’d find an excuse to bring it up even if the post really has zero to do with that drama. Some dramas are crap, with no interesting story line or narrative whatsoever, but we’re still drawn to it for some reason or another – like good acting or brilliant cinematography. Doesn’t make the drama less crap – just that there are other reasons why its worth watching.

      But… your blog, your choice on what to write. The best way is to just ignore it. Not like one or two people’s opinion really affects a drama or an actor anyway.

      • i know… when she praise LIE TO ME
        and i watched it … i was like what the fck is wrong in her head?!??

        that drama is god awful– have no plot whatsoevr and yeah…

        i kind of use her liking to indicated if the drama will be a hit..

        once she dropped MASTER’S SUN BECOS SHE DOESNT LIKE for whtever bull she said..

        i was thinking to myself..
        thank god… master’s sun , you will be a hit now!!!

        i felt like mirae’s choice is gonna suffer a bad rating cos she seem to like it.. LOL

        if you are yeh fan.. please encourage koala to drop the drama.. .
        otherwise, you know where u will be.. crappy k-dramas bin 🙂

    • This is a bizarre conversation. My opinion on any drama stands on its own. I call out bad dramas I love, bad dramas I don’t love, good dramas I love, good dramas I don’t love – all equally and without any reservations. I can hardly be asked to admit that I love crap dramas when I already explicitly state it when I do. How does one admit something that its openly stated? o__O Please enlighten me here?

      I also wouldn’t use my tags as an indication of like/dislike. The top 10/ratings tab is the place where I rate K-dramas.

    • I guess i’ve been on this blog long enough not to really let it get to me when koala and I have varying opinions on dramas.
      Alot of the times when you love a drama, you want everyone else to love it. Hence the praise, which is completely understandable.
      But koala has always told it like it is when it came to judging it on an objective level — and even if you don’t agree at least she came up with viable reasons, no?
      Several times i have disagreed and stated my reason in a civil manner because I truly am just a guest at this blog. Other times I would be all AMEN to her post where no one else could explain better.
      You just gotta build a tougher skin and not let other people’s different opinions get to you.

      I guess we’ll only get more of these types of posts as your blog gets more popular and you gain more readers, koala. Fighting!

      • Agree! Well put and might I say, I’m just grateful to find a forum where a blogger smartly expresses her opinion, subjectively or objectively and have the graciousness to allow others to comment on it. One just needs to know that we all have an opinion but it is for our own benefit to express in a civil manner. Life is just to short to stress out based on someone’s comment. (Kdrama viewing excluded 🙂 you’re free to yell at your screen if the character is doing something idiotic)

    • “I’ll talk about dramas if I want to”

      – Koala’s tagline says it all people. . Errr.. It’s her blog so she gets to write whatever she wants, however she wants! As simple as that! It’s not like she’s shoving her blog on our faces and co-erce us in agreeing in her opinions. Write to express and not to please! ;))) Hahaha …

  3. It sounds super interesting! Is it me or is ‘framed for murder’ the new ‘thing’? We had Mandate of Heaven and Two Weeks with the same premise. I guess that there’s nothing more thrilling than clearing your nane while the true.murderers are.somewhere out there wanting your blood, too.

  4. I actually liked the first 11 or so episodes of Big, and then the story sort of fell apart and the ending was just hilarious in its awfulness. It really is a shame, because I think he gave a wonderful performance (he carried the whole show imo) and he should have got more recognition for it. It’s weird, but I preferred the good parts of Big to Master’s Sun as well. Personally, I couldn’t connect with MS and I thought the writing was lazy, even though SJS and GHJ were great and had wonderful chemistry. Sometimes I just can’t connect with the popular shows of the moment (the same thing happened with I Hear Your Voice). I can enjoy them but they don’t get me emotionally 🙁

    Anyway, I digress. I’m really looking forward to The Suspect, it sounds fantastic and is something he hasn’t really done before. I like that post-army he’s done some serious works (The Crucible) and some lighter, cuter stuff (Finding Mr Destiny). He’s a very versatile actor imo.

  5. oh my lawd, he is looking soooo yummy here. once, I saw a video of him and jo in sung together and I thought ‘if I ever saw 2 such men walking towards me or just sitting there having a chat and laughing, I will surely faint.’ both were such manly looking men. I don’t know how else to describe it !

  6. I just could not finish watching Big and was pretty disappointed about it because I LOVE Gong Yoo. I think that the problem was that I hated or was annoyed by ALL the characters besides GY’s. I found GDR too cutsy/clueless and absolutely could not stand Mari. Everyone else seemed to be too stupid or crazy or evil. I thoroughly enjoyed GY’s acting but had to fight the urge to FF everyone else.
    I think that the reason for MS’s success is not necessarily because it was the better written drama but 1)the chemistry between the leads 2)the side characters were all fun to watch, even the usually annoying female second lead.
    Anyway this seems like a good project and I’m glad for him. But I really want him to do another good romcom on TV to make up for Big.

  7. Been reading your blog for a while and I love it so thank you very much for the work.

    This man’s back is heaven or the closest to it…

  8. Gong yoo – very manly indeed. BIG absolutely was not my cup of tea at all. So I really really hope that he can shake off anything from that drama and come back to the small screen with something better. I love him on the small screen – in the right role, he is truly fantastic.

    Reading all the comments across different posts, the conclusion is the same, clearly one cannot satisfy everyone. We can always agree to disagree here right? That’s what makes the posts interesting and the comments interesting. Each person writes what they feel and think. Capt K – you rock! The passion or lack there of for different dramas is so wonderfully expressed on your blog. To those who think she criticizes to much or boasts about crap dramas – well, those are just one persons opinion which she has never pushed on anyone else. Don’t let it affect you personally. Capt k and I probably have a 25% love for the same dramas and 75% for completely different ones, but I still respect her opinions and like her reasonings even though I may personally feel different about an actor or drama itself.

  9. Can’t take away my eyes from the first picture. He is simply gorgeous. But he is also very manly, just as you said Koala. Nothing feminine about him and I love that.

    I also love his acting and there is no one like him.

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