Press Conference and Long 14-minute Drama Preview for the Star-studded Heirs

You know that existential crisis moment when you’re reading a book and land on a sentence and find yourself reading it over and over again because suddenly words don’t compute? That is usually a signal to put that book down and take a break because the synapses are momentarily overloaded. I worried that moment was barreling towards me with respect to Heirs or The Inheritors, but then the press conference and long 14-minute preview hit and I was just fine. No disorientation and no disappointment, I like what I see. Kim Eun Sook was testy at the press conference when asked point blank about it being like Hana Yori Dango (I hesitate to say like Boys Before Flowers since that drama was merely the Korean adaptation of the underlying manga that is HanaDan) and she said it’s not and if it was there was no way she would have asked Lee Min Ho to play the head considering the inevitable comparison to Gu Jun Pyo. I’ll buy that, and I have to say that after watching all the previews I didn’t see any similarity to the HanaDan set up other than the rich kids in high school and a poor girl joins their rarified world. All the characterizations and personalities are different, and the plot points don’t have any overlap in anything I’ve seen. The press conference had a bit of a “just get it over with” feel to it since there were so many people on stage. Lee Min Ho needs to burn his too-tight burgundy pimp suit, Park Shin Hye is ladylike as usual but no amount of hand-holding or shoulder touching with Lee Min Ho will convince me those two have any natural chemistry.  And stop with the finger-pointing, these two are equally emanating the “just friends” vibe around each other. Whatever they produce in the drama as the romantic OTP, they will have to use acting to sell it because it’s not there effortlessly. The rest of the cast all looked nice at the press conference consisting of Kim Woo Bin, Kim Ji Won, Kang Min Hyuk, Krystal, Park Hyung Sik, Kang Ha Naul, Jeon Soo Jin, Kim Sung Ryung, Im Joo Eun, and Choi Jin Hyuk. I think all the guys were all wearing socks, I saw socks and that must be noted. I thoroughly enjoyed the long 14-minute preview and while the location shoot looks pretty and all, I’m way more excited for the drama to dive into the school yard hijinks proper. The final few minutes of the preview had me grinning.

Long 14-minute preview for Heirs:

[youtube id=”wuYH1ioYPeI” w=”650″ h=”450″]


Recap of the long preview:

Kim Tan is studying in LA because older brother Kim Won basically sent him away to keep him out of the family inheritance battle. He is very lonely and surfs a lot. Cha Eun Sang works multiple jobs and has a deaf-mute mommy who works as a housekeeper to the Kim household. Eun Sang is friends with Chan Young, who sees her working multiple jobs. Eun Sang has a temper and is not accepting of her poor lot in life. She’s pissed at the inequalities in the world. Her sister is supposedly doing well in LA and sends a message home that she’s getting married. Eun Sang rebels for the first time ever and heads to LA to deliver the money the sister asked for. She finds out that her sister is just a waitress and not even getting married but living in a dump with a drunk white guy. Eun Sang confronts her sister who just takes the money and leaves Eun Sang stranded in LA.

Kim Tan sees all of this and you can totally see how this messed up sibling relationship triggers the exact same feelings he has inside. He appears to help Eun Sang out and even drops her off outside her sister’s place. But in the end, he comes back for her and asks if she wants to go with him. Kim Tan takes Eun Sang back to his fancy place, he’s living the comfortable high life even in exile. The next morning, he goes off to school and leaves her there. Kim Tan’s fiancée Rachel arrives and is pissed to see a strange girl there. She kicks Eun Sang’s suitcase down the stairs and damages it.

Back in Korea, Lee Bo Na is hanging out with Young Do and Myung Soo and complaining that her Chan Young is not calling and what if he meets a cutie in LA. Myung Soo teases that all the girls are cute in LA. She calls Chan Young and he answers and they cutely banter and admit they miss each other. Chan Young gets a text from Eun Sang that she’s run into trouble on her trip.

Kim Tan hears from the family secretary that his brother is in LA at a business event. Kim Tan takes Eun Sang with him and drives up the coast to Santa Barbara to an almond farm to see his brother. Kim Won is pissed to see Tan there and basically tells him to stop trying to be a part of the family and just stay in LA and live a rich carefree life. Eun Sang sees this display of brotherly meanness and asks Tan if he’s okay. Kim Tan says he’s not okay. They go watch the movies together and he admits being intrigued by her and wonders aloud if maybe he likes her?

All the students at Empire High is gathered at the front as Kim Tan returns to school. He greets angry ex-girlfriend Lee Bo Na and says everyone knows about their past history. He then checks out her new bargain basement boyfriend poor Chan Young. Young Do walks up and the two curtly greet each other with a chingu that is clearly exactly the opposite. All the sparks are flying and Hyo Shin watches in amusement from the rooftop. Suddenly Eun Sang, who is texting her deaf-mute mother, walks right between Tan and Young Do before realizing she’s standing in the middle of a showdown. She looks up and notices everyone around her and some of the students recognize her as well.


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  1. This actually looks really good to me i was ify before but now im excited. after watching a few scenes play out I can already tell this is my type of show. And I always love it when the guy likes the girl right away first and has to win her over

  2. Is it too early to be relieved? This 14 minutes preview is looking good and the best part was definitely the last scene with the showdown at the school! XD I’m totally looking forward to when it airs in only 2 days! *woohoo*

  3. it looks so boring and cheesy ..and i’m not excited at all , the story is been done so many times before and the only think that is different is the location of filming is kinda new to a kdrama ..

  4. Haha ,if such a thing as body language exists the way their heads are turn say it all to me.But I like this picture of them.and I remember why is good to date a tall guy… can wear all your high heels shoes on your dates.
    L O L.

  5. I don’t know about the lack of chemistry between the two leads. I can feel their sympathy towards each other and that’s more than enough for me for the initial stage. It seems that relationship starts to grow from sympathy, not raging hormones or lust or pretty face. They can delay the hot sparks for later.

    • So rite chinguu…u nailed it … sympathy first nd chemistry nd lust later…PS Does lee minho hav to kiss her in presscon to prove their chemistry lol

    • The chemistry will be so freakin awesome, it’ll blow koalas mind to pieces..muahahaha..hahaha..haha..ha *evil laughter continue…as i walk away backward ala Zooey D*

    • I agree with you, I think there is a good rapport between the two of them and that there is some earnestness between their interactions. I like what I see from the preview and I like the parallels of the back stories of the two leads. Worlds apart, but still relatable. I’m still not sure why the script writer decided on making them high school students. University students would have been completely realistic and would have largely achieved the same effect I think.

      I am missing Master’s Sun, but it’s nice to have something else to jump into straight after.

  6. I go to bed and wake up when 2013 is over and we get better dramas in 2014.. hopefully… please!

    This is plain boring. 🙁

  7. Okay, so kim tan is not one of those cold on the exterior all the while hiding the hurt inside. He really is just your average guy (with lots of money) who doesn’t feel the need to be an ass to everyone out there. I like that.
    I’m still peeved they chose to make them highschool students if they’re going to give kim tan a fiancee.. Watching them all stand around in their highschool uniforms, lee min ho and woo bin stick out like a sore thumb and cannot pass for highschool students.
    On a side note,those high school uniforms are really pretty.

    • It’s that hair on Woo-bin, seriously. He looked just fine as a high school student in School 2013 earlier this year, but the coordis and stylists are dressing him and doing his hair like he’s 10 years older than his character.

      • Definitely. School 2013 was only a year ago and yet where woo bin was able to pull off the highschool role in school 2013, he simply cannot do it here. Gotta blame the stylists(even if he does look like a beautiful specimen), because this is a MAN, not a boy. Woo. *fans thyself.

    • Heck they r young actors despite their popularity and all … and kim eun suk ‘s drama !!!!they were real nervous esp shinhye ..u can feel the pressure on her . . Even lee minho the hallyu god gives a nervous vibe … even so he has a good head on his head and grabs her hand .. there she needed just tht and is all good thereafter … And i would like to add that i see enufg chemistry in the teaser for a first encounter ..
      ..there ll b more just wait

      • @doolier23
        DITTO… totally agree.. we’ll see when it actually airs. Let’s give the young actors a chance, shall we? cheers

  8. /delurk mode
    Socks? Why hasn’t Trotwood showed up yet? 😀
    Kim Eun Sook has “burnt” me too many times to take a chance at this one. Especially not with this OTT promotion.

  9. Ok I’m curious in the preview. After Kim Tan dropped her off and did she expected him to come back? if yes, why? If not, she didn’t act well there. Seems like she knows it’s him. And why would you go in a car with a strange guy in this day and age? Not me for sure!

    • but she has nobody there in America. And he spoke Korean and has already helped her once.
      Put yourself in her shoes, she didn’t really have a choice. Sleep on the street are more dangerous than being with him right?

      • She’s lucky it’s Kim Tan.
        The Korean Drama Protagonist who holds ZERO ulterior motives.

      • Well he could look for a motel for her or if she was so disappointed with her sister. She can sleep at the airport and book a flight home. I’m sure it’s safe there.

      • @ak lol he kinda did though. I mean he seems to like her at first sight so he helped and wanted to see her more? no? LOL
        The confession was on their 2nd day knowing each other. She even asked how he knew her name right?

      • @saltradish if that’s the case you don’t have a drama to watch lol There is no story. And we don’t even know what is going on. It’s just a trailer. That wasn’t how he approached her the 1st time. That’s all I know. Normal people don’t do marriage contracts either but it was pretty popular in Kdramas. Plus…. everyone is different. You aren’t Kim Tan or Chan Eun Sang or know how they think or what their lives are… If it were you there would be no drama named Heirs haha

      • @k yes K there still would be a drama name Heirs. He can help her back to Korea and by accident he met her again at the school and start pursuing her since she’s been in his mind all time. That I can buy.

      • @Saltradish that’s y you aren’t script writer or KES herself. You don’t get it right? Everyone is different and you don’t have to agree with her. But she is obviously a scrip writer for a reason lol

    • skelly, weren’t you watching Monstar with us? That’s Kang Haneul, though he looks like he’s aged several years between that drama and now.

      • I watched some of Monstar but I did not recognize him *0_o*
        He looks like he is about thirty in that close-up shot…!

    • *gives you evil look* how dare you insult my baby 🙂
      He has actually lost a lot if weight since Monstar. I hope it’s just from being over worked since he finished Monstar, went straight to film the drama special, then started shooting Heirs..

      • He was also in Two Weeks with a small cameo.

        And his pants DO look horrible on him here. It almost looks like he has see-through knickers on his legs….

      • Omo, I also missed it earlier, but he’s wearing girly shoes, too…. If you painted them red, he’d be like Dorothy in Korea Oz.

    • Yeah. I agree, there was always something about Kang ha neul that made him look more sad than he was.
      some people didn’t like his character much in monstar, but I was okay with him.

  10. I was a bit hesitant about Heirs, but after watching the 14 minute preview I’m warming up to it. I’m with you though Koala and can’t wait for the story to return to Korea and for the schoolyard hijinx to begin (even if it doesn’t have the surfer boys and laid back Cali lifestyle). The last scene sealed the deal for me and has officially peaked my interest as Park Shin Hye’s character literally walked right into the middle of a schoolyard feud and an impending love triangle!

  11. Actually I love everything I want to watch this drama ,9 Oct come please I love Shin Hye , Min Ho , Woo Bin , Choi jin Hyuk and all of them 🙂
    Fighting Guys 🙂

  12. I now know the perfect word to describe PSH’s chemistry…
    She FRIEND-ZONES all her male counterparts. (At least that’s what I feel from her acting)

    Seriously, I wanna see “fall in love” from her. I know she can do it!!

    Even though Kim Tan was supposed to fall in love first, you can kind of predict what will happen when it goes mutual. (References being You’re Beautiful, Heartstrings, Cyrano Dating Agency the movie)

    • Oh heck yeah, she friend-zones ALL of her male leads…..but I actually think in all the Heirs pictures, stills, BTS, videos, etc…..she is NOT friend-zoning Kang Min Hyuk. Nope, that boy makes her feel kinda giggly around him. Giggly in the way that a cute charismatic boy makes a young girl feel. Check out the pic of them together at the press conference above. Then compare her with Lee Min Ho. That is a good thing for Park Shin Hye, but rather doesn’t benefit this drama since he’s not even the second male lead vying for her heart.

      • I didn’t think she friendzoned Jang Geun-seok and Yoon Shi-yoon (she gave JGS some serious flirty eyes in that kiss CF they did) but yeah, the chemistry issue does make me worry for Heirs. I’m actually curious as to how she’ll do with Kim Woo-bin, though of course he’s the second lead and doomed never to get the girl.

      • I want her to look eye to eye with Minho at the press con but I found nothing. They worked together before many times for CF. I thought she would be more closed. Anyway, yeah loving BTS pics of her and Minhyuk. They gonna become even more close after this drama. So she’s gonna link with CNBLUE for awhile

      • I like this story.
        She gets to play romantic with one of his band mates, while secretly carrying a torch for him, looking forward to seeing JYH just so she can ask about KMH.

      • @jomo

        The fact that PSH has worked with every single hot young actor in the industry in CFs, dramas, MVs (Lee Min Ho, Jang Geun Seok, Lee Wan, Jung Il Woo, Yoo Seung Ho, Yoon Si Yoon, Jung Yong Hwa, Kim Hyung Joon) and the only guy I’ve seen in BTS of her with where she actually looks slightly enchanted with him and hanging on his every word is Kang Min Hyuk.

        THIS makes me way more interested in Kang Min Hyuk than I would ever be. She’s immune to that list above and this particular cutie pie turns her all girly girl? He must be shooting off some potent pheromones. Btw, if she and Kang Min Hyuk ever date in RL, I would die of laughter because I think half of CNBlue who are YongShin shippers would have a stroke on the spot.

      • It’s just understandable and natural why she is closer and more comfortable with Minhyuk than Lee Min Ho considering that she has worked with him in Heartstrings before and of course the “Jung Yong Hwa” connection. Park Shin Hye is probbaly the closest female celebrity to Jung Yonghwa so naturally his bandmates would be close to her too. But I don’t really see any romantic vibe between the PSH and KMH weird. They look more of a noona doting on a cute dongsaeng, that’s just it.

      • Hmmmm…his looks belie his Dangereuse Liasons charms…PSH is putty in his hands….despite him being the dongsang

      • Who doesn’t get effected when adorable but manly kang minhyuk is around you,even ice queen krystal is smiling beside him at times

        Shin hye and minhyuk are close since heartstrings and she clearly adores him.shin hye was so happy,smiling widely when minhyuk visited the filming site even he’s not filming

        Lol he even charmed his way with Lee Minho,being all brother like cute around him,following him like a puppy

      • @mia

        “adorable but manly Kang Min Myuk” <------ AMEN to that. He's really the best thing to come out of CNBlue when it comes to acting from that bunch. And the easiest on the eyes. *___*

      • Maybe she got so immune to hot actors from working with tons of them and so the charming, cute puppy type draws her more to him. Maybe its just his camera presence or his personality, but he looks like he could be a real cutie who makes you laugh all the time. Maybe that’s all she needs after those bucket of tears I see her shedding for this show.

      • I think all the guys were all wearing socks, I saw socks and that must be noted. — AMEN, I hope this is the end of that former trend.

        Equally funny is how Min Hyuk lit up around her, when he was a block of wood standing next to Krystal.

    • Eight times. In a 14-minute preview, we got PSH’s wide-eyed stare of wonder (patent pending) eight times, and three of those were for protracted shots: .35-.40, 6:02 – 6:20, 12:47 – 13:00. I actually tallied and timed them because it was bothering me so much – why do I like her with everyone else, and can’t stand her with LMH? I realized it is because she is so animated with everyone else – angry, outraged, playful, upset – but with LMH it is mostly just these mannered stares or maybe a glance of sympathy. I think her lack of animation, both in her face and in her body, is what generates these massive friend-zone vibes. I hope they change it up, because 20 episodes of this will drive me nuts.

      • I just want to note that you always copy and paste your comments here to tumblr or the other way around lol.
        Just think it’s funny.
        We hear you but … lol

      • Here first. Tumblr is where I put all of the stuff I collect, plus my Heirs blog. Makes sense for me.

      • Hahaha.
        …i m now getting the feeling tht ppl r getting envious of park shin hye s cute big eyes … lol..perhaps becz its rare for asians to hav big eyes … so ppl get the popping eyes feelings from her …. i just love her popping eyes.. half the time i m staring at her eyes during her scenes …her eyes suck u in …such pair of beautiful eyes… btw i also like eyes of so ji sub .lee min jung ..jung yonghwa..beast du joon … i love ppl wd big eyes

      • @doolier23
        PSH is one rare Korean beauty with natural big eyes and prominent double eyelids other than KTH and LMJ.

    • @ilikemangos

      That’s what I thought as well. At this point she must have set high standards on men given the popular ones she worked with.

  13. Park Shin-hye’s looking seriously GORGEOUS in the preview, she looked amazing in Flower Boy Next Door too (hair and skin-wise, I mean) but here they’re really working the simple pretty girl next door look on her – and thank god for no bowl cuts!

    I was very hesitant about her and Lee Min-ho’s potential chemistry – and by chemistry I don’t mean what the eventual kiss will look like, but more their body language etc – but based on that preview, there’s at least some sympathy and some kind of connection there, even if it isn’t sparks (the sparks, now, those are coming off Kim Woo-bin – he looks like he’d like to eat her). At least this won’t be as flat on the OTP front as BOF and Gu Family Book, so there is hope.

    • Park Shin Hye is definitely growing up to be very beautiful.
      The fact that we don’t get bowl cuts makes me breathe a sigh of relief. Your average high school student nowadays do not rock bowl cuts.

      Alot of times I think that if you want to see sparks fly you’ve got to have characters that are diametric opposites(not necessarily in personality but their approach in life/relationships/romance). Sure, you can find alot of exceptions to that but most of the time i find the whole ‘opposites attract’ theory to hold alot of truth in k-dramaland. Put two strong, assertive people together and you might get too much, or you get alot of butting heads. And then you have a Suzy and Seung Gi, who both played very happy, upbeat characters and have images of being nation’s little brother/sister irl all the while being in a pure love. So to me, they only ever had a cute-friendly type of chemistry.

      • There’s something to what you say about character opposites, because it’s an easy way to make the sparks fly, but even two similarly happy/upbeat characters can have sparks fly, if the actors make it work.

        Suzy and Seung-gi looked like siblings in GFB, but one example of two actors who played similarly sweet and nice and who had chemistry was Kim Woo-bin and Lee Yubi in Vampire Idol – their characters were both sweet and cute, but when the time came, they had IT all right.

  14. Oh Lee Min Ho… No just no. He looks like a giant walking red-envelope Asians give out on New Year… And is that a sparkling sequins vest that I see? Did they get a sponsor from whoever did the SG tracksuit? LOL

    I love LMH, I really do. But he needs to fire his stylist and make up artist, stat.

  15. Ok i’m ready for this. Looks like the leads and supporting cast are bringing their games on so far. Love the confrontation scene. I like the prettiness I see but still keeping my expectations in check.

  16. Hmm… To be honest, I am even less interested now then I was pre long preview. But I know myself and KES dramas as I have seen at least the last 6 of them. I think it will take at least 2 or 3 episodes, maybe more to completely hook me.

    The preview confirmed for me that psh can rock her crying scenes and she’s better here than I felt her in her other dramas. I agree with koala that it will require the acting to bring out the “chemistry” in our OTP. I still was not feeling it at all between them. I am comparing it to other leads in previews where they are not in the fall in love phase but you get that feeling that you could see them together. I don’t even get that here. Whoever said friend zoned came up with a good descriptor. 🙂 like I said, I hope these two can really sell me on their romance and why I should care for them. Fighting!

    I will love the high school part and I always had a soft heart for the high school drama. But how about making KWB look like a high schooler? He looks like he could be a teacher there. LMH definitely doesn’t look like a high schooler either.

    I will give it about 6 episodes. That’s usually all it takes for me to get suckered into her dramas. Fighting. I still think it will do well in te ratings regardless of actual quality.

  17. What is this? Why LMH and PSH are so boring together? When they stare to each other seems like they are staring blankly to something, seems like there isn’t really someone there.

    Krystal reeeally needs to relax her eyebrow….
    she already has a bitchy face on real life, and on the drama seems like she’ll have the same face all over the place.

    The long preview made me curious to watch because of the other characters and LMH’s family story, as for PSH story, meh, they always complain how life is unfair, how they’ll grow and get their money, except they fall in love with the rich guy and that is it, doesn’t need to go after their life anymore and accept their help;

    • LOL on Krystal. I am not really familar with all the young actors in this show. When I watched the preview, I got to one part with really terrible acting (stiff, mannered, artificial). I looked up Koala’s synopsis – ok, that was “Lee Bo Na” speaking – and then went to the Heirs dramawiki cast list, and lo and behold, the preview worst actress award goes to Krystal, aka Lee Bo Na.

    • Haha “does not need to go after their life anymore and accept their help?” Cinderella’s story never ends.Life is not unfair anmr after they meet their knight in shining armor/chaebol.
      I love Kdrama bcuz I leave my dreams .

  18. You comment about Lee Min-Ho’s sartorial splendor (which to my eye actually doesn’t look TOO bad), but don’t comment on Kim Woo Bin’s weird grey/black tuxedo jacket on black shirt combination?

    It looks like a bat is trying to erupt from his chest all Alien-like. Or he needs to grab his lapels and rip off his shirt to show a black S underneath like Superman.

      • Happy to have brought a laugh to your day :).

        I wish I could come up with an image to describe the girl, but nothing comes to mind right now.

      • That reminds me of a great scene in the comic opera Die Fledermaus, when Dr. Falke opens up his huge cape and says, “Revenge of…the bat!” (It’s really funny, but maybe you have to be there.)

    • Also, not sure who the girl to Park Shin Hye’s right (our left) is, but she really needs to not ever wear that combination again.

      She needs to do it like PSH with a semi-transparent sleeves and/or have a longer dress.

      Full long sleeves with the very short mini-skirt? Bleh.

  19. The tone of this drama is very, very different from HanaDan/BoF. You wouldn’t think that KES would deliberately write a drama that was just like that (very famous!) one…and then cast LMHot on top of that. That’s just lame. Of course, the promos weren’t doing a fantastic job of convincing me otherwise until recently. It’s nice to see in this long preview that there really aren’t any HanaDan/BoF vibes at all. BoF was my first kdrama and thus will always hold a special place in my heart, but man, rewatching it now is painful, haha.

  20. don’t they have stylists in korea.most of the actors/actresses look horrible on red carpet at every event.only a few can pull something good off.

  21. Those clothes make them look like they’re 40 o.O PSH and LMH look SO uncomfortable. The CNBLUE boy and Im Joo Eun are the reason why I’m gonna try this.

    • Why didn’t IM Joo Eun and Choi Jin Hyuk posed together? I thought that they had a loveline in this drama.
      Anyways I watched PSH, KWB, and CJH on Running Men,and it was nice watching them having fun and being relaxed with each other.

  22. But where is the dad? I thought we would see the dad from the beginning, and I don’t remember there being mentions of him dead.

  23. After Master’s sun ended, l really do not have kdramas that interest me so far other than Scandal. So been awaiting for Heirs. But l’m not really excited for it cosz l think its just basically a light drama just for entertainment and for anyone who couldn’t resist Lee Min Ho. After seeing the trailer, Chan Young (the CNBlue guy) attract me more with the cute face.

    The drama won for its casts but for its light and easy plot, l think it easily be forgotten. After Faith, l hope LMH will cast in a heavy drama instead of just college boy fighting for family love and inheritance.

    But who knows anything, l’ll be waiting for tomorrow night to judge it.

  24. Im so sick with all negatives comment here, hope when the first episode’s recap is out all you guys can stop caring to just gives negatives comment . if you dont like or hate it, dont read the recap, dont watch and go watch your favourite drama.

    • We have too much expectation for it because it has our beloved actors together. And the production asking for it too with their way of promoting it.
      Ok could it be the director’s problem. That’s why we don’t see the feelings? He didn’t capture the right moments or angles?
      Let wait and see.

  25. I agree with all the comment on Park Shin Hye and her chemistry with men. I think maybe Lee Min Ho should have been on Running Man with her, Kim Woo Bin and Choi Jin Hyuk so we can get a better feeling on their chemistry. Although she was pretty cute with Choi Jin Hyuk and how she massaged his shoulders before the thumbs war game.

  26. The only thing is interesting is the end of the preview for me. I think KMH is better in this drama than Heartstrings. He was way too bubbly in that drama. I like the black dress on that one actress. I am looking forward to this drama and hope no WWIII fan wars will erupt.

  27. hahaha the comments here make me laugh…why don’t just watch the drama and decide ,not need to judge that the main lead has no chemistry…I know that PSH is a very considerate girl,I remember that when she did a CF with KHJ(SS501) she was worried of anti fans…she was nervous too,can see,she hardly feel comfortable..but as it goes further she becomes as friendly especially with the ladies…KWB was quite interesting to watch at the press conference,he kept glancing at PSH table where she is seated at his eye view…He was shooting spark of interest at her..goodness me I felt the vibe..and the last scene in the 14 min preview,my!,it got me excited at how he(Young-do) character looked at PSH(Eun Sang)..I don’t know why I always love 2nd lead..even its only a what is funny,my daughter says she misses GJP hair after watching a bit of the press conference..Watching this for sure ..hope some kind soul will recap it..Thank you Ockoala love you post as always…

  28. I still can’t find that chemistry between PSH and LMH. Like Ms K said, they just have to work hard at the acting to sell the on-screen chemistry, which I believe both can with their acting chops. But would be nice to have some off-screen chemistry like in the Master’s Sun.

    • the thing is these two are much younger than our veterans SJS[yummy, my fax K actor of all times] and GHJ. Perhaps lack experience, overall. Hopefully, as the show goes along they will be more comfortable, i.e NOT forgetting that those 2 leads are wearing heavy shoulder pads at the moment.

      PSH once said that the PD told her that ASA filming starts, the Hell Gate is open, or something like that. I will try to cut them some slack here ‘cos they are both feeling the pressure being leads, also leading a huge cast as well, so double @#$##$ pressure for both of them. Believe they are smart people and are aware that all eyes are on them. Having seen them working at the chemistry department, I’ll have to say it’s good for now but I do too hope it gets better as the show goes along.
      Well, here’s to both PSH and LMH, HWAITING for the next 20 episodes. Keep it up!!

      Ockoala, you’re a gem, definitely a priceless one, thanks so very much for your translation which has made it easier for me. cheers

  29. ok… i guess the concept’s not terrible on paper, i like some of the actors enough to consider it… but =__= they need to trash that ost….

  30. Not enough Woo-Bin oppa and his perfection. Not even embarrassed to say I repeated his scenes 10 times each. I cannot wait to get a twice weekly (subbed 😀 subbed!) dose of him. I demand an epic bromance between him LMH’s character (really need to learn the characters names) and an OT5 of the guys. I Woo-Bin and his step-sister *hides* and hope they have a lot of scenes filled with early GG Dan/Blair like goodness.

    My boys look good at the press con, but especially loving Woo-Bin and Ha-Neul. Im Joo Eun unnie looks flawless but not liking the rich maid black and white look of Krystal and PSH. The teaser makes me anticipate the drama even more :D. Is it Wednesday yet!!??

  31. Need to add: They need to get to Korea quick cause I am more interested in that. I already the friendships I am seeing. I am a sucker for damaged familial relationships (LMH killed it in City Hunter) so I am looking forward to that (why can’t you just give the hyung love he desires?). Ohh Pretty sprinklers but ain’t y’all getting wet!? That is not cute. Damn not feeling it between LMH and PSH. Oh I am going to love these two frenemies. Woo-Bin you sexy bastard you, look at that smirk!!jkhdilesfj;joj!!! WHERE IS MY QUEEN IM JOO EUN AND WHY NOT SCENES OF HER AND CHOI JI HYUK TOGETHER!? (they are the ship I am most looking forward to).

  32. The OST made me pause the clip. I dislike it so much. Mariaaaaa…mariaaa too much…kdrama ost has never failed me this bad.

  33. I’m so pumped for this! As stated above, Min Ho does not have any chemistry with Shin Hye. She definitely is way more comfortable and flirty with Minhyuk, obviously. Who wouldn’t be? He’s so adorable that even Krystal is warming up close to him. Shin Hye is a close noona to him but there’s more than friendship going on there ;). My Kang Ha Naul is looking dashing as usual. Hyungsik is cute as well. But why can’t the handsome Woo Bin just have some normal and non-oiled hair for once?

  34. Forget about the chemistry. That was a slick trailer and good directing. It’s much better than I thought and no BoF vibes. Woohoo am looking forward to it now. I wasn’t before.

  35. define existential crisis – you who know not to differentiate adverse and averse ???

    Waiting for that moment when we sue the bank off you for plagiarism

    • “existential crisis” ——–> Bummer.

      A bit wordier ————> your life sucks cuz you can’t figure it out.

      I think you’re having an existential crisis in thinking that words and the combination thereof into simple phrases all gleaned from the English dictionary belong to you because you used it before.


  36. i dont know about you but i think that the chemistry is there at least from lmhs side he was gonna pierce her from side to side with his fire looks omg this trailer is amazing and if it proves anything ! its that lee min hoo is the best there is was and ever will be !
    thanks koala unni

    • So agree! Lee Min Ho is the best one in the trailer and yeah he knows he looks good! This will be my first drama of him because of Shinhye

  37. uber thanks for sharing the long preview with eng summary. i laaab it!!

    i wonder how can i watch it in my neck of the woods ( mnl )…dramacrazy is down, it’ll be not available in viki….same with dramafever *sigh* ….i’ll die!!!

  38. lmao at some PSH and LMH fans, even if the first episode airs, and it show PSH and LMH chemistry is lacking, they will force themselves to say they have good chemistry and just wait some more nepisodes… then they’ll say wait for them become a couple, then they’ll say wait for them be comfortable… wait for 20 episodes airs and end.

    PSH and LMH know each other, they should be comfortable by now, they already worked before.

    • You know it’s just the matter of opinions right?
      While you think they don’t have chemistry others ( especially the Korean fans) do
      As simple as that

  39. @koala sis… delurking mode —
    i love your comment – half of CNblue who are yongshin shippers will have a stroke on the spot! LOLing on that 🙂
    oh i miss posting here, but i don’t want to bother you with my spam issue. it still does. 🙁

  40. I wasn’t looking forward to this drama, but after this trailer and seeing some of my favorite actors/ actress, I’m psyched now =)

  41. Hmmm… i kinda agree with Koala about Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho’s chemistry. But, i don’t mind with their friend type chemistry. It’s have sympathy and understanding there, and i think not all relationship is fierce and sexy, sometimes in between there’s always a couple who looks like friends companying each other through thick and thin.

    So, as long Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho can deliver they act well, i think i’ll wont mind their type of chemistry.

    • agree with you there,my hubby was my close friend and I know all his gf and we talk and support each other as friends, till I fell for him and wanted to transfer away from him to another place far away..and long distance friendship won’t last…the rest they call history..I married my friend.

  42. Omgggg, I’m so excited for this drama!!! I’ve been waiting for o long and yesss the time is finally here. I love LMH’s character in here, he seems like a sweet and thoughtful guy. I hope it’s gonna turn out good! Thank you so much for translating! <3 you koalasplayground:)

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