Third Interesting Teaser for Marry Him If You Dare Reveals the Love Square

I’m already ridiculously excited and primed for Marry Him If You Dare but the just released 3rd teaser trailer has me salivating and rubbing my hands with glee. Chemistry exploding everywhere with all the leads, time-traveling marriage-altering shenanigans from future Mi Rae, and lots of skinship from the get go. Korea’s recent spate of time-traveling dramas last year were a big disappointment for me other than the perfect until the ending Queen In Hyun’s Man. That’s the kicker really, time-travel dramas are so difficult to end properly without resorting to easy outs or tears galore when time waits for no one. What makes MHIYD a bit easier to deal with from a narrative perspective is that the time-traveler is not one of the leads, as opposed to all the other dramas where either the leading man or leading lady is time-traveling. This makes it easier to zap future Mi Rae back to the future and leave all the present day pretty people matching up into two pairs and then going on double dates together.

Watching this new preview, my impression is that future Mi Rae isn’t just keen on present Mi Rae NOT marrying Kim Shin, she’s equally determined to shove her into the arms of Park Se Joo. Yet it appears by all accounts that Mi Rae and Se Joo are platonic buddies, and Se Joo might even be interested in Yoo Kyung more. But then Yoo Kyung finds herself intrigued by Se Joo and Kim Shin, and then suddenly all four of them are in this complicated mess that will create all the juicy romance goodness I’ve been craving. I wonder if future Mi Rae will actively go out to take matters into her own hands and re-write her own life story, or will she be content to dole out information to present Mi Rae and let herself take action. It would be hilarious if future Mi Rae is constantly at odds with present Mi Rae. I’m already loving both versions, especially future Mi Rae who is fierce as all out and looks like she could eat both Kim Shin and Park Se Joo for breakfast and still have time to in a blowout at the salon before heading to work.

3rd teaser for Marry Him If You Dare:

Future Mi Rae reveals she’s the future self of present day Mi Rae, who thinks she’s crazy and needs to see a shrink. Future Mi Rae reveals to present Mi Rae that she is about to start her ill-fated destiny with that man (Kim Shin). We see Kim Shin and Mi Rae involved in a fender bender and he yells at her. Future Mi Rae promises to get present Mi Rae a good husband and we see Se Joo introducing himself as the new junior VJ for Kim Shin’s morning news show. Future Mi Rae reveals that Kim Shin is not just a VJ, he’s really a chaebol heir. Kim Shin drags present Mi Rae to a police station while she struggles to get out of his grasp. Present Mi Rae asks if Se Joo is a chaebol? Yoo Kyung meets Se Joo at the bar and he picks up her tab. Yoo Kyung is rescued from a car crash by Kim Shin, and later she asks Shin if he’s heard the rumor that she’s going to marry him?!?


Third Interesting Teaser for Marry Him If You Dare Reveals the Love Square — 37 Comments

    • I sincerely doubt that future Mi Rae is hurting for money since she’s supposed to be super successful in her own right IIRC. I think we might be looking at the story wrong – what if she’s trying to save the future Kim Shin, not herself?

      • It’s just the way she mentioned that Seju is a chaebol. It seems like she wants the young Mirae to chase after Seju because he has money.

        yeah there could be more to it but that’s what I get from this teaser lol I sure hope it isn’t about turning oneself into a gold digger..

      • Yeah, I really hope that’s a red herring. I desperately need something super romantic to take the edge off a pathetic drama season (for me, anyways).

      • well in a way, if her reasons for chasing after the guy is so shallow, it would also provide for some good entertainment when the dude finds out that he’s being used lol

    • Women become more practical as they grow older…they don’t discount love… but they’re also of the mind that romance,when faced with the realities of married life challenges, is not enough.

  1. I am so excited for this drama and I need a crack drama to make me crazy and forget stress at work! I love both leads so hopefully THIS IS IT! I’m gonna squee with you every episode til the end!

  2. What if the future Seju is happily married to Yoo Kyung? That would be so wrong, you know, destroying someone’s married life just because you are not happy with yours.

    • I do agree with u..what if mirae will destroy seju and yookyung’s relationship. But im pretty sure seju will end up with yookyung at the end which i love both of them being together.

  3. Miss Koala, have you heard any rumors about Miss Korea? You seem to always have juicy tidbits about MBC dramas.

    What I’m seeing on DCInside is Gong Yoo and Lee Yeon Hee… if there’s any truth to this, I would watch it just for Gong Yoo alone. IDGAF.

    • That’s exactly what I have heard too, but he’s being very very hesitant about it which totally makes sense because, c’mon! It’s SM and tossing Lee Yeon Hee into the mix. I heard she is DYING to work with him, last year she went around stating that GY was her ideal man. She has good taste, even if she can’t act worth crap. If GY does take it, then I think Gong Hyo Jin’s influence can’t be discounted. She’s good friends with him and Miss Korea is from the PD-writer who did Pasta and she’s close with them because it was a good experience for her and Lee Seon Kyun.

      • Ooh, I never thought about the Gong Hyo Jin angle.

        Anyways, the first casting news was released today (Lee Sung Min) so I’m crossing my fingers that Gong Yoo will sign on the dotted line soon.

        Thanks for your input!

      • The drama is produced by SM Entertainment… you do the math. I strongly suspect that it was commissioned with Lee Yeon Hee in mind just like the drama with Lee Bum Soo was developed for Yoona.

      • I would love to see GY in a new drama. I really want it to be something good and with a solid script and cast. Oh I’m torn.

      • @raindrops1, Seo Sook Hyang is a solid writer. Odds are the script is decent and Lee Yeon Hee shouldn’t find acting as a beauty pageant contestant all that taxing… right?!

    • It’s being produced by SM. And Go Ara is already doing Answer Me 1994. Which leaves Lee Yeon Hee. Or else one of the SNSD girls. And they want to shove Yoona into the Prime Minister drama. And Soo Young isn’t a big enough name. And Jung So Min just switched agencies and I doubt SM would give her such a big break. So after so many “ands”, this drama’s leading lady is more of a lock to be Lee Yeon Hee than the leading man being Gong Yoo.

      • No matter what the “logistical issues” are, I still don’t see why SM can’t promote the actual talent they DO have; like Jung So-min and Soo-young. The reason that SM needs to shove Lee Yeon-hee (albeit she has improved…slightly), etc. into projects that clearly tarnish SM’s name is beyond me. Someone please enlighten me.

      • If those are the only options, I hope they choose one of the better actresses from SM C&C.

    • Is he hurting for projects? SM produced dramas have never done well ratings-wise, and I can’t really see it changing anytime soon.

      • There haven’t been all that many SM dramas to really judge, imo. Seo Sook Hyang/Kwon Suk Jang are both pretty darn good at what they do so I don’t think this will be your average Yunho star vehicle *shudder*

      • there’s the yunho drama, the changmin/lee yeon hee one, and the hana kimi remake. They hired the BOF PD for the latter and that still didn’t work lol

  4. I have to admit that I was mildly interested before but this latest trailer has increased the excitement….

    This is great: Mon-Tues MHIYD
    Wed-Thur Heirs
    Fri-Sat Answer Me 1994 😀

  5. Can’t wait for this one. But I am still actually quite reserved about it. It could be one of those dramas that jumps to fast start but fizzles quickly. Please be good!!! I need a good rom com.

  6. Ever since the first time I’ve heard of this drama, I was reminded of Neil Gaiman’s short story “The Wedding Present”. It’s more melancholy drama and less comedy but all heartbreaking beauty and ambiguity. I would want something like that explored in a kdrama…

    Anyway, all 4 are looking good! 😀

  7. YEs yesyesyesyesye ssecond lead Jung Yong Hwa is getting there! And I mean by letting out those expressions and honest looking intense gazes look real! YESYESYESYEYSYESYES! I’m so all out for this drama! 🙂 Gogogogogo!

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