Yoon Eun Hye Rocks the Fried Perm and Street Interview for Marry Him If You Dare

Yoon Eun Hye is the cutest cutest girl thing ever in these latest stills for Marry Him If You Dare. I want her to never go the way of many of her actress counterparts with the botox and the perfect teeth veneers and the jaw shaving and the lip enlargements and the cheek implants. I want her to stay perfectly imperfect, with her own charm and none of the cookie cutter plastic fantastics currently multiplying in the industry. More and more I’m actually unable to watch new K-dramas because the amount and severity of the plastic surgery actually repulses me. Wrinkles and eye bags and pimples and crinkles – it’s all fine if the actress can act and has surfeit of talent and charm to bring forth her beauty onscreen. One of the reasons I love Yoon Eun Hye is precisely because she’s one of the dwindling number of actresses that fit that bill. I’m glad folks have stopped commented on her hairstyle because it was starting to sound like a dead beaten horse. Yes, she has a very bad perm. But what differentiates this from the usual bowl cuts and messy unkempt hairstyles of the various Candy heroines is that a bad perm is never caused by the girl asking for an unattractive hairdo but caused by the stylist misjudging the perm solution or time. I see Mi Rae going in for a perm and coming out equally as horrified as we all would be to end up with fried hair. Where are the luscious waves she was expecting? But I gotta give credit to Yoon Eun Hye for being so charming and comfortable even with a real life fried head of hair for this drama, she really wears it with ease and confidence, so in the end it matters not and I still find her cute. These latest stills show her on the street with a camera crew interviewing the people on the street. She seems to have done well and looks quite pleased with herself, and her colleagues are also giving her a thumbs up kudos for whatever it is that she pulled off.


Yoon Eun Hye Rocks the Fried Perm and Street Interview for Marry Him If You Dare — 43 Comments

    • Here here! Koala, SO well said, especially about how she bucks the current trend for more and more PS.

      And your comments about her perm brought back a memory of mine: I was 18 or so, going into a fancy salon for the first time to get a perm. They sortof put me under a dryer and forgot about me, and I was too shy to say anything…well, my hair ended up even worse than YEH’s; the ends broke off, the curls were a frizzy mess, and the solution bleached my hair a strange orange color…I just shrugged it off and waited (and waited and waited) for it to grow out.

  1. that’s the exact thing that draws me to her. i always find her so inexplicably pretty! i couldn’t bear watching her last drama but i can’t wait to have her on my screen for this one! thanks for the updates unnie! you’re making me equally giddy!^_^

  2. She’s one of the now few SK actresses who are not look-alikes of each other. I mean what’s with the industry, most South Korean actresses started to look the same! I applaud her for not getting into all that.

    • Forgot to add that I love her hair, not because i think it looks great but because it is different in a nice way. She looks original and down to earth. I hope the show is as good as well.

  3. I want to pinch her cheek! She looks so cute and fun here. She is natural beauty and i am glad that she is being true to herself n not changing anything.

  4. Good article Mrs. Koala. I’m glad that there’re still people who appreciated YEH for who she is and not always nitpicking every little thing she’s sporting or wearing. You see what her fans always see about her and for that I thank you so much 🙂

  5. Totally agree with you on that note. Besides, not all lead in any series and movies got the perfect look — some starts looking like a raw coal that will soon be polished by the hardships and will eventually shine like a diamond.

    Let’s face it, the curls simply comes with the character. YEH has her hair long and pigtailed, cut short, layered, simply left long and now curly. Why not? Wish to see her in really full volume of large curls — ala tyra banks — to see how sexy she’ll be!

  6. She and park shin hye have got that “imperfectly perfect” charm. Their perfections add up to their appeal. Because of it they dont seem to be self absorbed and vain like other actresses.

      • Soooo agree with both of you… Not only Yoon Eun Hye and Park Shin Hye are great actresses, but they are natural-looking, unlike those many Stepford-wife looking Korean actresses after PS who all look alike, sad… YEH and PSH are the BEST… good role models for the other wannabe actresses. Brush-up on your acting, NOT on your looks.

    • hoping that there will be a project that will star both PSH and YEH as sisters — can there be a Korean version of Charmed? love it!

  7. Her hair does bother me b/c it is such a bad perm, and I’m still seeing her as YEH. But once I watch her act in character, I’ll be able to see it as part of her character and it won’t bother me. In reality, a per gone bad is probably a lot more realistic portrayal that some characters who have hair straight out of a shampoo commercial. I’m looking forward to watching to this drama.

  8. Seriously. All other actresses look the same to me. Its scary. More recently I’ve decided on not going forth wih secret(aside from the fact that it is a more-boring-nice-guy redux) because the heroine looked so plastic with the jaw shaving.
    I really do appreciate actresses that remain unaffected by the predominant plastic surgery in this industry and I bet Yoon eun hye gets respect for that which is why I’m sure producers/directors/whomever don’t ask her to change a part of her face.
    If so, wouldn’t it give hope to aspiring actresses out there who see people like Yoon eun hye, moon chae won, Jung so min, park shin hye, Kim sun ah, etc and the amount of the success they have and strive to do the same? Unfortunately nowadays, unless you’ve established your charm with the south Korean audience, you’ve got no choice but do what it takes to meet the standards to get booked. Sadd

    • Hwang Jung Eum was soooo cute and natural-looking in Giant, a great drama with Lee Beom Soo… That when we saw her in Secret with her PS shaved-jaw, just couldn’t watch it anymore… Felt soooo sad for her, and her jaw wasn’t even big, now her face just looks toooo long and narrow…

    • What’s even more scary is that it’s happening for GUY ACTORS as well. So much so that some guys are starting to look the same also….

      Really, it just seems to be pervasive through South Korean culture :(.

  9. Oh my..what a beautiful girl..no wonder i love her so much because she is natural and kind woman..love her radiant smile..

  10. I find you always praising Yoon Eun Hye. yes, she’s pretty . She has flaws but you admire her . I also find you dissing other stars for having plastic surgery and looking too doll-y. BUT you diss some other stars because they’re not good looking enough for the camera like that actress who is playing the heroine of Return of Condor Heroes.

    • I don’t always agree with Koala regarding actors’ look. But I understand the rage for new ROCH heroine. ROCH came from famous novel and has a lot of adaptations before this, of course fans want it to stick with the original description. Can you imagine what if Ron Weasley were played by African? Or what if Tyrion Lanister were played by tall and well built man?

      • Or if someone adapted an anime into a movie where the primary characters were East Asian and all but one of the actors cast into the primary roles were all Caucasian and the only non-Caucasian was a “bad guy role” and was actually Indian….

    • Michelle Chen had a dream playing an ethereal fairy princess instead of enjoying being glorified as the perfect girl next door from You Are the Apple of My Eye… But everything just went south for her…

    • I did not say Michelle Chen is not good looking enough for the camera. I said she’s not good looking enough for the character of Xiaolongnu. There is a huge distinction between those two statements. She might be beautiful enough to be an actress (that’s debatable and subjective), but objectively she is NOT beautiful enough to play that character as described in detail in four long volumes of a famous wuxia novel. So don’t go twisting up what I said just because you can’t grasp the distinction.

  11. I love YEH. I love the au natural look. A lot of people (actress’) God given looks were really lovely to begin with. It’s just a pity that they felt the need to change/enhance them.

    One thing I want to know since I really know is did MR and KS have kids in the future?? Just curious – not that that would factor much into the story.

  12. Isn’t this “do” intentional? My cousin has hair like that IF she lets it dry naturally. I was surprised when I first saw it. When she blow dries/styles it, it is soft waves…can’t get too excited about the hair. Is the drama good?

    • I agree, Misty. The show’s hair stylist intentionally gave her a bad perm to make her appear like a normal girl who either doesn’t care or doesn’t notice that it looks bad. I often marvel at Koala’s ability to identify the current crop of K-drama actresses and actors so easily because they are all starting to look so much alike.

  13. I don´t think I´ll ever get this place´s beauty standards.

    In this post everyone is praising Yoon Eun Hye´s natural beauty whereas otherwise about 70% of actresses are being bashed for not being beautiful if they do not conform to the general beauty standard. It doesn´t make sense to me to on the one hand hate someone for being not beautiful enough and on the other hand to demonize plastic surgery as well.

    • Well… Yoon eun hye is natural beauty.,but she’s getting older (29 yrs old).so she needs to give extra care to maintain her beauty..that means she will do something to her face.(nothing like ps).

      Ps is a common things in korea ( mostly did eyes n nose) natural beauty actress or not as long as i like their act,i will love them.

      Ms.Koala who is your fav.actress thats not really a natural beauties?

  14. No matter what hairstyle or clothes YEH wears, she look muy fabulosa, she is a natural beauty. Is it true that the cause of these Korean actresses making them look alike is due to one doctor that performs platic surgery to these actresses? That is scary, but sad to say, they have their purpose to do plastic surgery, they want to stay in the entertainment business, it’s hundred million dollars business in Korea, so who wouldn’t want to stay pretty. I’m just satisfied YEH has this natural beauty look, that is why she is the only Korean actress I really admire and people love her for that, besides being a Hallyu star.

  15. YEH is pretty but I still don’t like the perm. There’s nothing I can do about It, anyway, so I’ll just accept It.
    I can ignore some stars who receive ‘little’ PS, but I don’t like it when they did it over and over again to the point that their skins look like they always being pulled back by some invisible creatures.

  16. What a lovely, positive piece to read first thing in the morning, thank you! I couldn’t agree more with what you said – “the cutest cutest girl thing ever” – that shot of her nipping the tip of her tongue just makes me all squishy with its adorable childlike cuteness. I’m sure all her fans echo your hope that she always stays as she is, really beautiful for being beautifully real.

  17. I agree with you about YEH. She just has that charisma and acting chops which makes her more than superficially beautiful.

    Of course, I don’t think I could see her as the ROCH heroine, either, but I think she’d be pretty self-aware enough to know that the role doesn’t really fit her either….

  18. How about Gong hyo jin? She looks naural too? Does she have PS? You right because of the PS all of them look the same… Well sort of…but yeah…sometimes i want to watch kdrama but when i see the actress that looks like a plastic doll..i cringe and i don’t watch that drama anymore… How about Moon Chae Won is she for real as well? No plastic surgery? Just curious…
    True beauties…i like.. 🙂

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