Official Posters and Character Descriptions for Marry Him If You Dare

The October onslaught of Fall K-dramas commenced with the arrival of Heirs and Medical Top Team so there can be no rest for the weary when there are so much new stuff to watch and write about. It’s no secret I’m super stoked about Marry Him If You Dare, which has the Korean title Mirae’s Choice but for this drama the English title seems to have stuck. It was a bit clunky and a mouthful at first, but now rather glides off my tongue and I keep wanting to answer the drama back and yell “Yes, I dare marry him!” The him in question refers to male lead Kim Shin played by Lee Dong Gun, and the question is posed to female lead Na Mi Rae played by Yoon Eun Hye. I can almost see future Mi Rae goading present Mi Rae with this question after telling her all sorts of bad things are going to happen if she dares to marry Kim Shin. The official character descriptions are out and I’ve translated it below and basically the initial love lines go like this: Yoo Kyung —–> Se Joo —–> Mi Rae <—–> Kim Shin. Which is typical but this drama sounds like there is a good chance the second leads will reciprocate each other and the foursome can go on merry double dates. As for future Mi Rae’s beef with her hubby future Kim Shin, she claims to lead a difficult life after marriage but she shows up decked in brand name clothing and dripping with the luxe life. That leads me to assume that financial hardship isn’t what she’s talking about, and it’s much more complicated than her wanting present Mi Rae to marry chaebol heir Se Joo. The latest stills from the drama had me hyperventilating from seeing Darth Kim Shin’s skinship with Scarlett O’Mi Rae. The still where he appears to be sewing her dress had me fairly sinking into the ground in a swoony faint at the gallant gesture. The production also released all three official posters (posted below), and I love them all, especially the colors. I already mentioned how I found the layout of the group one refreshing even if not totally groundbreaking. MYIFD premieres next Monday the 14th on KBS, and if its as good as the previews and posters look, then we’re all in for a long overdue rom-com treat.

Na Mi Rae (32 years old):

Even though life is not ideal, she is a woman who yells to herself “I am fine!” Living in the world she wants, she hollers “I will survive!”

Becoming a broadcast writer was always her dream. Armed with her persistent determination, she became the youngest writer on the Morning team 3.

She used to be a call center operator for a big corporation. She previously applied to be a broadcast writer countless times but was always turned down. Now that life is past 30, she even has to give up this long held dream.

Using “I’m fine” to encourage and mask her true emotions, she toils at her contract job believing that she could be fired at any time.

One day, with a thunk, an ahjumma claiming “I am you” appeared!

“Look at yourself living like this and still saying you are fine, you are fine. You should be living like me! I will help you land a good job and find you a good family to marry into.”

This is truly a crazy woman that one cannot look in the eye or listen with ears wide open….. But the unbelievable thing is that everything this ahjumma said came true!

Mi Rae works hard to face this ahjumma’s threats and sweet coaxing. She finally decides not to use “I am fine” as an avoidance technique anymore.

Mi Rae places her broadcast writer dreams back on the forefront and works hard to prepare. After many pitfalls, Mi Rae finally gets accepted into the network.

It’s there that she meets her complicated marriage fated Kim Shin. Mirae suffers a lot because of him. According to the ahjumma, she will even lose her the person she loves because of this man. Even if that’s true…..Mirae starts to see this scrawny guy as more and more to her liking…..

Kim Shin (35 years old):

The star announcer of YBS! However, he’s a professional at unleashing angry words and without any tact or social graces.

“Kim Shin’s Morning Show” is YBS’s daily news show, and Kim Shin is the producer and also the lead news announcer.

He is principled and is a professional who is true to his beliefs. His principles are the cause of him being punted from the 9pm news anchor and given the morning slot.

The world sees Kim Shin producing a morning show with his name on it, but…haha…he seriously wants to die because of it. Because the morning show viewers are all ahjummas, their incessant chatter makes him feel highly discomfited. (I am aiming to become like announcer Son Shik Hui and uncover the truth!)

After years as an announcer, he radiates a sophisticated and elegant charm. But once something doesn’t go his way, he unleashes his wrath on anyone in proximity! If his mind starts churning he’ll reveal his extraordinary side even if his personality is really difficult.

For a guy like this, suddenly a girl with an equally dexterous tongue appears beside him. Taking off after an accident, that woman possesses is skilled at slipping away She is — Na Mirae!

Worried that she will weasel out of paying car repair fees, he keeps her by his side by luring her with a position as a trainee writer.

From that day on, a strange thing happened..the girl started recurring in his dreams!

Park Se Joo (28 years old):

He can be seen everywhere. The youngest VJ on the team, in reality he’s the Chairman’s grandson and an undercover boss.

The youngest VJ on Morning team 3, he is in truth the grandson of the YBS Chairman, a third generation chaebol. Perhaps due to his real identity, even taking care of menial tasks he finds it fascinating. He harbors a dream of creating a media empire and seeks to learn the inner workings of the entire network as the undercover boss working as the VJ. Others don’t know his real identity ans just yell at him and gang up to play pranks on him every day. But he doesn’t mind and just smiles (why? because he’ll be their boss one day!)

He discreetly points out behavior that will harm the company, a classic soft on the outside steely on the inside type. Even though he seems warm and friendly on the outside, he has the ambitious blood of a corporate raider on the inside. But his cold heart can be melted in in a short time but a woman who is as free as a fish swimming in the water. When he meets that woman again at the network, she is also working menial tasks in the team and constantly enduring lots of rude chastising……Na Mi Rae.

Seo Yoo Kyung (28 years old):

A nasally voiced aegyo-prone reporter who is the public enemy of all the women in Morning team 3. But she is also their billboard!

As wily as a fox and an expert at the aegyo attack, she’s got the figure but also the talent as Morning team 3’s beautiful reporter. “Oppa, help me with that sign” – her nasally aegyo gives people the goosebumps but she’s popular with the men and public enemy of the women. But her skills are all so she can survive and a tactic only she can use (as a reporter who never knows when she could get laid off, the best tactic in the workplace is to have good social skills).

She has confidence that she can seduce any man she wants. Only Park Se Joo, that man is different. Even seductively rubbing his legs like a Sharon Stone, all he does is casually help her put on a jacket. As a reporter, as a woman, she’s calculating and decides that this is the man! But his eyes are always looking at another woman, and that woman is Na Mi Rae.

Future Mi Rae (57 years old)

Meeting the wrong man was the cause of my messed up life.

To cause a change, I went back 25 years to the present.

My darling, I’m sorry, but I……..

She is future Na Mi Rae, gone back to the past to change her destiny. To change her difficult life after she married Kim Shin, she planned to return to the past. She is someone with a lot of presence and energy, but her personality also gives her a lot of flaws.

Even with this, she is very forthright when she meets present Mi Rae, because she knows all of Mi Rae’s flaws. With one look she knows all the things Mi Rae knows, and even the past she wants to hide. Because she already got the incredible love of her life and then went back to the past, but when she sees the old her she feels mild disgust so she constantly fights with Mi Rae.

To end the fate with Kim Shin and push Se Joo and Mi Rae together, she does everything in her power. She wants Mi Rae to live the life she’s arranged for her, but each time she faces opposition from Mi Rae. So she decides to use the YBS Chairman Miranda who is Park Se Joo’s grandmother.


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  1. it’s refreshing when second female lead didn’t chase first male lead. i do hope that the reason she want to leave Kim Shin is not because of the money alone. hope that there is something that only her future self understand as time goes by.

  2. Yay! I’m so excited! i never been this excited to watched korean drama , not until now for MHIYD! I love the stills, official posters and character description. My god i can’t wait! Everything about this drama is spectacular! HWAITING!

  3. I have this strong feeling that actually Kim Shin is already die in future. To avoid that the Future Mirae come back to past to avoid Past Mirae marry Kim Shin, so he won’t die.

  4. She better have a big important reason for not wanting to end up with Kim Shin. Not something like maybe he wasnt the love of her life clichè or because the other guy is richer.

    I will root for OTP easier this because the future Mirae is against them. Heh the male lead feels like the underdog because of the future Mirae not wanting him.

  5. I think future mi rae lost her child bcoz of kim shin and its too painful for her and their marriage..or another scenario : kim shin will die in the future bcoz of mi she wanted to prevent him from the death by changing their past…noble idiocy!

  6. Hmmm, everyone keeps saying that Kim Shin dies in the future but I think maybe is not that he dies but he changes so much to the point where she doesn’t recognize him anymore..(Maybe he gets colder or they just get distant as a couple?) I don’t know why that’s kind of how I interpreted it.

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