Dating Rumors Explode as Suzy and Sung Joon are Snapped Having Dinner Together

For awhile it seemed like the dating revelations in the Korean acting community seemed to have finally simmered down after a front-loaded first half of 2013 explosion. I don’t follow K-pop so have no clue if the singing and dancing idols over there are dating up a storm. I do enjoy a juicy and innocuous dating gossip as long as everyone is of consenting age, but it’s even more entertaining when it shakes up a drama shipper fandom. Back in March, the nation’s little sister Suzy co-starred with the nation’s prospective son-in-law Lee Seung Gi in the sageuk Gu Family Book. My impression was that they had de minimus chemistry onscreen (a shade beyond serviceable), and a friendly oppa-dongsaeng vibe behind the scenes. Fans of that drama can ship them together all they want, but I didn’t see it or feel it. Turns out Suzy was getting close to another male star on the set, but it happened to be second male lead Sung Joon who played her bodyguard in the drama. Suzy and Sung Joon were snapped out at dinner (with a third female friend in attendance) and acting very cozy and friendly what with the arm wrapping and the finger stroking. JYP Entertainment released a flying dive of a press release that Suzy and Sung Joon are just friends after doing GFB together. They in fact hang out often in a group including their GFB co-stars Lee Seung Gi and Lee Yoo Bi, and it so happened that Seung Gi and Yoo Bi were not there for that particular dinner. Ahahaha, I love these totally lame attempts at clarification – just say they are friends, period, and leave it at that. I actually thought Suzy had better chemistry with Sung Joon in the drama (and the reason why may be self-evident now), while Seung Gi had better chemistry with Yoo Bi. Whether Suzy is dating Sung Joon, I’ll leave it for each person to draw their own conclusion, but they definitely looked like they enjoy hanging out with each other. They are both so young (he’s 23, she’s 19) and I like them both so if they are dating then good for them!


Dating Rumors Explode as Suzy and Sung Joon are Snapped Having Dinner Together — 66 Comments

  1. No, the statement released did not indicate LSG was there. The report I see did not say so. However, Lee Yoo Bi was indeed there. She was the girl wearing black sweater with her face blurred out (linking arms with Suzy). If you watch the video it’s quite apparent it’s her.

    People should stop adding fuel to the fire, since some LSG fans can misunderstand and over react in hating Suzy.

    • misunderstand what? I’m confused….

      But i dont think they r dating…they probably went on a date but still its their life. They can do whatever they want…these KNetizens need to get a life.

      • So LSG fans are accusing JYPE of using LSG to clear the rumors, saying he was there. LSG was at another function, I think.

        In news statement, they explained that GFB cast such as Suzy, Sungjoon, LSG & Lee Yoo Bi often meet up so this is not anything special. They only acknowledge LYB was there that evening. Poor girl had her face blurred out by Sports Seoul and unanimously named ‘Suzy’s friend’. Knetz already identified it was LYB in the pic/video.

        p.s. It’s not secret that they often meet up, Sungjoon himself revealed that during his Japanese fanmeet last month,

      • @idless – I think Seung-gi fans are upset because SG is dragged into all this when really – it has absolutely zero to do with him. He was in a KB event that day (from what I’ve heard on Twitter and nate comments) and was obviously not there or he would definitely be the one flashed on the headlines instead of Sung Joon. Him and Suzy are a way bigger ‘scandal’ because they are 10 folds more popular together and are both the nation’s darlings.

        I honestly don’t have a problem with JYP bringing Seung-gi in. He was a costar and like u did say SJ has mentioned that He meets up with the GFB mates often. He also said Seung-gi was the one to contact his first so the whole meeting part wasn’t a lie. But recently, there have been anonymous rumours that hinted on SG and Suzy dating. They have also been pretty tight lipped about each other and GFB promotions have been minimal – so netizens are suspecting. I guess that’s why SG fans were upset about this whole thing.

        Anyway, personally I don’t think they’re dating. But if they are… Good luck to them! I sorta liked their chemistry and Gu family and if they’re happy it’s all that matters.

      • @Kelly, I just want to clarify since Koala indicate that JYPE lied by naming both LSG & LYB was there when they weren’t. This can cause a lot of unnecessary bashing from some LSG fans which you mentioned are already frustrated with previous rumors.

        1. JYPE never said LSG was there. They only said the GFB cast meet up is common (aka not 1st time, GFB crew upload some pics of their gathering from time to time). The only person they acknowledge attending for that particular evening was LYB.

        2. LYB was there. Knetz acknowledged it was her (the 3rd person pictured with Suzy & Sungjoon).

    • Well Ms. Koala didn’t write that LSG was there, she wrote that the statement released by JYP said that they often hang out, but that LSG wasn’t in that particular dinner.

      • I see no problem with JYPE statement, since it is a GFB cast gathering and Lee Yoo Bi is indeed there. Even SJ himself said he often meet up (yes LSG name included) was before this ‘scandal’ was published. Some reader might misinterpret as ‘JYPE using LSG name to clear rumors’, when it clearly wasn’t so.

    • p.s. And I don’t mind Suzy dating SJ either, if true. He matches Suzy ideal type in terms of physical and personality.

      Actually I ship LSG-Suzy as onscreen couple but I know the difference between fantasy & reality.

      • I don’t think a lot of SG fans really took it to heart or even cared tbh. So u guys don’t have to worry :). If the previous rumours didn’t exist, no one would raise a voice I think. JYP just mentioned the truth, so no one should be questioning his intention. I don’t really think SG fans are that dense (or at all tbh).

        Also, completely agree with u about the shipping part. I love love love Seunggi and suzy together. Both as KC-YW and in real life. But as long as they’re friends, I’m happy. If they’re more, I’ll be doubly happy lol.

    • hahaha no need to be in such panties in a bunch. Please RE-read the blog once again and I don’t think these blog specific writing will create any misunderstanding or as you say ‘adding fuel to the fire’.

      And additionally if Lee YooBi was there why have Suzy’s camp not released any photos of the 3 GFB friends together. I think with phones having cameras nowadays when friends get together there is bound to be pictures but in these care none has surfaced.
      Additionally whether the girl is Lee YooBi or not, what koala said — just say their friends. period, and leave it at that. No need to elaborate from their camps nor from the fans, just makes everything more like JYP PR-management crisis gone awry that just a simple dinner outing.

      Anynway if they are dating, good for them they look cute together. If they are just friends then let as pray and hope their friendship would last forever…

      • Actually I didn’t say Koala as adding fuel to fire. It was a passing statement on the mistranslated info made abt LSG & LYB there/not there I’ve seen in the internet. But yes my lack of proper clarification in 1st comment make it sounds that I’m pointing specificly to this blog posting, which unintentionally also explain why people can get misunderstanding from what is written.

      • Lee Yoobi wasn’t even there. Her agency denied it. Part of the reason why it’s crappy to mention her and Seung gi, she (and he probably) will have to answer stupid questions about two kids who went out to dinner.

    • If the other girl is indeed Lee Yubi, why is her face blurred out? They normally do that only to people who aren’t public figures, and she’s no unknown. The pics are clear enough that Sung Joon and Suzy appear to have body language that is far from ‘just friends’, I doubt they’d blur out a third actress just to save her from any association with the ‘scandal’.

      It’s a shame they’ve been outed, though – being under the scanner of k-netizens isn’t good for any budding couple, and I wish them the best.

      • I actually find Sung Joon quite weird looking, for some reason. He can have Suzy, lol. Seung Gi, you get someone else more suited for you. And, really having seen LSG in person, I think he is really good looking. He looks much better than on TV, love his megawatt smile.

    • LOL! people sure have different eyes! but your comment is really unnecessary here! this is about SungJoon and Suzy dating scandal and your bringing SeungGi as a rival to SJ is a shallow thing!

    • But SG and Suzy weren’t dating so there is no need for comparison.

      lol the comments agreeing. Suzy fans really are mad aren’t they.

    • Lmfao at the bitter Suzy fans.

      It says something about seung gi’s popularity that he’s the one everyone’s talking about here when it has zero to do with him.

      Hope suzy can dust herself and give a huge middle finger to it all. She’s a strong girl – I’m sure she’ll be fine!

  2. Ooooh! I like this couple.
    She’s got just the right sass for him.

    I hope they survive the crazies’ wrath although I don’t hold out much hope based on what I am reading.

    MY GOD Can’t we all just LEAVE THEM ALONE!

    • lol you are a I-fan… because if you were in korea you would know Suzy even if you didn’t want to. She is everywhere, from cfs, to all magazine covers and photshoots, it girl right now… 😛

  3. They had zero chemistry in the drama so it’s interesting that they obviously then cliqued somehow.
    And I’m convinced I saw Sung Joon at the airport when I was leaving for Japan, the dude looked exactly like him and sounded like him. The guy was traveling with his parents and perhaps a sister.

  4. Does this kill the silly blind item rumor about Seunggi and Suzy dating? lol I like Suzy, but she’s clearly not his type and he’s not her. Get the girl Gon. I have no problem with this, but I do think it’s a bad time for this to happen to Suzy. They both needed self management lesson from Seunggi to have a long scandal free career.

    Some fans are slightly defensive in here.

  5. They look cute! Sung Joon is also the second lead in ‘Lie to Me’, Yoon Eun Hye drama. Love that guy, YEH’s character fairy godfather.Hehehe! At least Suzy had other life than be linked to Kim Soo Hyun. Now, like her.

  6. Good for them! They’re cute.
    I’m so relieved to know the previous ridiculous unfounded rumor about Seung Gi and her is wrong. Phew. She’s so not his type.

  7. So… I’m confused. I thought when the Inhyun couple got outed, everyone said it was set-up because there’s no such thing as paparazzi in Korea due to the law. Then what about this? Is the press allowed to release these photos if JYP is “denying”?

  8. People should stop aiming their frustration at Airens for whatever reason they are claming. Suzy’s fans better focus your attention at Suzy now and support her but please don’t get Seunggi’s fans in your defence statements. you shouldn’t defend her from Airens beacuse they are the least concerned people in this case. Believe it or not the majority of Airens don’t care about this because we know it isn’t true but only bothered by the fact that those articles are there when we seach for our bias news! is that a crime to be mad at?! Nobody is bashing Suzy from what I see but we are not satisfied with the WAY SeungGi name was there. Whether it’s JYPE or misinterpret translation we have the right to post our thoughts since the name of the person we care about is there. And if Suzy’s fans has the time to defend her agency I think it’s better use that time to support her only!

    I also feel sorry for LYB because from what I’ve seen some people say her agency stated that it’s not her in that meeting! And I hope for Suzy fans to get her out of it because let’s be honest it’s not clear from the video so asking people to watch the video over and over again to confirm it’s her it’s a pity… I’m sure Seoul Sport wouldn’t be as stupid as this to blurred a public figure because they know experts are to confirm it’s LYB regardless of blurring the face…

    Last but not least I hope Suzy get’s all better because it seems like she’s nice girl and a rising star so hopfully it all get better and good luck for her if she’s dating Sungjoon.

    • I’m still trying to find all the supposed angry Airen hating on Suzy. At most I’ve seen a nice, “can you not use his name in your dating scandal official statement pls”. Some Suzy fans are just being extra sensitive today.

      lol whut? I don’t know who told you that, tons of couples get outed like this. I mean, most of them do in fact. There were quite a few just this last month.

      • @melissa Exactly.. To be honest I haven’t seen any bashing from Airens to Suzy specifically! I think it’s just a waste of energy and time to talk about Airens reaction when the poor girl needs their fully support due to her scandal with SungJoon. Nothing more than that…Please people look at the main point here and don’t shift your focus to unnecessary things..

      • There were outcries last year from many people (on this blog, too) who said the Inhyun couple staged their “being caught by paparazzis” because in Korea it’s illegal for newspapers to release private info unless the person in question agrees. But there has been a deluge of “caught” celebs since so I was just asking…

    • Haha, agree, I came here and dumbfounded, how is it have anything to do with Airen? I don’t know about this until I searched Seung Gi news, seriously tons of articles about them on Seung Gi news page, I thought I accidentally clicked the wrong link. All Airen I know on twitter, blogs, ect don’t give a shit about this, I even saw some congratulate them. This is just dating, why makes such a big deal? Though her agency should give a better excuse, people care about why SJ put hand around her, not whom she usually meets LOL

    • @hamster428

      lol I remember that. I think some people were skeptical about how easily they were caught (along with just being a bit cynical about the whole thing), but I don’t think they were hiding away so I never thought it was anything but cute.

      Speaking off, he needs to get out of the army soon.

  9. I hope they are dating ANYTHING to stop associating her with Seung GI. I am a little disappointed in SungJoon though, did not think he would go for the immature type of girl and a teen at that oh well… good luck to them

    • OMG, grow up. What’s the point of hating on a girl that did nothing wrong and is really hardwoking? The immature girl here certainly is not her.

  10. You go, girl! So much win for this couple. I just feel sorry that so many people are hating on her, when she did nothing wrong.

  11. I think the statements is completely lame. I mean I don’t give a damn if they’re dating or not but to say that they’re just friends is… well funny. My male friend and I would never go out for dinner like this because this gesture is definitely showing much more than just friendship.

    • It’s funny you know! In any Korean drama when the man touches the woman a lot less than this intimate touch it means they are dating! But now they are just friends! Yea right, I believe kdramas!

  12. Not a big fan of the two but I am aware of how popular Suzy is, so I was a little turned off by Sung Joon’s actions. No matter how thirsty he was for Suzy at that time (lol kidding,but I am sure whether he was dating her or not, that time he was so itching for skinship be it friendly or otherwise) he should’ve just contained himself. It was a really thoughtless and rash action on his part. I’d be mad at him if I was a Suzy stan.
    But I’m more of a Seunggi fan so I’m unaffected by all of this lol
    I also find it funny how some people think Seunggi and Suzy are dating. He may be the dream of many girls but I’d like to believe PD Na’s description of him to be correct. I think he’s still green when it comes to women. Plus he’s just too professional and respectful to cross the line between his leading ladies. No matter how great the onscreen chemistry is, offscreen there’s zilch. Frustrating at times and it leads me to believe that true to his words,Seunggi will really marry a nonceleb in the future.

    • I agree. He’s always seemed to have a crush on her, so I’m not really surprised by this news. But no matter how cute it is, it’s just really terrible timing for her given her popularity now. A teenage idol dating can be career suicide. From now on she’ll be forced to answer questions about it and everyone will comment about it. God forbid she ever get “caught” dating someone else (see Goo Hara being called an idol town bus). If he hadn’t put his arm on her shoulder it probably would not have been a scandal. Very thoughtless on his part imo.

  13. I don’t see anything wrong if they’re dating for real.,I just don’t get the point of people,suzy’s fans in particular,who started abandoning her as soon as the rumor came out..

  14. She used to be such a little sweet girl, not the brightest bulb but so endearing in real life. She’s all grown now, having reached 19 and openly dating. *tiny tear*

  15. suzy and sung joon look great together. its still difficult for idols to date publicly….well for the one couple that I really wanna see them date for realz must be Taemin and Naeun from the WGM right now…cos they have chemistry overflow every ep…..can’t stop grinning watching them.

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