The In Time With You Production Team Returns with The Pursuit of Happiness

New drama alert coming out of Taiwan! It’s been mostly a long and sorry Summer for me and fluffy Taiwan dramas. Love Around was a repetitive DOA mess, Just You has only cute and nothing else, Amour et Patisserie was gorgeous and lovely but rather faded into the consciousness, and episode 1 of IUUI was brilliant but then collapsed on the weight of a truly terrible second female lead actress and character. I’m waiting for SETTV to reveal which dramas will follow Love Around and Just You when those two draggy dramas finally end (hopefully sooner rather than later), but over at GTV a low key and potentially wonderful drama snuck up on me. The Pursuit of Happiness (not to be confused with the movie with the same name but spelled differently) pairs up Sonia Sui and Tony Yang, both of whom are solid and capable mature actors with plenty of nuance and breadth. What’s most exciting is that this comes from the production team behind Ariel Lin and Bolin Chen‘s massive ratings and critical hit In Time With You, though its not Director Winnie behind the camera but his protege. I have a lot of problems with ITWY but still felt it was head and shoulders above most any trendy romance drama coming out of Taiwan in many years. Sonia plays a normal and capable career woman who has been off-and-on with her ex-boyfriend played by Cash Chuang for over 10 years, though they have a marriage pact to get hitched to each other if neither finds someone else after turning 35. She still loves him and is dreaming of his proposal as they are on the cusp of turning 35 when he ups and falls for the new pretty manager played by Aggie Hsieh who arrives at the company. Her ex-boyfriend played by Tony Yang has come to win her heart and he ends up renting a room from Sonia and what follows is a cohabitation story as well as how two people learn to let go and move on. I saw the long preview and really liked it, the cinematography is beautiful, the mood has the same ITWY dreamy cynicism, and Sonia and Tony are both so brimming with feeling in their performances. Since SETTV is on a streak of suck this year, might as well give GTV a shot to recapture the magic of ITWY through this drama from the same talented production team. The Pursuit of Happiness premieres this Friday.

7 minute Preview for The Pursuit of Happiness:


The In Time With You Production Team Returns with The Pursuit of Happiness — 20 Comments

  1. I loved IUUI and even though 2nd female lead became kinda annoying, I can understand her insecurities though I don’t approve the way she does it. Anyways, I love the bro-sis dynamic and actually hope to see less of the 2nd female lead but i guess not. It had a potential to be even more but the characterization of 2nd female lead kinda drag it down…

    I agree with Just You is just being cute with no depth but the shallow part of me surprisingly enjoyed the chemistry between the leads. Aaron and Puff are so damn adorable, I always turn off my brain while watching this drama though. Hahaha.

    Anyways, I was a bit hesitant when I read the sypnosis but the preview excites me, the mood and ambient is thoughtful and trendy just like ITWY, I think I will like this..

    • I agree that Aaron and Puff are adorable. Just You is enjoyable fluffy escapism. Nothing groundbreaking or anything but very sweet. Similar to the appeal of “Panda and Hedgehog.”

      As far as Love Around, I had high hopes for that one, but other than George and Annie’s chemistry, there isn’t much to recommend it. It started out ok, but the plot is basically an incoherent mess. It is another example of a longer series that could have made a great 16 ep rom-com if scripted well. The story of a man and woman who become friends determined to help each other move along from heartbreak, who then end up falling in love, isn’t original, but done well can be a sweet and heartwarming romantic story.

  2. I haven’t heard of IUUI at all tbh. Maybe I’m just not updated with Taiwanese dramas this year. But I loved ITWY. That was so well made and amazing and it’s probably the best T-drama I’ve seen in years, so this is definitely on my to-watch list.

    I love Sonia. I think she’s talented and gorgeous. I also have a liking towards TY. This seems like an ideal drama for me. Can’t wait!

    • I enjoyed A Good Wife too, excellent performances from the cast! But definitely not fluffy, pretty dramatic stuff.

      Definitely going to check out this new series with Sonia and Tony! The preview looks good. And Sonia looks absolutely gorgeous in the series. Is this Sonia’s return to dramas after Fierce Wife?

  3. Thanks for the alert. I liked ITWY (even though the second half was weaker) and the preview for this one looks good.
    And it looks like we will also get some girl talks.

  4. I will definitely give this one a shot. Sonia and tony – I am in on that. I like Tony’s acting… Lol that movie he was in 🙂 Sonia has come a long way since her starting out so that’s nice. I like mature dramas.

  5. will definitely be watching this drama! haven’t been addicted to a taiwanese drama in so long hopefully this one is the exception! tony yang is so droolworthy :):)

  6. I just adore Sonia Sui and was not aware of this new drama so Thanks again for pointing out to us. Can you tell me where I can watch Love in Trouble
    with Eng Sub?

  7. I just saw ep 1 and I came over to see if you’ll mention anything about it and you did! Haha!
    It’s reallllly good. Very beautifully shot and wasn’t a dull moment. I don’t expect anything less with Sonia and my absolute fav Tony.
    I’m surprised about the 2nd male lead. I saw him a little bit in his previous drama Happy 300 Days but didn’t know he could act this well.
    I thought so far, not one actor/ress suck or any un-standable character.
    Anywayz, I’m so happy I have this drama to follow now!

  8. I really LOVED ITWY, so I am excited about this one. I am already emotionally attached after watching the preview. I liked it and I agree that the mood is reminding me a lot of ITWY and is the same heroine mother there? 🙂

  9. Ha, IUUI. I loved the previews and so wanna see Liu Yihao romance Chloe Wang, but the second female lead had me takin’ off at first sight.

    I’ve been watching waaay too many SETTV dramas lately that it’s kind of depressing. Stylistically, ITWY was brilliant, so I’m excited to see GTV bring some of that groundedness back to the table.

  10. Just watched episode 1 and it’s pretty good!! Sonia’s god damn gorgeous legs ;O
    I hope it’ll bring the same love I have for ITWY! 😀 I haven’t watched a decent Twdrama since that… maybe King Flower but it was only because of Terrryyyy!! Aniwhos, English subs is out for episode 1 if anyone need it!

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