Written Preview for Episode 3 of Heirs

I’m enjoying the chance to watch Heirs/The Inheritors with all the hype over and done with. Those who liked it can keep watching, those who didn’t can move on, and those rubbernecking for the trainwreck will find nothing to gawk over. Despite all its flaws, this one is not a hot mess it could have been. That’s a relief because it would be a waste of one of the largest K-drama casts ever assembled and tons of money tossed at the screen. Watching the new preview for episode 3, I started perking up with the indication that the story would move back to Korea soon. I hope it’s not a feint and I’m forced to endure another episode of Kim Tan and Eun Sang pulling a 24. i.e. driving, running, and in general moving around greater Southern California from Malibu to the Hollywood to Huntington Beach to San Diego as if it was all a fifteen minute drive away. I actually found it so silly it was cute, but those American actors the drama found needs to be cut from the drama going forward. If the production was listening, just excise them and no one would care. Use a voiceover to deliver whatever narrative purpose was intended. I’m fine now that quite a few of the main leads look much too adult to convincingly play high school students, but being fine theoretically still can’t compensate for the visual disconnect. Seeing Kim Woo Bin and Lee Min Ho, as two of the more glaring examples, try to sell teen anger and angst comes across as requiring way more effort than if their characters were played by someone younger. I get what Kim Eun Sook is setting up in terms of all the character’s background and personalities and developing interactions, but it requires me to work harder at piercing through the imagery of mature young man who are acting like teens. I think once everyone dons their high school uniform, not only will the story pick up since all the conflict will be there, but the visual disconnect will lessen.

Written preview for episode 3:

Seeing the famous Hollywood sign perched on the hillside, Eun Sang’s eyes remain riveted and Kim Tan is speechless. Tan says he is in a rush to go somewhere and leaves his house with Eun Sang, driving along a beautiful scenic route. On the other hand, Chan Young who is also in the US finally meets up with Eun Sang. The two of time appear like an ordinary couple, seemingly very happy……


Written Preview for Episode 3 of Heirs — 19 Comments

    • This is how i feel. Everything is there for this to be hit drama, but i feel they miss that spark.

      I will keep watching for Kim Woo Bin but if hist character stays this way for few more episodes, i`m quitting.

  1. I’m enjoying this show so far. I find it an easy watch and I like the two main characters. As always Ms. Koala thanks for sharing.

  2. They may not have sizzling chemistry yet but they look like soulmates. I love the way they have been styled so far. I think the surfer bronze tan they have been giving LMH is making his skin look leathery and mature tho’ he’s never had a boyish baby face look right from BOF days.

  3. for some reason I don’t find that they look too old to play 18. to many any korean actors look young for their age them included. I mean compared to watching one tree hill or gossip girl they look younger then those actors and they were play high school kids. I think what may be happening is that you have seen these actors play more mature and adult roles so seeing them back in the high school roles is jarring. since I am used to seening actors play way younger then they actually are not only from American tv but also latin tv, that really doesn’t seem to bother me. so far it seems like a breezy watch to me. nothing earth shattering but lite, sweet and stress free.

  4. kim woo bin just played a high schooler (his break out role) last year so I’m kind of confused why everyone suddenly has a problem with him playing one in this drama. I think it was a mistake to style his hair up though. He has really sharp features and bangs make him look younger.

    as for the drama. I think the main problem is that there are too many characters.

  5. I totally agree, some actors looks to old to play the role of a high school kid, perhaps it’s just that they are just too tall. Lol…

  6. i’m waiting for them to get back to korea…then i’ll start watching. it’s irritating to watch english speaking people talking in very slow almost 2 year old like children with no acting talent playing all sorts of racially stereo-typical wtf-are-they-doing-and-talking-about scenes.

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