Ruby Lin Taps Yuan Hong as her Leading Man in Drama Adaptation of Han Dynasty Romance C-novel

Actress and producer Ruby Lin is one savvy woman with great taste in men, both in real life and for her drama counterparts. This is the girl who dated Jimmy Lin (forever young and super smart with his career and family life) and likely dated both Alec Su and Wallace Huo as well. I’ve become her fan late in her career after Drama Go Go Go, which was cute, smart and cheeky, and she rounded up three pretty fantastic choices of leading men from Jiro Wang to Lin Geng Xin to Hu Bing. That’s like an entire meal of appetizer, main course, and dessert, and I don’t mean one of those value $15.99 three course specials from TGI Fridays. Her good taste continues because she’s tapped Yuan Hong (my loverboy) to be her next leading man (guy1)! She’s already planning her first TW-drama production in her increasingly successful production company, but the buzz around her recently has been all about her current production of the C-drama adaptation of the popular time-traveling romance novel Xiu Li Jiang Shan  by C-writer Li Xin (秀麗江山 translates to beautiful mountains and rivers, but in this novel is a pun on the combination of the OTPs names referring to the beauty of a woman and a country).

Time traveling may be passe in the two years since Gong and  Bu Bu Jing Xin, so this adaptation will strip out the time-travel element of the novel but stick with the basic epic true story of how a prince restored his family dynasty and also found the love of his life. The drama is called Chang Ge Xing (秀丽江山之长歌行) and is a fictional account of the real life story of Emperor Guangwu of Han. For those of you who read Da Mo Yao and Yun Zhong Ge along with my translations the Han dynasty will not be foreign to you. But those two novels centered around the early-to-mid era of the Han dynasty (also known as the Western Han era), and featured Emperor Wu (Liu Che), Emperor Zhao (Liu Fu Ling), and Emperor Xuan (Liu Xun/Liu Bing Yi). This novel is set a few generations later about their descendant Liu Xiu (劉秀), who restored the Han dynasty after an official deposed the Liu family and started the short-lived Xin dynasty, which bisected the Han dynasty so that Liu Xiu’s return of the Liu family to rule is known as the Eastern Han dynasty. Liu Xiu was famously in love with his Empress Yin Li Hua (陰麗華, ergo the Xiu Li in the title) and this novel is about their love story and his revival of the Han dynasty. Playing Liu Xiu is Yuan Hong, and from all accounts of those who read this novel this is a insanely awesome male lead, and Ruby herself will be playing Yin Li Hua. Ruby has been wanting to work with Yuan Hong for a long time and I’m thrilled it’s finally happened. I think she secretly wants all the BBJX princes and I don’t blame her at all. Check out the official stills and start counting down with me until this airs.


Ruby Lin Taps Yuan Hong as her Leading Man in Drama Adaptation of Han Dynasty Romance C-novel — 21 Comments

  1. wow… Ruby Lin must have found some kind of age-defying potion. She looks pretty much the same as in her Chiung Yao’s series heydays.

  2. Hi, Kola,
    Ruby has never worked with Nicky Wu in a drama or movie though they both are from Taiwan right? I found it a bit odd when I didn’t see Nicky in Hunan TV drama festival which happen in Jan of every year even in 2012 when Bu Bu Jing Xin was just aired. That year Kevin was there. Also, Tangren artist and Ruby seem to be dominant at the event, getting different types of awards every year.

  3. I feel alone in thinking that Ruby Lin has always looked matronly – and that simpering pout is just getting old at this point.

  4. Can’t wait for more Loverboy! I finished watching young warriors a week ago and I’m still hung up on his general Yelu Xie. He was so awesome, sexy, brave but with the bad luck of going against the Yang family.

    • shiku, have you watched Legend of the Condor Heroes (2008)? It has more of Yuan Hong being the sexy bad boy, plus it’s got his BBJX co-star Liu Shi Shi has his lover, the equally attractive Hu Ge as his brother, and the adorable yet witty Ariel Lin as his brother’s girl. I highly recommend it!

      • That’s great. It’s good to know the new era of female actress have both beauty and brain. She must be someone very powerful in term of money and people connection. Ruby Lin does make us girl proud!

  5. I am reading the novel now (only half way through) and it is very good. If done right, this drama can be more epic than King of Lan Ling. Looking forward to it.

    • Hey, I was about to ask Ms.Koala the same question. I have watched 2 episodes and its great so far. Yuan Hong is a nerdy scholar and his character is totally opposites the hero and warrior he used to play. I think his acting is really good. He is funny, silly and cute! The news is now saying he is secretly dating the female lead actress Ellane Kong.

      • He was question many times in the interviews and he wasn’t seriously denying abt it. I really hope they would be the next real couple and I approved it!

    • Ms.Koala, please watch Mulan C-drama 2013. It was so funny. Yuan Hong is so cute. He was totally awesome and I love him even more!

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