Heirs/The Inheritors Episode 3 Recap

The more I watch Heirs/The Inheritors, the less it feels like a Kim Eun Sook drama. Normally screenwriters can evolve and change from drama to drama, but Kim Eun Sook’s resume of popular K-dramas over the last decade have been consistent with her thematic presentation and narrative sharpness. If I didn’t know any better, I would have never guessed she penned Heirs. I’ve had to reorient myself now that I’ve thrown expectations out the window, and Heirs still comes across as overly packaged and simplistic but strangely appealing. Watching it is an enjoyable experience both in sniggering over the lapses and sighing over the sweetness. What I love the most is the sense of melancholy that surrounds the two leads, as well as the exploration of friendship and human connection. For the most part this drama gives family a bad name (with a few exceptions), so if its about a bunch of high school kids who use their rich high school as a microcosm of the messy adult world around them then I think the drama has potential there.

The entire LA portion of Heirs still feels like a prologue, and would work much better if any strong hints of OTP romance could be reigned in rather than piled on. I like Eun Sang and Tan’s fates getting all intertwined in LA, and his loneliness and self-doubt is absolutely a compelling character creation that gets us to connect and root for him. I find Eun Sang and Tan’s interest in each other much more meaningful than romance, it’s one that has the chance to grow into support and encouragement. She’s there when he’s at his lowest, he’s there when she’s at her lowest. Their mutual disappointment in having older siblings who have hurt them makes for an understandable bond. I don’t feel the romance in the air, but know when it arrives I will likely be completely onboard for these two to create a healthy safe haven of their own. One not stemming from exile or poverty, but a companionship that has the chance to grow into something positive and meaningful.

Episode 3 recap:

Kim Tan and Eun Sang hide from the inexplicably random goons by ducking into a small theater. They sit down and Tan immediately closes his eyes to rest. Eun Sang watches the movie and mutters that she has no idea what they are talking about. Tan translates for her, and then brings her name into the translation and says that he met a girl named Cha Eun Sang and finds himself curious about her.

Tan wonders if maybe he likes her? Eun Sang points out that he’s engaged and he says that stranger things have happened, especially since they are in Hollywood. I think it both rude and strange that these two are literally talking in normal voice in a movie theater and not getting death glares and loud shushes. Despite getting a swoonworthy potential declaration, Eun Sang doesn’t let Tan continue by exclaiming her surprise at being in Hollywood.

Eun Sang and Tan run outside and she marvels that it really is Hollywood when she sees the Hollywood sign. LOL, so even the drama is sticking with the story that these two ran all the way from Malibu to Hollywood.

Tan wants to head home now that the coast is clear but Eun Sang refuses, likely remembering that super bitch fiancée is back at Tan’s place. She thanks him for all he’s done and wants to head back by herself to get her suitcase and leave. Tan just walks off and she has no choice but to run after him.

Tan and Eun Sang are back at his place and she sees her suitcase still sitting by the front door. She walks over to grab it and tries to leave, but Tan takes it from her and goes inside.

Rachel left Tan a note that she ate lunch alone and wants to have dinner with him tomorrow. Tan sees his cell phone has a message from Chan Young asking Eun Sang where she is and for her to quickly call him. Eun Sang walks in and wants her suitcase. Tan asks why it’s cracked, and then reveals he left it in his room. Tan doesn’t tell her Chan Young responded and instead tells her to wait here for her friend to call and he heads upstairs to his room to take a shower. Eun Sang’s suitcase being held hostage in his room is pretty funny, though I would have barged in there and taken it, Tan showering or no showering.

Tan gets a call from Secretary Yoon informing him that the Chairman wants Tan to attend a company event in LA this afternoon and Kim Won will also be there.

Secretary Yoon ends his call with Tan and runs into Bo Na, who is a bundle of energy and calls him “dad” as if she was already his daughter-in-law. He tells her to call him “ahjusshi” and she teases that she only calls Won Bin ahjusshi. She complains about Chan Young being away and not calling, but then doesn’t like it when his dad calls Chan Young a bad kid. She then flounces off. I try and try, but goodness gracious is this girl’s voice and acting style absolutely grating.

Bo Na heads to the campus broadcasting room and finds Hyo Shin there surrounded by younger classmates who obviously idolize him and have brought him some food they claim to have prepared but Bo Na calls bullshit that its all store bought. She name drops her dad being the President of Mega Entertainment.

Hyo Shin and Bo Na sit down to eat the food. Turns out being in this club is taboo for the overachieving parents but so far Hyo Shin hasn’t been found out yet. Bo Na notices Hyo Shin taking a pill and he claims it’s just vitamins. Riiiiiight.

Tan has changed into a suit and tells Eun Sang that he needs to head out and tells her to wait here. She still wants to just leave but he tells her not to. Tan’s annoying friend Jay shows up and he claims that he got his situation taken care of. Jay is happy to see Eun Sang and clearly wants to hit on her, so Tan has no choice but to take her with him.

Tan and Eun Sang drive down the California coast and it’s just beautiful and quiet. Eun Sang looks at Tan and then looks away, which is when he sneaks a peek at her.

Kim Tan’s mother Ki Ae is at a rich ladies tennis club and her friend comes to talk about the Chairman’s legal wife. Friend suggests Ki Ae manipulating Ji Sook into having an affair, or at least make the Chairman think so, so he’ll have to divorce her and Ki Ae has a shot of being the legitimate wife. Did this drama just steal a playbook from I Summon You, Gold?

Ki Ae heads down to the wine cellar to make a discreet call to try to hire a male gigolo to entrap Ji Sook and take a picture of them. Eun Sang’s mom overhears and Ki Ae is freaked out. Forget her overhearing, Eun Sang’s mom says Ki Ae needs to worry about being caught if she uses her own phone to set up Ji Sook. Looks like Eun Sang’s mom has a bargaining chip on Ki Ae now.

Tan pulls up in front of the party location and hands Eun Sang the car keys and asks her to stay outside and watch over the car. He might get kicked out right away or get to stay, he’s not sure, but she needs to watch out for a really icy dude. Tan heads into where a party is in full swing at the almond farm.

Tan walks up nervously and the guests are the first to notice him and point him out to Kim Won, who immediately stops smiling and excuses himself. Won storms over to Tan who swallows hopefully and calls him hyung but Won yells at him to follow.

Eun Sang is wandering in the almond farm and sees Tan and Won walks over. Tan asks how his brother is doing while Won wants to know why he is here. Did Secretary Yoon tell him? Won says Tan should not be here but Tan just wanted to see his hyung, it’s been three years and he’s grown.

Won asks if he’s been just growing and doing nothing for three years like he told him. If so then continue, but this is as far as Tan can go. Won walks away and Eun Sang watches sadly from the distance. I totally feel these two with their older sibling similar woes.

The sprinklers turn on but Tan just stands there swallowing his unshed tears. Eun Sang looks at him sadly and then walks over. She asks if he’s fine, and he honestly replies that he’s not fine. She points out that he’s all wet and he asks why she is here. She teases that if he was in danger, she would have grabbed his hand and run away. Tan asks why she didn’t take his hand and run then, because he was in danger a moment ago. Tan turns and walks away while Eun Sang turns to look at him.

Tan and Eun Sang are driving back home and he’s silent and brooding in the car. Eun Sang turns to look at him and he asks what she wants? He tells her to forget what she just saw and she plans to since this entire experience has just been like a Mid Summer Night’s Dream.

Tan turns to look at her and doesn’t see a pile of rocks in the middle of the road until it’s too late and he has to veer sharply to avoid it. The car goes up an embankment and Tan reaches his hand out to shield Eun Sang. The car is stuck in the mud and can’t move. Tan notices a leak and tries to call for assistance but has no cell service.

The two of them end up trying to dislodge the car with him in the driver’s seat and Eun Sang trying to push from the front. Shouldn’t it be the other way around, dude? Tan’s car runs out of gas during this process and now the two of them are totally stranded.

Tan decides to abandon the car here and walk to find a place to bring help. Eun Sang is worried since all the horror movies she’s seen convinces her that it’s dangerous to go find help. He tells her to stay but she runs after him. But they eventually walk down the highway to the nearest town.

As they walk, Eun Sang says she’s hungry and remembers that she bought some cookies to bring her to her mom. She eats one and offers one to Tan. He complains and still eats it. He asks what she’ll do when she gets in touch with her friend and Eun Sang plans to borrow money to buy a ticket home. Tan offers to lend her the money but she’s not ready to part with a kidney yet. Heh. She doesn’t have the courage to keep asking him for help. Tan tells her that her friend replied but without cell service she can’t call him now.

Tan and Eun Sang arrive at a gas station and the manager says they are closed for the night and so is everyone else. If Tan stays for the night he’ll book them a tow in the morning. Tan agrees. Eun Sang and Tan check into the motel and he tosses her a t-shirt to change into. He starts to take off his shirt and change into it and Eun Sang turns around to avoid looking. After he leaves, she grouses about the missed opportunity to sneak a peek.

Tan and Eun Sang head to the diner and the manager makes them a plate of eggs and sausage. They banter which leads to Tan teasing that she’s quite cute and she openly accepts that compliment. Eun Sang starts eating while Tan just looks at her. She tells him not to look, she’s not going to answer any of his questions. He suggests answering her questions, such as who the mean guy was at the almond farm?

Tan explains that the person he saw at the almond farm was the person he likes the most in this world. Eun Sang’s mind starts wandering so Tan explains that the guy is his hyung.

Eun Sang leans in to confirm and Tan barks at her which causes her to jolt backwards and almost falls off the stool. Tan moves forward to grab her and they stare at each other. He calls her an idiot though his hand tightens around her back for a second.

Tan teases Eun Sang for blushing but she makes the excuse about being upset her trip to the US hasn’t involved famous American pancakes yet. Pancakes with a glass of orange juice is so very American. Tan makes a promise with Eun Sang to take her to the best pancakes in LA when they get back. She tells him not to make promises because in horror movies he would die before it could come true.

Tan walks into the motel room to see Eun Sang making the sofa and he announces he’ll get the bed. She already knows that and lays down to go to sleep.

Tan asks if she’s asleep and walks over to shake the phone to make noise and wake her up. Eun Sang refuses to wake up so Tan wakes over and kicks her sofa. Eun Sang wakes up and Tan reveals that he’s read her messages and asks why she wants the Empire Group to go bankrupt? Eun Sang asks why he cares, does he own shares in the company?

Tan heads to bed and tells Eun Sang that she’s not allowed to fall asleep before he falls asleep because he’s scared due to all her nattering about horror movies. Eun Sang sits there complaining and yawning. He tells her not to get ideas about him and she tells him he’s not all that good looking. Tan turns around and then asks when she’ll go back to Korea after she gets in touch with her friend. Eun Sang says as soon as possible.

Tan is about to say something but turns around to find Eun Sang already nodded off. He gets up and manages to catch her in time as she topples over. Tan sits there just staring at the sleeping Eun Sang. He adjusts her pillow and then covers her up with a blanket.

Tan sits back on the table and quietly watches Eun Sang sleeping with a slight smile on his face. Oh I like them so much.

It’s morning time at Rachel’s hotel (the poor Biltmore has become the Bilt Hotel) and she gets a text from Chan Young thanking her for giving him the address where Eun Sang is right now.

Tan and Eun Sang drive up to his place and get out. Suddenly Chan Young walks down the driveway and calls out Eun Sang’s name. She is so happy to see him and asks what he is doing here?

Tan is annoyed and storms into the house saying it’s hot and they can talk inside. Chan Young notices their couple tees and asks about it but Eun Sang says she’ll explain later.

Tan grabs a drink from the kitchen and Eun Sang walks inside to thank him for everything. She wants to leave but he tells her to stay here even if she borrows money from her friend. She says there is no reason for her to stay now. He says he burdened her and staying is his way to apologize for her getting her passport taken away.

Chan Young walks in and asks if she’s ready to go? Tan says not yet. Eun Sang thanks Tan again and Chan Young stares at Tan and then asks if he’s Kim Tan? Tan asks how Chan Young knows him, and Chan Young asks if Tan knows him. Tan wonders if he tormented Chan Young back in middle school? Chan Young says no, their relationship isn’t that simple, and then takes Eun Sang away because the taxi is here.

Eun Sang says goodbye and Tan sadly watches her go. She pauses ever so slightly on the stairs but keeps walking. Tan looks so lonely in the huge house.

Eun Sang and Chan Young arrive at his apartment. He’s not happy she crashed with Tan but Eun Sang had no choice since she had no money, no passport, and no sister to stay with. She asks if that guy’s name is Kim Tan? Chan Young is surprised she didn’t even know his name. Eun Sang didn’t ask because she didn’t want to talk about herself. She asks if he’s a good kid and Chan Young says he’s not particularly nice.

Chan Young takes Eun Sang into his place and asks her about Eun Seo. Eun Sang cries that she lied and was with a really bad guy. Chan Young tells her not to worry about her plane ticket home. The most important thing is what Eun Sang wants to do and eat. He asks what she wants to eat and she wants deokbokggi.

Chan Young and Eun Sang walk through Universal Citywalk eating a giant lollipop. They take a picture and Chan Young posts it on his SNS. Right on cue, within 3 seconds Bo Na is calling all pissed off. It makes him laugh and he thinks she’s so cute.

Chan Young goes to talk with Bo Na leaving Eun Sang to notice the I love California t-shirt hanging there.

Tan is home along hanging out by the pool nibbling a sandwich. Later he goes to study and checks his phone and sees the updated picture of Chan Young and Eun Sang happily sightseeing. He is annoyed and then flops down on the bed and sees his engagement picture with Rachel.

Rachel is sitting in the hotel lobby pissed and about to leave when she gets a call from Tan. He’s there to see her and she changes her schedule to leave tomorrow. Rachel gets a call from her mom Esther and tells mom that she’s with Tan right now.

Esther meets with Ji Sook (Chairman Kim’s legal wife) to discuss Tan and Rachel hanging out together in LA right now. Esther compliments Ji Sook on still looking good despite giving birth to Tan at such an advanced age. Esther is here to tell Ji Sook that she is getting re-married, as a courtesy to her future in-law. Esther asks about Young Do’s broken friendship with Tan which appears to be news to Ji Sook that those two aren’t friends anymore.

Young Do is hanging out with Myung Soo. Young Do looks at the wall of pictures which includes one of younger Tan and Young Do hanging out together.

Young Do gets called out to play Taekwondo with his dad, and dad is intense and so good that Young Do is literally thrown around like a rag doll. Dad says Young Do will never win because he doesn’t put in the homework, but Young Do thinks the reason is that he’s more like Mom. Dad orders him to go pick Rachel up at the airport.

Rachel and Tan are walking down the street and she thanks him for the things he bought for her. But what he gave her is his time and not the things he bought and she knows that.

Rachel asks if that girl has left and Tan says she left yesterday just like Rachel intended since she gave Chan Young the address. Rachel gets a call from Young Do who is annoyed that she wants to be picked up at the airport. Tan hears that Rachel and Young Do are becoming siblings and asks how he’s doing. Turns out Young Do is doing the bullying all by himself.

Rachel wants to go eat Tan’s favorite pancake place and Tan wants her to go elsewhere because she might run into Eun Sang there. Rachel insists on going to see if it’s fated they keep running into each other in LA.

Tan and Rachel walk to the restaurant and see Eun Sang and Chan Young sitting there. Tan stops to see them sitting there and Rachel is surprised as well. Chan Young asks how Eun Sang knew this particular famous breakfast place, did she do her research beforehand? Eun Sang notices Tan first and the two of them stare at each other.

Rachel asks if they made plans to come before, and why Tan keeps stopping her from meeting Eun Sang? Tan tries to drag Rachel off but she storms inside and asks to sit down with Eun Sang and Chan Young. Eun Sang asks if they know each other and Chan Young explains he’s classmates with Rachel but they are not close and in fact today is the first time they’ve talked. Rachel says Chan Young is a scholarship student at their school and he doesn’t know move in her circles.

Tan wants Rachel to leave but she won’t since it’s their engagement anniversary so he sits down as well. Rachel asks how Chan Young knows Eun Sang and he explains they are friends. She asks how they picked this place and turns out it was Eun Sang’s choice. Rachel snarks that her fiancée and his friend seems to think the same way.

Rachel brings up Bo Na since Tan won’t let her talk about the coincidence of showing up here. She says right here is sitting Bo Na’s ex-boyfriend and current boyfriend and tells them to say hello. Chan Young asks why she is bringing up Bo Na who is not here. Rachel says its Chan Young’s fault for hanging out with this girl behind Bo Na’s back. She then bitches at Eun Sang for hanging around guys who are taken.

Tan can’t stand it anymore and drags Rachel off. Chan Young asks what Eun Sang wants to do and she wants to finish eating and go buy a ticket home. She needs to get back to work to earn money to pay him back.

Tan tells Rachel that he used to think she was cool but right now she’s not anymore. They met when they were 10 years old and got engaged because they knew each other was the best choice in their small social circle. Back then she had a crush on older brother Won and Tan thought she was more mature than him. For the last 8 years, he’s thought she was pretty, smart, and practical, but not anymore. If she is acting this way because of him, then stop because he’s not worth it. He leaves her there but tells her that he’ll pick her up tomorrow for the airport.

Rachel goes back to the hotel and passes Kim Won in the lobby. He asks why she’s not staying at Young Do’s hotel and she refuses to owe him, and correctly points out the same reason he’s staying here. She asks if he saw Tan and he says sorta, and she feels the same way. She asks to stick with him since she doesn’t want to be alone in the hotel waiting for Tan to call. He says it’s a long drive but she doesn’t care. Won takes Rachel and goes to visit his mother’s grave. He reveals his mother was an American country girl who married rich. She made wine and even made one bottle named Won the year he was born. She thinks Tan will be jealous knowing she got to come here with Won oppa. Tan gets a call from Secretary Yoon and asks for a few extra days, telling him to lie that he went to Singapore. He also calls out Secretary Yoon for revealing his itinerary to Tan.

Secretary Yoon gets into the elevator at Zeus Hotel and runs into Esther and Dong Wook. They walk in and discuss Young Do going to pick up Rachel. Esther knows he doesn’t want to but Dong Wook says Young Do will do whatever he says. After Dong Wook steps out first, Esther turns to Secretary Yoon and says it’s been a long time. He congratulates her on getting married. She says twenty years ago and twenty years later, the guy she is marrying is still not him. Esther candidly says that she’s still nervous around him.

Tan calls Secretary Yoon to ask about Won’s whereabouts, and he finds out that Chan Young is his son. Tan calls Chan Young’s cell and asks to speak with Eun Sang. She’s not there so Tan asks Eun Sang to call him back. Eun Sang went back to the restaurant where her sister worked but she really hasn’t come back.

Chan Young reveals Tan called for Eun Sang and wants her to call him back. She declines since she’s leaving tomorrow and won’t ever see him again. He asks her what time is her flight and she wants to go by herself since he shouldn’t be skipping class for her.

Tan sits by his pool staring at the phone waiting for Eun Sang to call but she never calls. He notices that she’s hung a pair of bunny socks out to dry on her door handle.

Eun Sang goes back to Tan’s school and leaves a note on the board for him which says that this trip was a dream for her and like a dream she’ll wake up soon.

Tan goes to the hotel to take Rachel to the airport. Tan drops her off and she asks if he’s not coming back to Korea. He wants to but needs impetuous courage to do so. Rachel steps forward and hugs Tan. She still hates him and hasn’t forgiven him. He pulls his hand out of his pocket for a second, but then stops and puts his hands back in his pocket and says likewise.

Which is when Eun Sang walks into the departure hall and sees this embrace. She stops and then turns to leave which is when Tan sees her. He calls out “Cha Eun Sang, don’t go!”

Thoughts of Mine:

When I watched episode 3, I tried to brush aside my internal timer that chanting for the LA segment to end already and ship everyone back to Korea. This drama moves so slow so that very little happens because of its pace and the fact that there are so many characters inhabiting this world. I could easily do away with half already, especially Bo Na, Myung Soo, and Hyo Shin, those three bore me to death so far. The PD is still very clunky, editing everything a half-pace too slow, but he does a good job with the cinematography and LA landscape from the beaches to the valley to the desert are wonderfully rendered onscreen. This drama tries to make everything seem so serious, what with the bickering and scheming parents, but the tension just doesn’t rise to the surface so I’m seeing that there is a lot at sake but it doesn’t feel immediate. I just don’t get Won’s giant chip on his shoulder, and with the vast wealth of Empire Group he has to literally send his brother away so he can’t vy with the inheritance but isn’t there enough to go around? The narrative aims for all or nothing in setting up the stakes, but I’m rather amused everyone is so serious and like Tan for being so blasé about it. He’s just lonely, and that emotion is currently the only one that really shines in the story.

I’m still firmly on the Good Ship Chan Young, currently still the most endearing character in the drama and a nicely crafted secondary character that functions as a convenient plot device when required but manages to come across as three dimensional. Doesn’t hurt that all the scenes involving me are the ones that come across as high school-esque. I must be said that the machinations Kim Eun Sook resorted to in episode 3 to get Tan and Eun Sang to spend time together, and even crash as a roadside motel in the middle of nowhere, are patently ridiculous and should just be accepted at face value. I think the OTPs conversations fall somewhere between the inane and the sweet, but still lack in any zing or sizzle. Whereas Rachel may be a bitch from hell right now, she’s actually quite incisive and calls it like she sees it. Doesn’t hurt that Kim Ji Won has more chemistry with Lee Min Ho than Park Shin Hye does, but again it’s not enough the tip anything in her favor since the leads are easy enough to like. Three episodes in, I don’t see anything about this particular drama or script that would have lured so many actors to sign up, other than it’s written by a famous screenwriter who usually gets ratings gold. I’m still optimistic this drama can ratchet up the energy and compelling narrative soon, but for those who have been bored so far, it might not be enough to resurrect the mildly decent ratings Heirs has garnered so far. This drama might end up being a disappointment because it didn’t live up to expectations, but so far it’s been more entertaining that I personally expected.


Heirs/The Inheritors Episode 3 Recap — 42 Comments

  1. I actually skipped reading all the OTP scenes because I find them so boring! I think it’s the first drama in awhile that I couldn’t care less about the OTP and find the secondary characters more interesting (except for Bo Na). Hyo-shin, at first I thought he might be gay, but I guess he’s just under a lot of stress.

  2. I didn’t enjoy watching live last night maybe the streaming was lagging too much. Waiting for your recap to see if you like it. Doesn’t seem so. I’ll feel sorry for Minho and Shinhye if the rating keeps dropping. Especially Minho said thst he’s put his most hard work into this project. Could it be the story seems recycled? Or the writer is being overrated?
    The actress plays the wife is so plastic that her lips look disturbing. What was she thinking?
    I find another character to like Rachel. How I wish ES’s character to be bitching some times. Or rather having Shinhye playing the bitch one time just to see a different side of her. Having been playing the leads doesn’t mean you can’t play the second lead right? We see western actors do that all the time. Doesn’t make them any less popular.
    I’m curious to see who would get more notice after the drama ends.

  3. I am so bored but haven’t given up yet. Once they are all back in Korea I think the drama will pick up. In the meanwhile I am enjoying Secret. So much juicier and spicier than Heirs.

    • I’m bored too, but I have high hopes for when they return to Korea. There could be good chemistry between Won and Young Do, hate fueled bickering and thwarted friendship and all that.

  4. I agree that the LA sequence is too long especially since it feels like a prologue, also all the staring is a bit over the top but I really do love that “human connection” that transpires between the OTP. It’s very low-key and reminds me a bit of Flower Boy Next Door but it is also very compelling. So far it works for me and I can’t wait to see how their relationship will evolve. Thanks for the fast recap! I was totally refreshing this site in hopes of reading that before getting some sleep XD

    • Yes, I loved how they started off as kindred spirits….so the prolonged staring long takes the PD is going for to pimp LMH is a pity. Poor LMH……I have a feeling he hates it to. The PD needs a ruthless editor.

  5. Thanks for the fast recap.
    Right now I don’t really care for the OTP, instead I have two fears:

    1. Hyo-shin seems to be sick: two scenes, two hints of hidden illness (vomit + medicine) => I want once a happy ending for Kang Ha-Neul

    2. at the moment Chan Young has more screentime as expected compared to the braod cast => don’t give me honey (Kang Min-Hyuk) now to take it back later and put me on withdrawal

    … please, drama, be nice.

  6. I actually like this drama probably because I hated BOF to death (Dunno why so many people even liked it). Its like a breath of fresh air. No conflicts, no sacrifices and no emotions at stake for now. I like dramas like this once in a while. They are nice.

  7. I’m wondering if I should watch ep 3 again with subs now that I have read the recap. Hmmmm such a hard choice.

    Atleast looking forward to ep 4.

  8. Just what is this drama? It bores me to death, the actors have 0 chemistry, the dialogue is puerile and amateurish, it’s just one of the worst dramas this year, and that’s saying something. Why assemble such a huge cast if you don’t even know what to do with half of them…? Sometimes I wonder if it would’ve been better if Tan were living a middle class life while still being a chaebol, maybe his *~sensitive existence~* would be less shallow (because as of now, it’s risible tbh).

    These (hopefully) 4 USA episodes should’ve been edited into 1 to create some rythm. I’ll keep watching until they get to that uber-rich korean school, just to see whether it continues like this or miraculously gets better. Oh, the woes of the rich~~~~~~~~

    • hahahaha. I feel you. I actually liked episode 2 but episode 3 is just Blehhhh. they don’t know how to narrate a multiple character drama. I don’t feel anything for most of the characters and almost all are just irritating since they are just introduced as snobbish uber rich brats and nothing more. Their ‘problems’ are so not compelling. I still Like MinHyuks character and Lee Minho but other than that everyone else can just be wall paper and edited out.
      I hope they cut the american scene to ep1 to 2. Same as you I am waiting for the scene when they will be back in Korea high school.

      I can understand why people are more into SECRET (rating wise), in that show the people are more solid. And they give you blow by blow moments that makes you glued to the screen. this one makes me scream when the moms and dad’s are in the screen, and even the seconds leads makes me want to skip and move to Lee MinHo again.

      anyway will still watch this till the end since I love MinHo and Kim EUnsook!

  9. I don’t know why but these episode feels lacking for me. I still a connection between the OTP, the OTP is the only main things that compels me to watch these show and maybe minhyuk and Kim Tan’s brothers.
    I feel like the drama is showing a lot of useless things, maybe due to the multiple characters that needs to be introduced and fleshed out. But I answer me 1997 had many cast and they showcased everyone to the maximum, and I ended up knowing and loving each one of them and that show was like 30-40 for the first 13 episode and the last 2 episodes are the only ones that went out for an hour.
    Until episode 3 we are still in the introduction phase which for a Kim Eun Sook drama that’s kinda slow. Secret Garden, Lovers in prague, lovers in paris hooked me at episode 1. these one hooked me at episode 2 then made me feel wary of it in episode. That is just weird for me.
    I still love the show, I am compelled with the characters especially Lee MinHo’s Kim Tan but isn’t 1-2 episode of showing he is an exile mistress son enough. And I think its time to understand why other than being exiled by his older brother, he is also hated by most of his set of uber rich friends.

    I hope they cut multiple scenes: birth mom scenes were unnecessary. Same with Kim Woobin scenes with dad, I don’t get why they need to show it, like having a bastard for a father is the only reason he became a bastard. the lollipop scene as much as how adorable it is doesn’t do anything for me in any narrative for the story. The sleeping scene was totally unnecessary even though I squealed at the chemistry between ShinHye and MinHo. Same with the broken car. I mean what’s the point? what did it do to the story.
    I want to move things along, to feel something, to be in the ship of falling for the characters, but so far I just know them about 25%, and its frustrating.

    Anyway I hope that with episode being back in korean would speed things along since they will all be in one place.

  10. I thought the writer is trying to “force” the viewers to like the OTP, but something is off.

    Even with all their screentime together, I feel ZERO chemistry between PSH and LMH…What is it?
    Even if PSH is a block, LMH…. bring it on dude!!! You can do it!!!!

    You guys should Watch the 2nd episode of “Marry him if you dare”, and most people are already having 2nd lead syndrome and are already shipping YEH with YongHwa… yet they’ve barely spend enough time together… and YongHwa is hardly a great actor( although he’s doing an outstanding job so far in MHIYD)… I’m telling ya…YEH can have chemistry even with a tree…she’s that good.

    Anyway the LA portions are akward for me to watch because I just don’t “feel” anything.
    I hope the whole drama moves back to Korea soon.

    All in all, I’m really not impressed with this drama, writing, directing and editing wise; and IMO, it having a huge impact on the flow of the story overall and on some of the acting.

    I find PSH boring but I like LMH, although I don’t think he’s at his best yet in this drama.
    I also like KWB; even with less screentime, the guy leaves an impact; the duel with his dad was very telling on why he bullies other kids: amazing actor he is.

    And my baby Chan Young!!!!!! So cute and so good: He is doing an amazing job!!!!

    So let’s hope for better subsequent episodes.

    • I agree with you, and hopefully the next episode end in LA and start in Korea, and I also agree of the secondlead syndrome in MHIYD not the best episode but the chemistry between them was awesome. We will have to see if Heirs can give something close of that to us (but that is wishful thinking). Hopefully Min Hyuk will get more screen time I just love him! He is doing an awesome job in his character. He is just tooooo cute!

  11. Have to disagree, I don’t think there is much chemistry between Kim Ji Won and Lee min Ho at all. It’s a pity, because I think Rachel is a character that could be played with much more depth since she is also in her own way, a lonely, cast-aside person, but Kim Ji Won is portraying her as the stereotypical rich bitch. You see glimpses of the interesting character that Rachel could have been when she meets Kim Won, but sadly, most of that is lost in other scenes.

  12. Omg…I thought im the only one that thinks so.ething is missing from kimtan..LMH should give more great performance. All the secondary and supporting role are above par.
    Chan Young is the best character so far. I am surprised kang min hyuk is a natural talented actor. He can sustained in acting industry if he keep perform like this.
    Even he can cover up Krystal’s lack of acting skills and make chanyoung-BoNa couple looks cute.

    • Oh come on. He’s cute and all but what acting does it need to play his role seriously? I’m not hating him or anything but to give him much credit I feel unfair for others

  13. I am actually surprised to read so many negative comments on this episode and series. I watched episode 3 twice, and I loved it both times. I love the slower pace, and the overall feeling of this drama so far. As Koala mentioned, the melancholy feeling just pulls me in, and I am so happy that Tan and Eun Sang don’t start out their relationship bickering as 99% of other kdrama OTPs do.

    I don’t mind that the other characters don’t get as much screentime, because honestly, Lee Min Ho is knocking this out of the park and Park Shin Hye is the most natural I’ve seen her in a drama yet. (no deer-in headlights looks) They are so cute together, and I am totally invested in their friendship and eventual relationship. I can’t wait for Eun Sang to start falling in love with Tan <3

    I actually wouldn't mind if they had stayed in LA longer because it really helped to set this drama apart from others in the same genre. I don't see a connection to Boys before Flowers as of yet, which I was initially concerned about, and it has definitely shown itself to be a different type of drama. I didn't think the American actors were quite as painful as commenters made them out to be, and LMH's Engrish was honestly endearing and I loved hearing it.

    I really hope they continue with this pace and overall feeling of the drama, and don't fall back on the usual conflicts to fill up the remaining 16 episodes. I hope others can keep an open mind if they decide to continue watching – I myself am totally loving it!!

    Last comment – loved the scene of Tan and ES walking along the dusty road at sunset – WOW! Kudos to the production team.

  14. I like the slower pace and the “us against the world” setup for the OTP. IMO, it is refreshing to have a break from the usual histrionics of a paint-by-numbers romcom. Although, I’m sure at some point MOM WON’T APPROVE!!! of the ‘poor girl’… or I should say *legal wife* won’t approve (given this wacky family). But, all in all, I’m enjoying the story as it unfolds and watching each character navigate the world and their own relationship minefields. THANKS for recapping, Koala!

  15. Everyone seems to love MHIYD and the chemistry among the leads. I have to say I do like MHIYD and yes the chemistry is there and YEH is a great actress but watching her in MHIYD is like watching LTM all over again..the bickering parts feel like been there done that..so I like it but not loving it…whereas heirs give me a different vibe. It feels fresh for me to see eun sang’s character..she is very relatable and her relationship with Kim tan is not only romance but deeper than that. Feels like Jdorama a lil bit..TBH, this drama starts to grow on me..I like this episode and cant wait for the next one!

    • I can watch YEH in 100 different dramas even if she play the same character. LOL. What i like about MHIYD is i don’t have to fast forward the story because i sooo love every characters in it even the grandmother and the oppa. But in Heirs even idols r in it, i just can’t tolerate some character coz it was so boring to watch them.

    • That’s it… You described it right! It does have a feel of a jdorama. It reminds me of orange days… It has the same feel to it… Guy has a girlfriend or in this case fiancée… Guy is in limbo currently in his life… Then he meets this girl who has a struggle yet somehow does not let it get to her but fights for what she wants… Guy is drawn to girl… Girl senses it but knows guy is already attached… Hayyyy… I love orange days it was my very first drama that started it all and made me want to check out krdrama too… And it was also in school… I am really liking this drama a whole lot! And it is really a pity that some people don’t like it.. But well to each his own…

  16. With this episode Heirs has finally got me hooked, lined, and sunk. I find all these charters (well all the main ones-KWB, LMH, PSH, CJH- and a few of the minor-KHN-)interesting and want to learn more about them. Honestly the OTP is secondary on my radar. Right now I need more scenes/info on all these f-ed up relationships and dysfunctional friendships/family. Mainly I want to know about Tan/Won, Tan/Young-do, Young-do/his father, Tan/his mommies, Eun-hee/her mom, mom/tan’s mom and the inner workings of Rachel whom if done right can be a HBIC a la Blair Waldrof. Also when oh when will Im Joo Eun bless the show with her presences and I can finally see my OTP of the drama (IJE/CJH) interact. He really needs to not be cold with her, show another side that will make me want Tan to continue wanting his love.

  17. I always thought that PSH & LMH look good together when they were the face for Etude House in 2009. So, I was expecting some oozing chemistry between them in Heirs since they are the OTP. But sadly, I feel nothing between Kim Tan and Eun Sang characters. All I see is friend zone but LMH did his best to create some chemistry with Eun Sang. No doubt PSH is a great actress whether it’s a crying scene or comedy but her acting seems quite bland here. Or maybe Eun Sang is just a boring character.

    Also I find that Krystal’s & Park Hyung Sik character redundant in the drama since they basically did nothing in these 3 episodes.

    Overall, I feel that this drama is easy to watch & understand but lacking in the oomph sense.I do hope the future episodes improve in terms of story line and mainly the editing & transition.

  18. I’m intrigued by your comment that Kim Ji Won has more chemistry than LMH – I really haven’t seen that at all. I was despairing of her character ever seeming remotely human and 3-dimensional until her scenes with Choi Jin Hyk, and when they were onscreen together my wife remarked “they should get together”. I agreed, because they seem to bring out warmth in each other while both are automatons around anyone else.

  19. Hi there Koala! I’m looking for some private message button here in your page but I couldn’t find one so I’ll just message you here via comment box….. I’m dead curious and I really want to know why didn’t you make recaps for I Can Hear Your Voice….. It’s one great drama and so far it’s one of the best for me and from the viewer’s feedbacks…… It also topped Korea’s ratings for consecutive weeks…… I’m just wondering if it didn’t have any appeal on you that’s why you didn’t make any recap…..

  20. I donno why but I really enjoyed the drama …
    I can feel Tan’s loneliness and longing to have ES there with him ..
    The chemistry is there too though of course at this stage it shouldn’t be explosive … it’s just nice … they’re curious about each other .. wanting to spend time together … and I can totally feel it.
    ES is obviously having hard time parting too but realising her back-ground, she understood to treat all this as dream …
    I can’t wait till they all in Korea – next eps can’t come any quicker …
    Although in saying that LMH can’t really pass as an 18 yr old … he’s much too mature for this but I put that aside .. LoL …
    PSY looks really pretty here in her simple clothes … so jealous of her healthy hair … I’m so glad to see she got some meat – not one of those really skinny actress … healthy body!!

  21. I don’t find any chemistry between the two lead but I can’t help and find them cute together. Somehow, I can understand why Tan would want Eun Sang to stay with him. He finds someone he is comfortable with him and who is able to make him forget his sadness. I like it and it can go both way too seeing how Eun Sang looks at him too.

    Anyway, so far, I like all the characters. They are interesting in their own ways but I want the summer break to be over like really really fast because I want to see the interactions between high schoolers ASAP. A la Gossip Girl because I sure hope we will have a lot of cat fights or whatever.
    Aside for Krystal’s acting, I’m liking Bo Na. She is really whiny and jealous with Chan Young but I really adore them together. Something with opposite attracts ? But more than that, I like the fact there is no real difference between their social classes. They just love each other and it’s adorable. I even was giggling when Bo Na met Chan Young’s father. Something to do with his smile when he talks to her. They just seem so comfortable like father in law and daughter in law. It’s adorable. Plus, it seems the father has some histories with Rachel’s mother. Hum, more dramas to come. Imagine Rachel and Chan Young step siblings after she said “he is from a lower social class, I don’t speak to him”.

    As everyone else I guess, I wish we will see the other characters a little bit more. The main couple isn’t that boring but so many cliché scenes. It’s cute but with such a huge cast, you can’t just focus on them. It’s unfair.

    Oh and I’m lovin’ Won and Tan’s relationship. Yeah, the older brother is cold but seeing how Tan is fanboying (?) over him is cute. Especially the “He is the person I like the most in the world”. Sibling love is always awesome. I’m sure Won doesn’t really understand why his little brother loves him so much but I sure want to see by the end of the drama, a nice ending between these two.

    For me, episode 3 was better than the previous episode. Better because I didn’t skip nor paused the episode so I guess it’s a good thing ? LOL.
    Thanks for recap ^^ Good work !

  22. Never liked LMH before but I am definitely swoon in this. He is hot and adorable in the same time I could only wail to show how crazy for him I am.
    I’m okay with PSH, but not a fans either. I don’t know about her acting. But, his chemistry with LMH is.. hm.. nonexistent?
    In some scene, i felt like watching LMH slowly falling in love with his dreamy eyes. Then when I looked at PSH, it was like she’s looking at him in confusion. which made them pretty ridiculous if it’s not awkward.
    (LMH: I’m falling. *eyes*
    PSH: Are you a magical being?)

    And about Krystal and Minhyuk,can we have their relationship portrayed with him and the phone instead of Krsytal? The SNS-Phone scene maybe the most decent scene of them. and it was adorable (because we didn’t get to see Krsytal. If only her voice was also gone…)

    And once more. Favorite scene! “Then why didn’t you do it? I was in danger all the time while you were watching.” That was.. *WAILING*
    I don’t even know what to say, I just LOVE that scene. SO. MUCH.

  23. This writer needs to change this shows direction FAST. I loved AGD, and I loved Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin in SG–but I could not stand the mother and the i’m rich you’re poor ca and mouse back and forth shit. And now this damn wanna be gossip girl crap with the Korean twist is annoying me to pieces. I cant watch this drama because of all the stupid MAKJANG–im rich you’re poor crap– that might happen. It has the AGD tone, but looks like SG development. Gimme something fun and drama free. Well Makjang free. I hate ranting, but c’mon KES, I was just starting to like you.

  24. Thanks for your words.
    I have been meaning to come back and post on this ep.
    Mostly because I read your intro, then watched the show, and then read your closing.

    Strangely, I had almost the exact same reaction.
    What came through for me in 3 was poor Tan’s utter loneliness, and for what?

    I am mad at Won. (The dad/emperor/king I don’t want to spend a second thinking about. He is worthless.) But the Hyung who Tan worshipped? What the hell is wrong with you, pal? How smart does he think Tan is? Tan seems to be a goofy warm patient boy who just wants to be loved.

    Who dumps a 15/16 year old kid ALONE in country on the other side of the world? At least royalty got retainers/eunuchs to live with and/or be corrupted by.
    Sure, sure, you need to banish him from your kingdom in case he gets an army together and insurrects, but still. Alone? No nearby adult to keep tabs on him? Mom NEVER visited? Not even to shop? They’re all jerks.

  25. I finally got the see ep.3 and geez what a snorefest! It’s as if the writer has a 16 episode story in mind, but the director was told it needs to be stretched to 20 episodes so he decided to fill the time gap with prolonged stares. OMG! How many stares can you fit into one episode?!

    It isn’t that LMH’s acting is lazy. It’s that he’s got nothing to work with when he keeps being told, “make prolonged, yet meaningful stares” at every other scene. That would sap energy out of anyone.

    I really hope the pace picks up a bit or I may have to start watching this in editing mode and just skip to the dialogs.

  26. Does anyone know the song that was played near the end of this episode where Kim Tan is waiting for Eun Sang to call him back?


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