New Broadcast and Hanging Out Stills of the Leads in Marry Him If You Dare

Monday is here and it’s going to be interesting to see if Marry Him If You Dare (Mirae’s Choice) can build confidently on the groundwork laid in the first two episodes. KBS released some new stills, one set shows Kim Shin in his natural habitat as an anchorman in the news studio, and the other set shows Mi Rae and Se Joo hanging out and somewhat damp. Is Se Joo bound to encounter water anytime he’s around Mi Rae? I recall future Mi Rae saying that Se Joo and Yoo Kyung’s love at first sight encounter in Jeju involved water, but that element now seems to bring Mi Rae and Se Joo close together. Does this mean Yoo Kyung and Se Joo will have a different connection now? Because Mi Rae and Shin’s fate remains a car accident, it just happened at a later time in a slightly different context. I wonder if Se Joo and Yoo Kyung will intrigue each other as well, the way Mi Rae and Shin still spark despite getting off on the wrong foot. I quite enjoy seeing Shin hard at work as an anchor and planning out the program for his show because it shapes his character’s entire motivation. Since the drama is set in the broadcasting world, I hope it continues to integrate the work scenes into the story. It’s nice and all four leads are working at the same network and for the same program, because everyone has equal chance to hang out and see if a plausible romance can develop organically. I do wonder how a workaholic like Shin finds time to fall for any girl, and isn’t Se Joo focused on his undercover boss gig and trying to learn the ropes of the family business? These new still continue to keep my interest high in the drama, and really all that eye candy doesn’t hurt in the least. I do hope to see more Yoo Kyung pictures in the future, she’s adorable so far and also an integral part of the story. If Se Joo isn’t meant to be with Mi Rae, then he definitely needs a girl of his own because he’s a total catch in background and nice cool personality.


New Broadcast and Hanging Out Stills of the Leads in Marry Him If You Dare — 18 Comments

  1. i’m a big fan of yong hwa but i do know that his acting is a bit limited. having said that, i think he’s actually improving and breathing some life to his character! hoping for more cuteness from this very promising drama! 🙂

  2. I too am waiting to see what the connection will be between Se Joo and Yoo Kyung…he seems to be falling hard to Mi Rae so i can’t wait to see their interactions! I also think this falling hard for Mi Rae and vice versa this early in the game is a sign that maybe this (MiRae and SeJoo) isnt meant to work out…i dunno, we shall see!

  3. Why do they keep giving us 2nd lead goodies. This isn’t helping.
    I am ready to switch ships, writer hong.
    I’m sure yong hwa fancies yoon eun hye, which might explain why he comes more alive than usual whenever she’s around.

    • i do agree, i remember he eveen watched YEH’s shoot for the skinny dipping scene in Jejudo when he already finish filming his scenes and just have to wait inside the cottage coz its too cold to remain outside LOL! The boy is now a MAN!!!

  4. I want to see more SeJoo and Yookyung just to see if the narrative will pull that destiny is pre-ordained, that no matter what road one takes you will meet the people you are meant to meet and in turn still fall for the same people you are meant to fall. And if so, these story will just be a loot of hijinx cause it will be like, you can’t escape destiny bit. Then future Mirae coming back from the future is just a load of plot with no real punch.

    So far on paper Sejoo is a better catch for mirae, as well as yookyung. Ah who Am I kidding he is better catch for any living and breathing woman for that matter. He is well mannered, non abrasive, charming, good looking and just an icing to the cake, a chaebol (which for other dramas that would be like a curse, yes I am looking at you Heirs).
    But narrative wise and chemistry wise in this drama Mirae and Sejoo are shooting some firecrackers that seem to explode everywhere.

    Anyway, let trump destiny operation begin!!!

    • On the flip side, accepting an altered destiny simply because the future version of you comes barging into your life and redirects it hardly has any narrative punch either… where is the applicability to the average woman’s life? In the real world, time is linear – no do overs. Whereas learning to accept yourself and your choices – warts and all – is the heart and soul of chick lit.

      Just playing devil’s advocate here 😉

      • True. I also definitely don’t like the do over plot with the time travel hijinx. Cause if it can be done, then why is Mirae the only one doing it. If the future really has the power to do do-overs I think there are a lot of tomorrow people coming back to either save lives or changes lives, that would definitely create a time continuum havoc in all timelines and universe if it were possible.

        The plot device of time travel to change lives feels so thin same thing with the plot of trumping destiny that’s untrumpable with people still meeting despite changed circumstance.
        On the flip side future mirae is like a friend/mom who is a much needed boost/momentum for mirae to live her life and make choices she would have never made because she was too afraid/timid. But as I have mentioned in my previous posts regarding this drama, future miras is just selfish so I am wary of her coming back from the future.

        I guess in this drama, its more of the journey on how to get there rather than the plot. anyway I think I am getting a headache just thinking about this drama’s plot.

        Anyway thing I like about this drama is that i feel it. I can actually sense Lee Dong gun through the screen, MAN he is so spot on powerful as Kim Shin. Miss him so much.

  5. It would be awesome if despite feeling love at first sight for Mi Rae, Se Joo falls in love with Yoo Kyung….proving that even of future Mirae disturbs the course if events..the relationships which are meant to be, will be there…
    So excited for the next episode…
    Yong Hwa has improved so much!!

  6. LDG is very handsome, but man… he needs something for his dry lips. Something that never change about him. On the bright side, we know he doesn’t like to wear lip gloss! 🙂

  7. Now that I finally watched episode 2 of Mi Rae’s Choice (I like that title more :P) I have a theory as to why Future Mi Rae would want to change the past that much, and why she’s angry with Kim Shin. I think one (depressing) possibility would be that they had a child that will die or something bad happens to, and she blames him for it. It would make sense when she says that Kim Shin killed the person she loved the most in the world. Although I can’t put the brother’s role in that theory cuz he seems to be involved, so it might be something else..

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