Marry Him If You Dare Episode 3 Baby Recap

Sorry chingus, I’m on a business trip this week so likely no time for full recaps complete with a zillion stills of the increasingly perfect and gorgeous Kim Shin. Episode 3 of Marry Him If You Dare was supremely awesome, ratcheting up the four way love complication as well as the time travel mystery. A new time traveler appears towards the end of the episode, and if the drama wants to convince me that is future Kim Shin then imma need new eyes. I think its someone sent by Shin, or by someone close to future Mi Rae, to thwart her plan and bring her back. I’m ever more certain that future Mi Rae isn’t angry about something that happened to her, she wants to change the future because of other more pressing reasons that require MI Rae to marry a very rich guy. Se Joo is the ideal, but any rich guy will do. I love how fast and naturally Mi Rae became attracted to Shin, and their cute video room teasing was so satisfying in seeing him reveal his softer side and to see how he affects Mi Rae as a man in ways that Se Joo doesn’t. Similarly, Shin shows zero interest in Yoo Kyung despite her being in the car accident that brought Shin and Mi Rae together. This already proves that by switching participants, it doesn’t necessarily mean the same results will happen. I doubt Se Joo fell in love with Yoo Kyung on Jeju because she took a skinny dipping night swim with the fishes, so Se Joo’s initial interest in Mi Rae is outside the time line. Yoo Kyung is introduced properly in this episode and I can totally see why women who work with her will hate her, but so far she seems harmless and I like that she announces her intentions up front without any pretense. It was wonderful to see Mi Rae gradually gain a toehold in the world of broadcast writing, and the drama continues to layer in all the character interactions and narrative with the workplace backstory of YBS network. I do think MHIYD is a tad convoluted but I don’t have a any problems following along though this may not be a drama easy to dive into later on down the line. If the drama wants to rope in the viewers, its either now or never. I hope it does, because so far its everything I wanted and then some. Every scene with Lee Dong Gun and Yoon Eun Hye is thrumming with chemistry and a natural synergy of their acting styles. It’s such a pleasure to watch.

Mi Rae gives Shin a piece of her mind and then storms out. Se Joo finds her and asks if she’s alright, and this time she ends up crying and admitting she’s not alright. The production meeting starts and Mi Rae goes in uninvited to look for her laptop. The rude PD ends up resting his foot on it and not even budging when Mi Rae has to kneel down to grab it herself. Shin hears Mi Rae was fired by the screenwriter for being too old, which reminds him of what Miranda told him. He tells Mi Rae to share some ideas with the team and she grabs her journal to share but all her ideas are rightly pooh-poohed by Shin. She finally gets to an idea about a poor old haraboji who donates huge sums of money, Everyone wants to interview him but always get splashed with water. She tells Shin to stop worrying about his image and go out on the road for a hard assignment for a change. Shin likes her idea and decides to go interview the haraboji even if he’ll get splashed. Mi Rae is back on the team for this assignment, which naturally leads everyone on the team to think Mi Rae is sleeping with Shin.

Mi Rae’s oppa is very angry and wants to kick her out of the house. But he’s also angry at how the rude people on the team treat her. Mi Rae and him make a deal – if she causes the show to drop in ratings, she’ll quit this show and marry whichever guy oppa picks for her. Mi Rae goes to work and everyone is either cold to her or trying to get information about her relationship with Shin, except for Se Joo who helps her find a place to sit. Mi Rae goes home and future Mi Rae is very upset at her working there and still remains very solicitous to oppa. Mi Rae reveals that Shin didn’t kill anyone, and everything future Mi Rae says about chaebol Se Joo and Shin killing someone is all very funny for her. Mi Rae asks why future Mi Rae didn’t bring anything to prove her story. Future Mi Rae says she put her life on the line for this time travel and Mi Rae tells her to go to the hospital psych ward. Future Mi Rae says she won’t ask Mi Rae to do anything anymore and she will live by herself. Future Mi Rae goes up to her room and her heart appears to hurt. She finds out Shin hit Yoo Kyung that day and she switches the two sets of pictures on her window.

Se Joo continues to take notes about the morning team as part of his undercover boss fact gathering. Everyone on the team has faults and their own agenda. The team heads out to interview the haraboji and Shin saunters in believing he’s trustworthy and reliable and the haraboji will talk to him. He gets multiple buckets of water over the head, and then runs back to the Morning team and curses up a storm. Ha, I love when he loses his cool because he doesn’t even try to hide it. Mi Rae uses a dog and dog toys to get the haraboji to talk with them since he loves his dog. They end up interviewing him about his large sum donations to a charity for disabled kids. They find out his son used to be at that place and later died. Shin shares his own story about how his father was sick when he was a teenager and a news program was willing to pay for his medical care if they could broadcast their story. But Shin was too embarrassed about their poverty and wanted to remain popular at school so refused. In the end his dad died and Shin felt that he was responsible for his death. So he is willing to do as many shows now that will encourage donation to the needy.

Shin and Mi Rae look at the footage in the video room. Mi Rae is moved by Shin’s story and asks if it’s true? Shin says she needs to learn to discern the truth and pulls her over so they are face to face. He asks to look into his eyes but she gets nervous and can’t do it. He looks into her eyes intently and finally says he sees words… reads ill fate and he pushes her face away. Mi Rae realizes he’s teasing her and Shin laughs and says he’s not a cyborg. Shin suddenly leans over Mi Rae to work on the video and she notices his jaw and Adam’s apple as well as his strong arms. Shin tells her the footage looks good and she needs to keep working on it. He ruffles her hair and then leaves. Mi Rae smiles until she realizes she didn’t wash her hair for the last three days.

Mi Rae goes to wash her hair in the bathroom and future Mi Rae works at YBS now as a cleaning lady and she can see Mi Rae and Shin are getting close. She reveals that Kim Shin is her husband in the future. Mi Rae is shocked and wants to now all about it, but future Mi Rae says it was a mistake of a marriage. Mi Rae wants to know what Shin did wrong but future Mi Rae says to forget it, it’s all a lie. Future Mi Rae can tell that Mi Rae has already started falling for Shin, but she’s confident the fates have been changed. Shin hit Seo Yoo Kyung with his car that day, which means Shin will marry Yoo Kyung.

Mi Rae goes back to the production room and wants to ask about Shin’s girlfriend, clearly peeved about Yoo Kyung maybe stealing her intended man. Everyone still thinks Mi Rae is Shin’s girlfriend. Yoo Kyung arrives bearing pizza having left the hospital early. She flirts with all the guys and checks out Mi Rae as the newbie. When Shin arrives, Yoo Kyung flounces over to grab his arm. He’s not into her but takes her to meet with Miranda. Mi Rae is totally annoyed with Yoo Kyung’s aegyo act. Yoo Kyung wants to get back to work as soon as possible. Shin goes back to the video room to work with Mi Rae and she fishes for information about Yoo Kyung. Shin talks about Yoo Kyung very matter-of-factly – she works hard and has a good attitude, but all the girls don’t like her. Shin feels bad that he caused an accident with her and now Yoo Kyung has a scar on her shoulder.

Yoo Kyung sits with Se Joo to work on her next segment and she’s rude while talking on the phone and flashing her legs. He’s not interested and covers her legs up with his jacket. When Mi Rae beckons for him, he quickly stops his meeting with Yoo Kyung and walks out to talk with Mi Rae happily. Yoo Kyung notices this and decides Se Joo is a conquest because he’s not interested in her. Yoo Kyung and Mi Rae talk in the station lobby and Yoo Kyung announces her intention to pursue Se Joo. Mi Rae doesn’t take her attitude and sasses back. She’s especially upset that Yoo Kyung is taking her husband (Shin) and now Se Joo as well. It’s totally on now for Mi Rae because she has competition. Mi Rae finds future Mi Rae in the employee lounge and promises to do her best to seduce Se Joo, and finds out it’ll involve water.

Mi Rae takes Se Joo on his offer to drive her home, and when the car goes through the car wash, Mi Rae “accidentally” opens the window. They get drenched and head back to the network to dry off. They share a blanket and watch the completed program segment. Se Joo asks Mi Rae how she got her shoulder scar and finds out she was burned by hot water when she was 3 or 4 when her parents were fighting. Se Joo says this is the second time Mi Rae got drenched, and we flashback to how he helped bring her into the hotel after her night swim. Shin walks by and sees Se Joo and Mi Rae snuggling under the blanket. A strange man from the future gets into the same time travel elevator and he has a picture of future Mi Rae. The elevator stops in 2013. The lights flicker around Shin as he looks at Mi Rae and Se Joo laughing together. Something seems to trigger in his mind and suddenly all the scenes from the drama flash backwards to the moment Shin was on the bridge. He rear ends Mi Rae this time.

Shin has a hazy dream where he goes to the hospital to visit Mi Rae. She’s getting dressed and he glimpses her shoulder scar. He touches it and apologizes for adding to her scars when he knows she hates it. He leans in for a gentle kiss. Shin wakes up from this dream and touches his lips. He grabs his dictionary and read the definition of a dream, which also includes premonition or wishing for something to happen. Shin arrives at the station when its still dark and runs into Mi Rae in the elevator. He looks at her shoulder and apologizes before pulling her shirt down to expose her scar. He asks when she got the scar and she says its none of his business. The charitable haraboji program runs smoothly and Shin is the news anchor but notices Mi Rae and Se Joo watching the feed from another camera. Mi Rae is just touched the program she wrote is a reality. When the program ends and Shin signs off, Se Joo puts his arms around Mi Rae so she can see her name scroll through the credits. Shin pounds the table with his hand and then stands up and yells loudly towards them “I said no dating in the workplace!” Se Joo and Mi Rae turn to stare at him.


Marry Him If You Dare Episode 3 Baby Recap — 35 Comments

  1. When I saw the new time traveler he had a red tint in his hair/mohawk…. To me it seemed it was that nerdy looking guy that works at the YBS with Mirae… he gave me that vibe… I know for sure it wasnt Shin! (I think his name is Lee Jae Soo.)

    • Yeah, I thought it was that guy too. I hope we’re wrong and it’s just a “time-cop”; we don’t need a villain character.

  2. I’m loving this drama soooo much!!!!

    LDG and YEH have great chemistry and I’m looking forward to how their relationship develops. Shin clearly is starting to like Mi Rae, so now it’s going to be like: guy trying to get girl v. girl trying to avoid guy. That could be interesting.

    I’m also really happy to see that Yong Hwa is improving. I was never really a fan of his acting, always stony-faced, so it’s nice to see so many expressions from him. Keep it up YH!

    As for the man that came through the portal… Maybe it’s some secret agent guy. You should never mess with fate, right? Maybe he’s some type of futuristic cop, and FMR isn’t only risking her life, but breaking the rules. She’s only supposed to go to the future once, but maybe she’s not supposed to meet her past self, so he’s going after her.

    • LOL @ “futuristic cop”
      the same thought plopped immediately in my head, as I saw him, but we don’t know the exact time travel rules yet. So, mayby she can meet her past self, but isn’t allowed to give away the details of the future to her (e.g. Shin: husband) or alternate the whole fate of others (e.g. Se Joo & Yoo Kyung) without punishment.
      Who knows? Perhaps we’ll see a funny chase between future Mi Rae and the “cop” (if he’s one)

  3. Wow! Such a detailed baby recap XD Thank you so much though! I really wanted to know what were happening in today’s episode ^o^

  4. Thanks for the recap as always no matter how busy you get you find time to do so. I also think the other time traveler is that lecherous PD that was holding Mirae’s hand while trying to fish out what Shin’s relationship is with her. It is interesting that the parallel timeline is shown as a dream for Shin had it not been for future Mirae’s manipulation of the past. It seems that the writer is going for the destiny card where no matter what the future Mirae does to alter the past it will not change the attraction between Shin and Mirae. I can hardly wait for the next episode. It gets complicated as I try to analyze the timelines and reasons for the time travel so I opting to enjoy the show and hoping that the writer can converge the narrative of the timelines flawlessly. Shin and Mirae’s chemistry are palpable yet Se Joo and Mirae’s is equally plausible. More please… 🙂

  5. I haven’t watched the episode yet but caught the ending and the preview to episode 4. Daebak!!! A jealous KS is a sight to behold. Sooo cute. Thank you Capt. K for tiding me over my craving. Can’t wait to go home and watch it properly with subs. Perfect show to watch on a rainy and dreary autumn night.

  6. Jealous Shin is really amusing. He warmed up to her pretty quickly. Shin is not a bad guy at all as I expected. A bad first impression and a crazy woman from the future can cause misunderstandings though. Their chemistry and interactions are just amazingly fun to watch. Shin having flashes of his original? life is pretty unexpected.

    Since Shin and Mirae can’t seem to stop fate and are both having some jealousy issues, I really hope that carries over to YK and SJ. SJ and MR are all right, but the original couples scream OTP to me. I don’t really want single minded devotion from SJ to MR. Making the nearly perfect choice second lead actually end up being conflicted about his feelings towards the lead female would be pretty refreshing.

    I don’t think the guy from the future is Shin at all (no way would Shin have that hair… :D), but possibly someone sent to drag the ajumma home. Things are moving just so quickly I wonder what the twists are going to be. Just loving this show more and more.

  7. thanks Captain for the baby recap to tide me over until i get proper internet connection. ep3 looks awesome based on the squee emits from reading recaps alone

  8. Shin’s interest in Mirae is building fast, but in a totally believable way. If I had a dream that turned out to be true-ish (the scar on her shoulder) I’d become interested quickly too.

  9. OMG I just finished watching it and I am sooooooo excited on how Shin and Mi Rae chemistry is developing. I can’t wait for tomorrow night and we now get a better glimpse of what really happened but now it got even better. I guess if you are destined with someone, it won’t matter how or what happens the result is the same, no matter what. What is written in stone is final.

  10. best episode ever, I can not wait for the sub, no doubt this drama is really very good, very pleasantly exceeded my expectations, I really recommend that if you have not begun to see, they see porq ue not know what they are losing quality drama really, really very good.

  11. I love jealous KS. HAHA… he will do some funny things when jealous… I can see it coming. 🙂

    LDG looks so hot with his hair not slicked up. Casual KS is hot.

    MR & KS were on fire today. Sizzle.

  12. It’s more than a baby recap, even if you’re in a hurry, you always try your best. Thanks a lot!
    I’m enjoying your blog as a silent reader for a while now. Please, keep up the good work! And don’t get mad over ungrateful people who just point out mistakes to show off. I know, you appreciated constructive criticism. It’s a bit off topic now, but I can’t forget the troll, who forced a dispute on you over a short translation you provided for trailer of Heirs. So, even if you have no time, thanks for every effort.

    • i second the motion to you eJc. Thanks a lot for your blog captain K..without it, am sure I would still be know nothing about my favorite actress and shows. I love MHIYD really!

  13. I am absolutely SHIPPING Kim Shin and Mirae. I think she is cute with Se Joo but something about her and Kim shin really does it for me. Anyway, I LOVE the fact that he is seeing their alternative (real) universe in his dreams. I would have NEVER expected that. I feel like those dreams are going to push him to get to know her/woo her even more. I think Se Joo and the reporter girl will be interesting since he challenges her and doesn’t put up with her crap. That’s probably the type of guy she needs. Anyway, I am LOVINGGG this drama to bit and I can’t wait for tomorrows episode 😀

  14. It’s official! I’m loving MHIYD ❤❤❤ It made me smile again. I was so sad after today’s episode of Goddess of Fire, my ship sanked terribly. But now how Kim Shin and Mi Rae feelings are rising. It’s ep. 3 and things are already heating!!! Normally it takes more episodes for things to come. I’m so glad the OTP is the one I’m loving and I’m not having second-lead syndrome! I promise to never fall again into the second-lead trap. Anyways I’m so exited for today’s episode. Can’t wait for it!!

  15. Really love the 3rd ep!
    I think I’m slowly liking Kim Shin. And from the preview of Ep. 4, I might jump ship. It’s just so hilarious watching Kim Shin get jealous and getting in between Mirae and Seju’s moments. LOL.
    So excited for tonight’s episode!

  16. sort of not loving it. Maybe i am not just used to time travel tales. there’s a bit of disjoint here and there. It makes me think hard when i just want to enjoy the ride. Will keep at it though to see how it goes.

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