Insane Goddess of Fire Kills off Kim Bum’s Tae Do in the Penultimate Episode

Just as I thought there was literally no way the MBC sageuk Goddess of Fire could sink any lower into the cesspool of drama crap, the penultimate episode managed to actually shock and awe me. This from a drama with as much finesse as an elephant trying to change a battery. GoF is wrapping up this week and all I expected was more useless pottery department conflict, royal family succession plotting giving way to Gwanghaegun rising to the top, and Jung Yi and Tae Do wrapping up their lives in Joseon so they could prepare to leave for Japan in the finally episode and therefore actually showcase one real thing from the life of famed female pottery Baek Pa Sun (the fact that she went to Japan and married Kim Tae Do). Wouldn’t you know it, the drama either wants to go out with a giant middle finger or else Kim Bum asked for it, because Tae Do died in episode 31. Yup, the guy who is supposed to be Jung Yi’s husband is DEAD. Unless he’s resurrected in a magic hoodoo ceremony, Jung Yi has just caused her orabeoni’s senseless death by being her usual brand of derpy. Tae Do dies to protect Jung Yi from the Japanese soldiers who are there to take her forcibly to Japan to make pottery for the Shogun, and either he lost his fighting skills or wanted an quick death rather than a lifetime taking care of Jung Yi, Tae Do bit the dust and left Jung Yi in the care of Gwanghaegun. Ahahahaha, the very Gwanghaegun who has had no compelling romantic subplot with Jung Yi and is also by and large rather toothless. How could MBC produce a drama this bad? If this was intended to showcase the life of a real Joseon potter, then it failed miserably because I have to disassociate how much I loathe the fictional Jung Yi from the real Baek Pa Sun. The drama wasted leads Moon Geun Young, Kim Bum, and Lee Sang Yoon from beginning to end, leaving me genuinely angry this existed as an insult to drama viewers the world over. I want 31 hours of my life back, and a redo button so that the leads go back in time and turn out the offer to star.


Insane Goddess of Fire Kills off Kim Bum’s Tae Do in the Penultimate Episode — 51 Comments

  1. OMG! Really?
    Hahahahahahahahaha 🙂
    I never watched this drama, only read your posts about it. But i feel sorry for people who watched in hope to see Kim Bum and MGY happy ending.

  2. Please forgive my shameless schadenfreude, but your recaps of GoF have brought much joy and laughter too me, none more so than this one. Your pain has been my gain, THANK YOU!

  3. Someone told me and I didn’t believe her. Because you said the script said and also history said he was her husband.

    Then I read this. Does MBC want to slap themselves? What is WRONG with this station and the writer and the whole freaking production.

    • Could it be that there is a twist, like if he simulated his death? I’m still perplexed… If they indeed killed him, I’m not even angry: It’s just laaaaame.
      I sincerely hope that Empress Ki will be better than this dud. Shouldn’t be too hard.

  4. Thats it! Enough of this torture! I am very disappointed in this drama, if it wasn’t for Bummie I would have not bothered with this boring show. My poor Bummie had to suffer this……..enough crying…………..

  5. What?!!!!! These people must be CRAZY!!!! Ms. Koala the recaps/posts have made me laugh due to your great sense of humor but after reading this latest development, yes you deserve those hours back.

  6. just doing work at the library, and now just need 2 make one little statement.
    for Kim Bum’s next drama, i seriously hope the story’s gonna be “good” and hope he gonna get da main leading role to make up for this a) crappy drama GOF and b) getting killed as second lead actor. wish him success and better luck next time.

  7. I have not seen a single episode of GOF, but I know I have enjoyed the ride through your recaps more so than I will actually watching it. Your recaps are too funny – had me hooting out loud in laughter at inappropriate times in public places. Poor actors caught in an unfortunate rut but I am so so glad this is penultimate…woo hoo!!

  8. lol why’d they do that!?

    I feel sorry for these actors who get stuck in these long running terrible dramas with no way out. Thankfully it will be over soon and they can forget it ever happened hopefully.

  9. i think we need to find a a nice, complex, leading man role for kim bum.

    I think we also need to find the writer of this awful drama and suggest they do something else as a career.

  10. I was one of the few that was hanging onto this horrible drama for the reward, our Moonie & Bummie to have a happy ending together. Can’t believe the writer can’t even manage to stick to that historical fact. Wasted over 32 hours of my life for nothing…. ;(

  11. I also never liked GOF but sticked to it because MGY & KB have TONS of chemistry, but in the end nothing happened, I also want my time back. I wasn’t even hoping for a kiss. With these writer and PD I stopped hoping for more. I only wanted a happily ever-after in Japan for these two, but not even that. I would have understand the elimination of Tae Do if Jung and Gwanghae had ended together ( I mean, if the writers have already changed history, lets change everything) I’m really sad and I have hopes for Moonie and Bummie will collaborate again in the future, like PSH and Younghwa did in Heartstrings.

  12. Epic fail! Thanks to Koala, I kept up with the insanity hoping for Tae Do’s wish come true.

    Your recaps of GOF remind me of Doctor Jin recaps by heads. Self-inflicted torture with a side dish of blasting sarcasm, serve in moderation.

  13. I cannot believe they killed Tae Do.

    I have never seen a drama shoot itself so hard in the face.

    They could have killed Jung Yi and it would’ve been less upsetting than this is. Hell, maybe the last episode would actually make sense with her dead.

    The fail that this drama became is so absurdly bad that I’ve only been able to laugh at it for weeks now.

  14. Thank goodness I stop watching this longg…Although I love MGY, I think she’s gaining quite alot of weight lately. And it all showed up in her face…before, she was so bony and I wanted to feed her, now I”m worry for her..LOL…

    • that’s true. I was like, MGY looks different somehow. She was too skinny before, and she needed to look more healthy. But her face now, looks too plump, or swollen.
      I stopped watching when the actors who portrayed the kids went off the air.
      They were the only good thing about this drama.
      Totally surprised that KB’s character would get this ending. Oh well,
      here’s to the all actors getting better dramas in the future.

    • Wow. It’s thanks to you guys why we have tons of plastic actresses nowadays. Goodness, First you complain that she looks skinny and then she’s too fat. You guys should be ashamed of yourselves. Really.

      • That’s also why a lot are suffering from diseases physically, mentally and emotionally. These people are not supposed to be perfect physically. And a lot don’t ever get that.

  15. i cried buckets during this scene.. i only watched this show for moon geun young and kim beom.. n thats what we get.. suck man..we (taejung)shippers feel so cheated.. i want to thank you ockoala for your posts on bummie n moonie (taejung) thank you so much!

  16. @ koala play ground…
    your not alone..
    we feel the same…
    we are disappointed on ep31
    and lonely heart broken hearted..

    taejung couple fans feels we’re cheated…
    read our opinions too on taejung thread soompi thread..

    Taejung Couple thread..———> Revised title on their’s name since GOF ended already

  17. That’s also why a lot are suffering from diseases physically, mentally and emotionally. These people are not supposed to be perfect physically. And a lot don’t ever get that. Sheesh!

  18. i endured watching this boring drama just to find out they’re killing him off !!! ALL MY HOPES FOR THIS SHOW ALL TURNED INTO ASHES!! URRRRRGGGGggHH I’M SOOO MAD! the actors were all wasted. Just wishing that they’ll be in better dramas after this, hehe especially kim bum and MGY ..TheY need to be in a better drama so TheY can shine 🙂

    • I don’t know what “tym” is, but it appears to be a component of the also unknown “dis”. Maybe if the deer people (does guys) had used less “tym” in their “dis” – perhaps adding more “shuld” instead – the drama would have been better?

      • 😀 😀 😀 😀 Skelly I laughed so hard on your comments. I don’t know why some people are too lazy to spell out words correctly. I gather that they text a lot and then type the same way. Unfortunately, it does not help in conveying their thoughts properly. 😀 😀

  19. Is there anyone who can give us a historical background on the the Joseon potter Baek Pa Seun. I am not Korean but am interested to learn/know about some Korean history. I tried searching on the internet but it always comes back to ‘Goddess of Fire, Jung Yi’.
    I guess my curiosity has been aroused ever since this kdrama started, and to that I think MBC is successful for arousing my curiosity and wanting to know more about Korean history.

  20. Actually, i am from the Philippines didint know the real story of goddess of fire in the history. I just watched the drama from the beginning til the very end. Though i have notice that the story itself has been manipulated by the writers by making tae do died and jung yi did not ended up with the prince was really an awful ending. But what can i do? Although til now i cant still get over with the ending. I still love the story on how jung yi did make her step to be the great ceramist in joseon’s era. All in all, goddess of fire is really wonderful. I love the three main lead. Jung yi, tae do and prince gwang hee. Good job! Though, when you looked back at the entire episode this was really a heart breaking father, son and daughter story. With just a less romantic love story with the prince. Sigh! It would have been better if the ends change. But, i still love goddess of fire.

    • According to brief description i read somewhere, Jung Yi/Baek Pa Sun, will not get involved with the Prince bcoz of their status. She is in real life is married to Kim Tae Do. They both lived as famous and well respected ceramist in Japan where they both died at an old age.

  21. Jung Yi went and lived alone in Japan which sucks without her Orabeoni by her side. I wish they just killed off her character as well, dying beside Tae do too and they go to heaven hand in hand (like in Yi San scene in the garden :))as the ending episode. lol

  22. My hat is off to you in continuing to watch this drama. Now that it is over I hope the actors and actresses would get a much needed break and choose a better script next time.

  23. the ending was really bad! you don’t have the right to be king when you can’t even find your citizen in other country, right? and not just a citizen of your country, but your one and only love!

  24. BAD drama! 1. least romance development between main leads 2. tae do (the most likable character) GETS KILLED???;he supposed to marry jung yi and go to japan 2gether. 3. boring story drags on forever 4. other annoying characters

  25. i still like the drama coz my moonie is there and my screen is burning when i see them together on screen.. but I can forgive now the director and writer since my Moonie and Kim Bum are dating for reallllllll.. waaah

  26. omfg this was the worst show ever the writers literally fffff this show up not to mention made a mockery of the real historical person and it was originally supposed to be a tea do and jung yi happy ending but they just had to ffff it up didn’t they. what are they on drugs are something how could they kill off tea do when he was supposed to be with her in the end. wtf i hate this lame ass show

  27. AAAAGH worst ending ever?! I just finished the show and it just left me hanging after hurriedly wrapping up all the storylines..killing off taedo and jung yi acting like an idiot just like the 9999 other times she did in the show…WHY DID YOU HAVE TO WASTE MY TIME WATCHING ALL THIS JUST FOR THE LEADS TO NOT SEE EACH OTHER EVER AGAIN

  28. I am glad I read all these comments. Going to save me a whole lot of time. I am going to watch enough to see Lee Sang Yoon and Kim Bum. I love those two. I am going to save me some heartache and tears. I will be looking for great things out of those two men.

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