Lee Min Ho Watches Park Shin Hye Sleep (Again) in Heirs

While I am enjoying Heirs/The Inheritors with a lowered expectation and an enjoyment of the little details in there that particularly intrigue me, I wish the drama could be better. A lot better, so that the enjoyment lived up to its sprawling cast, famed screenwriter cred, and clearly big budget. It’s not a hot mess but there is a sensation of waste, of prime opportunity that is not tapped into. One of the things that keep bogging down the narrative is repetition, along with its mostly lumbering pace. I can accept the slowness because it corresponds with Tan’s ennui and loneliness, adding to his feeling of disjointed isolation, but the repetitiveness is unnecessary and really out of character for Kim Eun Sook. She likes to make parallels, to tie things together in the end, but for her to repeat a major OTP moment a mere two episodes later is really sloppy writing. Tan already spent time watching Eun Sang sleep back at that roadside motel. Did anyone need to see a redux back in Korea? I think this scene looks pretty, don’t get me wrong, but the visual effect doesn’t actually translate to emotional satisfaction. I want to see Tan and Eun Sang spend time interacting, especially since they spent most of episode 4 apart. Plus this scene is almost a carbon copy of the first meeting scene between Taeyang and Kang Woo in The Master’s Sun, where she was doing laundry in the rooftop and then fell asleep and he came by and watched her. TMS aired right before Heirs, so once again the similarities and timing are too coincidental not to jump out at me. Lee Min Ho does a fantastic job in these stills of quietly watching Eun Sang with interest and reservation, while Park Shin Hye has enviably gorgeous hair but I could have done without seeing her actually do laundry chores for the Kim household. I get that she’s sorta their part-time maid as well, but the laundry trope needs to end here. Other than that, I can’t wait to see the school yard narrative begin in earnest in episode 5.


Lee Min Ho Watches Park Shin Hye Sleep (Again) in Heirs — 47 Comments

  1. Pretty scene but void indeed.

    In spite of a busy business trip you have managed to watch this show and updated your blog as in any ‘regular’ working week? Hats off Mrs Koala! 😀

    • Yup all so very very pretty I wanna bottle it up. But then again its lacks a certain punch since we’ve been there and seen that already.

      The previous trailer excited me but this still made me wary again. I really am getting bipolar with Heirs.

      I hope the story moves, I mean for a story that has a lot of scenes, the narrative moves as fast as a turtle.

      Anyway will be watching ep5 tomorrow and will be checking here again. and really like to commend koala also, really you’re such an amaze-balls being able to update/recap. thanks…

  2. I understand everything you say about Heirs and i think you are right miss Koala, but strangely enough i find Heirs really really entertaining and addictive, why? i can’t tell, maybe my love for PSH and LMH, maybe because it reminds me of secret garden, and god knows i really loved that drama, i can’t quite tell the reason why i like heirs but i like it, so let’s go down with this ship!!! 😛

  3. OH MY GOSH !!!!! im so eXcited!!!!!!!! I cant wait for EP:5. its sweet that he watching her when she doesn’t notice.

    thanX so much Koala

  4. Yah agree, just love them even it’s ‘lame’. Just love the scene, the clothes, the siilly thing that LMH did so cute and I just smile at them.

  5. Yes, I’m more interested in the interaction of Tan & Eun Sang than him starring at her sleeping. Really no need to repeat the same action. Get to point and start dialogs with as much interaction as possible. Humm… a steal kiss or a gentle facial kiss would satisfy me and might be many other audiences.

    • yes, am all in for the steal kiss or gentle kiss, whatever kiss as long as there is one for ep.5, that would be a bonus!
      I fervently hope that PSH will not repeat her cold fish kiss and up her performance like a certain noona, YEH. peace…

  6. The underlying theme of the drama is dreams and nightmares: The heroine keeps falling asleep in all kind of situations and the hero likes to dream awake for hours, lost in thoughts. Both want to escape their gloomy reality and are experiencing a state of depression, of mental paralysis. Add to that the “Sleeping Beauty” reference and the dreamcatcher… I’d say this is coherent if anything else.
    Hopefully, starting from ep 5 they will both wake up. Outsiders can also shake them out from their funk.

  7. thanks very much for update despite your busy bumblebee schedule. yes, I am afraid I have to agree with you on all that you shared. Wish there will be more interaction eventhough the stills look lovely. Maybe, just maybe, KES is taking a new direction in her career, thus, this different projection in her way of story telling.
    anyway, still looking 4wd to ep 5, fingers crossed that show will be impressive.

  8. Maybe it’s a different gaze altogether. In Texas, Kim Tan stared at her like he’s staring at a sleeping baby, full of adoration. What I see in these stills are stares of fascination mixed with a sense of sadness and little frustration because of their current situation. They were so free back in Texas and there are no societal inequalities. Here, she’s a maid who does laundry for his family.

    • totally agree about the difference in the “intensity and angle” of the stares in U.S. and in Korea…

      I lean more on the fascination since Tan can’t believe Eun Sang’s determination to go on despite the big blows she just received (that he witnessed); and here is the girl who treats him normally and with “respect and distance” — may be quite aloof and a little too cold? — and not just like a big catch in the matrimonial biz.

      just cant wait for the school episodes…

    • cant say anything abut faith but i guess LMH delivers as expected or at least gets the viewers to empathize with the character making him believable and credible; i am basing my POV from the last LMH series, Personal Taste and City Hunter, and the ongoing Heirs (so far…)

  9. Part fascination, part intrigue, part idolatry is how I would interpret his gazes ATM. This girl has a backbone, and he perhaps is thinking of growing one? My guess is that he’ll remain suspended in this state until something big knocks sense into him and makes him realize just how much he cares. He’ll remain kiddy until then.

    Korean drama male leads have a way of questioning themselves why they did what they did with their systems under pressure when it is clear as day to us viewers that they did so cos they really, really do like the girl.

    Then they MAN up, and oy…that just makes my day.

  10. So far, it seems like this drama was written by a committee of enthusiastic fangirls: ‘Why don’t we put another scene here, where he gazes at her while she is sleeping? Oh, that was soooo cutee! Let’s do it AGAIN!’ or, ‘she’s such a meanie, let’s have her kick the suitcase down the stairs!!!’ or ‘Let’s give them a clubhouse – no, make that TWO clubhouses!’ or the half-episode spent missing each other in the same house. Is there anything in this show not designed to please the fangirl heart?

  11. I think Par Shin Hye compliments LMH very well. They look and interact so cute that one can really feel their absolutely amazing chemistry. The best ever that I’ve seen in the Kdrama world. These too are so cuteeeeee together.

    • In real life, it would be incredibly creepy – an invasion of privacy, stalkerish, taking advantage of someone when they are most vulnerable. But drama is not real life, so here it is considered “cuteeee”.

      • Alright sKelly, i’ll just have to take your word for it. I am just thinking ..so if a person sleeps for an 1hr give or take..do they keep staring at them the entire hour or do they take a break? What if they need to go to the powder room? what if they have to take a phone call? Don’t they have like work to do or something. I mean if you have time to stare at the person at least paint a portrait or take a picture of the sleeping person and you could take it home and stare at it more!

      • LOLL! I hadn’t thought about it that way. ‘Must…stare…. stop thinking about faucets, waterfalls, rippling brooks, running streams…must keep staring…excuse me!”

  12. This drama is different from the writers previous dramas.I always enjoy fast and witty dialogues between the characters,so I’m somewhat disappointed.Is it the writer or the characters that are not delivering?Something seems to be missing.

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