Prime Minister and I Adds to the Cast with Yoon Si Yoon and Chae Jung Ahn

Looks like not only will the beyond strange onscreen coupling of Lee Bum Soo and Yoona from SNSD be happening in the upcoming KBS drama Prime Minister and I, the production went on a casting roll today with four new additions to the cast. Playing the second male lead is the always adorable Yoon Si Yoon, who was last in the tvN cable drama Flower Boy Next Door and is currently part of the ensemble variety show Barefoot Friends. To be fair, the character of the forty-something capable Prime Minister looks tailor made for Lee Bum Soo, so it’s not like Yoon Si Yoon is getting shafted by a less capable actor and punted to playing the second male lead. Yoon Si Yoon plays Yoona’s first love and they grew up together in the orphanage. He’s the chief of staff for the Prime Minister and a very accomplished young man. The drama is about a harried Prime Minister unable to raise his family of motherless kids and in steps the “young mom” played by Yoona and a sweet romantic love story ensues that is full of family warmth. I think KBS is giving me two leading men I never miss just to balance out the iniquity of casting Yoona, and if that is the case then they have succeeded. I’m in. Rounding out the main cast is perpetual second female lead Chae Jung Ahn, who was last in When a Man Loves getting between Song Seung Heon and Shin Se Kyung. I neither like nor dislike her, so if any drama needed to fill a token second female lead then it might as well be her. To double down on the hot ahjussi quotient in this drama, Ryu Jin is reportedly joining, while the younger Lee Min Ho (of Rooftop Prince and The Moon Embraces the Sun) will be returning to television as well as part of this cast. Prime Minister and I starts filming at the end of the month for an early December premiere on Mon-Tues after Marry Him If You Dare.


Prime Minister and I Adds to the Cast with Yoon Si Yoon and Chae Jung Ahn — 25 Comments

  1. Yoon Shi Yoon is gonna give me so much `Second lead syndrome` it`s not even funny. I think him and Yoona make super pretty couple, hope he steals her form Lee Beum Soo.

    And also Lee Min Ho, love him. This drama just got ten times better.

  2. What the heck since when did Yoon si Yoon take second lead roles I’m guessing it probably had a good script to get him to sign on for a role that isn’t the lead but I guess as long as he gets the second female lead I’ll be a happy girl

    • Well he is second lead to Lee Beom Soo, it`s not like he is second lead to some other young actor.

      And he is probably gonna have a huge role in this drama, so it won`t be a problem.

  3. Crap! I’m not planning to watch this drama then this news came out …
    Really. .. this is not good news for me. Ysy as second lead with yoona. Haish now i hv to force myself to watch it only for my cutie pie Siyoon.

  4. Love the male cast. I just wished they balanced some of their good acting prowess with the female leads. How I wish they got Jung So Min to play the main lead instead of Yoona. She’s part of SM C&C too.

  5. I wanted to skip this… but with the addition of YSY and especially RJ I’m very tempted… I loved RJ in “Call of the Country” and I think he was totally wasted in “Baby Faced Beauty”.

  6. Ryu Jin??? Oppa!!!!!!!!Holy mother of Earth….now I have to watch this drama!

    I’ll be sure to fast forward on “stiff face” Yoona.

  7. I was not interested in this drama despite Lee Bum Soo is such a great actor. However, now with YSY in, nothing will stop me from watching this! I am already rooting for him! sigh!! Hope he gets a well developed character!

  8. Wuuut? Nooo Yoon Si Yoon. TT Plus Yoona as a “young mom”? She emanates motherly vibes just as convincingly as Choi Jung Hoon in Manny – zilch!

  9. Wow! This could be really good, except for the part where YSY doesn’t get the girl. 🙁

    Ryu Jin – I LOVE HIM. (I did not watch 1000 Kisses)

    Flexi from WAML? I cannot cannot cannot ever take this actress seriously again.

    LMH 92 prolly gets to have a noona crush on Yoona, hopefully the other child cast will be awesome, too.

  10. Crapalogy.I do not like the female lead. Not shy in admitting it . But actually don’t mind the 2nd female leads and it has some of my favourite male leads. So super crap watching this now. Hope the writer’s good.

  11. O MAN!! WTH?! Yoon Si Yoon, Ryu Jin and Lee Min Ho ’93 all in one show with Lee Bum Soo??….That’s two favorites and two contenders..

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