Marry Him if You Dare Gets the OTP All Wet and Romantic Together


My heart, be still. There is something intangible between Lee Dong Gun and Yoon Eun Hye when they are acting together in Marry Him If You Dare that is absolutely captivating. I actually have to wait until I finish watching an episode before any flaws or awkwardness from the drama becomes clear, because when they appear onscreen all my attention is on their every interaction. It’s true both from an acting chemistry perspective as well as how interesting their characters are together. While I liked the stills of Mi Rae and Se Joo saying goodbye at the bus stop, with the requisite bits of bittersweetness and warmth, it just can’t hold a romantic candle to the latest stills of Shin and Mi Rae getting drenched together. This drama has made water a very important running thematic element – Se Joo and Yoo Kyung’s “water” first love in Jeju, Mi Rae’s night swim as a decisive moment, Shin splashing Mi Rae with a glass of water and then later getting splashed by the charitable haraboji, Mi Rae’s water-filled allure in the car wash with Se Joo – the idea of water probably arises from it’s an ever changing form. It takes the shape of whatever surface contains it, and changes form from solid to liquid to vapor and more depending on what it comes in contact with. But in the end, it’s still good ole H2O with two hydrogen and one oxygen molecule bound together. Does that mean attraction can be created, but ultimately what draws two people to each other is immutable? So the foursome of Mi Rae, Shin, Yoo Kyung, and Se Joo can become attracted to each other due to future Mi Rae’s machinations, but ultimately Mi Rae and Shin can only fall in love with each other, and same goes for Se Joo and Yoo Kyung? And is that love for both couples all the more worth fighting for once they realize what’s at stake? I’m looking forward to finding out, and definitely getting ready to swoon over this water date and many more Shin-Mi Rae OTP scenes to come. Bring it on, drama!



The way Shin looks at Mi Rae just curls my toes. He’s so so sweet towards her, in ways that count, such as helping her get acquainted with the station and then later standing up to Miranda primarily because he doesn’t want her fired.




Marry Him if You Dare Gets the OTP All Wet and Romantic Together — 38 Comments

  1. As much as I’m enjoying these two and their chemistry, still Shin’s start of feelings due to a dream decreases that a little bit….

    • Tell me about it!!!! -_-
      I’m shipping this couple so hard right now when originally I was head over heels for sejoo by the end of ep2.
      After shin got over his initial jerk-titude, omfg, their chemistry can fried up every tricking KFC in the country. And it’s freaking lee dong gun. The way he look at her just make any girl melt without saying a word.
      everything was ALL good before I realized, HOW the hell did he come to like Mirae? I know they were destined to like each other in the alternative timeline, but I can’t understand why would Shin fall for Mirae. So I waited with bated breathing hoping they show us how shin fall in love with Mirae in this lifetime. I know he fated to like her and vice versa but we humans are not android that mindlessly following “fate” instruction. I was all for how the uptight righteous prickly shin could fall for the dreamy, passive and unconfident Mirae. But noo~ shin just up and decide one day while passing the hallway that he feel jealous, and rewinding back, we know he been dreaming about her so now he supposedly like her… Wtf!?!? It’s like telling us both the chicken and the egg come first.
      I’m still enjoying this drama immensely but that loophole in logic really ruin the otp for me unless I remind myself not to use my brain.

    • Well actually in high school there was a guy who I didn’t like at all, but then for some reason I had a dream with him as the love interest in some ridiculous story, and it really messed with my head for a while. So if there’s already a bit of attraction there, a dream can spark it. With that guy, he wasn’t a great person so the male awareness faded after a week or two, but if Shin likes her for real in addition to the dream, it could serve as a trigger. Maybe a little contrived, but not entirely unrealistic.

    • @snow_white, you’ve got a pointless reason for hating Shin’s character; hello, how can you explain Love at First sight??? There are just some things in this world that we cant give enough reason, more so if you play with Fate and Destiny. I think, what this drama wanted to tell, will Mirae give-in to unexplainable Fate (she was destined to marry Shin, the future has been made) or use her logic by trying to avoid Fate (alter her past). This is mind versus heart game baby. All I can say, this drama is getting more and more exciting!

      • Ohhh….I don’t hate Shin….LOL
        In fact, I like him a lot….more and more with each episode….I’m just talking about the way drama showed him falling in love….after a dream

    • For those of you who are unhappy about Shin’s dream being the catalyst for his feelings for Mi Rae, I hope this helps:

      Both present and future worlds are closely intertwined. From Future Mi Rae’s perspective, the future has already happened. Because of her time travel,Mi Rae and Shin’s minds have been affected, and memories of the future are now buried in Mi Rae and Shin’s consciousness. Shin starts to recall facets of his alternate future reality in dreams.

      Shin is a man who believes in rules and organisation. He is not the kind of man to fall head over heels for a quirky woman he has known for only a few weeks, and not in the best of circumstances. This is where he is different from Mi Rae. She is an impulsive dreamer who has always nursed a crush on her favorite newscaster, and coming face to face with him, that crush has spiraled madly into full-blown heart-thumping physical attraction. Both of them are as disparate in personality, one with his very proper well-coiffed hair, not a strand out of place, the other with her madcap frazzled all-over-the-place curls.

      I think of Shin as waking up from a long long slumber, sort of like awakening from amnesia, and the memories of Mi Rae and a perfect love are coming back to him in hazy dreams. He wakes up and doesn’t understand what is happening to him, and the only way for him to make some kind of sense out of this strangeness is to find the woman he keeps dreaming of, and be with her, and he gets drawn in more and more by her radiance and her vitality for iife, and starts falling for her again, differently this time, but just as intently.

    • He didn’t start feeling for her because of a dream. They had their little moment with the grandpa and later in editing room having fun with each other. After that he saw her laughing it up and having much more fun with Seju. She even played up laughing when she saw Shin. That’s actually when he started to feel something imo. It might have just been his pride hurt she was having fun with someone else, but it was definitely a moment. After that is when he had the dream. The dream maybe added to it, but it wasn’t the whole reason he likes her/was jealous.

  2. Even before this drama, i can feel chemistry of YEH ~ LDG in their CF’s duet salad song.
    And it seems like LDG and han ji hye chemistry in drama sweet 18, aaaahhh i want more pairing of them.

  3. Ugh I love them so much. They might end up being my OTP of the year at this rate. I seriously can’t wait for their first real kiss.

    He’s so sweet to her in a way that counts — > Yes! He’s actually done a lot for her and some people still view him as a stereotypical jerk male lead because he’s not all smiley and outwardly friendly all the time. Oh well. More Shin for me.

      • It’s less about being perfect, and more about not being an abusive love interest. Because let’s face it, A LOT of k-drama leads fall into that category. You can be human and respectful at the same time.

  4. i just finished ep 2 (i know i’m late). From the conversation between ahjumma mi rae and Shin, could it be that the person Shin killed is their child? If that’s the case then ahjumma’s attitude towards Shin would totally make sense imo

    • Thats exactly how i felt too at the end of episode 2. I think making the child not exist is less painful than loosing him/her. Or it could be she’s thinking having the child born in a wealthy family will save him/her.

    •’re not alone cuz i thought the same and i got bored everytime i saw her… that’s why i prefer heirs than this drama.. but still wanna continue watching this drama tho!

      • lol most of the people only watch heirs for eye candies, they are tired of watching this kind of story all over again, sorry but thats the truth.

  5. Ockoala,

    LOVE your detailed water analyses – esp the 2H and O!

    This is one drama, where I am torn between BOTH leads – Se Joo and Shin

    Se-joo (who’s really sweet, and so refreshing a down-to-earth chaebol WITHOUT the entitlement, airs and attitude).
    I loved the bit with Yoo-kyung and the table setting.

    • That Seju-Yukyung scene in the Japanese has got to be the highlight of Episode 4 for me. Love love love their take on women empowerment. That scene really moved me.

  6. Absolutely love your depiction of H2O in relation to this show! Such great insight.
    These stills are actually bursting with chemistry, i seriously cannot.wait. until monday.
    Mi-Rae’s choice is THE show to watch week-to-week!

  7. I love this drama. South Korea is missing out. But Whatever, I like it. I hope Yoon Eun Hye doesn’t get upset about the lack of ratings, seeing as how she says she’s just going to enjoy her acting experiences now.

  8. Loving smoldering LDD. I wish we could have more ardent conversations in the drama though. He is a man on the move, always striding. Even dream sequences get interrupted too soon. The writer is known for really good flippant exchanges. Because of the time angle, i feel too much whizzing, splattering, swiftly changing scenes. Wish there were pauses, slowing down, honest to goodness conversations. I want words not thrown about; I want them digested. I guess this means for the YEH character not to be swept off her feet but making the choice on good grounded reasons.

  9. at first i was never excited about this drama ! now i curse dramaland for not giving it its fair share ! why low ratings its awsooome

  10. I think Lee Dong Gun can have chemistry even with a sock… while mending it…

    And is he Benjamin Button???
    Or how does he do it that he looks so young and smexy?

  11. I’m loving the goodies that keep getting dropped on this drama, but at the same time, it really makes me excited to see it on screen and that excitement turns to aggravation when I realize there’s still three days until the next episode airs.

  12. Yes – LDG is back!! I love it 🙂 I’m sad that the ratings aren’t good since that does affect the cast & crew among other things.

    Swooning toward our OTP… I love the chemistry and it’s not really the explosive outwardly type. It’s just really natural and nice. 🙂 They both really know how to put on the show without being too over about it. It’s just right, and just perfect. As for the story – well, it definitely has its flaws for sure. But I will keep on enjoying our lovely OTP and I hope they can make the changes for the better.

  13. This is so funny becos if mi= rae marries shin their names together is shin mi rae. shin mi-rae is kim sun-ah name in “city hall” , and lee dong gun co star in “when it is at night”.

  14. mirae looks good drama, but I kinda worry if I’ll addicted to lee dong gun while right now my energy have been spent on SJS, I worry I cant keep my healthy anymore, LOL. Hope the rating for nex ep will increase, well, form your recaps, I think this drama is deserve to get higher rating than before… keep fighting mirae!

  15. That man is a freaking MASTER at showing love/lust through just his eyes. I melt every time, seriously. I need a bucket to be housed in while watching his dramas.

  16. Thanks Koala for posting these pics, fueling more love for Mirae and Shin. These stills are going to tide me over until the next episode, meanwhile hoping that my patience hold.

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