Song Hye Kyo Turns Her Focus to Chinese Movies and Lands the October Cover of Harper’s Bazaar China

If I feel compelled to write about an actor or actress I’m not particularly keen on following his or her career, then it’s a sure sign that something really impressed me. Song Hye Kyo has been acting for over 15 years and I swear she’s never looked better. She was luminous and radiant in That Winter, the Wind Blows, and she made me feel her performance even as her character had the thinnest of motivations and the flimsiest of thought processes. It’s like getting a bowl of rice mixed with soysauce, but it’s delicious because it was made with love. She’s been in China recently filming famed director John Woo‘s upcoming epic period movie The Crossing (Chinese title 生死戀). It’s got a crazy star studded cast of Zhang Ziyi, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Huang Xiaoming, Tong Da Wei, Nagasawa Masami, Gui Gui, and many more folks. The movie is set in 1949 at the end of the Chinese revolution and follows the story of three couples who make the trek from Mainland China to Taiwan with the Nationalist army. While this movie totally looks up my alley, Song Hye Kyo made her big Chinese movie debut earlier this year in the Wang Kar Wei directed The Grandmaster with Tong Leung, Zhang Zhen, and Zhang Ziyi. Because of her focus on making movies in China and Hong Kong, it’s no surprise her already well-known presence there is growing even bigger. With her featured cover and full pictorial spread in this October’s issue of Harper’s Bazaar China, I would say any woman wandering by the newsstand and seeing the magazine may very well do a double take. I don’t recall ever seeing Song Hye Kyo this breathtaking and stunning in an studio-based inanimate spread. It’s easy for fashion magazines to sell the scenery on top of the famous face, but when the object of the camera is placed in a static frame and just told to pose, it takes a lot of charisma to enrapture the reader’s eyes. Song Hye Kyo dropped a bravura modeling performance for the magazine and for that I’m happy to share the pretty with everyone.


Song Hye Kyo Turns Her Focus to Chinese Movies and Lands the October Cover of Harper’s Bazaar China — 29 Comments

  1. Absolutely stunning, and love the fact that she’s a natural beauty.
    She was so radiant in TWTWB with a much improved acting performance, imo.
    Before that project, i always admired her pretty but didn’t think much of her acting. Even today, I don’t think the vibes I get from her acting is filled with as much warmth or charisma from my favorite actresses, but she’s definitely a gorgeous lady that you’d be silly not to call beautiful.
    Perhaps she hasn’t taken on a role that I love yet, so here’s hoping that she shows me a different side of her acting.

    My favorite one is the second one with the red lipstick.

  2. Very stunning! As an actress, I don’t really connect, but it isn’t horrible. But then again, I would still try to watch her stuff bc of the pretty! I did really like her in Worlds Within though!

  3. She’s one of the top actresses in South Korea that u’ll ever loved.. She’s really gorgeous with very kind heart. Despite of her fame, her feet remains on the ground..this speaks a TRUE BEAUTY..

    In regards to her acting, she’s definitely improved.. She loves to take risk in taking different roles that proves her acting prowess!!

  4. they say a woman looks her best when she turns 30 and she definitely proven that to the world. she is known for her natural beauty and i hope that she will be bestowed with more international projects to come. way to go, girl!! 🙂

  5. Korea’s Natural Beauty Queen. She’s gorgeous and I loved her in That Winter The Wind Blows. She rocks the red lips like no one!! Love her.

  6. Pretty … Some of these photos, esp the 3rd one with shorter hairdo, remind me of the Chinese actress Gong-Li, also a well known beauty

  7. I watched “The Grandmaster” recently and it was so funny seeing her there. Basically all she had to do was be silent and look pretty. Then in the 2 or 3 lines her character actually had… they focused the camera elsewhere while we heard an obviously dubbed voice. I wonder if Song Hye Kyo can actually speak Mandarin.

    Anyways, she does look gorgeous. That’s some amazing DNA right there. And despite the nonsense, I did enjoy “That Winter the Wind Blows” immensely. She was stunning there.

  8. Speaking of this epic movie, so who’s prettier, Song Hye Kyo or Zhang Ziyi???Hehe. Looks like an eye-feasting for beauty movie. Anyway, topic aside, I would have love if Yoon Eun Hye also would make an epic movie for international release. Hopefully someday!

  9. I agree she is beautiful but I hope everyone realizes that all these magazines on the news stands use photo shop just an F.Y.I. I have seen her in interiews and she does have a few wrinkles but in the magazine none..just saying..

  10. agree that song hye kyo’s very pretty, but not beautiful. she good actress, but for da past 13 yrs of her career, she only got 4 good dramas. i’m disappointed cuz she can do better than that.

  11. beauty in eye of beholder so ya can’t expect everyone to think she beautiful, but unlike many korean women, she’s natural beauty.

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