Joe Cheng Transforms into Mr Style for the Fall 2013/Winter 2014 Menswear Collection

It’s been four months since Joe Cheng was discharged from the army but he’s wisely taking his time to return to acting. When I look around the detritus of the Taiwan drama landscape, I can’t fault him or anyone with acting cred being hesitant to accept any drama without doing massive diligence. Joe’s lucky in that he’s had a long and storied collaboration with Director Winnie over the years, and now Director Winnie has lost Ariel to movies and her year long sabbatical to London, but he’s gotten Joe back and will be using him wisely. Director Winnie has announced that Joe will be starring in a drama that was written within him in mind. Curious minds do wonder what the story is about. This is relative old news now, and there is still no word on when the drama will start filming. Joe’s not hard up for work though, he owns a successful restaurant and started his own management agency M.I.E. (Maximal International Entertainment) after leaving Catwalk and he signed on his own mini-me Toby Lee. Joe has returned to modeling and I’ve seen him in various fashion house newspaper spreads last month. He graces the cover and pages of Mr. Style magazine for the Fall 2013/Winter 2014 collection. I’m loving the bright red background paired with the harsh black outfits and trenches, though even Joe can’t make that weird bulls eye design suit that Feng Shao Feng sported to the Detective Dee prequel premiere look good. While I love Joe as an actor, he’s got his own limitations and needs the right role to shine, but as a male model he’s as good as Ethan Ruan. Those two can vogue on a dime and has the requisite model looks, height, and physique. I can be placated if Joe drops more striking pictures like these while that drama gets prepped.


Joe Cheng Transforms into Mr Style for the Fall 2013/Winter 2014 Menswear Collection — 8 Comments

  1. Oh gosh’, Joe Cheng … I still remember the days I shipped Ariel Lin and him so much during It Started With A Kiss and They Kiss Again. How can’t I, they were freakin’ adorable and got a lot of chemistry ^^

  2. He’s so skinny now…That also remind me Koala, I heard Huang Xiao Ming and Qiao En is doing a drama together (contemporary Shang Hai drama I believe). Could you please write what it is about? Thanks.

  3. What’s with this hair style and tall guys wearing it??? Joo Ji Hoon in MTT has the same hair. Hehehe! Good to see Joe Cheng again. What could be his next drama? Though, storylines like those in ‘Pretty Man’ suits him Best, he’s a Supermodel anyway. Oh, how I wish Yoon Eun Hye and he could work together someday. They’re like gods & goddess of Beauty!

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