Hugs Are Coming for Shin and Mi Rae Thanks to a Subway Fire

Not that I’m complaining or looking a gift horse in the mouth, but didn’t Marry Him If You Dare say that the leading lady Mi Rae had a choice about which of the two leading men she would choose to marry? I mean, that’s the entire premise of the drama, not to mention the sole purpose for future Mi Rae to time travel back to mess with space and time. But with one set of OTP stills after another, this drama is starting to resemble a more traditional rom-com with the main couple only having eyes for each other and everyone else can take a seat to the left. Turns out the wet staring contest stills between Shin and Mi Rae a few days ago was the aftermath of what looks like a subway fire incident, as seen in these new stills. Shin and Mi Rae end up in the subway when a fire breaks out (I’m assuming intentionally by a perp), and it gives Mi Rae every excuse to burrow into Shin’s arms. But she’s no wilting wallflower, and another still shows her heading towards the fire likely wanting to douse the flames. All of this leads to the earlier stills where they are both all wet and looking at each other warmly. I may not think Mi Rae will ever like Se Joo the way she likes Shin, I was still hoping for there to be some competition just to spice up the joint. At this rate, Shin will have already done a lap before Se Joo finishes tying his shoelaces. Lucky for him, all signs point to Yoo Kyung being the girl who ends up winning his heart. I love that Shin says the same things to Yoo Kyung like stop the aegyo and don’t pander so much, but he’s matter of fact about it, whereas Se Joo’s sincerity and discomfort at seeing her subtly debase herself is what pierces through Yoo Kyung’s thick skin developed as a survival tactic at the network. If there isn’t going to be a viable alterna-ship in this drama, might as well keep letting the two couples spend more time together and double the romance.


Hugs Are Coming for Shin and Mi Rae Thanks to a Subway Fire — 23 Comments

  1. I will never begrudge this drama for giving me more and more pictures of LDG. It has been a long time, and I am filling up the years of waiting with every single one. LDG fans if you want more pictures, check out his offical facebook page. He (or his people) are always putting out pictures from the and from anything else he is doing. Because really, can you have too many pictures?

    I have to say that for a moment I thought he started the fire . . .with the smoulder of his stare.

  2. Tbh I much prefer two otps rather than pointless love squares/triangles. I just want everyone to be happy!!!

    I am so into Shin/Mirae it’s ridiculous, the chemistry is through the roof. I am loving the fact that they are dreaming about their alternate universe relationship while also falling in love themselves. I really need more scenes between Se Joo/Yoo Kyung, but I love their dynamic so far and how he’s already beginning to see her through her aegyo facade to who she really is: a smart, capable woman. Despite the fact that he says she’s ‘not his style’ it’s obvious they are perfect for each other.

    This show has really surprised me, episodes 3 + 4 in particular were so fun and engaging. Rom coms this year haven’t really been working for me but this show has totally won me over. I hope it stays this solid. I’m even slightly won over by Yonghwa’s acting. He’s actually, like, moving his face and he’s not all that stiff/awkward onscreen!! See, miracles can happen :’)

  3. I have to say it, I really didn’t want to like this one. It is my first time ever watching something with LDG and my love for Eun-Hye was a bit toned down after the epic mess that was Missing You. I like Zoe (Joy?) but just felt that the character was pretty much a surface to sel Eun-Hye’s persona with the fashion designer bit and all.

    Mi-Rae is such a great character, she ants a lot but can’t move her butt to do it; like pretty mch all of us out there, and doesn’t really know what her place in life is between what she wishes for and what society wants for her. I am part of the few who feel turned down by LDG’s Kim Shin, simply because he’s very classical, the alph male type who’s very difficult to understand whereas Se Joo is just a great friend, someone who MiRae can relate to (apart from the lie about being a VJ which doesn’t really matter). I would have liked to see someone as free-minded as Mi-Rae to go for the understanding type because it would really do her good to be with someone who doesn’t judge her.

    Chemistry speaking, to me she has a lot with both but I dn’t really like her with Shin. He’s a bit too serious and principled and his 50’s hairdo is not doing any good to the the beauty of the man. Now Se Joo may be a bit too perceptive and nice to be with her and the drama seems to point at his hidden seriousness so let’s see what the Future is made of (hehe).

    I don’t mind future Mi-Rae. I can (I DO)understand how one can be so dissapointed in a realtionship/person to be able to go back and change what can be changed. The main theme of the drama is regretting choices, and by observing present Mi-Rae’s disatisfaction with her own life we can see that regrets are all that’s left to her future self, especially if Shin ended up being another mistake.

    I think her presence is necessary because by being here, she managed to push Mi-Rae further to her dream, and who knows maybe by opposing she actually made it so that if Mi-Rae does get together with him in the end, it would be because she really sees him for who he is and thinks he’s the on for her.

    • I agree with you on the last part. So yeah.
      About shim mirae ship, i think somehow they compkiment each other. To whatbi see mirae can now say what she wants to say like what she did after shin splashes coffee on her face. And because of that kind of personality, she somehow makes shin think things through again.

  4. And I can never get past my hatred of Eun-hye’s styling in this drama. Perm is awful, ahjumma checkered wardrobe is awful. Period.

  5. I think why the story centers on making ldg and yeh together is that destiny and fate was so strong that even if future mirae interferes, thy were just meant to be together. The only difference in the future and present present time line is how shin and mirae gts to kmow each other and the way i see it mirae is diff from futire mirae with regards to pursuing her dreams. Kim shin on the other hand, was able to slowly bent down his personality.

    Thats all 🙂

  6. Make me wonder how much accepting you guys are about different skin colors and kind of hairs. I mean, really? get over her curly hair, it is kinda offensive, she looks great with it, at first I didn’t think so, but she looks great, what doesn’t is the hair color that washes her off a bit.

    • Then I guess people aren’t allowed to complain about any aspect of styling? Like clothes, jewelry, or makeup either? Skin color and hair texture are immutable and anyone who judges other people on those things isn’t worth contemplating. That, however, is very different from criticizing how YEH’s hair is styled in the drama… i.e. a conscious decision on the part of the production.

      I personally don’t care about her hair but if such comments bother you, why not try ignoring them?

    • If you are pointing my comment in yours, know that I really really adore Yoon Eun Hye for everything she represents and miracle! she also has the looks. She’s a goddess and I don’t think uglifying her makes her a better actress or something. It has no narrative value, not does it creates an appeal so why do that to this beautiful woman ? Here is my concern. I am half black and half white and I have curly nappy hair so I don’t dislike curly hair or perms or have a thing against differences.

      I just think that 1)the perm didn’t have to go with some of the weirdest outfits sported by Mi-Rae and that 2)It would actually be super refreshing to see the hot guy fall for a normal woman who like to look good instead of making it seem like if you wear anything bizarre and bump into Mr.Hotness he might be swept off by your weird looks and fall for you…

      Anyway I don’t mean to offend anyone, as I’m also a fan. I do think the hair looks cute, and to me she is beautiful in anything but it is certainly not needed. She is way too pale for the color though 🙂

  7. LOL about the hair comments, as first I m not liking her hair too but now I see the reasons behind them easy to maintain n not fuss over it..I like how she doesn’t care about her appearances as always and put more focus in her acting.

    • And if they really wished to control the frizz, they would have used serum after YEH washed her hair and blow dry, she would have beautiful hair again. That’s seemed to be what they did to Annie Chen’s hair in Love Around… thought she looked rather pretty and stood-out after her perm, from a sea of straight and boring hair… Too bad…

  8. As a curly girl, myself, I don’t mind her hair. HOWEVER, her clothes that are 3 sizes too large and 13 sizes too wide make me want to reach through my computer and throttle the wardrobe department. My only hope is that they subtly start adjusting her wardrobe as her character grows. Not a one day major make over but more like “Rich Man, Poor Woman” where Satomi adjusts her style as time goes by.

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