Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye Share a Hushed Rooftop Kiss in Heirs

Heirs is pulling out the big guns. And by big guns, I mean the long awaited OTP kiss, which no matter how awkward or slightly inopportune narratively is always an audience lure. While the big kiss between Tan and Eun Sang won’t happen until episode 8 on Thursday, SBS is striking while the slight ratings uptick for last week’s episode 6 is hot and releasing these early. I’m still watching Heirs, and actually caught both episodes last week in real time since I was in Asia on a business trip. I was planning to write about episode 6 but a conference call and jet lag promptly put a damper on that plan and I’ve been mulling over my thoughts ever since without having the time to really write about it. It was an odd episode, encompassing all that has made Heirs a very strange watching experience. What should have been a truly compelling narrative transition of the two leads Tan and Eun Sang into the cutthroat world of Empire High was instead muted and slow. There were moments that shined, but in between everything felt so washed out with the thousand and one staring contests and conversations that went nowhere. I’m not bored by Heirs, but after each episode I always ask myself “that’s it?” and wanting more from everything that has transpired in the last hour. It’s a combination of poor execution by the PD, and Kim Eun Sook‘s writing choice to keep layer on the set up and mood building without periodic pay off moments to quench the audience thirst.

I’ve long since stop hoping Heirs would get better, because I’m enjoying it well enough as it is. Tan and Eun Sang’s kiss might just be that definitive moment that tips them over to starting the romance for real. From the looks of the kiss, it appears Eun Sang is reaching for her phone and looking sad, and then Tan kisses her. I hope there is lip movement. Oh god please let there be movement, for the sake of keeping Kim Eun Sook’s streak alive of having some of the hottest kisses in K-drama and to quell those Park Shin Hye can’t kiss comments, which are mostly valid but I wouldn’t lay all the fault solely at her feet. I wouldn’t get my hopes up since this is a high school drama, but lord knows Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye are long past high school age in real life and it’s not like anyone watching actually buys into the absurdity that they resemble real life high school students. Heirs is a fantasy concept, might well go for broke and have the kisses be hot and heated. With all the staring Tan has been doing for the last 5 episodes, he’s probably bursting with teenage boy hormones and I’m glad he’s finally acting on it. I could do without the forced kiss scenario but it doesn’t bother me too much since Tan has been ever the gentleman with her so far. Let’s hope she either likes it or slaps him if she doesn’t, either way she gets to call the shots as well. In addition to these stills, SBS also released new pictures of Young Do and Rachel in black tie attire. Those two would make a great OTP if these drama wanted to go there. Unfortunately I don’t see it, Heirs appears to want Young Do to fall for Eun Sang and then get reformed that way.


Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye Share a Hushed Rooftop Kiss in Heirs — 69 Comments

  1. Lee Min Ho has always given great kissing scenes (well..except BBF)….hopefully we’ll be getting a good one here as well…

    I’m enjoying Heirs despite the slow movement in plot and the major credit for it goes to LMH…. πŸ™‚

    • I blame gandi and the director for the weird kisses. At the end of one of the episodes. the scene after the snow rescue. he was like close mouth kiss only. As long as it is not shock face i am good. lmh made game over kiss not awkward at all.

      • Hahaha. I remember.
        Lee Min Ho couldn’t help but open his mouth for some REAL lip action just to have the darn director ruin the moment and say “close-mouthed only!”
        Sigh. I really do hope that’s not the case here.

  2. Omo! But it’s too early for an epic one. This is probably a teaser, my vote is that she’s going to resist and push him away but then dwell over it during an extended montage of pining. I look forward to the real one later.

  3. Ah… I have been waiting for this kissing moment for a long time. It’s about time, almost half way through the series, otherwise I may be slow w/d from viewing. Thanks for the updates cap. K. :o)

  4. Uhhhmmmmmmmmm……. Nah, she doesn’t look like she’s into it. If she leaned any further back, she’d be over the wall. And her face as he swoops in makes her look constipated. I think her usual lack of lip movement will be entirely appropriate in this case.
    I hate forced kisses so much.

  5. Am I the only one who love Yong Do and Rachel to be together??their chemistry is soo great! each episode, I always wait for their scenes.I hope the writer make a love line between those two.

    • lol i’m shamelessly shipping those two since day one, please kdramagod make it happen, i can imagine all the hotness. there’s sthing about bad-bad couple that just does it to me xD

    • I’m more into the Young Do & Rachel (I feel so much chemistry) pairing than Kim Tan & Eun Sang. I love PSH and LMH and they’re so cute together but not feeling the romance.

    • I just hope there would be more interactions with Young Do and Rachel together, leaning toward a romantic relationship. They just give me the feels of Blair and Chuck in Gossip Girl. <3

  6. they really dont look like high schoolers…
    So I am all for passionate kisses yet this one should not be since he is definitely pushing the forced kiss. Even if he is Lee MinHoo, forcibly kissing a girl is just a No! No!

    PS: I really dont like their uniform. for an elite highschool they could not get a proper designer for their uniform.

    Had always watched/streamed this compared with Secret but ep6 did it for me, Will prioritize Secret now. EP6 slow movement just did it, I think the pace is always gonna be this way.

  7. I’m sorry to say it but this kiss looks like it’s going to be a dissapointing one. Both look stiff and PSH looks scared. Too bad.
    I have a question to the more knowledgeable among us. Are Korean high school uniforms that short IRL? In my country ES would be reprimanded and sent back home to change if she showed up with skirt that short.

  8. Kim Won Bin….how can he be a high schooler? It’s ridiculous. And LMH of course. If the setting is in a high school, they should go for younger actors. If they wanna LMH and KWB as the leads, then set in a college or university instead.

    • I think we should stop complaining about this now and move on. We already know they don’t look like high schoolers and continuous complaining will not change anything.

  9. Thanks ockoala for latest update despite your heavy schedule.
    No doubt about her acting, but when it comes to kissing, PSH turns cold fish – a turn off. just hope that LMH and his influence is able to turn her on a little more [palpitations etc.], please SHOW.
    thanks to the PD, the pace is still veering towards the likes of a tortoise. maybe a call for change of PD is befitting before the train derails…

    • I saw PSH kiss in Goong 2 with Seven , wonderful , lip movement and she kiss him positive . But after that she make film with JGS , Yoon Shi Yoon , Jung Yong Wa , she kiss so badly . I don’t know why . Maybe JGS make her scared ? She and Sukkie kiss very well in advertise Etude house , but in drama she kiss so badly . Now I see in this pictures , LMH and PSH seem not comfortable together . They want to use this kiss for rating because until now The Heirs seem to lose Secret _ wonderful film of Ji Sung .

  10. Hmmm so far for me, the drama is a tease, offering tantalising glimpses of something more dramatic, more conflict, but it somehow always falls short of delivering what it could potentially offer… maybe it’s because of Kim Tan’s laidback character; so far, he wants to have a mundane life, with little fuss, so he doesn’t really confront Young Do or Kim Won head-on. But let’s hope that all this simmering and smouldering repressed anger and frustration will explode sometime soon, probably due to Eun Sang being a catalyst for his transformation…

  11. I remember seeing PSH and Jang Geun Suk in a commercial and she wasn’t stiff or coldfish there – so I wonder what the reason is for her static kisses in dramas.

  12. Young Do and Rachel OTP, it would definitely make it feel more Gossip Girl-ish, they could come out as the Blair and Chuck OTP korean style cause the actor who plays Young Do is so much ship worthy that Lee Min Ho’s character….well at least for me though. Lee Min Ho feels like a dull dish to me now a days… :/

    • exactly my thoughts! been getting flashes of blair from rachel and young do seems to be the baddest boy in this bunch. so yeah, he can linger a bit to satisfy his curiosity then he can settle down with rachel midway. :p

  13. I don’t think my reaction is rational, by any means, but if they give this character a kiss like this, and she has the “I don’t have no stinkin’ sex hormones” response, I will want to punch the keyboard.

    At least let her body respond, writers, a little, before her prudish mind kicks in. It is LMHot, people. He isn’t just a little handsome.
    It makes me wanna cry knowing what a young KSA would have done with him…

    • She did the CF kiss with Jang Geun Seok which was actually pretty good. Youtube it, it’s worth seeing it. Apparently they did it even before they filmed YB which only made me more mad at the drama.

  14. Oh I knew this is coming ! Early thats so typical of the writer ! Any ways she should pray ten time a day for having this chance id kill for it ! Anyways I feel it gonna be amazing and its gonna be the last of ep 8 so waiting for 9 hahah they always do yhat

  15. Um, okay.. I would have liked to have a choice whether I wanted to be spoiled about the kiss or not!

    Usually you donΒ΄t give these things away in the headlines, do you?

    • It’s in the news, in headlines, in every single drama news related site. And for the record, I do write about kisses to come exactly as I did here. How else am I supposed to write about it?

      “Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho Have Something Big Coming Up”


      “Exciting New Development Involving Lips between Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho”


      “The OTP Get Up Close and Personal in Heirs”

      Anything other than straight up is ridiculous headlining. I either write about what’s to come or not at all, no need to be coy. And my suggestion if you don’t want to be spoiled is to avoid drama sites as the drama airs.

      • Thank you for your “kind” suggestion but it is usually not necessary for me to avoid the internet when I am watching a series of any kind.
        I might or might not read posts about an episode before I watched it (or three days before it even airs), but that is my choice, you know? No other site I frequent gave anything away and I simply wondered why you did when you usually do use spoiler warnings in your posts.

        Oh and let me give you an example for how to write about this without accidentally spoiling others: “SPOILERS: Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye`s Rooftop scene” (by kaedejun).

      • Thanks for posting about upcoming kisses ms koala it really makes me look forward to the next episode even more!!!! πŸ˜€

  16. Damn, Ep 8 !!!!! they are really cheating us off !!!! so not fair !!! i have a feeling that after the kiss, PSH charactor just perhaps walks away. πŸ™

    Leaving LMH charactor hanging there speechless. πŸ™

  17. According to drama representatives, this scene was filmed for three hours. Hope it doesn’t disappoint us.
    They really worked very hard ha!!!!

      • I’ll offer myself as stand-in for PSH to help LMH polish his craft before the final take πŸ™‚

  18. Omg how the hell was she able to hold on to her phone…acting or no acting if i was getting a kis from LMH my phone would have gone over the edge in no time flat…lmao

  19. Honestly that looks like a bad kiss. I don’t think there will be any kind of movement. And after the kiss he will probably walk away leaving her there paralyzed, like it always happens. (Although I would love to eat my words and have a super hot kiss).

  20. If you look closely at the pictues, PSH uniform has a red stain in front.,me thinks that maybe someone threw something at her or spilled something at her thats why she was crying on the rooftop.,

    Mybe she was outed already as not being “new money”.,

  21. If you look closely at the pictures, PSH uniform has a red stain in front.,me thinks that maybe someone threw something at her or spilled something at her thats why she was crying on the rooftop.,

    Mybe she was outed already as not being “new money”.,

  22. Thank you so much Captain K! You are so awesome on updating us with the latest news even during your busy schedule. Looking forward to Wed and Thurs!

  23. Have to agree with you that watching it, gives me this strange experience indeed and I just can’t figure out or pin point what is it that it’s lacking?

    They probably trying to create their own realistic and world like those long running manga like Special A, or Ouran or something with that so many casts. And their relationships tied to each other like purposely tied to each other. If you know what I mean.

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