Yoo Seung Ho Makes a Dashing Appearance at an Army Autograph Session

Look which cutie pie is back in the news! It’s a lovely coincidence to come across new pictures of Yoo Seung Ho at the same time when I’m watching the latest Yoon Eun Hye drama. These two would have never in a hundred years flitted through my mind as a potential onscreen pairing, and then Missing You (I Miss You) happened and the rest is history. Yoo Seung Ho was the best thing in that drama, character and performance-wise, and the only blip is when the writer insanely turned him into a nonsensical serial killer though it was so absurd it lightened the moroseness of that drama with a good laugh. His character Harry was a few year’s younger than Yoon Eun Hye’s Zoe, and their relationship combined the noona-dongsaeng vibe with a reverse protector aura that allowed Yoo Seung Ho to sell his brand of baby-faced smolder. It’s no wonder Yoon Eun Hye was always so giggly around him, she probably had to restrain herself from pinching his cheeks he’s so cute. It’s been 8 months since Yoo Seung Ho enlisted in the army and he’s now an army instructor no less. Last week he was in the news because there was an army sponsored autograph session involving some celebrity recruits. He’s one of the few male stars that actually look okay with the crew cut, probably because he’s so young still. He actually enlisted at the age most Korean men enlist except we’re used to seeing much older enlistments since male stars defer until the last possible moment. I’m glad he’s getting it over with, and he’s really matured even in the last few months. The barely there stubble is a nice manly touch. Netizens recently have been buzzing about shots of Yoo Seung Ho saluting in the army and tittering over his unusually large hands. Heh, you make your own inference.


Yoo Seung Ho Makes a Dashing Appearance at an Army Autograph Session — 14 Comments

  1. Haven’t seen any of his dramas yet and when I saw these pictures, I was thinking about why I’ve seen him before and now it clicked me that he looks like So Ji Sub, whom also I saw for the first time in Master’s Sun and now I remember that people have said about it before 🙂

  2. I think we need to harness the power of Yoo for the good of mankind.

    Every photo of him sets my heart and other a flutter so intensely.

    There is solar power, wind power – why not lust power?

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