KBS Releases Official Stills of Jang Geun Seok and IU in Pretty Boy

It’s a testament as to how far Jang Geun Seok has veered to the fringes of K-ent that news of his impending drama returns garners mostly reservations and disappointment from the general drama watching audience, with only his more devoted fans leading the cheering. I still vividly remember the You’re Beautiful craziness, and the year or so afterwards when everything he did was golden and he was beloved by a wide swath of the audience. No entertainer remains unchanged but his evolution was one tailored for his own whims and I’m not surprised he’s not as well received as he used to be. Doesn’t mean a good role or a good drama can’t win back the fans. Not sure if Pretty Boy is that work, and judging by his character description as a seducer of women he’ll have an uphill battle to win the female audience hearts since bastard playboys aren’t exactly dream leading man material. The first official character stills are out of his character Dokko Ma Te, as well as IU’s female lead Kim Bo Tong. He’s got the sneering and preening down pat as the avowed most beautiful man in the world. She actually looks like a teenaged adorable homeless bag lady, which from the way her character is described as having no fashion sense looks about right, but will make for some hella hilarious outfits. From the BTS of the two leads at the poster shoot, it’s fairly certain they will look good together. Jang Geun Seok is also very good at generating chemistry with his female leads, though IU has yet to shown me real adult romance vibes. This drama is adapted from a manhwa that was a cross between sexy and oddball, but the adaptation will reportedly use the premises but won’t follow the storyline exactly. Pretty Boy premieres in less than a month on KBS Wed-Thurs following Secret. Heirs hasn’t exactly been a ratings smash it could have been so PB has a shot at winning the viewers on its own merits.


KBS Releases Official Stills of Jang Geun Seok and IU in Pretty Boy — 49 Comments

  1. I’m actually kind of stoked for this. I think they physically look really compatible together & yes, I admit, I am one of “those fans” that still adore JGS <3 I think he is wonderful and great and amazing and even though I didn't watch "Love Rain" (… dat storyline …), I'm totally ready for this! 🙂

    • although jang keun suk is a good actor, but why?? why??… again with his same role: “The handsome bad boy frivolous” it bores me … iu the same with the ugly girl despised and eventually she wins “lead actor” and becomes beautiful. she also is a bad actress.
      this is boring.
      Actor jang keun suk nothing more. and this character so hackneyed “the typical bad boy handsome and frivolous” from his pathetic drama “You’re Beautiful”. This drama killed his talent, it drama was locking him in that character again and again. even he looks a bit same player seo joon of love rain.
      duh! same same same….boring
      i don’t like “pretty man”. other Bizarre drama. ..all his dramas as: YAB, MMM and LR did so low rantings in korea.

      • Oh by the way you are the one pathetic not his drama You’re Beautiful which gave him a hallyu status & affluent life.

      • i think u should complain korean drama storyline..isnt it typical korean drama have the predictable storyline? u just bored with k-drama.so..stop-it!! i think he has done many different role..i can explain it one by one in details but i dont think u would understand any.

    • This is the most accurate description for those horrible wardrobes I’ve ever seen! I’m using “fashion terrorist” from now on

    • that’s exactly what her character is supposed to be like – no fashion-sense. She is only playing her role in the photoshoot.

  2. Only watched JGS in You are Beautiful,so I am not tired of him playing the same role yet. I like IU in this role, and they look really cute together. Not expecting anything mind-blowing, but if executed right, this drama might be a fun fluffy watch.

    • his hair style, I do not care, what should matter is that his talent is being wasted. because jang keun suk not choose other roles, such as the history about a man with quadriplegia, or a man who loses his family and his struggle to get by, or be ugly or fat man and his discrimination by society. .. why not choose this kind of roles??. Something different!!… because jang keun suk always choose the same role of handsome/pretty guy. this is so boring!!!

    • especially k-pop male idols wearin’ lots of makeup & “guyliner”. on bright side, kdrama actors R manly & natural bcuz they wear little makeup.

      • LMAO, They use just as much make up than KPOP idols, you just don’t know this. BBcream and eyeliner.

      • no need to say lmao…i done research and watch behind the scenes. kpop idols wear darker eyeshadow, thicker eyeliner than actors do. BBcream is for skincare so of course they all use it. kdrama actors DO wear lighter makeup.

  3. Loving those stills…IU looks so cute.

    People please stop complaining about JGS hair. You want to watch this drama fine you don’t want to watch it that’s also fine, no one would force you to like it.

    • You sound Cheezy jus like ur name -_-
      Wearing a eye-liner doesn’t make someone gay .
      God! Save this world from such ignorant people.

    • Cheesy ..do not take it wrong but I had one my best….experience with a guy who wore eye-liner and had earrings in both his ears.

  4. I really hope one day i will find articles about JGS that have no comments on his hair but more on his work. haha. Funny that hairstyle is the main reason for watching a drama for some people. I can’t understand the obsession with drama fans asking him to cut his hair. There are so many artistes with short hair but i don’t see people complaining about any artistes keeping that same old short hair for years. Besides, i heard people saying he will cut his hair after filming the earlier scenes.

    IU’s clothes is outrageous but she surprisingly looks cute. I think IU looks pretty with longer hair so it is a good move to chop it off so that she looks more average yet still cute looking. Pleasant surprise to see that IU and JGS actually looks cute together. I have confidence in the writer and i believe this may not be an intelligent drama but it will be a fun to watch drama. I am more concerned with the director since i don’t like any of their works.

    • More than anything these comments are making me feel disgusted to check out any JGS article phewwwssssshhhhh!!!
      I have seen people commenting that it doesn’t matter to the even if the show is bad , they want him to cut his hair wtf .

  5. Those of us that saw his acting talents when he was younger and had short hair miss that. He is pretty but too effeminate with the long hair. Can’t be sure he is gay because the gay ones try to hide it in a closed minded country such as Korea. So while he continues to adore himself, we will wait for a good movie or drama from him where he actually looks and acts like a man. Seems a little too friendly with IU’s ass (picture) which makes me wonder so many things.

    • Long Hair Doesn’t make someone Gay .
      What’s wrong with people.
      You may find him effiminate fine , restrict it to only his looks but don’t judge who he is .
      He walks , talks and behaves perfectly like a man. All his onscreen roles were manly even with no built up body he oozes that charisma .

  6. Can I just point out the irony that you describe Korea as a narrow minded country and then go on to call for JGS to look and act “like man”?!
    You´re also implying that gay men aren´t men according to your definition – was that your intention?

    • My intention was to post my opinion. You may disagree which is your right but don’t read between the lines because there is nothing there. Gay men come in all shapes and ways. I never badmouth the gay community. Korea is not as open minded about gay or lesbians as other countries may be. I don’t know JGS personally but he looks too pretty with the hair. I don’t like it on him. Yes he can act but I wish he would get short hair again. Oh and you missed the line about him touching IU’s ass. Hair does not equal acting ability but I want him to look like a serious actor not a rock star. That is my opinion.

  7. Can I just point out the irony of you describing Korea as a narrow minded country and then going on to call for JGS to look and act “like a man”?
    You´re also implying that gay men aren´t men according to your definiton – was that you intention?

    (Sorry, I posted in the wrong place before)

  8. Why do i have the feeling that iu will portrait the character completely different from what it actually is described??And i don’t mean that as a good thing…I’m afraid she’ll take off the only charm that character could only have, just to take it to the cute side. Anyways, i will not judge before i watch. As for JGS, he seems to have caught his role’s general aura.

  9. I think the problem I have with JGS is that he no longer leaves behind his metrosexual persona or whatever when he acts. Actors must become the character when they act and disregard their image. But JGS, on the other hand, seems to now choose roles that play up his ‘pretty boy’ image or target the Japanese market (Love Rain/You’re My Pet). He’s not picking roles that challenge him or help him mature as an actor. I know other young actors who also have a large fanbase also consciously choose roles in this way (hell, tons of actors do this) but with JGS it seems more obvious? It’s a shame because he does have talent but has basically remained completely stagnant in the last few years purely on his choice of roles. Personally, that’s why I’m not as into him as I was a few years ago.

    • on love rain the played 2 different character for 2 different times , now if that is not challengeing i dont know what is ?! but you are kinda right he should an action role for a change .

    • Totally agree. Exactly my thought. I used to like him but he doesn’t challenge himself he’s been playing the pretty boy for years now. Someone should remind him that he’s not that young anymore. He should build up his career. About his hair, nothing against it BUT he doesn’t look manly.. I prefer him with short hair ^^

    • jang geun suk’s a good actor, but i too notice he always choosin’ pretty boy roles. Lemme give example of someone else..even tho this person always second lead actor, at least he choose 2 play characters that R challenging and help him mature/ improve his acting skills. he deserve to get leading role by now. i’m talkin’ about Kim Beom….excuse me for going off topic…i just givin’ an example. that’s all.

      • i believe anyone have reason for what they are doing..i do think keun suk have consider many thing before decide the role he want to play. he said he want to do a role which he think he confident to do it..and from the role he had choose before..i believe he want everyone to understand him..u can relate his movie or drama to him.he really want to show his real self even through different roles. like him or not..his life..his decision.nobody have any right to blame him for what he decide for his life.

  10. i don’t like the history, it so bizarre, and don’t like his rol, it so hackneyed. i don´t like iu’acting, she is terrible actress-idol.
    I admit Jang keun suk is a good actor, but stalled.

  11. IU looks perfect in the role, well so does JGS but I’m not sure that’s a good thing considering how his character is lol.
    Waiting for more to make a decision.

  12. JGS i still like you even if your make up and clothes are weird. Your the first OTP together with Moonie I like. IU and JGS have chemistry obviously. Hope you do good this time. Your last drama sucks. IM feeling the MMM vibe here. IU will have a special place in my heart.. so sweet looking girl.
    As for my Moonie, fell sorry her last drama did not do well too but I AM SO HAPPY they ARE DATING WITH KIMBUM! WAAAAAHHH. sorry, I just cant. my loved OTP are dating…

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