Heirs/The Inheritors Episode 8 Recap

That’s it, I’m over the sliver of hope that Heirs/The Inheritors will get better. Or even having a semblance of a drama with a beating heart, all tension and material events happening and a steady forward momentum. This is what we’ve been given, and I’ve decided to stick with it but won’t hesitate to have a little more fun recapping the hemming and hawing flow. What a major missed opportunity for everyone involved. A Kim Eun Seok high school drama turned out to be a pale washed out version of the things that made her works so effervescent at times, the witty dialogue and situations watered down to tepidness. Yet she crafted so much to dislike about her world, from the vast swath of horrible rich people with all their magnified non-issues, to a leading lady that personifies Candy plus all the doormat qualities of restraint, denial, and evasion. I neither hate nor love Heirs, but without either strong emotion watching this drama becomes a twice a week appointment with nothing compelling to look forward to, but not so terrible I want to call it quits. I’m having some fun upping the snark, and really there was so much room for it earlier but I refrained with the hopes that it would stop.

I can’t believe the pink lipstick craziness has continued with every single character wearing the exact same shade of pink lipstick, guys and girls included. Then everyone has visible under eye redness, which makes me wonder if it’s a new make up technique being pioneered in Korea? Tan’s outfits range from bizarrely hilarious to fugly, and Eun Sang spends 90% of every episode with a combination constipated and scared face. She sometimes even has the same face with either Tan and Young Do, despite the guys being night and day when they interact with her. You know what the worst part is? The worst part is that I actually can see through all this crap characterization and shoddy execution and understand what the story intends to tell and like it. I like Tan, I like his loneliness, I like that he likes Eun Sang because she’s a positive presence in his life with no strings attached, I like his half-smooth/half-awkward way around her. I love high school themed dramas normally but this one hasn’t even tried to show anything related to their school life other than hallway and cafeteria bullying. Eight episodes in and still nothing substantive has happened with anyone. At least Boys Before Flowers was so bad it was entertaining, Heirs is just there. With a lot of young and pretty people in the cast, and a narrative heart so hard to find I’m burrowing like a gopher digging my way to the center of the earth looking for the core of why I should care.

Episode 8 recap:

Tan is agitated that Eun Sang went to Young Do’s hotel to see him, and worried about what the future might hold. He gives Eun Sang two choices – to move out of his house (i.e. leave his scary world) or like him back because he’s already liking her. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt of being a teenager that you don’t know how to confess, Tan, because both those choices suck. Neither are a legit choice, geddit?

Eun Sang doesn’t want to answer, and I just want to shake her because being pretending to be mute and or stupid does not make Tan’s confession not exist. Tan says it again “I like you”, and at least that type of sincere direct confession I can get behind. But then he goes and says that he will actively interfere in her life and invade her privacy from now on. Grrrr, what a way to ruin the moment.

Tan gets a call from Chairman Daddy that he ignores, then Eun Sang gets a call from Ki Ae that she takes. But Tan grabs her phone and tells Mom that he’s with Eun Sang right now and they can’t talk. Aish, you are making things harder for her, boy!

He finally grabs Eung Sang for a hug as she cries. How she is not fired from her part-time job for being outside for so long is beyond me. Tan fairly begs her not to reject him outright and promise she’ll think about what he said.

Back at home, Tan and Eun Sang go see Chairman Daddy and Ki Ae respectively. Mom first asks Tan why he met Eun Sang and Tan lies that he needed to ask her to keep quiet about him punching out another student at school today

Chairman Daddy is there to chew out Tan for punching Young Do. Tan knows Ji Sook told Chairman Daddy and wonders why he suddenly cares when he never once cared what Tan did in the US. Good point. He says that Chairman Daddy can go back to making more money to give his kids rather than his attention.

Ki Ae chews out Eun Sang for meeting with Tan outside of the house, and warns her that if she oversteps her bounds she and her mom can’t live here anymore.

Tan runs into Eun Sang in the living room and she immediately tries to avoid him. I feel bad for her, even if she could like Tan back all this evading and being fearful just sucks as a way of living. Tan follows Eun Sang to the kitchen and tries teasing her to lighten the mood. There are times Tan is just like a giant puppy, and he loves following Eun Sang around and tells her so. That he loves her being in his house.

Tan goes to his room and looks at a book. Eun Sang tries to sleep but can’t and keeps thinking about Tan. She resets her alarm for 4:30 am to wake up even earlier to avoid him. Tan uploads a picture of the book cover on Eun Sang’s SNS but it now reads “Like We Are Sleeping In the Same Place”, along with a goodnight.

Eun Sang arrives at Empire High before sunrise but Tan is already there waiting for her. He leaves her to her breakfast, relieved that she’s at school, which surprises her that he would think she would avoid school. He doesn’t know what to think, but he’s happy she’s here. He musses up her hair as usual and tells her to look for him between class and be a good student.

Yawn-inducing Empire Group management update where Secretary Yoon goes to see Won with an update about their latest mega mall construction in Jeju that hit a kink because the partner hotel wants to back out and invest instead. So they need to find another hotel to open there. Young Do’s dad wanted to have breakfast with Won but he’s playing hard to get and wants to keep Zeus Hotel on edge.

Now comes the obligatory random Ki Ae and Eun Sang’s mom scene from inside the house. Ki Ae has a hangover and Eun Sang’s mom initially wanted to write for her to drink less but thinks better of it. Ki Ae tries to grab the pad to read it anyway, and in the tussle the two of them rip a feather pillow and feathers fly everywhere. Turns out its cheap chicken instead of plush down. Discuss the symbolism yourself.

Tan and Eun Sang run into each other outside the broadcast club room, where inside Bo Na is reading a poem over the intercom. He wonders if she’s been accepted yet and asks if she’s still considering his offer to her.

Bo Na comes up and runs into her two least favorite peeps, but thankfully Chan Young ambles up bearing as a present the ubiquitous energy drink this drama keeps hawking. I will never ever drink it because it annoys me so. Bo Na accepts the drink while Eun Sang ducks Tan’s attempt to block her from leaving and gets Chan Young to extricate her with the excuse of studying.

Bo Na, who keeps seeing her boyfriend toddle off with his girl bestie, takes out her annoyance on Tan. She keeps insisting he still harbors feelings for her and follows her around, this time Tan teases that he still likes her and she is still cute. Bo Na says she has a boyfriend and Tan needs to forget about her!

Chan Young and Eun Sang sit outside for some bestie chat and he points out that she is actively avoiding Tan. Eun Sang says it’s normal since he’s the young master of the house and she’s the housekeeper’s daughter.

Chan Young’s dad asked about Eun Sang’s wellbeing these days and how she’s fitting in here. Turns out Chan Young was the rich kid in their junior high since his dad worked for Empire, but he learned the hard way when he got to Empire High that his dad may work for the company, but his classmate’s dad owns the company. Eun Sang wants to come clean about her charity case status but Chan Young counsels her not to, especially now that Joon Young is transferring.

Eun Sang runs to find Joon Young before he leaves and sees him walking out of the campus. She hears other kids wish for all the charity cases to leave the school.

Eun Sang is at her locker when Young Do calls and she naturally doesn’t answer. But he’s right there and notices his number is saved as “Don’t Answer” and presses forward wanting to hang out with Eun Sang despite her aversion to him. He brings up Tan and how she saved his number in the phone and Eun Sang changes his number to his name. Young Do points out that he always needs to mention Tan to get anywhere with Eun Sang.

Eun Sang finds out from Young Do that her name is on the school bulletin and she rushes there to see that an announcement went up that she made the broadcast club. Bo Na tears it down and underneath is her note left for Tan at his school in the US. Turns out he did see it.

Eun Sang goes to return it to him and he asks why she would leave a note but not call him back. Eun Sang wonders what he wanted to talk to her about? Tan says a litany of where are you, who are you with, don’t go, stay with me, I miss you. Tan admits she was one reason he came back to Korea. Eun Sang gets all flustered and runs off to class, heading the wrong way until Tan corrects her.

This scene is of course witnessed by Rachel, and also Hyo Shin. He wonders if she’s upset but she’s taking it in stride. Tan sees Rachel and calls out for her to stay right there.

Tan tells Rachel that he likes Eun Sang and he intends to keep going forward. Rachel says Tan will end up with a rich girl in the end even if it’s not her. Tan knows the obstacles he faces which is why he wants one less obstacle in Rachel and asks that they become friends again. Rachel tells Tan that she gets his teen urge to do what his heart desires, but he was wrong in thinking she doesn’t care. She feels hurt right now.

Secretary Yoon goes to see Chairman Daddy, who hands him an envelope containing Hyun Joo’s information and tells him to deal with this girl by the end of the month. Chairman Daddy probes about Eun Sang’s family – her parents ran a food stand and were nice people, but dad died, and now there is still hospital debt that needs to be paid back. Secretary Yoon asks why Chairman Daddy helped Eun Sang enter Empire High? Chairman Daddy says she will learn in that environment from everyone around her that she cannot be close to Tan.

Secretary Yoon processes that information, and when he runs into Esther at Empire High, he brings it up their break up years ago. He always needed to hear from others why they can’t be, yet she never said it herself? Secretary Yoon gets a call from Hyun Joo making plans to meet up later. Esther gets jealous hearing its another woman.

Hyun Joo is grabbing a ramyun at the convenience store and Hyo Shin sees her so delays their tutoring session to give her more time. He tries to flirt with her during the session but she’s completely oblivious and uninterested.

Young Do and his dad have another sparring match and Young Do wants the family photo cancelled if he wins. He naturally loses yet again, though this time his dad broke the rules by choking Young Do. Dad’s lesson – there are no fair rules, only winning matters.

Eun Sang is at her café job when Young Do calls, and it turns out he’s sitting right there. She thinks he’s there to torment her some more but he calmly says he came because he was lonely. Young Do confirms he cancelled the charges against Joon Young.

Tan arrives and sits down across from Young Do, who makes it clear he knows all about Eun Sang’s part time jobs. Tan tries to say he knows Young Do works in the hotel kitchen too but that doesn’t fly. Young Do asks how Tan knows where Eun Sang works, and Tan sasses back that he’s always one step ahead of Young Do. Young Do asks if Tan and Eun Sang are dating and he jokes that they look good together. But then Tan gets serious and tells Young Do not to bother Eun Sang anymore. Young Do is curious why Tan is resorting to direct warnings now.

Their dick waving contest is broken up by the store manager, who announces drinks for each of them courtesy of Eun Sang, who left already. LOL.

They walk out sipping their sippy fruity drinks. Young Do sees that his bike has been towed, which brings Tan endless glee.

Won is waiting for Hyun Joo outside her apartment and sees her getting out of a guy’s car. She leans in to tell him that she will consider the offer. Won rushes up and looks in to see Secretary Yoon, who promises he didn’t see anything and has nothing to report (to Chairman Daddy). Hyun Joo tries to explain there is nothing between her and Won but Won pulls her close and tells Secretary Yoon to leave.

Won wants to know why she met Secretary Yoon and she lies that she was giving him tutoring advice for Chan Young. She tells him not to come by anymore in case his dad finds out. Won teases that she can support him with her tutoring but she doesn’t make enough.

Won asks if he can sleep over since he moved out of the house. Hyun Joo is worried but Won doesn’t want her to berate him, he lives everyday like people are yelling at him. Won pouts that Hyun Joo never lets him stay over.

Tan and Eun Sang are talking in the kitchen when Ki Ae comes looking so they go hide in the pantry closet. Cue excuse for almost kiss, with Tan leaning in and Eun Sang frozen and ducking like a zombie was about to start snacking on her face.

Tan doesn’t kiss her and let her go when Ki Ae leaves and they can exit the pantry. Eun Sang stomps on his foot for good measure as she heads out.

Tan follows Eun Sang to the wine cellar, which isn’t a bad place for their dates. She’s doing homework here so her mom can sleep. Tan asks why she left the café back there and Eun Sang says it was because of Tan rather than Young Do. He wants to know their conversation and Eun Sang just reveals that Young Do said he came because he was lonely. Tan realizes that Young Do is not bothering Eun Sang to get back to him, but because he wants to see her.

Young Do lays in Myung Soo’s playroom and thinks back to all his interactions with Eun Sang. He wonders out loud why he’s thinking of her.

Family picture day rolls around and Young Do manages to ruin it by bringing one of his dad’s ex-girlfriends to the shoot, which pisses off Esther and she storms off. Rachel is pleased while Young Do tosses back to his dad that there are no fair rules and only winning matters.

Rachel asks Young Do what he wants for pulling it off and he wants Eun Sang’s re-entry card. Rachel reveals that Tan has admitted he likes Eun Sang so she needs Young Do to deal with her.

Eun Sang and Tan banter at school over the almost kiss.

Eun Sang is at lunch, and hasn’t the girl learned by now to avoid that hell cafeteria? Young Do grabs her plate and forces her to sit with him. This is NOT how you woo a girl, Young Do. Eun Sang naturally thinks she’s the replacement for Joon Young as the object of his bullying. Bo Na sees this and wonders where Tan or Chan Young are to stop this.

Eun Sang asks Young Do what he wants and he just wants to eat with her. Tan comes storming up and yells for Eun Sang to get up. She does and Young Do throws his utensils on the table and stands up to confront Tan. He pulls Eun Sang away saying she already had plans with him.

Young Do trips Eun Sang (what are you, six years old?) and she goes flying with the food all over her. Tan jerks back to punch Young Do but Eun Sang restrains him, begging for him to stop. Young Do says he made Eun Sang gets on her knees instead of Tan. Eun Sang begs Tan to take her away from here and he does.

Rachel sees all of this, all the more galling to her pride when Tan literally walks right past her pulling Eun Sang behind him in front of the entire cafeteria. She hands over Eun Sang’s re-entry card to Young Do. She was happy Eun Sang got on her knees, too bad Tan was holding on to her wrist.

Tan and Eun Sang are on the roof and she’s crying and won’t let him near her, saying that she’s dirty. Tan tries to calm her down which is when Young Do calls. Eun Sang wants to answer thinking he’ll escalate things but Tan yells at her not to answer.

Eun Sang answers the phone which is when Tan kisses her into silence.

Thoughts of Mine:

Can I just make fun of this kiss and get it out of the way first? Because what incompetent PD would end the episode literally 3 seconds after the kiss on a freeze frame of Eun Sang looking frightened out of her wits. Poor Park Shin Hye will need some major hot kissing in the rest of the drama to live this one down, and honestly I can see she’s just acting like the PD told her to. Look scared and stunned and forget deer in headlights shut your eyes tight! I get the context but the execution is all wrong. For 8 episodes Eun Sang and Tan have been doing a very tentative yet pretty straight forward dance of interest. He hasn’t been shy from the beginning, and recently upped it all by pursuing her outright prefaced by as clear a confession as it can get. I like you. Do you like me? Could you like me? Eun Sang hasn’t said “no, get the fuck away from me”, she’s done the silly thing of trying to ignore him as if hoping that will make things go away. But then not really ignoring him, because she does like spending time with him. Just not all the time, and some times more than others. It’s all so confusing, thankfully Tan bypasses all the mixed signals and just keeps going. Not that I think he has a right to, but she could do better with being as direct with him as he’s been with her. Clearly she likes him back but doesn’t want to and doesn’t think she’s allowed to. Usual poor girl falls in love with rich guy angst. But the kiss? However freaked out she was by the confrontation with Young Do in the cafeteria, could her body language have been less of a frozen stiff and more just taken off guard? I would rather the drama have no kissing if we get kisses like this.

The horrible human being characters in this K-drama continue to show up and bedevil me with their unwelcome presence. Seeing bad people in a drama usually means building up to their comeuppance which is supposed to give us great glee. See them suffer in the end like they heaped suffering on others. Here I don’t having a flying fig what happens to people like the parents in the Kim family, Young Do’s dad and Rachel’s mom, and I especially don’t care what happens to Young Do and Rachel. They are just terribly written characters masquerading with a shred of inner pain but their actions don’t provide them the justification so that the audience can give them the benefit of the doubt. Their redemption or inevitable downfall matters not because they have no credible presence as three dimensional characters. It hurts that all we ever see of them is when they are plotting something or looking resentful. That’s true of all the characters in this drama aside from Eun Sang and Tan, their screen time is devoid of any personal value and instead they function to move forward other plot lines. If I jump ahead to episode 20, what is the final grand resolution or happy ending we can expect? Remember most of these characters are teens in high school. Tan and Won make up, with Won realizing their company is big enough to divide up between then and still have leftovers to run a small island nation? Tan and Eun Sang get the green light to date? Hyun Joo lets Won sleep over and Chairman Daddy lets him marry her? Rachel finds a rich boyfriend who loves her and unthaws her frozen ass? Young Do finds his own poor girl Eun Sang to heal his lonely heart? Bo Na and Chan Young date through college and realize how lucky they were to find compatible opposites attract in each other? The unholy marriage of Zeus and RS International goes through, or not, who cares? Hyo Shin stops puking and maybe gets a life outside of being hot for teacher? Myung Soo stops clubbing? Does seeing any of that make us feel satisfied? Aside from Tan maybe being less miserable with his family, right now nothing I can see down the road has been crafted to make me care when we get there.

I can say now that at least the chemistry is good in this drama, good without anything being great. Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye both could have done an adult drama together and that would’ve tried their talents more and be better served. They have this oddball tension where it’s playful without being sexual, self-aware without being coquettish. It’s like they know their fans have been wanting them to do a drama together and they are trying their best, but it’s acting in a fish bowl with the sensation of being watched. Lee Min Ho and Kim Woo Bin are doing their best to sell the former best friends antagonism and rivalry, but I need to care about both characters to wish for some sort of resolution. Right now I wish Young Do right off a cliff. Choi Jin Hyuk and Im Joo Eun are the most wasted so far, IMO, with their relationship being completely underdeveloped and their characters one-note. Won is just an uptight prick and a needy boy all rolled into one, and there is no context around Hyun Joo so I have nothing to go on with her. I don’t know if Won and her are true love that must overcome evil Chairman Daddy. At least I have something to go on with respect to Eun Sang and Tan. The drama has shown me why he likes her, what she brings to his life, what he brings to her life, and why I should care if they get a chance to make it work. Everyone else can go pound sand, especially Young Do.


Heirs/The Inheritors Episode 8 Recap — 91 Comments

    • totally. HJE and JS kiss was awesome, the pull, the look the production value. everything. and even though JS is such a Man child in SECRET he pulled that one off perfectly.

      • Maybe not a place to talk about Secret in Heirs’s thread but I agree. Secret is moving at an astounding pace with heartbreaking and blood-freezing moments between characters.

      • AGREEEDDDDD. heirs isn’t even anywhere on the same level- plot wise, characterwise. It’s a snoozefest. Secret on the other hand…. Is too damn amazing. Ms koala! Just wondering if you’ve been watching it. And what your opinion is :))

    • my goodness can anyone recommend a place where there is lively, ongoing Secret episode recaps and discussions. I’m sort of surprised neither DB nor Koala are covering it (which is fine, it’s their choice but still surprising!)

      • You can check soompi forums and I am sure DB’s OT today will be bombed with Secret discussions. I feel you, I wonder why the major sites ignore Secret when it spreads like fire among viewers.

      • Actually, I’ve been thinking hard if I should continue watching the Secret, not so captivated by the actors in there, it’s really one determining factor. Strange, I find The Heirs more interesting, probably because of LMH-PSH tandem & the cast; agree, the story is kinda bland, if only they could make it spicy and tasty!

      • Accept with you , first I just watch Heirs because of their cast , but feel dissapointed and when I see people compare and netizen shout out that Secret is the best among 3 drama . I’m curious and OMG , I watch all 12 eps in 1 day and watch it again and again , love OST , love BSB and all cast , amazing story , wonderful drama and I belive when you see BSB angry , ruel , cry , laugh you will understand how Do Hoon is difficult in his life . How can he pass over his lover to reach for money , power by all his wrong doing . Can’t wait for next ep and watch it over again . Just read recap , watch some scene Heirs , boring story , old format , nothing is excited anymore . May be KES is losing herself .

  1. True! I feel the same way about other character. But I’m invested in a certain way to the main couple so I’m in for the ride 🙂

  2. I hate everyone in this drama so much, I don’t even know why I’m still watching… Grrr

    The rich boys infatuation with Candy girls OMG stahp now please. What is so cute about a person that has to work her ass off to get a living? Is it funny? Are they entertained yet? We’re in episode 8!!! EIGHT! And Won is such a jerk I can’t. Tan is a non-entity, and Young-do, sigh, sigh, sigh – his presence is so infuriating I find myself cringing and swearing when he’s on my screen.

    Basically, I agree with everything you said, koala 😐

  3. Oh koala u r such a herd credit and pesimestic ! But of v
    Courwe u r recapping cuz ur damn great bu I don t think its as bad as u put it ! Relaaaaaaaax

  4. Thanks for the recap. That was fast!

    I am so disappointed in the long-awaited kiss. Tan had shown himself to be sensitive to Eun Sang’s feelings, but that kiss is a total blockhead move. Kissing a girl while she’s crying generally doesn’t make her feel better.

    (Except maybe when it’s LMH)

  5. Best recap ever! Thank you ockoala!! Your humor made me want to watch this trainwreck even more!! Maybe that’s what I actually look forward to…your recaps. I would still watch it anyways but going in with lowered expectations makes it enjoyable!

  6. The kiss is like all the kisses of Park Shin Hye…. She had good partners yet but she can’t kiss…

    She’s great for others things but it’s tiring to see her messing up all the kiss scenes :p

    I hope I’m wrong but I will have to wait for the next week to know it…

  7. The shock face from heartbeat looks worse and that was suppose to be her boyfriend. He kind of acting like gunpyo. I hope it just slow start.I went to a bad place when got her on her knee was said. I think he was refering to an earlier conversaion

  8. “Dick waving contest”.
    Lol. I had the same thought at the same moment. Well, I have that thought quite often, with those two.

  9. I have yet to watch episode 7 and 8, but so far I see where this is coming from. Kind of disappointed that basically we are still not given a solid plot. Sure it pleases our eyes with all these good looking people, but we are thrown with a bunch of questions that would probably be left unanswered.

    Heirs had so much potential considering that they have casted all these good young actors and actresses. What’s disappointing is that the characters don’t really have a “character”. Like with Bo Na. Yes, she’s pretty, popular, and RICH. Whats more is she’s Tan’s ex-girlfriend and Chanyoung’s girlfriend.. Now what? We’re already passed 8 episodes but we don’t even have something memorable about her. Not just Bo Na but this applies to the rest of the supporting cast.

    Anyway, thanks for the recap koala!

  10. I’s nice to watch LMH in love…..but Heirs has become a snorefest. Heirs tried to challenge Secret by releasing a teaser kiss and Secret hit back by giving the most exciting kiss sequence in Kdrama history. Secret kicked Heirs ass good.

    • I truly agree Sophie. I watched Secret RAW and was like blown away. Can’t wait for it to be Eng-subbed. Heirs is just bleh… compared to Secret that keeps getting better and better each week.

  11. Thanks Ms. Koala for this recap! I cannot believe how this is turning out! Too many people, too many stories, too many things going on…….My head will explode! Can’t we just focus on the OTP and be done with it? Is that too much to ask?

  12. Thanks for the recap Ms. Koala 🙂 Btw, are you watching Secret with Ji Sung and Hwang Jung-eum? I started watching it and loved it! It’s an awesome makjang. Curious to hear what are your thoughts on it.

  13. i dont think that kiss was long awaited at all for me, i’d rather it never happened tbh. i like rachel and youngdo together, but their characters are so one dimensional and we really dont get anything but evil from them. i seriously dont think youndo has to fall for eunsang, shes a fucking dormat. i dont see why any of the guys truly like her so much already, except for chanyoung coz they are childhood friends. speaking of which, i feel bad for bona now, because its always her going after him and ll he does is go after eunsang i would be jealous too. no matter how sweet, its obvious bona likes him more than he likes her.
    and tan..i just dont know why hes so infatuated with eunsang. i dont hate her character i like her, but i dont see something sooo great.

    • I know what you mean. I just don’t get it why Tan is so desperately in love with ES. When he was making moonie eyes at her in the US …..he had just met her!. I wish they ‘d show us more of what happened before he left for the US. I wish ES was a little more easy going and rolling with whatver she is dealt with. If only she didn’t take KT and YD and all those horrible people so seriously and didn’t have the pained look on her face all the time. My fantasy is ES tops the class and refuses to take Tan or YD seriously. She tell Tan…….Look , I have better things to do with my life than become the love interest of chaebol sons with eimpty lives……I want to make something of my life…..become neurosurgeoun or soemthing . …after I become that….call me!

      • Actually I’m pretty selfish and easy when it comes to hot guys and if someone as amazing as tan ( however rude he is to others) is so sweet on me, I would definitely fall for him so honestly I don’t understand why eunsang keeps pushing him away like even Hand I was better. U prolly think differently but this is after all just my opinion. I could care less if they end up together because I don’t feel any chemistry at all and I don’t like their characters. N park shin bye is an amazing actress but shes always taking the same damn roles when u think about it so I don’t even have the heart to try m like eunsang coz there’s no dimension whatsoever. I’m still keeping up with the series coz I honestly have nothing better to do aha

  14. What a cheap Ep !!!!!!
    The kiss that I have been waiting for happens in the END and now, I have to wait for next week. they could have at lease really show Eun Sang and Tan holding ” hand, hand”, instead, they had them hold each-other wrist !!!! Come on now… We are on EP 8 and nothing happens, and when it’s about to get good, it ends and than pick up with something that makes it mean nothing at all.

    But in the end, DAMN !!!!!, I’m still looking forward to the show and hoping that they will give us the viewer something good to make up the EP that means nothing.

    • I know right. and I am in consensus that that PREVIEWs are the best part of this series. It has all the best parts/highlights and all the excitement. hehehehe

  15. ha ha! Can’t wait to watch when it comes on good drama. Thanks for recapping! Understand completely what you’re saying about there being nothing much in this drama and I feel a bit ashamed that I’m enjoying watching it.

  16. I don’t want to comment anymore, cause it causes me more frustration. Anyway hope it picks up but personally dropped this last episode and will stay away. This is the drama that had all the buzz but never ever got the punch.. *sigh*
    Such a disappointing run when it has all the making of a great story with the writer and cast involved…

  17. Re the kiss: At least ES doesn’t have her eyes wide open in shock. The drama stinks, so keep upping the snark and we shall enjoy your recaps and witty criticism, Ms Koala…and thank you.

  18. I like your comments on: “Missed opportunity”. This drama has one of the highest anticipation locally and overseas. They had the change to sky rocket the stars in the drama to maximum overseas and locally. It reminds me of a new food range that has amazing ‘PR push and hype. Everyone want to taste the new product but it just did not delivery anywhere near expectations. The packaging is amazing but the food is just so normal that it is disappointing. This is the sense I get for this drama. The first two eps in US had the promising packaging but when they are back in Korea, everything just slowed down so much. It is so sad as it is down to writing. The actors are not their best and they are not a bad cast. Unlike Boys over Flowers, A number of bad cast but the story is good and it was enjoyable in its own way. As Koala said, it is so bad it was enjoyable. I was looking forward to every eps in the drama. Heir will be a drama that everyone will forget by next year. It does not have much impact to make other watch repeats. As Koala said. “Missed opportunity”

  19. Koala, I’m with you on the PD’s craptastic direction for having Park Shin Hye enact the stereotypical K-drama tightly pursed lips-eyes shut-frozen statue-kiss pose. Tsk,tsk- so disappointing! I think PSH and LMH are wasted in this drama, there is an undercurrent to their on-screen chemistry that could be really something fine ….in a better written project that is more age appropriate for them -20’s something…plus throw in some evocative swoon-worthy lip locking…and that’s golden for me. I really hope these two actors can be paired again, perhaps a movie would do their talents justice.

    • I agree LMH and PSH look good together is one of those couples in which I think they fit perfectly even opened I wonder how seen with a good script and a good story is a bit sad and disappointing

      • did not see episode yet,but from the pictures seems as a typical PSH kiss.Of course we can find many excuses again.Is from what side we want to see it.

  20. I have to add, my favourite pair in this drama is Kim Tan’s mum and Eng Sang’s mum. They are so cute together. Both of them create a the comic relive we need in this sad, slow drama!

  21. Hi Koala – apologies for bringing this up in a non-Secret thread. It’s fine if you don’t recap Secret but it would be lovely to hear your thoughts about it (even picking out the flaws, it’s great IMHO but not perfect). There are so many wonderful things about the drama – for this obsessed Bae Soo Bin fan, the best thing about Secret is that BSB’s character is the role of a lifetime for a great, under-rated actor like BSB and he sure is rocking the role of Do Hoon (besides having the chance of becoming the most hated K-drama villain ever)

    • BSB is not only a good actor….he’s gorgeous. Perfect symmetrical face . Camera loves that kind of face. I feel he needs to take better care of himself….because suddenly these last couple of years…..he looks a little puffy…….He needs to do a lot of green drinks and ease up on barbecued meat and soju. That perfect symmetrical face needs to stay fresh. I find him better looking than Jisung but Jisung wins me over with his sexy swagger……he is so comfortable in his body….if you know what I mean….and that is so attractive…..The four leads are perfectly cast in Secret.

      • totally agreed, BSB is the best looking of the four leads. I adore JS too and ‘cos of the story and superb acting of the two male leads, I will put up the the plastic in the women.. ha ha 😀

  22. I do agree with all comments about the storyline being slow and the KISS is a bit of a let down. However, considering it to be a high school based drama, I think it’s appropriate that the story is unfolding at a reasonable rate and the characters are what you see as high school kids. I mean you can’t really have them too extreme or as dramatic as those in let say “SECRET”. The kiss was what I expected it to be, again they’re playing two high school kids so I wasn’t expecting a very passionate kiss to start off with. So far, I’m enjoying all their performances so far and I think LMH and PSH looks good as a couple. I would like to see Young Do up his game abit in terms of showing he’s true feelings for Eun Sang and really going after her not just pestering her or doing things to her just to get back at Kim Tan. Do you agree with me in a way Ms Koala?

    • That they are still in highschool is a lame excuse for Park Shin Hye’s lame kisses. Playful Kiss was highschool themed, Operation Proposal was highschool but they didnt have lame kisses.

      Park Shin Hye is like frigid when it comes to kisses and her acting with the eyes wide open like a scared chicken is so overdone.

      • Yeah, that kiss in Operation Proposal…was HOT. The future kisses in this drama need to be like that.

      • hey Audrey, SPOT ON!! 🙂 I hope the PD and KES is hearing us LOUD & CLEAR?! seriously, do they ever know what their fans want?? makes me wonder.

  23. that’s why yoon eun hye is the queen of the dramas she can give all of herself to satisfy the viewers ,doesn’t have problems with the kisses , she is the best kisser .

  24. I’m not watching this drama bcs i got bored after episode 2 but i kept reading the recaps…sometimes i even skip parts in the recap, i can’t even imagine what i would skip while watching the drama…it’s just so blehhh…but the screencaps are pretty :/

  25. More Choi Jin Hyuk and Im Joo Eun, please. NOT like 3 seconds of screen time.
    Do away with Rachel’s and Young Do’s parents…and Tan’s mother is so silly,
    I just want to slap her.

  26. I decided to read your thoughts before watching the actual episode…Hmmmmm wall kiss, eh? You mean the kind that makes me want to smash my laptop in frustration of seeing beauty wasted? Thanks for the warning!

    Is there an audience who says, “Wow. That was awesome. I wish someone as handsome and loving as that would attempt to kiss me one day so I could rebuff him with my virginal lips that have no nerve endings. She’s my hero.”

    I just don’t understand.

  27. I love this drama. But i agree with you that it could have been much better than what we are getting.
    Actually judging from the comments on korean sites, the domestic viewers are loving this drama. The international fans had too much expectations because of cast and writer KES, that’s why there is disappointed.

  28. And to the Secret fans, you don’t have to come to every Heirs related article and spam it with your song ‘Secret is better,Secret is better’. We get it. I’m sure it is better, but please stop to be annoying. Thanks.

    • Comments are put for readers to write their thoughts. If it is offensive, I am sure Koala will remove them. Just relax and allow others to their thoughts about the drama. Do try to police the site unless you own the site. Who is annoying here, I wonder?

    • I’m sorry but it’s a fact and because most recap sites didn’t recap it, so they are disappointed, you can’t blame them, they don’t have anywhere to talk about it and discuss what’s gonna happen next except soompi,besides everybody is recapping Heirs and we don’t feel any plot progression or character development, it’s a waste of talent for all of them! and it’s not just Heirs recaps where I find people talk about secret, it’s in every recap for any other dramas airing right now, people are comparing everything to secret, just because Secret and Heirs are the top 2 you can’t see others! if the plot was written very will people wouldn’t have said things like that, though I find it unfair to compare a melo/revenge story to a rom-com but even when I compare Heirs to Mirae’s choice I prefer MC!

  29. Not sure if everyone feels this, but the sweetness and loneliness in KT reminds me Rui in Hana Yori Dango (I didn’t watch the Korean version)! Come to think of it, Yong Do character is very much the characterisation of Domyouji…

  30. I dont know how after so many dramas PSH still kiss the same. I like her acting but her kisses are the worst. It is like a constipated face and its so funny. It was ok for first drama, but why she keeps doing the same. I hope at some point she will get better at it.
    LMH i just love the guy. I don’t care if this is not his best character, i just love everything about him. I guess im his fan thats why im blind to the rest 😉
    Thank you for the recap

  31. There’s so much violence (physical and emotional torturing) in this show it’s so difficult to watch…err read. There’s nothing appealing about Tan and his constant pulling and shouting. I have never seen a show this violent in showcasing romance in a way that it seems normal,romantic, and justified (yeah I’m a lonely boy I can shout at women whenever I want)…and the fact that this is high school drama.

  32. I am actually loving this drama, but indeed, there is so much content that I wish it had. I don’t find myself rooting for Eun Sang and Tan much … I mean, I love their moments, but dang, I’m really into bad boy Young-Do. I want to see him warm up and fall for Eun Sang and I almost wish that they were the main OTP. I think she sees loneliness in him and he sees a caring heart within her. I’m a sucker for character development so go Young-Do! Fighting!

  33. Are they going to continue with this tug-of-war between Tan and YD? As it is, I don’t even know where the plot is headed….I still don’t get the purpose of the dad insisting that ES be placed in Jeguk High although I know that he had said it was to ensure that she understands her place in society! If he wants her to understand her place, he should just chuck ES and her mum out of his house and leave her be at her own previous school where normal people go to.

    This whole set up with Tan acting like a lovesick teenager is a bit weird especially seeing that he had live away from home for more than a year in the US, acted all cool with the surf dudes, attended Uni and all….The storyline didnt really make sense from there.

    I agree with you on the pink lipstick on everyone including the guys. Why??? I think LMH is pretty enough and the pink lipstick coupled with the thick foundation and his crazy-printed shirts are all adding up to make into Tan’s character into someone i find hard to identify with. He only looks normal when he is in the school uniform.

    It’s sad that a show with such beautiful actors and such a big budget does not make full use of it to turn it into something big and memorable. Sigh…I will just continue to watch for the sake of admiring LMH’s looks…despite the lipstick, make-up and odd choice of wardrobe…

  34. Because everyone always said what I want to, I’m just gonna say that I’m so sad that Bo Na and Chan Young’s moments have decreased. They may be the most interesting and enjoyable couple/characters of the show …
    Gosh’, the drama had it all to be so good. Such a shame and waste.

    Everyone is talking about Secret so I should check it out. Hope it doesn’t look like Nice Guy, I didn’t like it at all.

  35. Are you dropping the recaps? Can’t blame you for it. If you haven’t found anything good in this drama after 8 episodes, then it means it just sucks for you and well, for some people right?

    I actually thought you’re complains about Heirs is really well put, though I can’t agree with every single one of them. Whenever I read your recaps about Heirs, I imagine someone saying, “This is not it! It’s not supposed to be this way!”

    Well, it’s been fun.

  36. I know people gonna make fun of her kiss in this episode. Agree with Koala here if we gonna see kiss like this better none. Not that I’m a pervert or anything…some kisses gross me out. But I this one better no have. It’s the PD’s fault because if he wasn’t satisfied he can always ask them to re-act. I still don’t care about the story. I only watch the part that I like and make use of the forward button.

  37. I enjoy watching this drama , I hope Eun Sang will stand up and I hope someone rich in her family will appear to be her backbone 🙂

  38. I just hope Eun Sang and Chan Young ends together sending a big FU to Tan and Young Do. They’re both psychos, the only difference is that Tan appears to be on medication…uggghh this drama is killing me!!

  39. 8 episodes already. The writer really has to speed up the plot. Don’t think they will ever graduate from high school… lol…

  40. There has got to be a TIMEJUMP by EP 10, to their future post-college selves, otherwise, what else is there to see up to EP20? I’d still watch though, if only for the cast…

  41. I end up watching Heirs in epi 3. Such boring drama without any message. Maybe they have to jump 3 or more years to speed up the plot… Hahaha… Sorry for Heirs fans.

    • Maybe its because of the too short skirts of the girls. Haha! Why is it too short anyway??? Isnt that dangerous! Oh well, it would have been better if the girls had nice legs, its good the camera always focus the upper body.

  42. anyone can tell me the name of the song played in the 35th minute, the part where Young Do said to be in the cafe because he is lonely?

  43. I don’t want Tan and Eun Sang together. I’d rather she be with Woo Bin. It’s because I’m sick of their story line already! LOL Can we please move on to the others. This has to be the slowest moving drama everrrrrr!

  44. anyone know the song when young do’s friend puts his phone in the speakers to play it? young do is laying down thinking of the girl in episode 8.

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