New Couple Moon Geun Young and Kim Bum Spotted Strolling the Streets of Prague Hand in Hand

Attention drama fans in Europe, or maybe let’s start with the Eastern Europe contingent first. As the precursor to the fast breaking rumor that Moon Geun Young and Kim Bum are dating to the even faster confirmations from both their agencies (methinks GeunBum left strict instructions to come clean because Namoo Actors responded within 5 minutes of the news breaking), I’ve now sussed out how it all tumbled out. It was two separate spotting incidents that linked together to tell the entire story. GeunBum was first spotted at Incheon airport together, carrying couple bags no less, and looking really chummy. Incheon is swarming with paparrazi and drama/idol fans, so one should expect to be seen if leaving from that airport and take precautions to remain hidden if they wanted to be on the down low. Didn’t seem like they cared. They were seen passing through security together and into the boarding area, disappearing from sight. That led to speculation as to whether they were dating or could have been there to film something. Next came an overseas fan who spotted Moon Geun Young days later in Prague happily holding hands with a guy (fan didn’t recognize Bummie) and strolling the streets. That news got texted back to Korea and posted online in forums and voila, the two incidents were connection and the next thing you know agencies are confirming the relationship and the news outlets went into overdrive.

Korea is a lot more protective of its young actresses, especially an A-lister like Moon Geun Young with a sterling reputation, so the reaction has been mixed from cautiously happy to wondering if she could do better than Kim Bum, who is admittedly still a rising star and definitely a spottier track record. The international fans seem to skew towards a positive reception, and hilariously both Geun Young and Bummie’s huge Chinese fanbase and Baidu forums are trying to get along but it’s a bit patchy with some initial hysteria that has now died down. This always happens when two stars admit to dating, suddenly their disparate fanbases have to learn to coexist together and sometimes the results are hilarious with foot-in-mouth syndrome. I hope the GeunBum couples forum at Soompi has been enjoying their lucky field day, because its rare indeed for a popular shipping couple to actually be dating. I know, I’ve been there and been disappointed, so this one should be enjoyed as much as GeunBum seem to be enjoying their European vacation. So back to my opening statement, eagle-eyed European drama fans, please keep your eyes peeled for these two cutie pies. Who knows if they will show up in your neck of the woods in the next week or two.

Holding hands while strolling the streets of Prague with your new significant other. Guh, that’s about as romantic as it gets. Keep on holding hands, kids, keep on holding them hands. I expect to see you two walking tons of red carpets together, doing cute CF to my hearts content, and generally being all young and bloody in love. If it lasts then awesome, if it doesn’t then make it memorable, you hear me! Man, I need to go buy a lottery ticket, what with my luck lately. Now all my painful Goddess of Fire watch was all worth it, because I have drama stills of Tae Do-Jung Yi to chronicle their love story. I do have this untested theory that shitty dramas are the most likely to produce real life couples, because its so bad it forces them to bond more to get through the filming. LOL, who knows. If I had to put money down, I’d bet the next onscreen couple to get outed might be Kim Ji Hoon and Nam Sang Mi from Goddess of Marriage. Just a hunch is all.


New Couple Moon Geun Young and Kim Bum Spotted Strolling the Streets of Prague Hand in Hand — 107 Comments

  1. Thanks again Ms. Koala for sharing this news, for this timeline. So, that’s why… I’ve been wondering since this morning too, how come their Agencies were quick to make the announcement…So, thanks much to whoever spotted MGY in Prague and reported it back to Korea!

    Holding hands in public, in Prague? “Lovers in Prague, the Sequel”?
    More Love, Happiness and Success to GeunBum couple!

  2. There is no end to how happy i have been all day. This seems so unbelievable. I am assuming but i don’t think this just happened with this drama. I mean wham bam and let’s date. They had to have been communicating before this. I don’t know but i am very happy for them and hope it lasts forever for them.

    • I’m still pinching myself. Which is why I’m looking for more news in case it turns out to be my overactive imagination. But it’s not! Huzzah~

      • I cant believe they are dating. Their relationship must be quite stable for them to go public. Now everyone is watching them. Best wishes to them.

      • Well, at least something good came out of the worst drama! Perhaps the only way our young couple got through the nightmare that was the GOF was because they had eyes for each other!

        🙂 happy for them and hope it ends up with them getting married!

  3. You are right. This is shipper’s heaven.
    I want to comment on Knetizens
    -Why they keep bringing Bummie’s past violent life? Past is Past. I am sure he is a better person now that he has matured.
    -they keep saying that MGY could do better because she is A-lister and he is C-lister. That is absurd.Is there a rule that A-lister can only date A-lister?

      • His rep is that when he was in high school he was a Young Do in Heirs. XD I doubt its all true but likely he was a hotheaded brassy kid.

        What can I say. 男孩不壞女孩不愛. Geun Young knows what she’s getting, he’s grown up lots since he’s debut and that’s a given. Still plenty of room to keep on maturing, and he can’t land a better near age GF than Baeksang winner Nation’s Little Sister MGY.

    • Er, @anon, you’re the one bringing it up. Don’t say others are saying it, cuz no one said it here. The basics of online convo is – no need quote others unless that is a topic you want spread but don’t want to say it yourself. If it’s something you think doesn’t need to be discussed, best way is to not discuss it yourself in the guise of saying other people shouldn’t be bringing it up. It’s counter-intuitive. Or reverse trolling.

      • Ooooh, but now it’s make me want to watch badass Kim Bum. I think he’ll so hot, it’ll melting my heart

    • My cousin tellin’ me not 2 come here no more but after seein’ this comment, I gotta speak up. what the heck do k netizens mean that kim bum is “C lister”? That is BULLSHIT! he is one of most handsome k actors, he’s good actor despite second lead and he’s good singer. MGY is A list and KB should be on B list. She is NOT too good for him. ya know what? Some people think he’s too good for her in terms of looks. i quote what they say “hes handsome, shes not that pretty. no matter what them folks say, these two are cute couple. they got my support.

    • even tho MGY popular in Korea and around Asian countries, kim bum famous not only around Asia but also got international fans outside of Asia… South America, arab world, Mexico. in Korea, moon geun young is A list so she more popular than KB, but internationally, he’s more famous than her. Just tellin’ ya what I know based on research, statistics, and facebook accounts made by fans.

  4. Yes someone very generous!!! If someone ever sees GeunBum all lovey-dovetail together take a picture of that and be kind to share the photo to the world. It feels so unrealistict but feels so good. I also want them to participate in lots of CFs, Shootings, Variety Shows and they should win MBC’s best couple of the year. Hope they attend hand in hand so beautiful like they only know.

  5. Oh yeah, us GeunBum shippers are having the time of our life at Soompi….lol. I still can’t believe Moonie and Kim Bum admitted to their relationship so quickly. I love them even more because they are so honest and open with their feelings. ❤❤❤ GeunBum are the cutest and sweetest couple. ❤❤❤

  6. Wow…I need to pinch myself too. I thought they had amazing chemistry in GOF but didn’t expect an offscreen relationship. Now the rumors with Angelababy can die down. Lol. Congrats to the new couple. This is very exciting news!

  7. i love them thank you for the article dear..geunbum shippers join us on soompi Moon Geun Young And Kim Bum GeunBum Couple official thread!

  8. Omo, Koala, YES to KJH and NSM!! Ahhh now my hopes are high… XD

    Aww, I like how they don’t care and are dating like they want without having to hide.

  9. Yes, Ms. K, we are blissfully happy at GeunBum soompi forums from the wonderful news!

    Wishing a pic at least of them HHWW? Pretty please European fans? haha…

  10. im so happy…hardly shipping them. they are so cute together…i believe that the love is in the air since the bts were released…the sparkling is too obvious between them

  11. Hey sis.. I agree on this with everything you said. I was about to read about your comment on his hand injury. I thought the same thing when that went down.. But we will never know. lol

  12. I’m a fan and ship Geun Young and Geun Suk before. I believe they were together before in secret. I also got feeling their relationship dont work out. And this year after looking at how tenderly and romantic Kim Bum look at Geun Young BEFORE the news come out my heart divided into two. Seriously, i am amazed, i really believe there something and i got this feeling and BAM the news come out. Thank you Moon for making this decision to let out the public to know. Kim Bum is very very sweet and i wish them happiness! ;D

  13. Maybe while they are in Europe they pass by a famous designer boutique and will buy their MBC ceremony outfits, or even better their wedding engage rings even dress and suit!!!! Well enough daydreaming for today. Gotta have some rest now.

  14. I am still pinching myself too…I am so happy..I have no words to express it…finally, our beloved Geun Young is publicly dating with KB..whom I 100% approve…I am in 7th heaven….<3 <3 <3….

  15. wahhh…i love these two..they were so cute i wish my other ship (So Ji Sub-Gong Hyo Jin) could do as well as this two.

    • I wish those two would date irl too, but I’m not holding my breath on it actually happening – she’s quite open about the fact that she ‘falls in love’ with her leading men when she’s in character, and that it wears off after filming.

      Though it’s kind of understandable why people did ship – this is the first drama she’s done in years when she didn’t have a boyfriend irl, and she and SJS had some crazy-hot levels of chemistry that even a show as skinship-heavy as Master’s Sun didn’t quite do justice to.



    Please share info about this chinese scandal Koala! Some C stars and Jang Geun Seuk plus Exo guy into it (I’m scared of exotics lol)

    I think it is JSG, the hair he loves so much betrayed him in the end? lol

    Well, but they were just having fun time, so I don’t see anything wrong about it, but I’m sure their fandom are going crazy.

      • i think both actors had just been mirroring each other’s characters in the drama, hence the chemistry. i watched SJS’ other BTS’es with the other actresses he’s worked with, and i think he is naturally giggly and shy. it just so happened that GHJ is very sociable, and SJS did mention before how comfortable he is with GHJ, hence, all those fun interactions they had during the drama.

  17. I’m truly happy fr Kim Bum & MGY.

    If i’m not mistaken? there was a photo of them together a few years back, when they were younger? and GOF was some sort of reunion fr them?

  18. I’m so happy I even cried when I heard the news! Finally my ship didn’t fail me this time!
    Now I’m praying really hard that Gong Hyo Jin and So Ji Sub will be next!

  19. I might be affected by all the negative comments i’ve read about KB’s character and behavior, but i can’t understand how people can ship stars and celebrate in real life when they don’t know how they really are

    • them negative comments ’bout KB’s past behavior R just “rumors”. I believe he was a hothead in high school, but rumors of him stealing or beating people up….NOT true, I hope not. anyways, there no evidence for them rumors, so I don’t really know what to believe.

  20. I remember when watching video of geun geun couple a year ago, kim bum continously staring and stealing a glance at her, it was when moonie and team up as presenter in sbs drama award 2009, if im not mistaken kim bum was awarded as new comer and geun young gave the award to him.. anyone who watched that will know from his expression, bummie is moonie’s secret admire..

  21. I thought mgy would date a non-celebrity. She keeps low profile. Very surprised at the confirmation of dating with kb. Anyway feel happy for them. gof sucks but this couple rocks.

  22. the thing is ( though I am really happy with them being in a relationship) If Kim Bum is just messing around, a lot of people ( a thousand or millions of fans) would avenge Moon Geun Young. I like Kim Bum but I just hope (with all the speculations) that he is a decent guy.

    • @k-soup
      i not sure bout da past and i dunno Kim Bum personally, but for 1 thing, his costars ku hye sun & best friend lee min ho said KB is friendly, mature, shy, and respectful. them rumors ain’t certain. Could be true or NOT true cuz there NO solid evidence bout that.

      • I didn’t actually know that these rumors existed and just found out yesterday when the news exploded. It would be a shame if he is a jerk since I liked him since BOF days ( not a stalker type of fan). Liked him better than Lee Min Ho. hee

      • @ksoup
        I don’t think KB is a jerk AT ALL! These R “rumors” so we ain’t sure if they true and there’s no evidence. Lemme give example, Bi Rain’s got a bunch of scandals that confirmed 2 be true, so people say kim tae hee can do better. I know I went off topic…excuse me. but for kim bum, we don’t know if them ridiculous rumors are true. in terms of talent, I agree moon geun young too good for him cuz she leading actress and win many awards. But for looks, KB too good for her cuz he handsome and HOT from head to toe. A lot of people think MGY is not pretty and not hot. Not coming from my opinion…just tellin’ ya what I saw from posted comments in Otha websites. I like her cuz of her talent though.

    • you think KB messing around? yeah right. sure, MGY’s would talk revenge, but just 4 example, if she not loyal to him when he’s away in the army for 2 years, KB’s fans around Asia and his international fans would take revenge too. MGY more famous in Korea than him but KB is more famous internationally outside of Asia than her.

      • @k-soup
        The comment I just posted is 4 you bcuz i responded to the comment ya posted at 4:40AM.

      • I made a typo in comment posted at 6:08M. Meant to say “MGY’s fans would take revenge.”

      • oh please! Re read my comment. It says “IF” and “RUMORS”. Maybe we should all be friendly and express our opinion in a nice way. No one comes here for an argument especially not from me.


        If you’re gonna reply I won’t read it anymore. Have your one way conversation.

  23. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
    I'm seeing a lot of hearts right now because of this news! I wish their relationship go a long long way! ^^

  24. He must really love her then. Judging from his body language, the lingering looks and warm smiles – he’s so much in love with her. Doesn’t really matter if others think he’s better looking than her. It’s what he sees that matters. Also seems to be that he was the one who fell first and pursued her. Lucky girl!

    • Really? even tho ya not supposed to compare a guy and girl’s look, I agree dat In terms of looks, KB is gorgeous and hot, but moon geun young not pretty and looks like a little kid. for talent in acting, MGY is too good for KB, but in terms of looks, KB is too good for her. So they’re even. I’m starting’ to agree with other people’s commentz.

      • MGY a good actress and win lots of awards, I respect that. I agree KB fell for her first cuz his body language showed dat, but I heard she started 2 like him in beginning too, but she tried to hide it as if she not crushing on him. but on the contrary, KB’s action showed he clearly like her.

  25. Well, let’s just be for these two souls and leave them at that, after all it’s their life…just wish them happy and hope it’ll last into something more beautiful!

  26. Sincerity, love, loyalty and respect for each is what counts the most. for looks and fame are just fleeting and superficial things. A person can be the most good looking and most successful but if what in the heart is bad and has a rotten soul, then all those things are useless.

  27. Im speechless..i dont know how to react on tumbling drolling such a happy shipper here..words are not enough to describe what i feel..
    My GeunBum baby..i wish your everlasting love till the end..please make it happen <3<3<3

  28. Drama fans in Europe? *raising hand*

    If these two ever were fans of Kim Eun Sook, they might follow her Lovers trilogy backwards. Hence they could show up in Paris real soon. Not sure I’d spot them around and would notice them but Mystisith might be luckier than me.

  29. MGY is beautiful. ……it’s just she’s not shallow and dressing up, piling on the make up all the time.
    Just watche her in Cindrella’s sister where shes’ running away from CMY with all that hair flowing ……intensely beautiful. KB is perfect looking but that’s it…..he’s so inert and bland. Nothing intense or soulful about him. I am actually worried about this relationship ……I hope MGY is just having some fun. I don’t like the way KB is looking at her. It’s a bit sleazy …looks like a vain playboy at the top of his game. He is not a A lister yet no matter what his international fans say and I have a feeling it’s a very calculated move..

    • @sophie
      i know his acting ain’t that good, but them rumors ’bout his so-called bad attitude…NO EVIDENCE to prove it. don’t be judgin’ someone ya don’t know persoanlly. what if KB genuinely likes MGY? how could ya think bad ’bout him and sayin’he a sleazy, vain playboy at top of his game? THAT’S LOW! ya sound just like one of them judgmental haters!

      • I meant he seems vain and the way he’s looking at her seems a bit too smoooth, too condfidant. I am not saying he is a sleazy person. So what if he has a bad attitude……he’s young . But he gives the impression of being very vain…….I am sorry I didnt mean to upset you.
        My feeling about this coupling is MGY wants to have some fun and why not! What a gorgeous toy boy. I love that they picked Prague instead of predictable Paris.

      • now ur contradicting urself. first, ya said “i don’t like the way KB is looking at her. It’s a bit sleazy…” and now ur saying “i’m not saying he is a sleazy person”? from ur point of view, ya think he’s vain but many people think he’s humble. he’s drop dead gorgeous, but he ain’t a “toy boy” t be played with. he got feelings too like ev’rybody else and i just hope MGY and KB like each other for real.

      • it ain’t certain if he had a bad attitude. people spreading bad rumors ’bout his past. back in 2009, his BOF co-stars had individual interviews…ku hye sun, kim hyun joong, lee min ho said KB the most mature F4 member. i bet KB’s a nice guy, and them haters just talking trash to try to bring him down. luckily for him, he got loyal fans around Asia and the world to defend him. ya know, KB is better at singing than acting. i heard him sing live…he got strong smooth voice. he should became a K-pop idol.

  30. @sophie
    excuse me? how could you say kim bum is bland, inert? never heard such a thing. ya think the way he looks at her is sleazy? no it ain’t. I get that MGY is A list actress and he’s just B list. even tho she more popular in korea, KB is more famous internationally and outside of Asia than she is.
    sorry to say this, but A LOT of people think MGY is NOT PRETTY CUZ she look like an 11 year old. i just like her for talent, not the looks.

    • I like watching mvs of him…..where he just has to look beautiful …saw this mv of him where he is an angel…..he took my breath away but in dramas I find him too self conscious…..he’s just not a natural actor. In real life he seems very vain.

      • really? then why did his best friends lee min ho and jung il woo say he’s shy & down to earth? they know him personally. i know KB’s acting not that good, but i trust one day he gonna get leading role and one day become A-list actor. he just a late bloomer. lemme give example of a late bloomer who became one of top actors. johnny depp got his first leading role at age 27 in the movie Cry baby. over the years, he became one of the best American actors on A-list.

      • Because that’s what best friends are supposed to say. I am sure KB has humble moments. I am just saying he SEEMS vain.

      • @sophie
        well that’s ur point of view and misperception. “that’s what best friends are suppposed to say?” not everyone does that! celebrities and everyone else got an ego, but it’s OK to have confidence.

      • @sophie
        i dunno ’bout u but i’ve posted enough comments. i don’t want others to misjudge that i’m rude and so it’s time for me to go. i already made my point so I got nothing else to say.

    • Believe me, MGY is beautiful. Not in that plastic generic way but in a real natural way. KB is a natural beauty too. He’s just doesn’t have the x factor for me. I need my actors to have talent and charisma……just perfect mannequin looks is not enough for me.

      • @sophie
        look i wanna leave, but i just gonna remind something. beauty is in the eye of the beholder. it’s okay if ya think MGY is pretty, but many people don’t think she pretty cuz she look like a 12 year old. besides i seen better looking women like song hye kyo, kim tae hee, ruby lin, beyonce, alicia keys,and so on. many people said in terms of looks, KB too good for MGY cuz he perfect from head to toe, but for talent, she’s too good for him. let’s end this conversation right here cuz ya already got my points from my comments above.

      • @sophie
        sorry to say this, but moon geun young’s not pretty to me either; no offense.
        kim bum’s acting needs improvement…i know, but he’s good singer. his hometown album became big hit in Japan. KB may not be that popular in Korea, but he’s got millions of fans around Asia and international fans outside of asia too; he’s got looks and talent, but he just gotta work harder. I just gonna defend him ONCE. I’m ain’t NO obsessive fan so dont get me wrong.

    • @ all the haters of Moonie. Stop hating on her! She isn’t a child and she looks pretty to Kim Bum if not why would he like her! So stop hating! And Dont hate on Kim Bum. If you are a true fan of the both of them or one of them be happy for them. Shoot! commenting as anonymous and bashing the couple isn’t going to stop them from being a couple. They have stated that they are dating so please get over it! STOP Hatting. thank you.

      Another thing. You say she looks like she’s 11 then you are saying KB is attracted to an 11 year old. She may look youthful so what! are you jealous of her. Gosh i hate people hating on her because of her youthful looks. If you aint got nothing nice to say keep it to yourself. You sure ain’t a fan of either of them if you bashing on them or the one they love. JUST SAYING!

  31. If my post recognition radar is working, I am going to guess that someone in this thread shares a laptop in the living room with the a legion of KB fans.

    • @jomo
      excuse me? watch ur mouth! don’t accurse me of somethin’ i aint doing. i’m sitting alone using my cousin’s iPad to post comments ’bout KB and MGY. i dont even pretend to be someone else. i just go by anonymous. i did nothing wrong so don’t ya start an argument!

      • @Jomo
        were ya talkin’ about someone else? ya better not be referring to me cuz i ain’t gonna let ya judge me wrong. all them comments under anonymous with light blue square are all mine…just me, myself, and I. if ya look, the writing and wording are similar. it shows that I’m one person the whole time.

    • My exact same thoughts. But somehow I find it funny. Hey it’s cute to have a huge crush with Bummie (he’s really handsome and talented) but somehow these girl feels really rude and obsessive.

      • @Meli
        so what if I’m one of obsessed fans? i’m not rude. just defending KB and givin’ logic reasons and i admit his weaknesses. i don’t switch usernames and the whole time, i’m the same one person posting comments. if ya gonna insult me, then i might as well leave this site.

      • @anonymous Because you keep defending obsessively Kim Bum, he’s a nice guy, he might have problems in the past. But it’s all gone now. What truly bothers me is that you keep repeating MGY is not pretty and your “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” We MGY fans see her Beautiful. If someone would say Kim Bum isn’t handsome (he is handsome) you would jump in his deffense.

        You’re rude because you keep doing this! We get you think she’s not pretty, we get it. Whats more important Bummie thinks she’s pretty and you won’t like a girl/guy only based on looks, would you??
        I’m so happy for Kim Bum, he had a huge crush on Moonie and she reciprocates his feelings. It’s wonderful.

    • @Jomo,my recognition radar also pick up the same signal as yours. When the news broke out about MGY and KB. My first thought is that SOMEONE will sure strike out again!!

      • @rch311
        It’s ignorant how you can’t tell that it’s ANOTHER DIFFERENT obsessive fan posting multiple comments. This person writes the same way. I can tell this time, it’s not the group of fan girls sharing one computer and switching usernames.

  32. I know right sis Meli. That person is getting on my last nerve. Don’t bash Moonie if you are a true fan of KB. He loves her that’s why they have announced that hey are dating and is traveling together. So get over it!

  33. @anonymous at least we have name and are supporting the couple because they love one another. you are in hiding and bashing KB’s love. how are you defending him when you are doing the opposite and basically saying his judgement on picking Moonie was wrong. Saying she’s not pretty at all and saying she look like she’s 11. You trying to say that Bummie is with Moonie because she looks like she’s 11? come on. just be supportive and respect Bummie’s choice.

  34. I am sooooo excited to see some pictures of them together…. Be Happy Moonie and for Kim Bum. KB please take care of our Angel..
    we will be watching you… lol. srsly, have fun and be happy both

  35. On October 20, MGY updated her CYWORLD page with the song “Two People” (Uri Saram) by Sung Si Kyung. It has a beautiful melody and Sung Si Kyung is an awesome balladeer. But what struck me most about this song is why MGY she chose this song on that day. My days with the GeunGeun ship taught me that many of MGY’s chosen songs for her CYWORLD updates have a message behind them…for someone… So I had a feeling then there was something special about that CYWORLD update but quickly set that feeling aside after reading somewhere that the new drama “Heirs” has “Two People” as one of its OST songs. As you may know, MGY watches K-dramas too…But with yesterday’s awesome news, I can’t help but conclude that song was for the “Two People” of the hour, that is her, MGY and her love, KB.

    Check out this YT link which has the song and English Translation:

    The lyrics are so romantic and very appropriate for our lovely couple. And it could well have been Taedo’s and Jung-Yi’s Theme song. My favorite verse in this song’s English Translation is:

    We, two people, will be shelter for each other

    Who’s falling in love now?! (*^__^*)

    GeunBum, may your love be your shelter for each other! Fighting! 🙂

  36. For the love of everything. Why must every single detail of their relationship be analyzed? Who cares how they are, who cares how they acts, who cares if they are A listers or B Listers. They must be dating for a reason. Plus MGY is old enough to know people and know what she wants. If you love them, you love the and if you don’t, you don’t. It’s as simple as that.

    • Amen! This post started with such wonderful wishes then it got distorted and now analyzed. They are both loved actors. They are both eye candy and they found a reason to be together. YAY! Let us all wish them the best and hope for pictures because they are lovely apart and together.

  37. Their photos have just been released by Dispatch now. You can barely tell if it’s them, but I’m happy to see them so lovely and dovely. Looks like both of them are really in love with each other. Kim Bum is taking great care of Moonie and feeding her!XD

  38. To me at least Moon Geun Young is not an A-lister and i think she is terribly overrated … Whether is it looks or acting skills.. Korean netizens are blind in my opinion…

  39. According to what I read they’re traveling to Hungary, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France and then England. Any fan in those countries raise your hand :))

  40. I am happy that Moon Geun Young and Kim Bum are a couple. Actors/actresses are humans too, so they should be allowed to live and love… finally, these two young stars found each other and are not hiding the fact that they are a couple. It is about time that fans learn to accept and appreciate their idols and that they have a life too. Other actors/actresses/singers/idols should follow suit. Wish I could be in Europe right now….lol

  41. Haters gonna hate..your opinion doesn’t defined who’s MGY is..remember there’s no perfect in this world,so stop saying bad words about MGY coz you don’t know her at all..Only God have the right to judge everybody! Soooo if you don’t have any good words to say to her then shut the fuck up.

  42. MGY is an angel, she’s beautiful inside out. I hope our lovely couple are falling deeper in love during their trip and prove to everyone that they are perfect for each other.

    Love knows no boundaries, whether its age, race or distance. If you’re a true fan of either Moonie or Bummie please supportive and respect their choice.

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