Two Dates Coming Up for the Different Pairings in Marry Him If You Dare

The second female lead is hands down the worst written of the four leads in most K-dramas. Awesome second male leads are a dime a dozen, endearing second female leads is like Santa spotting Rudolf in a pack of reindeer. Han Chae Ah has made a nice career out of playing second female leads that aren’t totally awful and even sometimes cool in her own right. Good for her, because I can count so many female actresses who play screechy bitchy second female leads in every single drama. It took me four episodes but I’ve totally warmed to her Yoo Kyung in Marry Him If You Dare (Mirae’s Choice), in some ways I like her even better as a character than Mi Rae. There is a jaded self-awareness in Yoo Kyung yet she still harbors girlish hopes and fears. I wonder why with future Mi Rae’s meddling, three of the four leads Shin, Mi Rae, and Yoo Kyung have all proceeded to fall for their original spouses, but only Se Joo has deviated from their fate and fallen for Mi Rae? I thought that Yoo Kyung would fall for Shin after their accident but surprisingly that wasn’t the case, and the OTP has only eyes for each other in the original and alternate time line so quickly it does take the wind out of the sails for future Mi Rae’s plans. I hope the drama starts showing us how Se Joo and Yoo Kyung fell in love the first time around, I think that will cement whether this OTP is also as destined to be as Shin-Mi Rae. In the new stills released by KBS, the first batch show Se Joo and Yoo Kyung have a BBQ date on the rooftop somewhere. It looks fancy, which makes sense since Yoo Kyung knows Se Joo’s real identity.

I love that Yoo Kyung’s first reaction upon learning Se Joo was a chaebol heir was distress and sadness, because that puts him out of her reach when before he was just the junior VJ that she was beginning to fall for his sincerity. I loved it even more that her keeping Se Joo from interrupting Mi Rae and Shin in the subway was not to benefit her growing interest in Se Joo, but was genuinely aware that the moment was meaningful for Shin and Mi Rae and shouldn’t be interrupted. I’m looking forward to their rooftop date, but from the accompany article it seems like Se Joo is sad and his mind is elsewhere. Did he get turned down by Mi Rae already? If I were him, and I really liked her that much, then I would make the effort to have court her in tandem with Shin and let her make the decision after she spends more time with both guys. Of course I think her decision is made since she’s shown no romantic interest in Se Joo so far, but I like letting men compete fairly and having the woman make her decision with all the facts laid out. If Mi Rae chooses Shin despite knowing a future with him is likely bad, and knowing she’s giving up the cushy life with chaebol Se Joo, then Mi Rae is in fact much more grounded and courageous than I give her credit for. The second batch of new stills are more funny than anything, showing Shin going all covert in sunglasses and a face mask for his upcoming date with Mi Rae. I forget sometimes that he’s a top new anchor already with fame and success, because when he’s with Mi Rae he seems like a little boy sometimes and so open with his thoughts they appear more like equals. I can’t wait for Monday to come and more MHIYD!


Two Dates Coming Up for the Different Pairings in Marry Him If You Dare — 23 Comments

  1. It has been a long time since ive been one of those first commenters hahaha anyways gosh how i wish se joo would look at yoo kyung the way he was supposed to already back when their fate weren’t intervined. In fact i think, i find myself leaning towards the second leads progress as a couple than the main leads hardehar…

  2. I’m shipping Shin-Mirae and Seju-Yookyung, too. I also curious why Seju is the only one who falls for wrong person and how Seju and Yookyung supposedly met in the first place.
    Btw, Shin’s jacket looks like what Seju wear on past episode. Don’t tell me now they recycle the wardrobe.

    • I know I have said this before, but toes curl every time I see a picture of him. I don’t even realize I am doing it until my feet start feeling funny. Meyowzzaaa, indeed.

  3. I really like Yoo Kyung’s character, for the show started out like she is going to be the traditional second lead, but we really see the struggles that she has and that she is much smarter than she is allowed to be in her job. I like how she stops Se-Jung from interrupting Shin and Mi rae, and I completely sympathize with her at that party. I have been to too many parties where I am obligated to talk to people that I don’t care anything about for work or to raise money. Unfortunately, there is never a Seju waiting to give me a ride home! In many ways she is mroe complicated than Mi-Rae, but maybe with the changes everyone is going through, they could end up being friends. I love when that happens (aka–Mars and Protect the Boss)

  4. I am really interested in how SJ/YK fell in love too. He fell instantly in love with Mirae, but that love is pretty much just infatuation to me. If they got together for any period of time it probably wouldn’t work out. Given his cynicism about money there has to be more to his loving YK than just love at first sight.

    Seju’s confession is pretty risky. Though I’m glad for it since it will obviously lead to Mirae making a choice one way or the other. I’m interested in why he does it. It could be he feels threatened by Shin so he has to make a move, or maybe he’s just feeling in the confession kind of mood.

  5. Koala Unni,
    Maybe Se Joo is the only one not following their love story, because he seems like the only one that fell in love at first sight. Although we don’t know yet how exactly Se Joo and Yoo Kyung fell for each other, but we know it involved water like when he met Mi Rae. That was the most unrealistic kind of love. In his other future, at least the girl reciprocated his feelings so the love developed, but his love here isn’t developing b/c Mi Rae doesn’t love him.

  6. I love so much the original couples because they’re the ones they have chemistry with. Shin and Mi Rae falling in love one more time is awesome. And how Yoo Kyung fell for Se Joo was so cute. I simpatize Yoo Kyung. She’s talented but she knows how to survive in the harsh media she’s in. The girl’s strong, she knows what to do, but it’s not the way she would want to do it. I can’t wait to see how Se Joo falls for her. Will there be water involved? And I want Shin and Yoo Kyung to develope a friendship so Mi Rae and Se Joo confuse their relation and get jealous. I’m enjoying so much MHIYD. Bring it on!!!!

  7. Thanks for this post Koala. I was desperate for more stills to tide me over until Monday. As for your question, “I wonder why with future Mirae’s meddling, three of the four main leads Shin, Mi Rae and Yoo Kyung have all proceeded to fall for their original spouses, but only Se Joo deviated from their fate and fall in love with Mi Rae?” I have wondered the same thing. Do you think maybe Se Joo after falling for Yoo Kyung in the initial timeline may have met Mi Rae and admired a quality in her, but ignored this attraction to follow through with his relationship with Yoo Kyung? Of course, it was an just an admiration but he is really fated for Yoo Kyung. Maybe all the circumstances that future Mirae triggered when she came back and the admiration he had in the alternate timeline could have been the catalyst in Se Joo’s falling for Mirae and staying that way in the current timeline. However, fate will rectify all this after Mi Rae turns him down. Gosh Monday is just too far away even though for me, it’s only one more day to wait.

  8. It makes me more badly wonder now how Seju fell for Yookyung in the original timeline. We already got to see how Mirae and Shin met and fell for each other in the original timeline, so I think it’s fair enough now to give us a glimpse of Seju and Yookyung’s. Can’t wait for the next episodes!

  9. I hope Kim shin changes his hairstyle. Looks so outdated like those in 90s where pple put so much gel. Prefer the natural wind blown hair

  10. I am seriously in love with Yookyung. I don’t know, I just can’t help but fangirl when she comes in screen. She is an aegyo girl but she is just freakin’ adorable that you can’t hate her.
    I think I replayed a thousand times the moment when she departed from Mirae and she ran cutely. Gosh’, am I normal ?

    But yeah, I really don’t understand why Se Ju is the only one not falling in love “right away” like his original self. I mean, Mi Rae and Shin are in love and YK is in love with Seju but he doesn’t even show a slight of interest for YK. It makes me wonder how he fell in love with her in the original timeline. They say “water” and “Jeju” but it can’t just be that he fell in love after seeing her dancing/walking in the water, right ? And her, in the original timeline, she didn’t know that he was a secret chaebol so I presume she fell in love with him when he was covered as VJ but didn’t they talk in Jeju ? Gosh’, so many questions.
    One comment that I remember and which explains why Seju is the typical second male lead in love with the girl is because for the time being, they had to go with the love triangle and all. But really, like someone said, I hate the fact that YK has to be treated second class (Seju is going to be rejected and then, he will see how amazing is YK and blablabla).
    But so far, drama is good. Like really good 😀

  11. I love how much depth the relationships on this show have. The writer is doing an amazing job at showing realistically why the two “fated” couples are made for each other–that even their flaws complement each other–and I am convinced that Se Joo will come to his senses and see that Yoo Kyung and he are made for each other. It’s clear that he’s drawn to Mi Rae not because they fit together, but because she validates this romantic idea of what he thinks he wants to be. I think he fetishizes her as a “common man” type. From his privileged position, he sees her outsider status as a result of a free-spirited, brave streak that he envies. Ironically, Mi Rae has her own insecurities that Se Joo doesn’t (want to) see. Shin sees those and connects with them, and in doing so encourages Mi Rae to take more risks.

    For SJ, being with Mi Rae would give him the ultimate stamp approval of his desire to learn how the “other half” (or 99%) lives. Whereas Yoo Kyung challenges him to be real and accept/excel in his actual situation. I loved Yoo Kyung’s reaction to learning SJ’s real identity in part because it revealed so much about her character, but also in part because she had real wisdom into his “mission” and she could openly discuss the flaws in his plan (as he will never truly be able to escape his privilege) while being (again) pleasantly surprised by his idealism.

    In this vein, Mi Rae doesn’t need/wouldn’t truly appreciate Se Joo’s fierce feminine streak, whereas it totally rocks Yoo Kyung’s world. I love the second pairing almost as much as the first pairing, but I am ready for Se Joo to come to his senses. It is painful to watch him pine for Mi Rae and overlook the smart, spunky, awesome Yoo Kyung by his side.

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