Mi Rae Receives a Flowers and Balloons Confession in Marry Him If You Dare

It’s Monday so that means another highly anticipated episode of Marry Him If You Dare (Mirae’s Choice). With the way the narrative is unfolding, the English title might be more apropos as Pick the Other One If You Dare. I actually don’t have a problem if Mi Rae accepts Se Joo’s confessions in a misguided attempt to do as future Mi Rae says. It adds more tension to the drama and tension is always good. Except in this case, it would contradict how independent present Mi Rae has been acting, not to mention I actually like Se Joo and don’t want him to be a sacrificial lamb at the altar of future Mi Rae’s attempt to redo her own life. Se Joo has his own path, one that included Yoo Kyung, and even if he detours into liking Mi Rae first it shouldn’t drag on when its clear Mi Rae doesn’t reciprocate his feelings. If she didn’t meet Kim Shin at all, I think she could totally date him and they might even have a go at it. The problem with trying to thwart fate is that fate is a bitch that does whatever she wants, at least when K-dramas are concerned. I like that Se Joo falling for Mi Rae was not the result of manipulation by future Mi Rae. Aside from getting Mi Rae to Jeju, that was the extent of her meddling. The rest happened beautifully with the night swim, which echoed nicely Se Joo’s student film about the lonely guy on the beach. No wonder he was captivated by Mi Rae at first sight. But his feelings unfolded like a viewer becoming a fan of an actor we see onscreen, there is a lot of projecting going on. He’s projected onto Mi Rae this impression that she’s daring and free spirited, unconstrained by the ties that hold him down. When Shin asked Mi Rae why she is close with Se Joo, it’s telling that she uses his words to describe Yoo Kyung back at him. It was a retort, yes, but we know Shin and Yoo Kyung have no feelings other than as colleagues so his words were just tossed out. But for Mi Rae, Se Joo has been a friend so far, so her inability to be sincere about why she’s friends with him when asked by Shin rather downplays his importance in her life. I wonder what Mi Rae’s response will be to Se Joo’s confession? I hope she seriously considers it in light of her feelings and all the info she’s been given and responds in a way that remains true to herself. I do have to point out a weird tidbit in these new stills – Mi Rae is holding two different bouquets. Curious minds want to know what that means.


Mi Rae Receives a Flowers and Balloons Confession in Marry Him If You Dare — 22 Comments

  1. It doesn’t look like she is holding SeJoo’s flowers.. I’m curious about how will SeJoo take this rejection, as the vj he would probably go all emo but as a cold chaebol he would probably get a bit vengeful, I’m sure his pride will be hurt. Ohhhhh the anticipation. And ahhh I hadn’t caught on to the beach scene and SeJoo’s film! That’s so true o.o

  2. Seriously I want Mi Rae to accept Se Joo,s love for a change. My opinion is first leads always be fated to fall in love. A twist will be interesting. Btw JDG is handsome and cool. I like him since years back.

  3. however SeJoo ends up, i’m sure JYH is just so relieved to have dodged heirs and get to actually improve his acting with MHIYD. excited for tonight!^_^

  4. if the drama were longer I wouldn’t mind her accepting and having a go at dating him before and seeing it wouldn’t work on both sides, but since it’s not I’d really rather her get it over with. I reaallly want to start with SJ/YK loveline already. I do think Shin and her need a dramatic coming together and not just he wins because she turns down Seju, so I suspect it’s going to be a bit more complicated than that. Can’t wait to see either way.

    I am curious if his confession is going to contain any honesty about who he is.

  5. I hope Mirae won’t accept Seju. She clearly knows she loves Shin. But I’m curious how they will fill the rest of 10 episodes after Seju-Mirae ship sinked.

    • @jellycake
      Yes indeed. I read that few days ago on soompi from someone who quoted it and had a déjà vu reading Koala’s. It is exactly the same, from the layout and structure of the evidence provided.

  6. I may be the only one thinking that but I feel because we already have the couples set or kind of but pretty sure that Se Joo and Yoo Kyung will happen in a near future, something will happen to all the couples. The future investigation police guy or whatever will do something to punish Future Mi Rae because she wasn’t supposed to be in contact with all of them. Will he just erase their memories to undo what Mi Rae did or as a bigger punishment, will he manipute all their lives in some kind of cruel ways ? (I just finished watching the latest episode of The Walking Dead, pardon me if I’m being a little bit on the sadist side XD.)
    But yeah, it’s obvious that Mi Rae loves Shin so she will reject Se Joo or … not. Gosh’, I love this drama. So unpredictable 😀

    I just want to see Yoo Kyung happy. Seeing her sad face breaks my heart …

    • It’s that hair color.

      Doesn’t go with her skin. Does nothing enhancing for her (or anyone who’s pale/fair including Gong Hyo-rin in Master’s Sun) = it washes skin tone right out.

      If it was slightly darker or brown … it would sit on her much better, and frame her face.

    • Actually, I think Yoon Eun Hye is a great fan of Princess Merida from Disney’s ‘Brave’. Maybe Merida is Mirae in English.Haha,one crazy guess! That’s one fascinating and fearless hair to wear!

  7. Oh dear, and I am the fencesitter who ships BOTH men, still.

    – while I know Se Joo holds less chemistry and sizzle interest for her, that dratted first night beach scene + their car wash together held me spell bound for this pairing. that’s hard to shake off because Se-Joo is a pretty decent dude.

    – plus I don’t like Yoo-Kyung that much. someone who wrangles invites into chaebol parties, just reeks pretentious wannabe.

    – and I don’t totally buy her UNselfish intentions at that water sprinkler scene, when she advised Se-Joo to leave the Mirae and Shin alone to their moments.

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