SBS Releases New Longer Preview for Episode 9 of Heirs

Heirs, you mostly suck and you know it. But I can’t quit you, I just can’t seem to quit you. Maybe its those dang exciting previews at the end of each episode, which folks have rightly pointed out seem to be the highlight of every episode, because what goes on before and after it is just a whole lotta nothing. I’ve been saying for episodes now that the next episode should get better. When they get back to Korea, I said. When they start school, I said. When everyone starts interacting, I said. Will I be jinxing it by saying that the just released long preview for episode 9 looks exciting, and that stuff is actually happening? Is the world of Heirs finally going to spin away from the axis of staring and more staring? I sure hope so, and to spice it up, episode 9 has two major fights. There is a girl bitchdown happening in the bathroom (ahahaha, of course), where Rachel storms in and grabs Eun Sang’s hair in front of Bo Na and Yi Seul. Nice, not that I’m condoning hair-pulling as a method of problem solving, but this drama has no semblance of reality so if there is action I’ll take it. Even more exciting than a catfight is a full blown knock down drag out fight between Tan and Young Do. FINALLY! Those two just need to fight it out, because clearly talking it through is not an option and hugging it out is as likely as Ji Sook and Ki Ae starting to get along and calling each other sisters. Tan starts it by using Lee Min Ho‘s long long legs and shoving it in Young Do’s middle region, who doesn’t take it laying down and flips Tan right over his shoulder. Later both boys are seen with re-arranged faces so I’m assuming the fight got all up close and personal after that. It would be hilarious if both of them got kicked out of Empire High, though of course that can’t happen because we would have no show. Young Do seems to be really into Eun Sang, his interest is honestly even more inexplicable than Tan’s lonely boy glomming into a nice bundle of decent warmness in Eun Sang. Young Do tracks down Eun Sang’s former home, and then goes to the cafe to bug her and even warns away other boys who are harassing her. I know believe Eun Sang is a harassment magnet. Eun Sang and Tan’s relationship seems to take multiple steps forward, with hand holding on the street to Eun Sang confessing she does like Tan back. The big kicker is that Won spots them together outside the house, and what big brother does with that knowledge will go a long way to my disliking him more or starting to change my opinion about him. All in all, this preview doesn’t look bad at all.

Long preview for episode 9:


SBS Releases New Longer Preview for Episode 9 of Heirs — 48 Comments

  1. This preview got me to anticipate the next episode more. Yes, this kind of preview makes it difficult to quit The Heirs, such a tease.. Love your site btw, awesome review and screenshots..

    • Finally have those guys (Tan and YD) have their much needed smackdown. though i thought that from all their pint up angst one would go straight to the hospital.
      If YD was poor he’d be gangter..

  2. so much violent for eighteen years old… i just hope the story moving forward because of it. And hoping the writer have a happy ending for Young Do too. I really hope Young Do’s father go the hell

  3. I’m loving Heirs….even when there is so little plot movement…I love our OTP…

    Tan is my favorite 🙂 I love the role reversal in the show with the main lead having all tropes of a second lead..

  4. part of me actually wish that ES will end up with YD..
    though tan has complicated family, he has his mother..
    but YD, he has no one, his dad is abusive and super evil..
    I pity him if he didn’t end up with anyone

  5. I think the reason I don’t want to watch this is I feel tricked by the writing. All promise no payoff. That is how I felt with AGD.

  6. thks so much for the preview … I hd just finished watching ep. 8 but of course I hd read yr recap previously …
    I really really like heirs.
    it’s so different fm BOF becos at least d main female lead isnt the super woman that we often see in kdrama whr though she’s poor but very strong, happy and super nice.
    ES interactions with her mom feels real – she gets annoyed with their condition sometimes even to d point of leaving her mom. I found that relatable in real life.
    Tan is also likable and pitiful and his feelings for ES is so sweet n warm
    YD … he’s very pitiful though of course none of his actions are justifiable.
    overall I really like heirs.
    can’t wait till wed … sigh …
    idmt -MHIYD fits d gap just nice …. LDG…hmmmm…..

  7. I’m starting to understand how those long previews work & I bet that this is a trailer for ep 9 AND 10… Highlights indeed but I’m glad to see that the romance lines are starting.
    Let’s have YD realize that the race for ES’s heart is already lost. The sooner he gets over it, the sooner he can start stalking/bugging Rachel since those 2 will obviously end up together (& they are more interesting anyway).

    • Oh My Gosh’, I know. I want Rachel and Young Do together. They remind me of Blair and Chuck of Gossip Girl. They have such a good chemistry and both of them are twisted in some ways.

      • Rachel + YD :They look perfect for each other and is true in dramas evil characters are a lot more interesting than the good ones.

      • I also find Rachel and Young Do intriguing because they remind me so much of Chuck and Blair (and let’s not forget Chuck also had daddy issues and let’s not start about Blair with her gay dad). So I do hope Young Do moves on from CES fast and starts moving towards Rachel. It’s truly a match made in hell for me lol.

  8. As for me, I want to see more momance (Eun Sang’s and Tan’s Moms’ interactions. They are bound by some funny twist of karma.

  9. Ok, not that I love YD as a person but I find his character so much more interesting than Tan. Tan is just there and kinda boring. Part of me wants YD to just mature already and end up with ES. I honestly see more chemistry between PSH and KWB than her and LMH.

  10. I’m like you I guess. Granted, I read recaps and only watch the parts I like but I can’t seem to say “F*CK The Heirs, I’m out of here”. It’s like I feel obligated to watch it and it’s awful because everytime I read recaps, I keep fighting “gosh’, this show could have been amazing if they did that or not that”
    For example, I wanted this drama to be a korean version of Gossip Girl. It’s not original but I’m pretty sure they could have improved some things, changed to the korean culture … etc. It’s supposed to be a high school drama and although I get they are chaebols and so, parents issues … etc. I would have prefered to have Hyo Shin and Myung Soo’s characters developped rather than having the love triangle between Rachel’s mom, Chan Young’s dad and Young Do’s dad. It’s just so frustating because it feels all over the place. It’s like the drama wants to be this but also that.
    I love catfights because in high school, there is bound to have conflicts between girls and big fights between boys. Teenagers, what do you expect ? So I hope they will INCREASE high school scenes with a lot of interactions between the students and DECREASE everything else. I know Tan and Eun Sang are supposed to be the main characters but for me, the most boring parts gotta be when they are at the house. Yeah, they bump into each other, yeah they are different social classes, yeah, they love to stare at each other but come on … I guess even though I had low expectations for this drama, I shouldn’t have expectations at all.

  11. Yes previews are always better because they can cut and put things together that looks really interesting, but when we actually view them in full feature it turns out to be boring. sigh… I’m also with you regarding toggling between dropping the drama or watching. I can’t seem to drop this drama, even though I have been stating that I will if it becomes boring. I continue to watch as if KES is going to write a twist in the drama that makes it more exciting and I wouldn’t want to miss it. Does that even make sense after 8 episodes? Oh well, at least there’s Chan Young to keep us smiling.

  12. It is like someone said …..YD is Domiyioji, Tan is Rui. I also want ES with YD. Tan bores me. Can’t wait for YD to fall desperately in love with ES.

  13. Ugh, I’ve mixed feelings about this! I’m wary about how the previews always always managed to reel me in with all its promises of drama and excitement, but then fail to deliver, but I think it’s getting heated up, and things are finally picking up! 🙂

    On a sidenote, Koala, have anyone seen the jdrama, Ando Llyod? KimuTaku and Shibasaki Kou look amazingly good 🙂 It’s absolutely fantastic, and I would love it if Koala would ever choose to recap it! 🙂

  14. I am so in love with Heirs. It’s not perfect but for me the story is cool. I never think that it sucks like most of you here think it does. I guess this is just not your cup of tea. But this is not a problem, right? Because you certainly can have plenty of other interesting drama out there, like, the one with plot-based approach drama for your hunger of more compelling actions/plot like the sageuk genre. The Heirs is, IMO, a character-based drama, that’s why we’re invested more at their characters, and little details, which is the reason I do love this drama.

    I’ll try to explain one, from Eun Sang’s POV. IMO, the love in Eun Sang for Tan has started back then when she sighed that she can’t have a chance to peek how hot this guy is when he was changing his shirt for a I-heart California T-shirt in the motel room they shared. And reality bites, she must fight her own feeling to him no matter how lovely he is to her because he’s the second son of Jeguk Grup while she’s the daughter of a maid. Somehow her character grows that finally she admitted to him that she likes him too in the upcoming episodes. This is shown in little details that grows in each episodes.

    The scene where Kim Tan and Eun Sang standing after her finding the midsummer note at school is so simple yet very beautiful to explain how our character has changed in subtle ways. The result of this convo, when Eun Sang was lost for words and leaving Kim Tan behind with her ponytail swings so fast is an adorable way to tell me how his simple questions, once again, hit her really hard, right into her heart. I love this scene so much and I do get it that some people may think this as “nothing/boring”. As I mentioned earlier, this is simply my cup of tea. That’s it.

    • Yup! I agree with you…its not their cup of tea.

      Im loving this drama because I like LMH &PSH so much…I watch all their dramas and beside its a high school drama…

      I find this drama interesting,quirky & funny…

    • I don’t understand what’s with the ponytail that both Kim Tan and Yong Do has a thing for it? Is there some other meanings?
      I love that scene too. PSH sometimes can be too cute. I also like the part where Tan say something like he’s from Fairies or something then Eun Sang says ‘Gosh’. The way she delivered the line and her expression is priceless.
      I also love the part when they were in the motel. When she was trying to sleep and he told her to get up or else…The way she got up and said: what, what do you want? Just that few seconds yet I kept replaying.

      • When I was in high schools, boys that fancied you, liked to steal your hair band if you put your hair up in a ponytail so as to show in their own way that they liked you (of course getting the opposite result). So in that sense it makes me remember how I and some other classmates always had to pay attention to our hair bands and then months or even years later you learned the boy had fancied you like mad 😀

    • That is also one of the main reasons I enjoy the show because I am more of a fan of shows where there’s more character development even if the plot moves more slowly because of it. And I feel that the actors do bring those nuances to life and you can slowly see the small inner changes that start to develop within them and then manifest outwards. So I am not looking for big revelations or huge plot development but I can see from one episode to the next how these people are changing – and maturing.

  15. i want to watch the next preview already. if i paste together all the previews, i can finish watching the whole drama in one hour !! Yah ha ha hah… it is sure a rare talent for the writer to stretch out a one-hour story into a 20-episodes drama…

    • I think you only need a half hour to combine all the preview.. heirs isn’t that bad because of great previews and cuteness overload of chan young.

  16. Yup, LMH’s long long legs. I’ve never noticed it until ep 3 when they got stuck on the high way. There’s one scene showing him standing and the wind blows his hair. Such a fine pair of legs I thought so handsome and sexy.

    I think this director has a way of filming the action scene because I like all the action moments. From the running in US, the punch Tan gave Yong Do, the swift moment when Tan picks Eun Sang up by just one hand and push her against the locker, so cool. And now the flying long leg kicks…

  17. OH MY!! Im always faithful to protagonist pairings, and I love Lee Min
    Ho and his melancolic performance as Tan, but..this time I think I like more Young Do for her, she is making him change. Let’s hope he can find someone as good as her as the show moves forward. He would have been a great Tsukasa Domyouji, instead of Lee Min Ho in BOF…And of course, she as Tsukushi, cause that other one made the worst version of Tsukushi ever seen. Yuck!

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