SBS Lines Up Early 2014 Thriller Drama Three Days Starring Yoochun

Of the three major Korean networks, this year SBS definitely has its act together better than the other two. It’s got successful and talked-about dramas under its belt like That Winter, The Wind Blows, I Hear Your Voice, and The Master’s Sun, but when I say its got its act together I’m more talking about planning and scheduling. KBS recently pulled the bait-and-switch with Age of Feeling being pushed aside for Pretty Man, and MBC usually doesn’t have its dramas lined up in advance the way SBS does. Before The Master’s Sun even aired in August, SBS had already announced its December drama in the same time slot being You From Another Star with Kim Soo Hyun (formerly called Man from Another Star). This pre-planning continues today with the casting of Yoochun in the February SBS drama called Three Days, to follow after You From Another Star in the coveted Wed-Thurs timeslot. This is not to be confused with the OCN drama called Ten Days Later, long rumored to star Chun Jung Myung. Three Days is a return for Yoochun to play a law enforcement agent after he played a cop in Missing You (I Miss You). In Three Days, he is a Blue House secret service agent assigned to protect the President of Korea. I’m actually digging this casting because I thought Yoochun did a good job at playing a cop in MY. I happen to loathe that particular cop character he played in that drama, the first-love obsessed incompetent and grabby Han Jung Woo. Three Days is a thriller and mystery drama, where Yoochun’s character discovers a far-reaching conspiracy when the President of Korea goes missing at the Blue House after three mysterious gunshots ring out. The drama is slated for 20-episodes but will only span three days in the timeline of the drama, much like the set up of Lee Jun Ki‘s Summer drama Two Weeks. This is a purely SBS in-house production as both the screenwriter and the PD are SBS regulars. The drama is penned by Kim Eun Hee, no stranger to thriller dramas since she wrote Ghost (Phantom), Sign and Harvest Villa. Directing will be PD Shin Kyung Soo who directed Tree with Deep Roots. Expect the casting to be finalized soon because the production aims to pre-produce the majority of the episodes before it airs. 

Son Hyun Joo is reportedly playing the missing President, with Jang Hyun Sung is Yoochun’s boss in the secret service.

My choice for Yoochun’s leading lady in Three Days (if there is one)? Jung So Min – can act, has great onscreen presence, can play ditzy or bitchy on a dime, and isn’t an A-list leading lady in her own right that she won’t play co-star to what will likely be a Yoochun-centric drama.


SBS Lines Up Early 2014 Thriller Drama Three Days Starring Yoochun — 18 Comments

  1. I’ve read that Park Ha Sun is in talks to star in Three Days…love her…

    It would be great if Jung So Min joins….I like both the actresses 🙂

    By the way, I don’t know but the title You From Another Star sounds weird….

  2. Jung So Min would be so good… but is there a leading lady at all?

    Plus, Ms. Koala, what do you think about the Han Suk Kyu/Kim Nam Gil news about the drama Chaos Under Heaven (follow up to Empress Ki)? I read that Kim Nam Gil’s side denied receiving an offer… which is weird, since the PD himself gave an interview stating that Kim Nam Gil had been chosen for the role of Lee Bang Won. Weird, huh?

  3. Jung So Min signed with SM C&C so I don’t think she could play the leading lady seeing she would have to act opposite Yoochun

  4. Please not Park Ha Sun, can’t stand her! Because of her, I could not watch 2 weeks.

    Otherwise, glad to hear my boy is back to dramaland.

  5. Park ha sun is a beautiful girl but she definitely cannot act.still i’m happy yoochun will be pairing with someone pretty.but i really hope he can act with Park min young again..she’s the best couple for Yoochun <3

  6. This is when I really regret the idol-centric-ness of so much drama casting – why let talent like Jung So-min and Han Groo languish, while idol CF queens who can’t act snap up everything in sight? (not including IU in this btw, since she can act). And then, even when idol agencies do turn out to have decent actors in their idol groups, those people get shafted for not being the ‘visual’ or ‘face’ of the group, such bs.

    • Jung So Min and Han Groo are both really promising young actresses. I think part of it may be that ladies like Jung So Min and Han Groo are not your traditional Korean beauties (aka you can actually pick them out of a lineup) so they may not get as many opportunities right off the bat. It kind of makes you realize how incredibly lucky Son Ye Jin is to have jaw-dropping beauty and talent on her side. Whereas Kim Tae Hee, Song Ji Hyo, Lee Yo Won, Han Ga In, et al have not a tenth of Son Ye Jin’s talent but they’re still huge (some more than others, certainly, but they get to lead dramas) celebrities regardless because of their beauty. So that’s why I’m always a little wary about blaming idols for the state of the industry – I think it’s suffering by not committing to actually nurturing female talent but I can hardly blame idols when many people who actually hold the title of ‘actress’ are so incompetent themselves.

      Thank god for writers like Ha Myung Hee and Im Sung Han who still cast interesting newbies in their shows.

  7. Also, SBS is having a good year on the prime time drama front – they’ve had Yawang, I Hear Your Voice and Master’s Sun hit the 20 mark on ratings, and Yawang even pulled in past 25 for its finale, not bad at all.

    I didn’t know That Winter was considered a success since afaik its peak ratings never went past 15-16%, but I liked its cast and camera work

  8. Yay, Yoochun! He might not be the best idol-turned-actor, but he is good and has worked hard for the roles he gets.
    Having Jung So Min opposite him would be wonderful, but she signed with SM C&C, so it seems unlikely. But part of me still wishes it would happen. Am I only one that thinks her talent is going to waste? She is one of the best in her age range and yet barely gets roles -_-

  9. Anything that Yoochun is in I will watch it. Love my JYJ’s rapper. He’s the best idol actor (in my opinion) and has proved he can act from Melos to comedy.

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