Pretty Boy Releases First Teaser and Amusing Couple Stills

People can debate what Jang Geun Seok has or doesn’t have, from looks to social graces to career wisdom, but it’s neigh impossible to debate whether he can or cannot act. The man can act, and he’s been able to act since he first graced the screen as a child actor. When he turns on the acting mode, he’s in character and in the scene, though his real life persona threatens to take a viewer out of it despite his acting prowess. As such, the question for me on the upcoming Pretty Boy isn’t whether Jang Geun Seok can convincingly play the magnetic good looking male lead, it’s whether this story is any good. He may be a bit worse for wear with all the partying, but he can play any character if he wanted to. The beef is rightfully that he seems to be gravitating to a type to the waste of his immense range. The first official couple stills have been released of the two leads in character and IU surprisingly outshines her co-star. My eyes were drawn to her first in all three stills, and I’m not an IU fan in the least. She’s serviceable with potential but not much compelling aura. I still don’t think she alone could make me want to watch this drama, but her Kim Bo Tong actually comes off cute and silly enough to be endearing in these stills. She’s been in love with the leading man Dokke Ma Te for ten years and will do anything for him. He looks exasperated and dismissive of her, but she’s rather amusingly glommed onto him in these stills. IU strikes the perfect look of being a devoted 4D fangirl. Jang Geun Seok actually looks rather out of it in all the stills and I’m not sure why. He’s clearly found a way to maintain his flowing locks even while filming the drama by tying it back. I’m already hating the feathered look with giant front comb over, which is just way too overly done. The slicked back look is okay, but yet again I would love to see him actually embrace a totally new look. His character in the manhwa actually had short hair with the slicked side part that has been all the rage these days in K-dramas. In addition to these new stills, the drama dropped a short teaser trailer this week as well. Check it out to see if Pretty Man floats your boat. I’m still firmly in the iffy territory.

Pretty Boy teaser:


Pretty Boy Releases First Teaser and Amusing Couple Stills — 19 Comments

  1. Yep, looks like a been-there-done-that-a-bunch-of-times role for JGS… on the bright side, he is good at it. I hope he and IU have decent chemistry.

    Enough about Pretty Man, when do we get our next GeunBum fix?

  2. Not going to talk about the hair. Heaven knows I spoke about it way more than I should have, and thought about it even more…

    IU definitely looks way younger than JGS, but they seem cute together. I did check out IU’s birthday though to confirm. Turns out, she and I share the same birthday (both year and day) and I find that too much of a coincidence that I actually wanna give this a shot just because of that. Silly – I know, but can’t help it lol.

    JGS can be hot when he wants to be; but most of the times, he doesn’t. And thats just too bad for me, because if I can somehow ignore his real life personality (and extreme narcissism), I can go back to loving him – but most of the times, I can’t.

  3. On this blog, he can’t do no wrong during the crap drama marry me Mary was airing and before love rain. The reality hit geungeun shippers hahaha

  4. Serioudly I have not seen JGS with short hair for a long time. I used to like him 3 years ago. He appeared nice and sincere and he speaks English which is an advantage. Now he looks freaky. I feel sad for him. He can act and he just need a good script and a change of image.

  5. I have said it before and I will say it again. I think at least once a week, evey time I see something from this show, that in my next life, I will be born looking half as good as Han Chae-Young. She is absolutely beautiful. How many of you looked half this good after having your first baby? I was so worn out that I wouldn’t have know if a war had broken out in my neighborhood, and I was thankful to get to work without some baby food or milk stains somewhere on my clothes. I think IU and JGS do not even outshine her here despite the fact that she isn’t even in the trailer that much.

    • I agree with you 100%. Han Chae-Young is such a beauty. She has such warm eyes and a killer figure. I am looking forward to this drama. But with the direction the new dramas are going this days, my hope will not be very great. No high expectations there will be no disappointment. I might grow to love the drama. I have always enjoyed JGS’s dramas.

  6. I don’t think JGS was born a pretty man. As a teenager, he was a manly kid with a deep gorgeous voice. But after getting some work done, he has indeed turned himself into one since his chubby days on Nonstop. I actually don’t mind the current JGS–just wish that he would take up different roles because the boy can act. Despite all the partying, he still can pull of the “pretty man” look as long as he sucks that paunch in.

    IU is looking so cute. My ability to stomach the storyline is hinged on IU’s portrayal of the heroine. If she comes of as an endearing fangirl instead of a pathetic lovesick fool, then I can see myself enjoying this fluffy drama.

  7. Everything looking good to be honest.. but why is he still sporting that hairstyle seriously, do his fans actually like this kind of hairstyle that he is keeping it. He should have learned from love rain that his hair is ugh a bit. Pft cant do anything abt it though. Hopefully the story will be more rich than described..

  8. omg i cant wait . they are so adorable 🙂 jgs is looking damn gorgeous . and iu is so cute i will always love jgs to death and nothing can stop me . and if this drama dose not do well in korea , his eels all over the world will embrace it for sure and make it one of the most successful drama to him cuz jgs popularity is no joke 🙂 pretty man fighting !! .

  9. IU looks cute and looks prettier than the pretty man when it should be the other way round. The only thing that concerns me is the plot which is similar to mischievous kiss which I hated. I hope she is not such a pushover like the other girl but it seems like she will be.

  10. I think the problem here is that I see JGS instead of his character…which are closer to each other than they should be. Surprisingly enough, I think it’s more of a problem of the character itself than JGS.

    • His real life is opposite of Mate (his character in PM). He has no time to date at all, let alone to seduce 10 women lol. JKS fyi is a very busy man, has to attend fan meetings in the midst of filming, recordings for his Zikzin Radio, be ready for his Zepp Tours & many other things. His looks yes he’s a pretty man. His character Mate is even describe as devilish I don’t think so JGS is like that, try watching his interviews he’s a very sweet man, really kind & sweet.

  11. I think he is too wrapped up in his own persona to really be a good actor. A chameleon, he is not. I think he has stuffed his head with too many eels. And the plot, so far as it has been revealed, is detestable. I am sure that with his fans and her fans, though, it will do ok in the ratings.

  12. Uh-Oh. This gives me alot of playful kiss vibes, which i pretty much only watched for chemistry.
    I think that shall be the case here, since both look cute together. I’m not a fan of IU but i do like the girl, so let’s hope that she can inject some charm into her character the way jung so min did hers. That made things bearable.

    • No not really, PK charaters are in their teens (highschool & freshman in college) JGS & IU will play a much older character, there is a great difference in the plot, there is a secret in Mate’s life that will give tension in the drama.

  13. IU looks soo Fake….nothing is naturally coming out of her…both her smile and Expressions are meh

    On the other side JGS is totally In the character and Is absolutely Appealing with his looks. No questions asked he will outshine any of his co stars in his dramas , I see the same thing here aswell.
    I hope the storyline is gud since I don’t doubt the acting abilities of The Main Lead on whom the story revolves around.

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