New Dating Rumors: Jung Kyung Ho-Sooyoung, Kim Nam Gil-Son Ye Jin, PIE-Kim Min Jung

When I said earlier than 2013 was a tsunami year of K-ent dating couples and scandals, I didn’t realize my own beloved Moon Geun Young and Kim Bum would join its ranks and start dating for real. Those two confirmed their dating rumors swiftly, but in the last few weeks a few new dating allegations have popped up as well in the acting ranks but were all swiftly denied by the official mouthpieces. Let’s all remember that denial is also a river in Egypt, so I’ll continue to take both dating scandals AND denials with a grain of salt. The first big rumor is actually a resurrection of a long standing rumor – that Jung Kyung Ho and Sooyoung of SNSD are dating. Apparently they met at church and became friends though their shared faith, and from there blossomed a romance. Jung Kyung Ho went public with having a girlfriend last month but he claimed she’s not in the industry, but this latest rumor says that she is in fact Sooyoung and they’ve been dating since he was in the army. Jung Kyung Ho was said to have rented out a place for Sooyoung’s birthday, and even said in an army interview that she gave him great comfort during his army days (claiming to be a fan of SNSD). The next dating hot topic is Kim Nam Gil and Son Ye Jin, who wrapped Shark earlier in the Summer and is currently filming the Joseon flick Pirates together. Sources claim they are dating since getting close on the set of Shark, but their respective agencies have denied it. Lastly comes the potential couple of Chun Jung Myung and Kim Min Jung, who is in the currently airing movie Queen of the Night together, but met years earlier working on the drama Fashion 70’s though they did not play a couple. They reportedly fell for each other this time around while working on the movie and it’s a relatively new relationship for both. Their agencies jumped on the denial train immediately and said both are just friends. So there ya go, more dating are they-aren’t they to mull over. I’m chill if all three couples are true and they come clean about it.


New Dating Rumors: Jung Kyung Ho-Sooyoung, Kim Nam Gil-Son Ye Jin, PIE-Kim Min Jung — 43 Comments

      • Id love this two cute couple to be in a real life relationship.. talking on son ye jin & kim nam gil. Loving them in shark.. ive watch their bts on Youtube a couple of times..plz date for real.. ♥

    • Their close-together scenes were the only reason I watched that damn mess of a drama. Whatever they were feeling in character must have left an impression on them.

      I can’t wait to see Pirates and more hotness between them.

  1. Goodness I know who will NEVER reveal a dating relationship.

    Lee Min Ho.

    Just imagining the screaming.

    But all 3 guys in the rumours are old enough to think of seriously settling down. So why not? But Sooyoung a SNSD member confirming? Never.

    • Well, Lee Minho did reveal once.

      Sooyoung would never out explicitly, but she is unpopular enough in SNSD to have an implicit relationship. Apparently it’s common knowledge that Hyoyeon has a boyfriend somewhere, but it’s not like SM is going to admit it.

      • Unpopular how? I know yoona is the most popular but I thought sooyoung was also pretty big in the band. Sorry, I’m new to the K-pop world. Lol

      • SNSD as a whole is popular and their members popular all over the world compared to other girl groups but within the group their is still the most popular and the less popular or lesser fanbase.
        I think the most popular in the group would be Yoona, taeyeon and Tiffany. with middle popularity: Yuri, Jessica and Seohyun. and less popular would be Sooyoung, sunny and Hyoyeon..
        Personally I my bias in the group is Sooyoung, so I am happy with the rumor with kyungHo oppa, cause I also just love him…. hehehe
        anyway hope they date happily..

        but I have to say my fave in the paitr would be NamGill oppa and Yejin unni!!! they just seem to genuinely like each other.

      • I’m surprised. Being a nonfan of snsd and to the kpop world, after yoona, sooyoung was the one that I thought was one of the more popular ones. That kinda does say a bit about their involvement in kdramaland. But I do like sooyoung the most out of the girls — she’s known for her hilarious impersonations and that one hysterical fan that screams really loud at their concerts(there’s a compiled YouTube video on it)

  2. That’s why I admire Moonie and Kim Bum even more, they are honest and brave enough to admit their relationship unlike the others.

  3. Sooyoung and Seohyun are the only ones i really like from SNSD, since i like their personality and them as people.I hope they date whomever is the best for them, even if they won’t come out publicly.
    Well, Shark couple seems nice, but i’m pretty sure they are not dating.

  4. So nice to hear of the COUPLE from SHARK, seem they’re really fit for each other, Keep it up, we’re hoping for the update soon!

  5. When will pee sueng gi date ? And whom … i m so curious cz he is perfection in the most literal sense of word … lol .. but suengi yaaa dont date a noona pls .
    . Just some one ur age or younger .
    Sorry for being off topic .lol

    • Lol on the typo. And I don’t think seung gi would have time to date around this time. He’s super busy all year round and he’s such a multi-performer that it makes him all the more occupied. Also, he’s not one to go public unless they’re really serious – I suspect he’d probably date after his enlistment.

      But if I wanted someone for him most – it would definitely be Shin-hye. I know they’re close, have know each other forever and are just friends. But they’re compatible in terms of age, personalities and images. Not that all those things ever matter in terms of dating – but still, that would be a ship I’d sail in no matter how cracked and unsafe it is lol.

  6. Aww! So many dating news coming out this year it’s crazy! Congrats to them if they are dating – hope they all last a long time.

    I don’t respect a celebrity more if they come open about their relationship or keep it a secret. It’s their personal life – thus their choice. Good for those who come out open – and great for their shippers. The others who’re discrete and private – I respect those too. I don’t think it’s our business to know their personal relationships.

  7. I’m so happy MGY and KB admitted their boyfriend-girlfriend relationship! A shipper dream come true.
    Correct me if I’m wrong but even if the new “couples” are very popular neither have tons of Sasaengs or obssesive fans. So if they start dating some people will be mad but won’t ’cause problems.
    I want so much to see Sooyoung with a boyfriend, she’s my favourite with Hyoyeon. But SM definitely will ever admitt it. Kim Nam Gil and Son Ye Jin I’m diggin it! Both great actors. I haven’t watched Shark but I think they must have chemistry. Same as

  8. All i could remember is Son Ye Jin saying that before meeting kim nam gil she thought he was more of a bad boy (like his drama image) but after getting to know him realized he was cute, playful, etc.
    I agree. In the BTS, he was such a jokester.

    • People are saying that’s a lie… his rumor with Sooyoung has being going on for years. I’m inclined to believe it, myself.

  9. 2013 has been a MEGA year for dating scandals. They might as well join the train and just open up. Though Sooyoung got a lot of crap when there was a dating rumour between her and our Won Bin~ Maybe the backlash and the amount of BS they’ll get from the public is preventing them from all coming out.

    • I hope we are not far from striking the word “scandal” from the news stories, you know? It isn’t like dating is a crime, or even bad. I remember being really surprised at the K-drama definition, wondering, “Wait, did someone break a law here?”

      How about dating rumours?

  10. I really want these couples to be true! I really cant believe that rumors in k-industry always served as ‘scandal’ to the public! I really cant understand the ‘not sharing’ logic that fans have! I am a fan for a couple of celebrities but when they are in love i am in love when they are happy i am happy thats the true fandom imo! I was sad when JKH said his gf is non-celeb cuz when i first heard the rumors of him and Sooyoung i really thought they look good together! And then when i heard that the rumored gf is again actually Sooyoung i relaxed again! Good for they!
    I love SYJ and recently i was thinking who could i ship with her with similar fame and coolness, then the dating rumors arrived! Well i didnt watch Shark but i also know that KNG is a good actor! So i am really happy for them too!!

    The biggest and only rumor that i want to hear is that SOGONG 😀 SJS and GHJ!! 😀

    BUT come on the year 2013 has now become really un-trendy, how many couples already! 😀 hahaha even my friends, like 7 of them got married this year! 😀 hahahah so i am waiting my SOGONG news in 2014 pleaseee~~~~~

  11. So, what about SYJ being a lesbian rumor and dating Yuri from SNSD?

    At first I thought it was some crazy rumor but SYJ did go to SNSD fanasigning events, did buy a car that Yuri wanted, worked with the PD that after got Yuri casted and the other things go on LOL… and tbh SYJ was always so low key and doesn’t like to talk about dating live, ideal types… s could it be?

    Funny yet is her company that denied the rumor with KNG but them said ”but they are REALLY close, and call each other HONEY, but they AREN’T dating” like they wanted to scream that yes they are dating lol fishy imo…

    • Wow, i’m super confused. So are you trying to say that the Shark couple is dating as a way to overlook the lesbian relationship “scandal”? If not, please explain what you’re trying to get at, as color me intrigued at the absurdity. (Not that being lesbian is absurd…it’s not at all. I’m talking about the scenario.)

  12. I don’t mind Song Joong Ki and Park Shin Hye. He seems like a family man. And didn’t they have fun water ski sport before he joined the army?

  13. Im shipping Kim Nam Gil and Son ye Jin!!! GO!You just have the perfect chemistry on & off the screen..Kim Nam Gil is really funny! I love him..and Son YeJin too..Both talented artists…perfect! I ve been wantinf KNG to have gf alrdy..keke!and i like Son Ye Jin! Fighting!

    Oh i love SNSD too!i love im waiting if there will be news of her dating someone since Sooyoung already confirmed her well as tiffany and yoona..hihihi!

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