Pretty Lee Jun Ki News Stills from Post Two Weeks Media Interviews

Whenever a well-received K-drama wraps, I always anticipate the interviews and news reports with the main cast members, especially if I loved the drama or the leads. Lee Jun Ki wrapped Two Weeks almost a month ago, and he was both the heart and soul of the drama as well as a member of an ensemble piece. It’s hard to explain and can only be experienced if one has watched it. He played Jang Tae San, a loser convicted felon who gets framed for a murder and goes on the run to clear his name and must survive for the next two weeks for his daughter’s bone marrow transplant surgery. His redemption journey was the undisputed central narrative driver of this story, and he delivered a performance that was compelling and memorable. But he was surrounded by a fantastic cast from Kim So Yeon as the prosecutor with her own beef with the villains, Park Ha Sun as his ex-girlfriend and baby momma, Ryu Soo Young as a dedicated cop and baby momma’s new love interest, and Jo Min Ki as the vindictive and greedy criminal overlord. Little Lee Chae Mi continued in the Korean drama tradition of being a thoroughly winning child actor who brought warmth and hope with her character. For those who missed Two Weeks when it aired and was overlooked due to the popularity of The Master’s Sun, I think marathoning it might be even better than having to wait every week on a major cliffhanger. Lee Jun Ki is likely done with dramas for the year, he’s rather been hewing to his own tradition of doing one a year. Since his military discharge last year, he’s done two dramas and also returned to his singing career. So far he hasn’t done a movie yet, which is a shame since the big screen is where he made such an impact with King and the Clown. Up next for Jun Ki is a series of fan meeting in Asia followed by solo concerts in select cities in early 2014. Lucky fans in those cities should start looking for tickets now. I’m glad he had a great time filming Two Weeks, which is a solid win for me despite its relatively low ratings. It’s not the a terribly well written drama but the satisfaction factor it delivers is quite high.


Pretty Lee Jun Ki News Stills from Post Two Weeks Media Interviews — 14 Comments

  1. I love him. He’s not the most perfect actor out there and I could definitely feel him overdoing it in Two Weeks sometimes, but I’ve always appreciated how hard he tries. If there’s an actor out there who’s made great performances by the sheer dogged strength of his efforts alone, it’s him. And his bond with little Lee Chae-mi was absolutely perfect.

    • He was flawlessly great in two weeks with both acting and actions. This drama becomes my favorite among all of his for his acting session. It’s difficult to find actors doing many emotional scenes and exhaustible actions together in a project.
      Lee Joon Gi is one of the most perfect actors out there, he showed his perfection here in two weeks. So impressive, love him^^

  2. Ive loved everything ive seen him in he really knows how to pick projects …

    On a side note I need that sweater soo freaking cute

  3. My favourite actor for sure. The pic with him sitting in the chair and smiling is the best.
    Two Weeks is a clever show, very well written and an entertaining watch. One of my two favourite shows this year. Loved it, love him.

  4. I’ve enjoyed Lee Jun Ki’s dramas so far. Two weeks was a fun watch what with the action, suspense, family relationships, evil characters that was well acted and of course Lee Jun Ki and Lee Chae Mi. LJK and LCM’s cuteness as Father-daughter duo had me either crying buckets or smiling from ear to ear. I’m looking forward to his next drama project.

  5. I love Junki. He’s an amazing actor with great charisma. He works hard and always gives his best in all his projects. He also has awesome taste in clothes..and very handsome indeed! Look forward to his next film.

  6. Greetings from HK.Thank you Ms Koala for covering LJK’s news and your previous recaps on Two Weeks. Have been his devoted fan since his ‘King and the Clown’. He is talented but has always been sincere, humble and modest. He treats us fans so well, am excited to see him soon in his China’s fan meeting.

  7. Love so much, LJG & 2 Weeks~!! Can’t stop swooning him bcos of his talents. Thanks, Ms Koala…
    Looking forward to his future projects, he really knows how to choose the unique and memorable projects 🙂

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