Shin Spots Se Joo Bringing Mi Rae to Meet the Grandparent in Marry Him If You Dare

Oooooh, awkward dinner straight ahead, brake now if you want to avoid another potential mano-a-mano staredown between Shin and Se Joo. Marry Him If You Dare got some traction this weekend after two lackluster episodes last week primarily due to the spoiler stills showing leading lady Mi Rae getting a new makeover. She sports a chic shoulder blunt cut and a more streamlined fashion sense. But in the just released new stills for the upcoming episode 9 of the drama, Mi Rae still has her curly-haired dressed down look as she sits down to dinner with Se Joo and his grandmother Miranda. Said dinner to be witnessed by Shin. What did I say about an extremely awkward situation coming up, right? Mi Rae looks clueless as to Miranda’s real identity as the Chairman of YBS network but she can’t be clueless that Se Joo is pressing forward with his pursuit of her by taking her to meet the (grand)parental unit. She seems happy enough at the dinner, but wuri Shin is totally the opposite. Look at the glower above! I doubt Shin will barge in like he did the last time Se Joo confessed to Mi Rae since Miranda is sitting right there. But maybe this will prompt him into doing something about his nebulous relationship with Mi Rae. I have to say that both male leads Lee Dong Gun and Jung Yong Hwa are looking positively rawr good looking in these new stills. Mi Rae is one lucky girl, she has a future hubby in one hand and an unexpected chaebol suitor in the other. Poor Yoo Kyung, who really is a wonderful girl in her own right, is left chafing in the wind with her intended hubby off pursuing a girl he is clearly never going to get. When Se Joo does realize Yoo Kyung’s awesomeness and falls for her, he better go a long way in making up for the unintended misery he put her through.


Shin Spots Se Joo Bringing Mi Rae to Meet the Grandparent in Marry Him If You Dare — 14 Comments

  1. wow! that look from Shin is deadly! hehehehe sooooooooo jealous ha!!!!

    question Captain: doesnt mi rae know miranda already? that time when she was about to fire the morning show people? she didnt recognise miranda then?

  2. Poor Yoo Kyung. I do agree. Se Joo better put as much effort, (if not more) to win Yoo Kyung when he realizes the she’s the one for him. Though we know she would accept it without batting an eye, i hope she lets him chase her for a good month or two before accepting. This is one boy who loves challenges. The reward he gets, far surpasses the chasing he should do.

  3. She met Miranda so she has to know who she is right? So, I don’t think she knows Seju is taking her to meet his grandmother. Anyway I kind of wish to skip ahead to the makeover episodes tbh.

    • A stand-in for Seju’s mother? Haha.

      I have a feeling Yookyung vs Miranda would be more interesting since Miranda already approved Mirae.

  4. Holy! Shin looks incredibly hot there! I actually want him to join the dinner and tells MR about JS. I don’t want JS to go on with this act as the VJ and cheats MR about the identity of his grandmother! Enough is enough let us move on from this!

  5. I love the writer of this drama, she did my favorite drama last year (TK2H) But I honestly can’t stand this drama progress. More with MR than anyone else. I don’t see any development in that future MR story either! i want to move to the makeover episode as soon as possible cuz the only thing left for me to watch in this drama is Shin and MR cute scenes!

  6. Actually, her curls look much healthier, shinier, and cute in those photos.

    Wasn’t Mi Rae in the room when Miranda was going to down size? How does she not recognize her?

    • She knows Mirinda is the head of YBS but she doesn’t know she’s JS grandma. My guess the dinner would be work related dinner (to MR)

  7. I am NOT that excited over Yoo-Kyung. For anyone.

    Everything she does has a self-serving agenda.

    Se-Ju deserves better, unless he eventually also turns out to be the same type as Yoo-Kyung.

  8. Lee Dong Gun’s acting is the best, he’s very much in character…Kim Shin ssshi you’re not getting any younger fight for your love!

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