New Spoilers and Written Preview for Episode 11 of Heirs

I think Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye have better chemistry in BTS of Heirs/The Inheritors than in the drama proper. Sorry guys, but Tan and Eun Sang are just too dour when together for any chemistry to manifest itself. Tan can stare at Eun Sang all day long and grab her whenever he feels like it, but all she does is look startled, try to run away, and occasionally allow herself to enjoy his company. In some ways, Heirs reminds me of those old-school early Hallyu dramas where it was chaste and the lovers would spend most of each episode staring at each other and loving in silent suffering. Even the kisses were chaste back then, and so far Heirs is also ridiculously chaste. I chalk it up to the kids being high school student characters, but when where is repressed Won and his secret girlfriend Hyun Joo to sexy up the joint? The only time my heart mildly fluttered was when super side character Hyo Shin dropped by Hyun Joo’s place for a drive-by forehead kiss. Heirs released some new BTS photos of the OTP Tan and Eun Sang and I find these are prettier than the official drama stills. Rumors are abounding in DB and Baidu of some big twists coming up but for once these are not fully confirmed so take it with a grain of salt. I have to say the spoilers also remind of the old school dramas with similar type twists and potentially setting up for an easy out ending for everyone. I thought Kim Eun Seok went for the easiest deus ex machina ending in Secret Garden and I was hoping she didn’t have any up her sleeve here. If the spoilers are true, I’m wondering if the execution will be more fun than the moping we’ve been subjected to so far? Check it out below and talk amongst yourselves. Yay or nay?

The big spoiler surrounds Eun Sang’s birth secret. Her mom may not be mute at all. She is adopted, and there is a rumor that she is likely Hyo Shin’s younger sister (Hyo Shin is a year older than the group). The group poster for Heirs hints at this because Eun Sang is dressed like all the girl heirs (Rachel, Bo Na, and Yi Seul) in a white dress with the crown on her head. There is a possibility Hyo Shin intends to die (the body impression on the ground) and Eun Sang may be brought back to the family. There could be another birth secret out there that involves Rachel, she could be half-siblings with Chan Young. Her mom and Chan Young’s dad may end up getting married and Chan Young could also become a Heir.

Written preview for episode 11:

Ji Sook tells Won that if Tan gets his 18th birthday present in shares of Empire Group stock, he may have the same or even more shares than Won, intending to goad him. On the other hand, Tan pulls Eun Sang to his room to ask what Young Do talked to her about and they are discovered by Ki Ae.


New Spoilers and Written Preview for Episode 11 of Heirs — 42 Comments

  1. HA! We had that coming! Though I had a suspensions that Rachel and Chan Young may be related but I threw that away and if the birth secret of ES is true I would be more shocked. I was expecting a twist like that but lets see how that plays out.

  2. I love them!! 🙂

    I do think they have more chemistry in real life but in Heirs, they are sweet together as well….I loved them in their initial light and fun conversations…the problem is that now Eun Sang always cries…I want my cheerful Eun Sang back!!!!!

    all in all, I heart this couple ♥

  3. OMG these spoilers. If these are true, they’ve been giving 10 one-note episodes only to turn things upside down cray cray in the next 10. Still watching because I love Park Shin Hye and because you really can’t predict how this drama is going to end. I mean, there are no visible signs because I’m not sure anybody in this drama knows what he/she wants and everyone’s just acting on impulses. Thanks for the rumored spoilers though; at least there’s more to look forward to, or at least hope to see.

  4. I thought the twist will be that Eun sang’s sister will marry a rich chaebol and she will rescue her family from poverty just like what Eun Sang imagined her to be…Well since Hyo Shin’s quite a looker I can get by with him being Eun Sang’s Oppa.

  5. Isn’t’ it too late to introduce a birth secret when the drama has only 10eps left? I always thought there had to be one but isn’t this kinda pushing it?

  6. Chan-young/Rachel as siblings is not so unexpected, but Eun-sang’s?! O_o I’m intrigued as to why they would do that? So in the end everyone is rich? I’ve already dropped this drama, but might crawl back to it just for the unintentional hilarity that’ll surely ensue.

  7. No… Please don’t kill off Hyo Shin, even though he’s a super side character there is something about him that I really like. probably that air of melancholy and he also just looks so kind and so much more mature than the rest of those ridiculously mean high schoolers.

  8. Am ok with birth secrets as long as Hyo Shin stays alive. Ya hear me, Show? Or at least, let him have fun, sexy times with Hyun Joo and die happy. (Since Won ditched Hyun Joo anyway.)

    Although I wish Hee Nam is really mute. I dunno, it just seems too… scheme-y for her to pretend to be mute all these years. I don’t want her character to be another plotting shrew in this world of plotting shrews.

    @koala, you only liked the noona kiss? What about the I-smell-ramyun-on-your-breath almost kiss? I wanted to gargle ramyun after that and start breathing in his vicinity!

  9. These spoilers definitely make a lot more sense now. If this is supposed to be THE twist, if not one of the many, I hope that it does happen PRONTO! Because I am starting to lose interest in Heirs not just because of the lack of chemistry between the leads but also because everything so far seems to be just filler. We’re already halfway into the drama and it still seems like nothing’s changed.

    As for the previous spoilers you shared (the second male lead being late in the game), I have actually wondered that maybe Young-do isn’t supposed to be our second male lead. Especially since his character is such a douche that it’s difficult to sympathize with him. I see him redeeming himself as Tan’s bff rather than Eun Sang’s potential match. My money’s on Won.

    Throughout Tan’s life, all he’s wanted was to be able to forge a close relationship with his brother but has been unable to because his brother sees him as a rival, which is of course, one-sided. So, I think that if Won were to also pursue Eun Sang, that will finally kick the rivalry into gear as Tan will finally fight for something he can’t lose.

    That’s my two cents…

  10. Aish~ I cannot with this drama. I just want them to release everything. Gahhhh.

    The plot twist is reassuring. I’m really hoping that they’ll go for something like an Eun Sang birth secret, because the drama really needs some umph. Also .. I hope Eun Sang’s “mom” is really mute. I mean, really? She can’t just — jfawjpovjaopjoicdajwe.

    • Agree about the mom. 🙁

      (Ack. I can’t copy-paste my comment above.)

      But yeah, the mom pretending to be mute all this time seems kinda scheme-y for her. And she doesn’t strike me as the scheming kind. Show, please don’t let her be the scheming makjang-y kind of mom! Don’t ruin Hee Nam’s character…

  11. Thank you! thank you for the info!!! OH My gosh!!! ES on the same league! Finally. I do like ES and KT together. Too bad we only got a cheapo kiss. Can’t wait for more.

  12. I think those “plot twist” would be really cheap tricks and do not solve anything and characters will not need to fight for anything. It would also make u feel that in this drama if ur no heir ur worthless. Isnt it suppose to prove otherwise through its characters? Chan young doesnt need to become an heir to be awesome Eun Sang only needs to learn to be proud of who she is. I mean so like their not beggars her mom is a tax paying citizen.

    • AMEN. If those plot twists come true it’ll feel like the writer’s taking the easy way out. I especially hate the one about Eunsang’d birth secret. This show and I will have words if that happens.

  13. Lol, what? These spoilers get crazier by the day. I think if I was more invested in Heirs, I would be roaring mad about these spoilers but so far I never thought Heirs would b good, so I’ve just been idly watching while enjoying the rants and raves.

    Anyway, about the spoilers, ES and KT haven’t even fought to be together, so making ES rich all of a sudden so they no longer have anything in their way feels like a cop-out. The question is if ES was illegitimate, kidnapped, or lost, because her entrance into the world of the rich will be easy or hard depending on which one it is.

    I wonder why mom would pretend to be mute, it certainly hasn’t made earning a living any easier, so I guess she must be doing it to protect herself and ES.

    • oooo, I’ll put my money on her being illegitimate 🙂 another thing that connects her and Kim Tan together 🙂 and maybe less of a cop-out, since there’ll be some obstacles they have to overcome together with their love. But oh no, I foresee more of her crying and weeping nonsense…

  14. I really hope these spoilers come true. 🙂 Hyo Shin sunbae should live tho so hilarity and sexy times ensue with former teacher.
    Plus the whole finding out about the bro / sis thing… Awesome!

    Still, a small part of me still thinks Young Do is Eun Sang’s bro. Mostly due to nothing mentioned about the father on Eun Sang’s end, and the fact that Young Do’s mother’s gone AWOL.

  15. the drama have 18 ep rite, so if it does come to the fact that Eun Sang is an heir than that is easy for the drama to end because so far, we are on ep 10 and nothing really happen at all. If everyone ends up being an heir than the title of the drama fits perfectly with the story. I hope that the ending ends with Tan and Eun Sang going to school in America to study. Or I would even be bum out if Eun Sang becomes an heir and she have to leave to America to study b/c of her real parents and Tan would say that he would wait for her. that’s a typical drama. But I have a feeling that if that would to happen, knowing how Tan is I believe Tan will follow Eun sang anywhere. LoL……LOl…..

    im sure that PSH and LMH have a lot chemistry, but its just the way that the script is written in the drama, that its just looks that way. although the character don’t show a lot of affection, I just LOVE the way how both of their character talk to one another with trust, a little hand holding and even a kiss on the forehead is fine with me. They don’t need to
    make-out like Rachael mom and Chan Young’s dad.(EWWWWW, although u can tell that they really love one another).

    BTW, I want Hyo Shin to end up with Hyun-Joo b/c Won is just an ASS !!

  16. LMAO @ these spoilers.
    At first i was laughing at how ridiculous it all sounded.. birth secrets, affairs, adopted mothers, death. Who woulda thought KES would resort to this.
    But then i realize Heirs could REALLY use some more spice.
    I’m watching it without using too much of my brain and more for my enjoyment. It’s going to be fun watching crazy unless it reaches JOJ crazy. That’s a whole other level of crazy that i don’t think even KES could reach.

    • And it just proves my theory that even the director/writer can affect chemistry, even just a bit. Not sure if i’m a big fan of his.

      Among all currently airing shows, the only show that really gives you a run for your money is Answer me 1994.

  17. We’re glad upon reading the story line of Eun Sang being adopted, maybe perhaps it would mean the SHE and TAN would end together having the same family social status. Looking forward for its update, thanks

  18. what i am thinking about eunsang… this: her mom is married with a rich man and used to be the “first” lady in the house..but his husband remarried …as time goes by..she was kicked out by the second lady in the house….she was shocked..and become mute….and…kim won.. making a wrong decision for his company..his jeju’ project need more investments ..or otherwise his company’ financial will be effected..and suddenly ..appears a man who sees the opportunity to take over kim won’company…he is…eunsang’ father…. or this….eunsang was adopted..her “mute”mom used to be the servant in a rich family..and eunsang was a baby from the second lady in the house…first lady in the house was trying to kill baby eunsang..and her mom asked the “mute mom” to save baby eunsang……omg…i don’t know.. so many version about heirs in my head….eunsang and kim tan’ relationship are too complicated….their social status is killing me….can’t wait dec 12th….so curious about how this drama will end…gosh!!!

  19. WHAT! I do hope the spoilers about the birth secrets aren’t true, because it is just a cop-out 🙁 and side-stepping all the issues and complications that arise from two people from drastically different social class and background marrying…

  20. I hope the twist goes something like this.
    Young Do’s mother turns out to be temporary owner (25%) of the hotel and the younger sister to Eun Sang’s mother who owns 75% of the hotel shares. This leaves room for Tan and Young Do to have a bro-mance!! AND . . . a wonderful opportunity for the mom to help Young Do to force the dad to retire.

    The relationship with Tan and Eun Sang is nice. Yes, the kisses have been a little chaste, but I think there is plenty of time for them to turn up the heat.

  21. I always thought that if there would be a birth secret twist, it would be involving Hyun Joo–that maybe Tan was somehow related to his secret girlfriend(?). This would totally explain why Won really hates Tan, not that idiotic you’re-a-bastard-child reasoning.

    As for these spoilers? I’m not feeling either one of them. If one of them turns out to be true, I’d rather it be the Chan Young/Rachel one. The one involving Hyo Shin and Eun Sang is just so out of left field. Really really horrible writing if it were to end up that way.

  22. I guess my eyes see differently than others. I didn’t see any chemistry between Joong-won and Gong-shil in MS despite everyone talking about how combustible they are together. But I blush every time Tan looks at Eun-sang or when they touch.

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