Tan and Eun Sang Share a Romantic Moment at a Class Party in Episode 14 of Heirs

Oh Kim Eun Sook. Why you be taking my praise for episode 13 of Heirs/The Inheritors and immediately photo-bombing me with evidence that you’re about to lift a major OTP scene from Secret Garden and plop it right into this drama? Even worse is that I think I’ll end up liking it. Sigh, so torn between my brain that tells me this is major repetition exploitation and my heart that says Eun Sang and Tan can make out all they want in public. SBS just released the latest stills from the drama that show Tan and Eun Sang having a decidedly romantic moment in front of all their classmates at a party. The preview for episode 14 shows Bo Na and Chan Young throwing a make up party (i.e. making up from their fight), during which Rachel decides to be vindictive as usual and outs Eun Sang’s poverty status by ordering drinks from her part time job cafe and making her deliver it. It’s like this drama cannot have an episode where Eun Sang isn’t being tormented in some way. The moment Young Do stops mentally messing with her, in steps Rachel to fill the void and unleash whatever pent up frustrations have been plaguing her pampered life. Tan then shows up and some table flipping occurs in the preview, and now comes the still that show him taking off her waitress uniform and then giving her a forehead kiss.

I said this party kiss scene came straight from Secret Garden where Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won sucked face for minutes on end in front of a party full of rich and privileged guests. The Heirs version is comparatively chaste since they are teens, but if Kim Eun Sook wrote it the same way and the PD asked the same from the two leads, I wonder if Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye can deliver the same level of kissing? I hope my hypothetical question is put the test at some point in the remaining episodes because good golly this drama needs a bit more sexiness and a little less longing. The drama also promised us more Choi Jin Hyuk as Kim Won in the second half of its run and it’s delivering this week by having him record the latest track on the OST called “Don’t Look Back”. His unresolved romance with Hyun Joo remains one of the least developed and most underused narrative thread in this drama. I doubt the remaining 7 episodes can deliver any compelling development on that front unless something drastic happens like Won and her have a passion filled night out that results in her getting pregnant a wedding below his status v. illegitimate child conundrum arises for Chairman Daddy. That I would really love to see since Won and Hyun Joo are old enough to do more than forehead pecks and closed mouth presses.


Tan and Eun Sang Share a Romantic Moment at a Class Party in Episode 14 of Heirs — 22 Comments

  1. I’ll take some hot kissing from hyung please. Do you actually know how to kiss? Don’t just settle for buying her a necklace. Hello? How long have they been dating already?

    • He’s actually pretty decent. His Gu Family Book OST doesn’t suck. Yeah, his voice isn’t developed, he strains, and he adds too much vibrato, but at least he has a nice timbre. (Unlike someone…ehm, Lee Minho, ehm.)

      • Gotta give the guy some bonus points for poking fun at his inability to sing in ep.13 though.
        I feel like there’s a surplus of idols trying to act(when they cant) whereas few actors try to sing when they cant.

  2. Somehow Park Shin Hye is not a good kisser like Ha Ji Won or Yoon Eun Hye…not so much interaction with her leading man so I don’t think she can pull it off the same level as Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin in Secret Garden…which is too bad 🙂 Most her male leads was handsome and cute as well 🙂

    • Agree, because Lee Min-ho can kiss (Personal Taste comes to mind) but Park Shin-hye seems to rein it in more, thus resulting in inhibited.

      Hyung Choi Jin-hyuk can kiss too, or at least simulate one (I Need Romance, and the bed scene sizzle, albeit more posturing than anything), but the female co-star has to be able to respond enough to spark that smouldering process. Somehow I don’t think Hyun Joo can deliver either, simply based on interactions so far.

  3. Looks like LMH has caught the flu: A cute forehead kiss is certainly the healthiest option if anything else.
    I’m all for the KW/HJ couple having more sexy times, to compensate.
    About the remaining 7 eps: SBS is already discussing an extension of 2 episodes & I’m quite sure they will benefit the secondary characters. You asked for fan service? Here we go.

    • LMH and PSH don’t they have their own activities right after the drama ends? How can they have extension?

      I don’t know somehow I trust PSH delivers her role as Eunsang. Be it the kisses or the emotions displayed. She delivered as Eunsang character so won’t complain anymore.

      • Even LJS managed to stay for the extension of IHYVoice & he was filming a movie at the same time. When it’s about money and ratings, channels & actors always find a way, don’t worry.

  4. Gave up on this drama, secret garden was much better with the comedic element. Even LMH can’t save it but I’m surprised by the 20% rating after secret ended. Strong fan base. I mean, PSH continues to be the damsel in distress and Rachel is jealous. YD is a bully etc. The chaste kisses saga continues. Preview better than the actual episode. its one hot mess put together with rich and poor lol. Secret was da bomb, so intense and intriguing. If the casts there had a big fan base like lmh & psh, I’m sure it will surpass heirs by alot. Pretty man is so cliche too but it just started so I’ll give it a chance.

      • very mature of you to reply in a language not everyone can understand. you should learn how to respect other’s opinion. you should not expect everyone to like your fave drama especially if it’s of this quality.
        As a Filipino, I feel embarassed for you.

    • Still watching, though I agree on the ‘so what’s new’ plot, and predictable ‘twists and developments’ we can all see coming.

    • Well said myfairlady. Not everyone is immature as her. I know other languages too but I’m not going that far. My opinion like it or not, can’t expect everyone to like it geez…I stand by what I said.

  5. I really wished Choi Jin Hyuk would not have accepted this role. His screen time is limited and his talent is going to waste. I hope he makes a better choice for his next lineup of work.

  6. Yeah…I’ve been praying & hoping hard too that HJ & KW will have some smexy passionate nights but with the rate they are going with less than 5 min on air it has to be a quickie which I will gladly take too….LOL…so desperate for some skinship for this under-rated couple that it drive me nut! Really Need some Romance for them!

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