Aaron Yan Celebrates Turning 28 with Puff Guo as Dating Rumors Heat Up Again

Normally I have a decent sixth sense about whether co-stars are falling in love or hooking up behind the scenes of a movie or drama. It’s not perfect but I do have eyes and often the clues are quite obvious. Which is why I, along with lots of drama fans of the Taiwanese idol drama Just You (Just Want to Make You Fall in Love with Me), are totally perplexed and amused by the are-they-aren’t-they interactions of leads Aaron Yan and Puff Guo. Take two popular pop idols-turned-actors (he is the maknae in Fahrenheit, she is the maknae in Dream Girls), stick them in a frothy pointless but enjoyable drama, shake vigorously and stir and voila out comes gossip galore. First the tabloids said these two were way too cuddly on set, then the rumors turned to Puff dating her second male lead in the drama, and now the chatter returns to Aaron and Puff getting close again after the drama wrapped in late October. Aaron turned 28 on November 20th, reminding me of how young he is since he’s been in the industry since what feels like forever. What got all the dating rumors started again is that Aaron and Puff celebrated his birthday alone and posted pictures of the candle lit dinner on Weibo. Then trusty tabloid Apple Daily snapped pictures of them around the same time talking in his car outside her apartment late into the night and being very affectionate with each other. The speculation is that any possible relationship between Puff and the second male lead was kiboshed by her agency and she started to spend even more time with Aaron on the set, which led to the sparks finally flying between them. Close friends have confirmed they are frequently going to dinners and watching movies, not to mention Aaron has brought Puff home to meet the parents. This is all fine and dandy with me if they are dating, but I continue to cast a doubtful eye on this until there is confirmation. I think they are ridiculously cute together and I would rather they stay great friends than date and end up with an angry break-up.

Aaron celebrated his 28th birthday with Puff alone and they posted these pictures above. Then Apple Daily caught them talking outside her apartment late at night inside his car, including a cute gesture where she caressed his nose with her finger.

Just You is a TW-drama that actually has way more entertaining BTS videos than the actual drama itself. Puff and Aaron’s banter is fascinating and really candid.


Aaron Yan Celebrates Turning 28 with Puff Guo as Dating Rumors Heat Up Again — 43 Comments

  1. I enjoyed Just You way more than a grown woman with sense should. Does anyone have a link to the BTS? I’d watch it raw just to have some light-hearted fluff during my holiday week.

    • I’m so glad I’m not the only grown woman with sense who enjoyed it way more than I should have. These two cuties stole my heart. I wasted a lot of time watching it twice…

      • You gals are definitely not the only grown women to shamelessly enjoy Just You..I may or may not have live streamed it..and then re watched it with subs. .lolol if Aaron and Puff are only best friends, then great but if they are dating, then I will ship them together so hard!!! Their adorable bts antics killed me..So So affectionate and perfect together!

    • “I enjoyed Just You way more than a grown woman with sense should.”
      ->Oh God, I can truly relate with you comment XD

      This drama is absolutely ridiculous and I got frustrated with it at some point, but I’m willing to get over it just to watch Aaron and Puff flirting with each other.

  2. I am watching Just You and I enjoy it very much. I love their chemistry which getting stronger in every episode. Puff Guo is very adorable, she suits her role very well, her eyes, her tone and her walk, she is so possessed by Chen Liang Liang. This is truly a recommended drama to refresh our mind from busy schedule and work.

  3. I loooooooove this drama much! I think their chemistry is just great, makes me dont stop to watch it again and again. The story may be just as same as other ordinary taiwanese dramas. I hope they really date and settle down since aaron will reach 30 in 2 years^^

  4. Just because people he is gay doesn’t mean he is.a lot of men that are gay you would never know.there is no such thing as looking gay.

  5. If only I’m not convinced Aaron is gay, i would’ve TOTALLY shipped this so hard lol but yeah I would rather prefer them to be the best of friends than have a relationship (which would be so cute tbh)

  6. Late comment, but it maaaaay be worth noting that sometimes sexuality isn’t just one or the other… so he could be gay, or not, or whatever! Hope they stay friends, though. Super cute. (Too bad if her agency really did put a stop to something else with second dude?)

  7. I love mischievously awesome drama… Omg, I love about Aaron Yan but I am fan too. Wow Aaron is miracle actor and singer. Hope more about his movie I can’t wait to watch too.

  8. I really like Aaron yan verry verry much ,,,
    Especially when he smile oh my man my heart feel flying away xoxo Lol ^^

    hope can meet you in person one day….

  9. I just finish watching this drama twice hehe.. I totally agree that they look cute together.. I think i’ve been hook on aaron yan, i’ve even downloaded pictures of him on my phone (2nd time i did it, 1st was bae soo bin).. I really like looking at him..

  10. I was hoping Aaron and Gui Gui to be together but it’s their choice as I like GuiLun. I am hoping for movie of them together again. I like Puff but I just don’t think they are gonna be more than friend….well hoping not…Sorry to disappoint people who likes Puff and Aaron together 🙂

  11. aaron interacts a lot with other actors and actresses BTS of dramas too… so i dont think its only puff. The drama he’s currently in with Puff’s bandmate (Tia Li), Fall In Love With Me, he interacts the same way with Tia. So we cant really be sure whether he is dating Puff or not. I think it’s cute if they were actually dating but who knows for sure…

  12. ayieee puff so really cute !! and aaron so really handsome omg
    i’ll watched the tv teleserye named JUST YOU 999999 level twitches

  13. I cant wait to watch more of this couple :3
    They look cute together . and after watchig Just You i’ve been crazy for Aaron Yan <3

  14. They r close in movie as well in real life so i guess they have feelings for each other in real life… Guys wat du u say??

    • 如果爱情放弃了而悬着工作你觉得工作还巡礼吗?把自己想要的辛福放弃了你觉得值得吗?工作还能够找啊但辛福放弃了一次你觉得还能找到你想要的辛福吗?

  15. Just you was my 1st Taiwanese drama.. n aug 22, 2015 I 1st started this drama.. from that day every night before going to bed I’ll watch atleast 2 to 3 episodes of this drama. They do make a good couple but after watching fall in love with me bts i felt he’s more close to Tia Li than Puff.. but i personally like aaron n puff couple. .

  16. Wondering if he is single at the moment lol
    Both puff and tia matches him, i hope he settles with one of them since this year he will be turning 30

  17. i just finished watching just You on netflix(thanks to subtitles), enjoyed it thoroughly. can someone please suggest me more such dramas. sad but Indian television doesn’t have much of such cute stuff left to watchout for 🙁

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