KBS Releases Engaging Drama Preview for Prime Minister and I with Yoona and Lee Bum Soo

The first drama preview is out for Prime Minister and I which is premiering in two weeks after Marry Him If You Dare (Mirae’s Choice) wraps up. The drama already released two teasers featuring leads Lee Bum Soo as the nation’s youngest Prime Minister and Yoona of SNSD as a tabloid reporter. In those teasers, each got ready for a day of work and then ran into each other on the road. There was barely any interaction so the concerns still remain – is the age difference going to nuke their chemistry, and more importantly, is the vast acting ability going to ruin the viewing pleasure? After watching the first substantive preview, I might have to say no and no to both questions, and bear in mind I am NOT a Yoona fan. Not in the least, haven’t seen her in anything where I’ve been even mildly impressed by either her onscreen presence or emoting capabilities. She’s not the worst but rather trifle to watch. With that said, I freaking adore her in all the promotional materials for this drama, and now this preview seals the deal. She is positively bubbling with charm as tabloid reporter turned contract marriage wife to the Prime Minister. It doesn’t hurt that she’s acting opposite the amazing Lee Bum Soo, as well as Yoon Si Yoon who is also totally engaging to watch onscreen. I chuckled a few times watching the preview and squealed out loud when I saw a kiss scene already. I think that scene might be a fantasy sequence but who cares when I’m so onboard with this unexpected love line. Lee Bum Soo’s Prime Minister is a single father with three kids ranging from pre-teen to elementary school. To stave off a political scandal involving Yoona’s character, they two of them enter into a contract marriage, one that actually has massive stakes since they are putting on a charade in front of the entire nation. I can already imagining the netizens sharpening their knives. Yoon Si Yoon is Yoona’s childhood crush and now the aide to the Prime Ministers, Chae Jung Ahn works in the Prime Minister’s cabinet and has a crush on him, Ryu Jin is Lee Bum Soo’s college good friend as well as brother in law but is now his political rival, and little Lee Min Ho plays Yoona’s tabloid colleague. This drama is shaping up with a good chance to wash away the bitter taste of MHIYD. I haven’t watched a political-based K-drama I’ve liked since City Hall, and this year’s All About My Romance tanked in the ratings and also lost me with a quacky first episode. I need this to be good so badly, please don’t let me down, drama!

First preview for Prime Minister and I:

[youtube id=”tKKS9UP66UE” w=”625″ h=”445″]


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KBS Releases Engaging Drama Preview for Prime Minister and I with Yoona and Lee Bum Soo — 18 Comments

  1. So hooked. Yoona stole the show in this teaser, i think i`m gonna love Nam Da Jung so much. So glad to see her playing something else but `goody two- shoes` girl next door. And i liked her with Lee Boom Soo oppa.

  2. Not a Yoona fan either, but this trailer/preview looks really fun and interesting. I may just have to tune in now. She seems like she will do well in the rom-com genre as opposed to melodramas, she has that cute and spunky look of a rom-com character.

    • She was far better in the rom-commy parts of Love Rain than the melo, so I guess that is her wheelhouse. She sucked when she first started, but she has a fairly natural screen presence.

      As far as SNSD goes, Sooyoung is more charismatic and talented as an actress but Yoona isn’t that bad, just a bit of a lightweight acting-wise.

      • I actually liked Yoona in Love Rain more than Sooyoung in Cyriano Dating Agency.It`s maybe due to the fact her character was so insufferable and i couldn`t relate to her. Yoona on the other hand was adorable as Hana and i loved her chemistry with JGS.

      • Yeah, I agree she was better as slightly ditzy Hana in Love rain. I guess when she is acting as a all suffering female lead especially when crying, it’s pretty hard to watch. I don’t think Sooyoung is any better, 3rd hospital was hard to watch and Cyrano was so so. I was thinking if she did Love Rain instead of Yoona, would she be better? I doubt so though. Honestly both are just ok idol actresses. I would lean towards Yoona having more audience charisma? Sooyoung is pretty but she just lacks a certain pull. Anyway, This preview seems fun so far, will watch episode 1 optimistically.

  3. THis looks more and more promising…but you are certainly right to say that the heavy lifting will be done by the veteran actors chemistry wise….

    • Me too. Coming off of MHIYD, there’s a long uphill climb to decent ratings. Anyway, I’m still surprised that I took a liking to YoonA here. I usually cringe when I see her in dramas. Lee Bum-soo is fantastic as always…that Chameleon…

      Sounds like a fun drama to me! (Plus my secret weakness has always been contract marriages.)

  4. I’m horrified that they are forcing him to shoot with a broken finger/hand and not giving him time to have surgery for it. That takes the gloss of what looks like a fun series, and that’s a shame because after Miraeui Seontaek, I’m in the mood for some sweet, light fun.

  5. Please MHIYD end soon!!! This teaser was so funny and cute! Yoona and Lee Bum Soo DO have chemistry and good. I don’t feel awkward watching them, I’m so exited! Yoona is bringing so much life to her character. But I still want to see the kids role in the teasers. Btw Yoon Si Yoon is so handsome! Loving his haircut in the teasers ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  6. Wow this actually looks promising, what a surprise lol. I’m a sucker for contract marriage troupe, and it’s a huge bonus that the heroine unusually looks like she’d enjoy the whole deal. Look at her smug smile and the hero’s being all troubled! It will definitely help to balance the power between the main characters, won’t it?

    Yeah, Yoona isn’t exactly bad… she’s just especially weak in melo acting imo, and it doesn’t help that a lot of her projects are melodramas. I guess it’s safe to say Yoona is much better playing ditzy/spunky role like in 9 Ends 2 Outs and the daughter in Love Rain, so I hope this drama will stick as warm-hearted rom com as it promised (unlike MHIYD heh). And for her own sake, I hope Yoona learns a lot from the amazing Lee Bum-soo. Her idol persona is really charming and fun, it’ll be great if it finally translates to dramas as well.

  7. Ahh! A romcom with rom and com.
    How refreshing!!

    I think I will like this a lot. I liked AAMR, but all I did was ogle SHK for most of that show, and sigh.

  8. I am excited now about this drama. Had low expectations at first, but I’m fully on board. She’s never really done a full on rom com so I hope she does well. I love contract marriage dramas
    I actually enjoyed All About My Romance, it was very well written and had one of the best endings I’ve seen in a drama. I know the ratings were low, but it had a very loyal and steady following. Hardly any complaints plot wise.

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