Marry Him If You Dare Episode 14 Recap

Just two more episodes left of Marry Him If You Dare (Mirae’s Choice) before this drama puts everyone out of their misery and releases me from any obligation to watch and recap its mind-numbing dreariness. This is a drama for the dead of Winter, when there is nary a green speck outside and the world is cold and dry and you feel like crap, because this drama keeps trying to make me feel like crap after I watch it. I believe the final mystery is out now in this episode, which leaves the final two episode left for resolution? I sure hope so, and the solution might be as simple as a time-travel conceit. Turns out future Mi Rae’s future will remain unchanged no matter what she does in the past to change Mi Rae and Kim Shin’s fate. It’s the time-travel idea of multiple timelines and multiple realities. Time being an infinite element, then with each change in the past a new timeline is created so that in this universe there are multiple versions of Mi Rae and Shin living their multiple fates.

But if Mi Rae and Shin fell in love in this present timeline despite Mi Rae’s disruption, are they truly destined to be with each other no matter what? I believe so, but it doesn’t appear that Se Joo and Yoo Kyung have a similar destiny since Se Joo has been thoroughly disrupted in this timeline. To the very end, future Mi Rae remains one of the most hateable side characters ever especially considering she’s supposed to be a good person. At least she took her confession train to the very end with Shin and admitted to him that he was a good man and she was not a good wife in the future so the entire purpose of this trip is not to prevent Mi Rae from marrying Shin but to prevent Shin from marrying Mi Rae. Ferrsakes, woman! You are such a piece of shit for coming back and lying through your teeth for the majority of the drama and breaking up Se Joo and Yoo Kyung and trying to paint Shin as an asshole of the first order. I like to believe that all her machinations are worth it in the end because she saved Oppa’s life and changed Mi Rae and Shin for the better so they don’t make the same bad choices.

Episode 14 recap:

Shin gets up at the conclusion of the successful New Year’s broadcast to claps from the crew. He pauses before walking off the stage to announce that this is his last broadcast, and he’s leaving Pandora’s Box as well as YBS. He looks at Se Joo and says he will hand in his resignation letter tomorrow and apologizes for dropping the news so abruptly.

Shin walks off and Mi Rae gets up to follow him. Se Joo blocks her and she has to tell him that she’s not going to try and convince Shin to stay but to say goodbye. Da hell? Why does Mi Rae need to explain to Se Joo? And who is he to try and get in her way in any capacity? She can be running to tear Shin’s clothes off for all anybody cares. He nods his consent and tells her to come back after saying goodbye.

Mi Rae stops Shin in the hallway and asks if he’s leaving because of her? Shin says no. Mi Rae reveals that she heard everything from future Mi Rae and Shin’s face falls. Mi Rae apologizes profusely for her future self saying such a thing to him. Shin says again he’s not leaving because of her, but because he wants to succeed and he can’t do it here under the Park Se Joo run YBS. Mi Rae asks if he’s going to NTN and if that was the reason he met with that lady? Was it to succeed?

Shin looks so heartbroken and doesn’t answer her, instead looking down. Mi Rae tells him this is a good choice for them and wishes him the best. Shin finally raises his head and thanks her for coming back from the future to prevent them from dating. Because of her, he has a chance for a different life. He wishes her the best with Park Se Joo, that is his sincere wish.

Shin walks outside and sits down on the curb against a pole because he’s just so emotionally exhausted. He gets a call from the NTN lady who asks if everything is taken care of? Shin says yes and she asks why he looks so sad? He turns around and she’s walking towards him.

Mi Rae walks back into the studio and looks at Shin’s empty anchor chair. Se Joo comes over because he’s been waiting for her to come back like she told him she would. He asks if she said her farewells to Shin? He thinks Shin did a bad thing since this program is Mi Rae’s and now he’s left the program without a head. Se Joo hands her one red rose as congrats for doing her first main writing role for a program. She takes it with a smile and a thank you.

Shin and the NTN lady stand on the rooftop looking out at the Seoul skyline. He says it’s beautiful and he never had time to view it like this. The NTN lady knows that Shin has been working nonstop since graduating from college and he’s led a very tiring life. She won’t rush him to start and wants him to enjoy some time off.

The Pandora’s Box team meets the next morning and hears that Writer Bae’s son is fine after surgery and then discuss Shin quitting so abruptly. They wonder if he’s been scouted by another network. Yoo Kyung brings up Mi Rae and Shin’s interaction yesterday at the studio was as seamless as a couple who had been married for 20 years. PD Lee keeps kissing up to Mi Rae and says to clap for her.

Oppa meets with Shin and apologizes for being mean to Shin recently. It was because he heard that Shin would cause Mi Rae to be unhappy in the future. Shin retorts that Oppa never liked him to begin with. Oppa counsels Shin to change no matter where he goes because he’ll be dealing with the same issues elsewhere as well. Oppa guarantees that Shin won’t change his personality no matter where he goes. Shin thanks him for the advice and says he recommended a good dude to take over the Pandora’s Box anchor role.

Shin leaves YBS network and stops in the lobby to look around at the giant screen. When he walks out, he turns to look back at the front door and remembers all the recent events starting with Se Joo joining, his battle with Miranda over the layoffs, taking Mi Rae for a tour and working on scripts with her, and finally their subway fire incident. He smiles and then turns to walk away. Mi Rae is standing to the side watching him and wishes him well.

Mi Rae goes back to her desk and opens her journal to remove some of the post-its inside. Se Joo comes by and asks her to have a drink with him. She’s not in a good mood so declines but Se Joo persist and says drinking now is even better because she’s not in a good mood.

Se Joo and Mi Rae go drinking and she asks if he’s ever hurt someone because of something he didn’t do? Se Joo has a few instances of that but Mi Rae says she can’t even figure out if she did it but the harm and pain was so great so she feels terrible. Se Joo asks if its Shin but Mi Rae says she doesn’t know because it’s too complicated now. But she touches her heart and says it’s shattering here and so painful. She tries not to cry anymore because she feels bad towards Se Joo. He hands her a handkerchief and she takes it and says today is the last time she’ll cry in front of him.

Mi Rae goes to work the next morning and her employee badge isn’t working. The security guard lets her in and greets her very respectfully. Mi Rae then hears other employees gossiping that she is Director Park’s girlfriend.

Se Joo is meeting with the Board who question him about all the changes he’s making at the network. Turns out that JK Group wants to end their CF partnership because they don’t have trust in a young leader like Se Joo. The Board tells him to solve the problem.

The Pandora’s Team meets with their new anchor who is the hilariously incompetent young news anchor who took over Shin’s spot at the primetime news slot. Oppa is pissed Shin saddled him with this chump. New anchor starts to suggest program ideas that they have done before already. PD Lee snarks that he can’t believe he actually misses Kim Shin. Mi Rae passes out some script ideas and new anchor starts editing it as terrible. He gets the 411 that Mi Rae is dating Se Joo and quickly changes his tune.

Mi Rae sits down with Writer Bae and asks if she’s feeling awkward because Mi Rae got a lot of recognition from the last broadcast. She’s not going to take over Writer Bae’s role as the main writer. But that is not what Writer Bae is worried about, she thinks people will see Mi Rae as getting all her success because of her Oppa looking out for her and Se Joo helping her. She doesn’t want to seem petty but she thought it best to tell her.

Future Mi Rae meets with Time Cop and asks why he’s not aging when she is? Time Cop is a guide and travels back and forth to bring people back. Future Mi Rae wants to know why Mi Rae has an ankle scar and she doesn’t? Time Cop lies that it’ll appear after she goes back to the future. He wants her to return now but she asks for time to do one more thing.

Future Mi Rae goes to the same matchmaking service to set Oppa up and wants to start from the A book. She flips through list and wonders why all the girls look identical like they are photocopies? She puts the list down and asks for a nice girl who is a good cook. Future Mi Rae is cleaning the house from top-to-bottom and offers to cook him a big meal. She hears that Oppa will have his surgery after the new anchor is settled in. Future Mi Rae worries about who will take care of him after she’s gone back. Oppa tells her not to worry.

Future Mi Rae goes to see Mi Rae and remembers Yoo Kyung asking her whether she thinks present Mi Rae is happy now? Future Mi Rae asks Mi Rae this question, if she’s happier now than working at the call center. Mi Rae curtly answers that she is happy, is that what she wants to hear? She asks why future Mi Rae hasn’t gone back yet? When she goes back, will she and Kim Shin become strangers? Future Mi Rae doesn’t know and Mi Rae wonders how she doesn’t know since there must be people who have time-traveled before? She asks a good question and future Mi Rae looks contemplative.

YBS is holding reporter auditions and Yoo Kyung participates. She’s in the bathroom stall and hears two ladies gossiping about how dare she come to audition and the entire audition has been rigged anyway with the reporter already pre-selected.

Se Joo is chewed out by Miranda for trying to change YBS when the employees only care about getting a salary and not about the future of the network. She shows him a packet of insider news leaked to a CF partner and says he hasn’t done anything yet.

Se Joo leaves Miranda’s office and sees Yoo Kyung waiting for him. She reveals that she went for the reporter audition but thinks she will be cut. He asks if she wants him to help keep her in the running? Yoo Kyung says yes, she has the most ability but there is already someone pre-selected. Se Joo is surprised to hear that. Yoo Kyung says a revolution can’t happen because of his proclamation and if he doesn’t know that then he’s just a hothouse rose. She leaves him mulling that over.

Mi Rae gets a call from Se Joo asking to meet. She suggest they not meet at the network since it’s awkward. He knows she’s not comfortable about it but he can’t hide that he likes her. Mi Rae suggests they meet outside in the future. Se Joo likes that and says he has a place he wants to go.

Mi Rae comes home with Se Joo in tow. Oppa, the two Mi Raes, and Se Joo sit down for a home cooked meal. Se Joo breaks the ice by saying to stop using jeondaemal and he goes to dig in. Mi Rae gets some beet for Se Joo while Oppa and future Mi Rae fiddle with the wine bottle. It’s a happy meal that Se Joo takes in.

After dinner, Se Joo goes to tour Mi Rae’s room. Mi Rae tells Se Joo that she is planning to go work at a different company. She went to an interview already and has been thinking about it. He asks if she’s doing it because of him? Mi Rae says its not totally because of him, she’s been thinking about her own life. Right now she feels like writer Na Mi Rae on the surface but still call center Na Mi Rae inside.

Se Joo says in the past he would keep her but not now. He’s changed a lot since he met her and he just wants her to be happy. Today he is very tired and heard some words that hurt him. He felt shamed and wanted to run away, but he didn’t know where to do. But he feels comforted being at her house. Se Joo lays down on her bed and says her room is like he imagined, warm and comforting. Her parents must be good people to create a house so inviting. He asks to sleep for a bit before leaving. Mi Rae covers him up with her coat.

Future Mi Rae asks Oppa to go with her somewhere tomorrow. Shin is sitting in his car outside YBS studios and says this is for the best. He then realizes the only two places he ever went was home and the network.

The Pandora’s Box team gets the good news that their program as won an award and everyone gets a bonus. The director tells each of them to suggest what else they want to do as a reward for succeeding at the last program. Writer Bae asks Mi Rae what she wants to do but Mi Rae just smiles.

The director calls Oppa up to the roof and says that an position has opened up for a documentary show and that’s his dream. Oppa declines and wants to stay at Pandora’s Box and then asks for some time off, revealing he’s going in for a medical procedure.

Oppa uses his reward bonus to take Shin out for a meal, though Shin asks if Oppa is feeling bad that the team split Shin’s bonus as well. Oppa asks how Shin is going and he’s keeping busy with working out, watching movies, and reading books. Shin suggests Oppa find another place to work as well but teases that no one will take him. Oppa knows that which is why he’s staying, but he’s also busy going in for cancer treatment. He reveals it’s early stage and treatable. Shin finds out Mi Rae doens’t know and Oppa is going to lie that he’s off for a European vacation when he goes in for surgery. Oppa thanks Shin because had Shin quit even later, Oppa’s cancer would be second stage by then. It was the stress of recent events that put him in the hospital where the cancer was discovered.

Shin gets a call from the NTN lady and meets her at the department store where she wants to buy him clothes for his first NTN broadcast since he’s the face of their network. Shin asks if this isn’t something a man does for a woman? She just wants to do it for him and asks if he’s given a lot of presents to women in the past?

Se Joo is out shopping with Mi Rae and wants to buy her an outfit. Mi Rae laughs that this will make her feel pressured and then teases that she was planning to say that but won’t. She knows about all the rich guys who take girls shopping and the make over scene. She’s decided not to be stressed about it. Se Joo laughs and tells her to pick an outfit. As Mi Rae is shopping around, Se Joo spots Shin walking with the NTN lady and quickly drags Mi Rae out of the boutique.

Mi Rae laughs that Se Joo is such a cheapskate chaebol. She takes him to places she would shop and its at the street stalls. They end up at an outdoor clothing store where Mi Rae wants to buy something for Oppa. Even if Mi Rae doesn’t say it, he can tell she cares a lot about Oppa. Mi Rae says he’s the only family she has. She offers to find him something today as well. Se Joo plans to pick the most expensive item since it’s her treat.

Future Mi Rae and Oppa arrive at a fancy restaurant and be balks at going on a matseon date. She begs him to go in. Oppa agrees and asks if she is pretty and what she does? He hears that she’s a writer for a TV programs and then tries to bail since he’s sick of being around people all day long in the TV industry. Future Mi Rae ends up pushing him inside.

Future Mi Rae calls Shin out for a meeting and reveals she’s going back to the future. She wanted to see him one more time. She wants to counsel him not to sign the contract with NTN. The male Vice-President is going to be so terrible to Shin despite being all nice to him when scouting him. Shin is confused since in this timeline, the person scouting him is the female Vice-President. Shin tells future Mi Rae that what she is worried about won’t happen because he will change. He will not lose his temper, he will accept what people want him to do, he will lay low and do what he needs to do to get by. Shin wants future Mi Rae not to worry about him anymore.

Future Mi Rae stares at Shin and says that even though they did not have a good marriage, he was a good man. It was she who was lacking. Now that she thinks about it, she didn’t come back to prevent herself from marrying him, she came to prevent him from marrying herself. Shin hears this and looks sad.

Oppa is texting happily on his phone and when future Mi Rae asks who it is he quickly puts the phone down. Mi Rae comes home with new clothes for Oppa and a bag for future Mi Rae that matches the same one for herself. Mi Rae says this is payment for future Mi Rae cooking and cleaning for her every day. Future Mi Rae thanks her and asks if they’ve made up now.

Future Mi Rae tells Mi Rae to take good care of Oppa even if she’s not around. She wants to take a picture holding this purse and do it as a family. The camera is set up and the two Mi Raes flank Oppa and take a family portrait.

Shin and the NTN Vice-President are meeting with the NTN Chairman (also her dad) but he’s not very happy with scouting Shin. He wants his daughter to find someone else because Shin’s face pisses him off. He has an expression like he would rather die than not be able to say what he needs to say. Shin says this is the basis of being a new anchor but he will change. The Chairman brings up the contract has a steep penalty for breaking it, since he’s making Shin the primetime anchor he wants Shin to do something in return for him. Shin asks what he wants him to do? The Chairman says he’ll have to think about it.

After the Chairman leaves, his daughter says her dad does like Shin and is just being overprotective. Shin says the Chairman sure has a unique way of showing his concern for his daughter. She hands him the contract and tells him to read it over carefully at home. Shin flips through it and asks what a certain provision means. She says that is just standard and not to worry. Shin remembers future Mi Rae saying he quit because he couldn’t bend his principles at NTN and they suffered through the penalty.

Mi Rae calls Writer Bae out to talk but Writer Bae announces first that she’s moving to another team. It isn’t because of Mi Rae, she wants to move to a different team where she can regain her energy for writing after she sees Mi Rae working so hard. She thanks Mi Rae for reminding her of her younger self. Mi Rae reveals that she’s planning to quit as well and it has nothing to do with Shin. She wants to do it on her own for once.

Se Joo attends a chaebol party and runs into the NTN Vice-President. They know each other and he calls her noona. He complains about her stealing his talent. He notices she sees different and asks if noona is dating someone these days? She says yes and will introduce to him soon.

The Pandora’s Team is having a dinner out. Oppa thanks Writer Bae for teaching Mi Rae. The young news anchor is stuck sitting next to PD Lee and asks to change seats. Se Joo arrives and is seated there. He tells everyone to relax since he’s here as the former VJ of the team. Mi Rae takes a drink of her beer and remember Shin pouring her beer the last time the team was out celebrating.

Future Mi Rae leaves with house with Time Cop and they head towards the time-travel elevator. She takes a final look at her old house before leaving.

Mi Rae and Se Joo are walking back and he’s very happy to have a chance to drink like this. Mi Rae tells him to leave but he wants to keep walking her home. Mi Rae says he keeps saying that and sometimes she thinks he’s being so silly. Se Joo is holding Mi Rae’s hand and asks her if they can sit for awhile?

Time Cop brings future Mi Rae through a warehouse to a new elevator which she recognizes as being different than hers. He says this is a better version used solely for guiding people back. Future Mi Rae calls Mi Rae and says she doesn’t regret coming back to the past and letting her meet Park Se Joo.

Se Joo asks what future Mi Rae wanted? Mi Rae shares with him the story of how she first met future Mi Rae – she helped her win a company contest that was a trip to Jeju, she went and swam in the ocean at night but doesn’t know who plucked her out and put her in bed. Se Joo asks if she wants to know who that man is since he saved her life?

Shin walks up to the news anchor desk at NTN and looks around. He sits down and the Vice-President walks up to him. Se Joo tells Mi Rae that he is the one who save her life in the Jeju ocean. He asks if she remembers their first meeting at YBS and for him he was so happy to see her again. Shin tells the Vice-President that he’s ready to sign the contract.

Time Cop calls in a report that says future Mi Rae doesn’t know that this present Mi Rae’s life has nothing to do with her in the future. As they get into the elevator, Time Cop takes out his code book to fiddle with the controls and future Mi Rae steals it as hostage to demand that he explain what he just said. Future Mi Rae asks if its true that she’ll get a scar when she goes back to the future? Time Cop confesses that no matter what she does in the past, it won’t change the future. The moment she came to the past, a new Na Mi Rae appeared. There is nothing she can do about her own past. Future Mi Rae runs away while Time Cop is stuck inside the elevator as the doors close.

Se Joo takes off a ring he was wearing on his pinky. He was planning to give it to her when she was ready so he always wore it. The Vice-President hands Shin a pen to sign. Future Mi Rae runs and tries to call Mi Rae but she doesn’t pick up the phone. Se Joo asks Mi Rae if she will accept his heart?

Thoughts of Mine:

I have to keep telling myself MHIYD is just a drama and the denizens of that world are just characters, otherwise I will already be jailed for throttling future Mi Rae and Se Joo. Not sure which character is more annoying and pathetic at this point, but it might be a toss-up. Hilariously, maybe the younger version of future Mi Rae would have been perfect for this Se Joo. She falls in love with the Kim Shin that rear-ended her and ended up in a fairytale marriage. That is the simplicity of that Mi Rae, making her as easy pickings for Se Joo as any girl he can pluck off the street. I’m ever so thankful for this version of present Mi Rae, who is more complicated albeit still flawed and insecure. At least she is brave enough to let Kim Shin go, just as he is brave enough to let her go. Both of them are being manipulated by a future neither has the courage to confront. That they think alike and would make the same choices in each other’s shoes is what continues to confirm that they are the OTP in a soul connection way more meaningful than anything Se Joo can hope to ascribe his own feels to. Se Joo’s entire arc in this episode was a backfired fan service if you ask me. Jung Yong Hwa is actually pleasant to watch onscreen but in an effort to prolong Mi Rae and Shin’s angst as well as give him more screen time with her, the writer has turned him into a bona fide douchebag. Jung Yong Hwa is not a douchebag, the character he plays in this drama has become one now. He has done nothing to break up Mi Rae and Se Joo, who are now being selfless towards each other all on their own. The problem is that Se Joo keeps pushing and pushing his way into Mi Rae’s life as more than a friend. When all along she has told him that she just sees him as a friend. How many times has she rejected him? I’ve lost count. Either he’s a glutton for punishment or he actually thinks it’s appropriate to pursue a girl he considers a good friend at a time when she’s heartbroken over another guy. That is just lame. If he wins her then it’s based on scooping her up when she feels lonely, lost, and sad.

Along the way in this drama, Yoo Kyung has become the much better and more interesting female lead. No shade to Yoon Eun Hye, who I love dearly through thick and thin, and this one is thinner than the ice floes that manage to make it to the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Yoo Kyung was criminally underused in this episode but she once again arrives to deliver the a startling truth to Se Joo that wakes him up from his self-satisfied smug way of running YBS. He’s a kid trying to be an adult all at once, rather than taking small steps and working within the system. It’s hilarious that his response upon being challenged by the Board, chewed out by Miranda, and had some hard sense knocked into him by Yoo Kyung was to run to Mi Rae for comfort. LOL, if he married Mi Rae in this lifetime just watch YG Group go down the drain. Future Mi Rae said that future Se Joo was a successful chaebol managing entire industries in the future world. I’m positively convinced that all came about because of Yoo Kyung by his side. Se Joo lives in a world of ideals coupled with arrogance that is not yet backed by experience. He’s got the drive and smarts, but he needs a woman who challenges him by his side. Mi Rae only cares about Shin, she doesn’t even notice when Se Joo is sad or troubled. What does he see in her other than as a projection of his own fantasies is beyond me. Some second male leads carry torches that truly move me, even when I know they won’t get the girl. Here the writer has written Se Joo into some sort of hydra-beast of male possessiveness coupled with little boy neediness. It’s truly off putting and hardly the fault of the actor that his character is so distasteful now. When a girl tells you she just sees you as a friend, and has stuck to her feelings, he needs to respect that and love her in his own way without taking advantage of her weak moments to sneak in a proposal that is as laughable as it is incomprehensible. One needs to actually be dating before a proposal even comes up, Se Joo.

I can’t believe this episode has one Shin-Mi Rae scene and that was it. This is so aggravating I can’t even. It’s like the writer just wants everyone to give up and not care. I wish I could jump ship but Lee Dong Gun was so awesome in acting out Shin’s controlled pain in this episode it would be a major shame to miss the remainder of his performance. He doesn’t need to cry or act sad, by the tiniest of expressions of the eyes and lips he conveys a world of hopelessness. I don’t blame the OTP for giving up on each other, because who has the confidence to battle against a future of death and marital warfare. The idea of multi-verses due to different choices leading to different timelines make sense in the context of time-travel mythology, but right now it feels like a cop out on the part of the writer even though she probably intended to resolve things this way. I just feel like she writes in such a ham-fisted way nothing she has presented hits the audience the right now. Instead of angst, we feel annoyance. Instead of excitement we see tedium. Instead of satisfaction we feel cheated. The storyteller has failed when the audience needs to read until the very end to understand the point of her story, and to receive the enjoyment that should have been delivered part and parcel with the journey. Let’s see what is in store for the last two episodes. I’m keeping my expectations under my seat because it deserves to remain in a place where the sun don’t shine.


Marry Him If You Dare Episode 14 Recap — 80 Comments

  1. Thank you again for posting this so quickly. I am also watching because of LDG and his acting. He is so good in this. Kind of reminds me of how Kim Jae-Wook was heads above everyone else in Who are You. I hope Se Joo wakes up and sees that YK is the one that will help him grow YBS.

    Now that FMR knows she changed nothing in her past, I hope she fixes the mess she created in this timeline.

    • Se-joo is a privileged b******d that need to have his ego satisfied. He enjoys “beating” Shin at this useless game that Shin wasn’t even playing. Yoo-kyung thankfully became the brains of YBS, or it would have gone down the drain. I like her even more now.

      • I don’t agree. I will say I like Se-Joo so much I hope he doesn’t end up with MiRae at all. She is not the typical heroine that needs saving-in fact she needs one big kick for being so washy-washy about her life and love.

        In fact I hope Shin doesn’t end up with her either! He definitely deserves someone better too!

        MiRae should just disappear into the future with future MiRae and leave the boys with an actual bright future!!! Anyone else would be better!

  2. Sigh. ALl I can do is sigh at this point. The only thing I am enjoying are the screenshots of Lee Dong Gun. I hope he does not scurry off and only work his music after this.

  3. I haven’t watched Eps 13 and 14 and I can’t find it in myself to get excited any more. Where did all the happy, sappy, sweet lovestruck scenes we all expected go? The previews for this drama were so promising that I truly feel sorry for the entire cast at how everything just descended into this gloomy cryfest. Did YEH and LDG know how heavyhearted they are turning their viewers into every Monday-Tuesday night?

    It’s depressing.

  4. is the writer a jyh’s fan? I can’t believe how she destroy jyh’s improvement in his acting skills . this can happen when you have idol’s fans annoying all the time . SHE’S THE WORST WRITER IN KDRAMAS HISTORY !!!!

    • She didn’t destroy his improvement his character might be frustrating right now but that doesn’t take away from the fact that he’s played it really well. Is like hating on the actress that plays future mirae because her character is annoying..

  5. LOL, haven’t been this disappointed in a drama since Fashion King. Since I’ve already learned the lesson about keeping up with a drama even if it’s sinking fast, I put aside MHIYD about 3 weeks ago, and only have been keeping up with the recaps.

    • I guess you haven’t seen Big starring Gong Too?! It was BIG alright; a Big let down. One thing I can take away from this MHIYD experience is that I’ve become a Lee Dong Gun fan.

    • She’s the only reason I read Koalas recap, I’m not liking any character except her and Oppa. So I hope an awesome future for her with or without Se Joo. I trust she will success in her future by her own merits.

    • i second that…and since a couple of episodes ago, i’m hoping that YK wouldn’t end up with SJ because he does not deserve her.

      • YK is better off alone than being with SJ. How come he’s still busy wooing Mi Rae and napping at her house when his company is not doing well? I bet the one who is not faithful in the future is Se Joo. Well at least YK’s future is well off compared to miserable, bitter, old Mi Rae. Anyway, I completely understand why YK in the future took over YBS and other companies. She’s a capable woman. She’s a better version of Miranda because she has humanity. Miranda dreamed to be the wife of CEO and took over his company and she did. So what’s wrong with YK? If she can do it, why not?

  6. The writer needs to go sit on a corner and really think about what she has done to four characters that had so much potential and to the four good actors that played them. At different points of this drama I have hated each one of this characters’ actions and sometimes even the characters.

  7. You really do need to actually date before you propose you’d think. She just had her heart broken. Nobody ever need to tell me he cares about her feelings. He doesn’t. It’s all about his feelings and ego. He pretty obviously wants to get to her while shes feeling low.

  8. I at least expected this episode to start heading towards a resolution at this point, but to my dismay, it’s angst after angst, issues after issues, moping after moping to no end. I feel that they should have just ended it here because it’s too depressing. I’m sure the writer is going to rush the ending at the cost of the story while sacrificing the talents of the four leads. A drama that had so much potential, but wasted due to lack of vision by the writer. They should have marketed this as a Makjang drama rather than a rom-com. Big sigh…

  9. OMFG, writer Hong Ji Ah (1 sister who wrote king 2 hearts)or what ever her name is should stick to writing with her sister and to NEVER write a drama alone again.

    Whis is what I think she should have done:

    FMR should have come and gone by at least ep 2 & told all 4 leads their future, so then they could change their own futures themselves and live happily ever after.

    So we could all actually watch a rom com (with many kisses from both OTPs) and not what ever the hell of a genre this drama was.



  10. OMG this was a lovely recap for this episode. I agree with everything said here, about the brave KIMSHIN,YK and Mirae; the super clingy/ pushover PSJ and the annoying FMR. We might get the OTP ending but its true, the journey to the end of this drama has been so dreadful, it was hardly enjoyable, all the expectation has died overtime, I don’t understand how the writer wants to tie rest of the story in two episodes.

  11. LDG and YEH = CHEMISTRY OVERLOAD! So sad to note that the writer didn’t use this fully. Two beautiful and amazing actors. Hope to be seeing them again in a good and well-written drama.

  12. This is such a crap drama. After 14 eps, we are told all the time travel does not change anything but the moment future Mi Rae travel back, current Mi Rea is her own person. The writer has successfully mess round with the lives of the cast in this drama even more than future Mi Rea has in the drama. LDG’s come back drama after army service, he lands such a rubbish drama with. Hope we can see themboth in another much better written romance drama.

  13. And this is why I’ve stopped watching this drama and just kept reading the recaps many episodes ago. If it weren’t for YEH and LDG I probably would have skipped the recaps as well. Sigh, what an utter waste of talent!

  14. So I just saw some stills for next episode and I just realized something (I think, I hope I’m not wrong). YooKyung is wearing the yellow jacket that SeJoo chose, so when he bought jackets for the whole team and he says “I think she will look good in yellow” or something along those lines it was just the assumption that he was talking about Mirae but is YK wearing the jacket, so could it be a hint that he was talking/thinking about YK. It made me think back at all the previous scenes with those two and even though he has been quite persistent with Mirae his actions towards YK have proved that he has an interest on her (getting upset when she sees her at the bar, then getting worried about her being with those guys, going to her house to see her after he can’t get in touch with her, and now the jacket thing). So could it be that the writer has actually been giving us hints about this and that he has actually fallen for YK but has not realized this due to his preteen crush on Mirae? I think the only reason why he keeps being persistent with Mirae is because he sees her so miserable and doesn’t know the story behind her and Kim Shin, so far he thinks that Kim Shin is dating someone else and is just being a jerk to her, thus his reason for trying to stay close to her and protect her.

    Writer, I’m giving you one last chance, I swear don’t let us down >.<

    • My thoughts too, the reason Seju is finding it hard to completely let her go is the fact that Mirae is so miserable right now. Seju is not just a guy who wants to be loved by Mirae, but he’s also her friend. Do people expect him to just stay away from her while seeing her crying/being miserable? It’d be inconsistent with the character.

      • I would 100% agree with you if he didn’t pull out a stupid ring in the end. That is not “trying to comfort a friend”.

      • Hanging around as a friend is cool. But that’s not really what he is doing. he is talking about his feelings. How he needs her. How she understands him. And please explain how the ring can be justified. If he wasn’t mostly portrayed as a good guy I’d find his actions creepy and controlling. Taking advantage of someone going through a rough time is how he comes across

      • It’s a Friendship Ring. He’s saying, “Could we be friends forever and ever?”

        Just keep saying that over and over and you’ll feel better. It’s the only way to stop yourself from losing your mind.

    • I also think that way, that seju choose yellow color not for mi rae but yoo kyung.
      he thinks that he loves mirae, but actually he just care or has sympathy for her.
      ouuchh 2 more episodes and I can’t see how this drama will give a happy ending for us.
      please writer-nim, don’t make uri yonghwa so depressed just for 1 girl

    • ahhhh…. I’m not taking the bait. I think most of us watching can see the writer ‘reaching’ to solidify a connection between SYK and SJ but the disaster that is Future Mi Rae has really did her job well. I have no interest in the second leads love affair cause I barely care for the OTP’s at the moment. I wonder who Oppa met and was texting? lol

  15. I dropped this awhile ago as I have been all year dropping dramas that I have been disappointed in. And so many had some of my favorite actors in it. Such a waste of talent on crappy writing. It’s the same reasons time and time again.

    LDG – aargh why did they have to do this to your character?!

    The other three… I can’t even… The poor actors.

    • Yeah, it’s a shame how crappy the plot(including Future Mirae) is because I really like how she wrote the 4 characters (mostly).

  16. i think the original written drama of the writer is supposed to be for yoon eunhye and jung yonghwa,i remember an article that jyh is one of the most favored celebrity males wanted by writers in korea to be the lead in their drama no.3 over all and yoon eunye’s manager is somewhat a fan of jung yonghwa who attended their concert in 2011 if my memory serves me right,maybe fnc jung yonghwa and lee donggun agency wants a comeback for lee donggun whose not been active for five years and they had an agreement to the writer that the story must been re written to make lee donggun as the lead but not overshadow jung yonghwa or lee donggun as the lead but their is a twist at the end,and made the written drama into this,i maybe wrong but it make sense

    • I know many girls love jyh , but is he an actor? noooo he needs to improve to deserve a male lead, this proyect was the first step to becoming an actor, but he needs a lot of hard work .

      • yes it’s his priviledged to work next to yoon eun hye,lee donggun,han chae ah and other senior actors, he is not full pledged actor but he debut first as an actor before a singer in korea.

      • it is not his first step as an actor. he debuted as an actor before a singer. this is his 3rd drama. but of course it is really a privilege to work with great senior actors. good thing many people are starting to like his acting

      • this is the 3rd drana to jyh but this doesn’t make him an actor . he needs a lot of work . I watched all his dramas that’s why I think he needs improve many things. I’m not a fan, I’m not a hater either just a person who loves dramas I want to see him become a great actor if he wants maybe he prefers to singing.

    • @sunshine, maybe your theory is right. fnc wanted to re-introduce lee donggun since he is MIA in 5 years. but i think the timing in this drama is so out of place, if she is gonna make mirae and sejoo to be together at the ending, i think its too late. should not force them in remaining 2 episodes, should be done earlier, probably starting ep 6 or 7

      • maybe that’s why i don’t blame the writer if their’s a twist or not at the ending,i think she has done the effort to appeace both characters.

      • That’s the big mistake of the writer , she must writes for the viewers not to please a character or his fans ,she completely lost the horizon and sacrificed two good actors , a story with a lot of potencial, romance , comedy in othet words killed her own proyect.

  17. I just checked the ratings for this week , it’s official this drama was shot by the writer.Apparently korean viewers turned their back on this drama , like many peolple in the web. RIP MARRY HIM IF YOU DARE , Thank you dear writer for ruining my year .You really disappoint me . Poor cast I can’t imagine how they are feeling in this moment. I wish you success in your next proyect you deserve it, and don’t forget avoid that evil writer.

    • Obviously Koreans have a good taste! I still can’t believe why so many people still wondering why this drama rating is so low, talking about denial.

  18. You have a point. But i think most people only watching this because of jyh and yeh. I am one of them. I’d given up on the story already, i just want to see them together in a scene. That’s enough for me 😉

  19. As usual, very well said Koala~!
    I feel very bad that this show turned into this. It was very promising and bright at first. Now I’m only watching it for Lee Dong-gun’s flawless acting and Yoo-kyung. Ms. Writer should have asked for her sister’s help. *sighs deeply*
    Geez, I hope LDG would work with YEH again in a genuine rom-com drama/movie again. Their chemistry is reallyyyyy good. 🙂

    • yeah and away from any idols as second lead plss 😐 I can’t believe they wasted this chance! it’s hard to get a second chance to couple LDG and YEH in a second drama but I really wish that this happens again!

      • Idols as second leads? Yonghwa is doing a good job, I really liked him in this role. And him being an “idol” has nothing to do with his character. That’s all on the writer, she killed this story pretty much.

      • I know that he improved a lot on acting as the only drama I watched him in it was you are beautiful beside this, but what I’m talking about is the idols fans or may I say stan! I hate how they act cause they like their oppa so much so they bash others! and I have seen my fair share to say that! and I’m not generalizing, plus I hate how they took over the actual actors places, they are just everywhere! good or not!
        and I know that the writer is the reason this drama sucked!

  20. Wow! A lot of negative stuff being written in these comments. I have to say Koala that I am sorry the show is disappointing you so much. It is flawed – Yes! It had greater potential – Yes! But I still see some great things in it and I rather enjoyed this episode. It ircks me that so many negative posts listed above are from people that admit they are only reading the recaps and then they blast the show – not taking into account that you are writing from a heavily biased point of view. I love you. Love your work. AND 90% of the time I agree with completely but I can’t help but feel that your expectations for this show were perhaps too high and your disappointment so strong that it make you a little less objective than I know you can be. I loved the scene at there house for dinner with Se Jo. I loved the scenes between Oppa and Shin. I find the fact that the meddling didn’t change her own life in the least fascinating. I don’t see FMR as completely evil. I think her telling Shin that it was her fault was a kindness on her part to make him feel better – but it takes two to ruin a marriage and we know how stubborn he can be so we know he was no saint! She was tryting to leave giving him hope and I think that was sweet and very much in keeping with Mi Rae’s character. I still HATE that her brother doesn’t trust her enough to tell her about the surgery – treating her like she can’t handle it. It is no wonder she has always lacked confidence in herself when the only one around her thinks so little if her. On the whole this show has made me think and question and I care about all of the characters and so I am happy. I just wish that coming here (a place I often feel is a sanctuary) that I didn’t feel so all alone.

    • In my case, I don’t think the disappointment is necessarily how the characters are molded and shaped to be who they are. The writer definitely managed to provide a good set up on them. It’s the lack of romantic interaction of the leads and 2nd leads, sure there is growth in the process, but the story focused so much in making the reason of FMR’s coming back from the future such a mystery that the narrative just dragged. In addition, the writer went on rabbit trails that had no narrative value whatsoever when she could have portrayed better interaction between the leads. By episode 14 Se Joo is still proposing to Mirae, new challenges in regards to the corporate leadership for Se Joo, no answer as to why Se Joo is so inclined to be with Mi Rae while in the initial timeline he and Yu Kyung were married, no resolution to the convoluted relationship between Mi Rae and Shin, no changes in the future despite FMR’s meddling, and yet there’s only two more episodes to go. Unless the network adds on more episode to this drama, the writer would just be rushing to tie things up in two episode which will depreciate the narrative value. So my disappointment is on the writer who seem to let her story go out of hand.

    • You are the rare % of viewers that like to show. High expectations, I dont think anyone is even expecting that anymore. We just dont want to be disappointed after each chapter. You can have your voice but there are a good reason by drama watchers knows what they like or do not like. You can support this drama but just keep Koala’s opinion out of your comments. Koala set up this blog to write about her thoughts and she never even force anyone to agree with her. You can choose not to but who are you to tell her how biased her comments are?
      Feel alone? Why do you need everyone to agree with you just so you do not feel alone. You are your own person, you need to have your own voice, why should other’s disagreement make you feel alone? Just be strong on your own and do not expect others to agree with you just so you can feel you are accepted this community. Koala is not going to ban you from this site because you do not agree with her. Just learn to accept everyone is entitled to their opinion. It may be different from you but it is not a bad thing. If you feel lonely, find another blog that shares your opinion. It may be very hard but not impossible.

  21. Just want to say I KNEW when Seju equated Mirae to a shiny toy car, it was a bad omen. I KNEW it.

    We’re almost at the end and he still doesn’t realise his one-sided pursuit of Mirae is, ironically, perfectly summed up by his own analogy.

  22. Damn I was looking forward for this drama because of yoon eun hye the queen of romantic comedies. I guess I need to pass this one.

  23. I am a bit out of my depth here. I haven’t watched any time travel drama so while expecting some rules, there weren’t any in this one or i could not fathom one. What do does the time cop mean when with ‘nothing changes’. Does it mean that the FMR cannot undo her past. but for the current MR and Shin they may not follow FMR’s past as by coming back, she/FMR has changed it for them? No change — meaning opposite to how she wants it changed; therefore, as it was with her/FMR past? What keeps me on is LDG – great acting! Keep it up and hope to see more of you on my screen.

  24. Once again I find myself agreeing with pretty much everything you’ve said, especially about the show as a whole. My only slight quibble is that I wish you had not been so soft on Evil Hag Ahjumma. I seethe with rage and revulsion when she’s on screen, and so for me I would have been very happy to see your comments about her ramped up several notches. Apart from that, though, I am very, very grateful to read your recaps, because it’s refreshing to find a fellow YEH fan who is honest about the Drama, warts and all. THANK YOU!

    • Totally agree with you. I hate Ahjumma; was so happy to see her leave, and then…. NOOOOOOOOO. I don’t even want to watch her (presumably) try to set things right with SHin and Mirae.

  25. This drama is an utter waste of talented cast! Although I want sejoo and mr together just coz I like them both. But it’s so sad that the writer has caused such crap ratings. Hope these cast will select better scripts next time.

  26. The writer managed to suck the romance and comedy out of a RomCom, how does that happen? Did she actually think the story through?

  27. I have to agree that the writer basically screwed up the pacing of the drama, and that she’s not clear who is supposed to be the lead in this drama. As a result, I just can’t care for Kim Shin (even until now) as he’s just running away from the issue instead of facing it and solving it. Even an almost perfect character like Se Joo is also ruined in the last 2 episodes where he’s still trying to win Mirae’s heart. New developments like his handling of the company are written in only in the 3rd last episode which really leaves me to wonder how the writer intend to address all these in the remaining 2 episodes? It has indeed been a frustrating journey as the talents of all the actors are wasted.

  28. One scene stood out, unexpected but very welcome. Oppa and Shin at dinner out and Oppa with such ease tells him about his impending surgery. The fact that he is able to tell this to Shin , and no one else, even though it is very matter-of-fact, says a lot about how Oppa perceives Shin even though hes always at loggerheads with him. I loved it.

    See Joo had made Mi Rae his latest shiny new toy car to conquer and only Yookyung can give him one hard verbal punch to put him in his place. You cant toy with one-sided-love See Joo and the sooner he is made to realize this the better. Mi Raeneeds to be less soft and uncertain in his presence. Why isn’t she putting her foot down, instead letting him hold hands and propose.

    Yookyung, she is so damn honest with herself and others, absolutely no two timing for her. She accepts loss, rejection with such guts and grace. The actress Chae-Ah has embodied this character such that she makes her complete and not just a secondary weakling. Shes amazing. Would really like to see her in a full blow romantic comedy, or crime comedy movie. Her facial expressions are just a delight to watch.

  29. I actually liked this drama despite how much the author of this article hated it. I don’t really care at all what anyone thinks, I loved this drama! “Misery” and “mind-numbing weariness”?? Pleeeeease! That’s your opinion, so speak for yourself. This is my opinion too. Anyway, if you weren’t enjoying it up until this point, I suggest you make this your last review and stop watching the show. You don’t HAVE to watch lol. No one is forcing you. I have a hunch people will hate this entire comment. Go on and hate a comment that goes against the grain lol. It won’t change my opinion. Also, it’s just a show. Move on already and watch something new lol. Have a nice day 🙂

    • The blogger can write whatever she wants on her blog. She paid for her blog and she own her blog. You on the other hand can leave her blog and not read it. She never says everyone has to agree with her. She does not stop others who disagree with her to leave their comments. But telling her how and what she should do in her blog is pure rudeness. She allows others to leave comments because she knows everyone have their own opinion and she is willing to allow others to their thoughts. That is what a community is about. Why do you have to be so rude in someone’s blog? She open the comments page to allow others to be open about their opinions. There is never once she dictated her readers have to agree with her. Who are you to do that on her blog?

  30. No kiss at this point . Is yoon eun hye in love? or just the writer hates her .all people around the world from korea to argentina are waiting at least the kiss scene between kim shim and mirae .

  31. can somebody time travel and change some of the plots. started off with good opening and expectations were quite high on whole but after epi 8 and 9, everything was sort draggy and is quite difficult to go through another epi. initially, i wanted it so much that it is psj+mr but now things are like…what the heck….i think i am stopping at epi 10 and perhaps just read the recap of epi 16 when i can come back to it. dont really watch lots of korean but i only watch what is worthy of but this……….kind of disappointing.
    anyway this drama doesn’t excite me anymore but instead exited me.i am still pining for a psj+mr but then…mr + ks…..argh……
    choice of actors=thumbs up but story line and plots=needs improvement
    koala-thanks for the recaps ….i like your work…..keep it up

  32. already finished 16eps and still cant get it. i need to read ur recap in order to understand this miserable drama wasted LDG’s act. and Yong Hwa the idol,please stay as a singer. already 3dramas and ur wasting ur time. not a hater just a common viewer.

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