Liu Shi Shi Models Chic Fall Fashions While Attending the 2013 Paris Shows

More and more C-actresses having been hitting up the most prestigious Fall fashion weeks in Paris and New York in the last few years. I didn’t really follow along since their front row fashion is really hit and miss. I’ve watched Liu Shi Shi slowly climb the C-acting ladder since she was a wee lass playing supporting roles in Tangren productions. Ever since Bu Bu Jing Xin she’s been on a steep uphill trajectory and nothing says future A-lister than joining many of her equally and more famous actress colleagues in Paris back in September. Shi Shi has never had a reputation as a fashionista, and even in the last two years when she was a staple at media events I’ve never been totally wowed by her sartorial style or the way she carries if off. She’s a trained ballerina which always helps her in wuxia and period dramas with the body language in filming action sequences. But on the red carpet and on stage in live events, she still seems rather whispy and unassuming. To be a bona fide A-lister, she’s going to have to develop more presence. Shi Shi graces the pages of some Fall C-magazines in connection with her Paris trip and these are my fave pictures. She chopped her hair short for Bu Bu Jing Qing, the first time I recollect she’s sported short hair. It’s grown a bit since BBJQ wrapped filming in early Summer, and I’m loving the just past shoulder length cut that perfectly suits these latest Fall fashions. It also gives me a glimpse of what to expect from Shi Shi in BBJQ which won’t air until 2014. Shi Shi almost always does period dramas, though recently she’s branched out. BBJQ is a modern drama, but last year she filmed An Angel’s Happiness with Ming Dao (a remake of the K-drama Thank You) but that one doesn’t have an airing date yet. With the strange C-airing schedule of dramas, next year might see a three-fer in Shi Shi dramas all airing at the same time – BBJQ, An Angel’s Happiness, and The Sun Moon Legend which is the drama adaptation of Da Mo Yao


Liu Shi Shi Models Chic Fall Fashions While Attending the 2013 Paris Shows — 8 Comments

  1. I thought she was lee bo young on the first picture, had to do a double take. Beautiful shi shi, can’t wait till i see her WQL in BBJQ

    • You are not alone because I thought the same thing too…for the first look I thought she was LBY and sure enough on the second stare it was Shi Shi 🙂

  2. wow, she’s gorgeous.
    I swear she’s the type of person that the more you look at her the prettier she gets. Some other actresses however cause people to get tired of their face after a while but I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of her face.

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