Written and Video Preview for Episode 15 of Marry Him If You Dare

I’m trying to find a way to write about the written and video previews for episode 15 of Marry Him If You Dare (Mirae’s Choice) without resorting to expletives and throwing things at the computer. The entire drama has become a tease, a painful protracted pointless tease wrapped in an unsavory shell. It’s two episodes left and still the drama focuses on Shin and Mi Rae’s interactions BUT keeps the Se Joo possibility alive as some sort of pitiful joke. At this point I don’t care anymore, and I would rather Mi Rae magically fall madly in love with Se Joo (love potion, anyone? voodoo love spell? brain fart?). If Mi Rae fell in love with Se Joo, then we could actually spend the remaining two episodes watching two people be in love and do something productive with their time together. Shin can exit stage left, and as much as I love watching Lee Dong Gun in this drama I would rather his character get shunted to some side story that actually has a point. I don’t mind at all if he falls in love with the NTN lady and they become a power couple of their own, anything is better than being stupid and signing a contract with NTN when he could just look for another job at a network that isn’t YBS or NTN. As for the darling Yoo Kyung? She should be saying a prayer she’s not shoved into a lame story anymore. Maybe she can quit her job at YBS and take a short vacation whereby she meets a smart chaebol heir with good taste women (i.e. NOT Park Se Joo, who has no taste in women and falls in love the stupidest way possible after watching someone skinny dipping in the ocean) and he swoops up Yoo Kyung and they live happily ever after. This drama has turned me angry and bitter, sticking with following it until the end because it’s too late to call it quits without at least knowing how it all ends. I still think it’ll end with Mi Rae-Shin because if its Mi Rae-Se Joo then the story is not just painful to watch it actually sends the wrong message. But watching firsthand the sheer incompetence of this writer, I wouldn’t put it past her to actually shoot herself in the foot since she’s already punched herself and all the viewers in the face with the waste of a talented cast.

Written preview for episode 15:

“The person who can give Na Ri Mae happiness now is Park Se Joo.”

Miranda says to become someone worthy of being part of YG Group the writer is critical which causes Mi Rae some concern. Shin signs the contract and with the assistance of Hee Kyung (the VP of NTN) he starts working towards the goal of becoming the next Head of the Network. On the other hand, Mi Rae goes to the party with Se Joo and locks eyes with Shin who is there with Hee Kyung.

Preview for episode 15:

[youtube id=”pgqNpKPzyi0″ w=”625″ h=”445″]


Future Mi Rae says present Mi Rae needs to know but Oppa says it doesn’t change anything now even if she knows. Hee Kyung takes Shin to a party and points out two empty seats and says one is for him. Mi Rae hears from a protester that he wants Shin to report on this news. Mi Rae makes a call and hears from future Mi Rae that the reason future Shin left NTN was because he reported on news that the network didn’t want him to report on. Mi Rae goes to talk to Shin but he tells her that she needn’t worry about him and give dire warnings about what will happen with his life.


Written and Video Preview for Episode 15 of Marry Him If You Dare — 83 Comments

  1. So they are dragging the Mirae-Sejoo thing until the end. *sigh Am I the only one that still feels like present Mirae is being selfish as hell for not telling Sejoo the truth about his future with YK? she knows her marriage with Shin was f’ed up but she knew Sejoo’s marriage with YK was good and still she accepts Sejoo’s proposal? I know Sejoo’s character is being a pain in the ass for not letting go but he is still oblivious of the future thing (since he didn’t believe YK). Yes Mirae told him she did the car thing on purpose, what she didn’t tell him was that it was because FMR told her to seduce him with water because he was a chaebol and that’s how he had fallen in love with YK. This is why i just can’t get on the Mirae-Sejoo ship because it feels like he is still deceived by Mirae’s real story. I know he didn’t fell for YK and it doesn’t seem loke he will anymore but just like Shin and Mirae got to know their future and had a choice to follow it or change it, Sejoo and Yk should’ve been able to do the same.

    I read that the writer said that the viewers will have different opinions about the ending.. I don’t even want to think about what she meant by this, like how much more can she destroy this story?

    • She said WHAT? About the ending? Da fuck is wrong with her? I may actually loathe her. There are writers who are incompetent, but she’s worse since she thinks she knows what she’s doing but confuses a pile of yellow-colored poop for a mountain of gold.

      You are not the only one upset about Mi Rae not telling Se Joo everything. Their entire friendship/relationship has been based on a mountain of deception and concealed facts. But I don’t think Se Joo has a functioning brain so even if MR told him that in the future he married YK, it wouldn’t change how he saw YK or how he thinks he feels about MR.

      I mean, MR already told him MANY TIMES that she doesn’t like him back and he still whips out an engagement ring. It’s so laughable and pathetic. It’s like talking English to an elephant. Why bother.

      • Haha I love your last paragraph! I agree, but at least if she did tell him the truth and he still accepts it like the dumb*** that he’s been, it would feel like he had a choice. Maybe then they can convince us to get on that ship.

        As for the writer I wonder if she even realizes that she single handling ruined this drama. At this point I can’t picture any scenario with a pleasing ending that would justify how the story developed so far and save it. Even if the leads and second leads end up with their corresponding halves is just going to feel rushed and forced.

      • The only way they can save this drama is for the four of them to end up in an orgy of some kind…… Just saying!

    • 5 stages of grief starts with: 1.denial (we were all in denial about the mess we were watching), 2.anger (for where the story was going or not going), 3.bargaining (we’re hoping that it will get better the next ep and the next after that), 4.depression (we are all shaking our heads on this train wreak of a show), and 5.acceptance (that this drama sucksa$$)

      LOL on the orgy…maybe, maybe it’ll help but knowing the writer…she’ll probably mess that one too. she’ll probably give us an orgy NOT of the 4 main characters BUT between the PD, stuttering MC, main writer and time cop.

  2. I am past being angry about this drama; it now just makes me sad. I think of all the talent it has in this cast and all the hard work that everyone (cast and crew) put into it; it had a really a good premise and the subway episode was crackstastic. It even had a second female lead who was not someone to loathe (something as rare is Kdramas as unicorns). And then . . .It is like the writer was given a beautiful gift and decided to crap all over it, repackage it, and try to regift it. There is a saying that goes, “don’t let someone spit on you and tell you its raining.” Well, writer, I know spit when I see it and so do drama-watching fans. Don’t try to tell us any different and pull the “I’m an artist” bull. Thanks, Captain Koala for going ahead with this. I’ll read on just to see it through to the end.

  3. Different opinions about the end makes me think she’s not going to actually have Mirae pick either one of them, but it’s left up to you to decide who you think she’s going to be with.

    You know as much as I wanted Shin and Mirae to work it out, I’m going to be petty and say I’d be fine with Mirae marrying Seju. I’d really enjoy seeing him suffering the consequences of marrying a woman who doesn’t love him and one who he stupidly thinks understands him the best. I predict he’ll be broke in a few years without YK there to keep him in check. Then Mirae will neither have love nor money. Shin can go marry NTN chick and take on YBS and YK can meet a nice guy who appreciates her. Perfect end for me.

    • Yep, then maybe he can take a trip back to the past to kick himself in the ass for proposing to a woman who was basically using him as an emotional crutch. And maybe we can have a crappy drama about that story too.

      I honestly don’t care if Shin and Mi Rae end up together but if she ends up with Se Joo, this drama would shoot to #1 on my list of ‘worst dramas of all time’. I mean seriously, what sort of message does that send? That pushy, self-absorbed people who don’t know when to take no for an answer can get their heart’s desire in the end? Nothing in the world that Hong Jin Ah writes will ever ever ever convince me that Mi Rae and Se Joo could ever be more than friends.

      • lol I was thinking, he’d need a sequel to fix his upcoming crappy future if he marries Mirae.

        I saw in the preview the Christmas trees are still up, so it can’t have been that long since she just told him no (again) and broke it off with Shin. And yet he still pulls out a ring. SJ/MR really has the making of a far worse marriage than Ks/MR. She’s using him as an emotional crutch, he knows nothing and he’s too stupid to give up on someone who doesn’t like him.

        But worst marriage ever in the worst drama ever might actually be more satisfying to me than whatever rushed ending the writer is going to do.

      • Se Joo eventually will learn without money, love runs dry just like the love story of Mirae and Shin. If Mirae’s future will end up broke and miserable no matter which men she marries, why bother to get marriage and mess up these men life?

    • I agree with you. I still want See Joo with Yoo Kyung, but it seems like I’m only getting the typical “wait until I fall in love with you” ending for these two.
      Anyway, whatever man Na Mi Rae marries, she’s still going to have an unhappy life. The guy from the future made that clear. Nothing changes. I hope that we get a sad ending if she ends up with Se Joo, something like showing that in the future they are unhappy. Then I could accept it, because she would finally learn that you don’t destroy other people’s lives only to save yours. She basically destroyed Yoo Kyung’s future.

      Argh, I hate this Na Mi Rae…seriously!

  4. I have been following the drama through the recaps and the writer ruined what could have been a good story.
    This was one of the dramas I was waiting to see and it’s disappointing.
    Thanks for the recaps.

  5. Koala…I just love your metaphors and comparisons 😀

    I dropped this show after ep 4 as I lost interest but I was hoping that we’ll get to see two sets of OTPs but Se Joo still clinging onto his so called love for Mi rae…meh…

  6. LOL! different opinions! Clearly she will not make MR pick any of the guys. She’s been throwing an overdose scenes of SJ/MR tbh but can she let the second lead win over the first lead? I don’t think so..Which totally gives zero outcome from this drama! I mean it started up with a challange and it’s been dragged forever, and if it ended unclosed I may forget everything about this drama but LDG.. I love Shin, and MR is so much close to the reality but the writer made the viewers lose the attachment with them at some point.

    I may seem shallow but all I care about now is one hot kiss between LDG and YEH!

      • hot kiss , a simple kiss , I don’t think so maybe out the drama . please kiss each othert ldg and yeh and upload to you tube.

      • I’m going to cry if we didn’t get YEH/LDG kiss scene! I will literally cry and nothing would make me better but their agencies confirming they’re dating! Though I didn’t see much of unusual bts interaction but who the hell cares about that now!

        Or just give the amnesia plot twist to shin and I’ll be happy

  7. I have been following the drama through recaps as it evokes agitation rather than enjoyment. But nonetheless, the recaps is still too painful to even read because the writer completely ruined the story! Good thing your side remarks/commentaries about the drama makes me laugh and thus eases the pain and suffering that the writer of the story is inflicting on us!

    “The only person who can give Na Mi Rae happiness now is Park Se Joo.” What?!? Are you kidding!?! The way the story is going it should read “The person who Na Mi Rae will ruin now is Park Se Joo!” Maybe Mi Rae marries See Joo, ruins him and divorces him (which serves him right!) and then meet Shin again who ignores her (which serves her right!).

  8. I have been reading the drama recaps, haven’t watched any of the episodes yet… I guess I won’t… The story sucks, the characters, too… I would suggest however, that you all watched Reply 1994, I think it is far much better than any of the ‘typical’ korean dramas I’ve watched so far, the story is not predictable, the characters are loveable… Give it a go!

  9. These comments are so entertaining. Now the best ending would be Mirae marries Sejoo and future Sejoo appears and tell Sejoo to marry Yookyung who becomes a successful businesswoman and own a network that win over YBS in the future and of course, to avoid Mirae since she will make him broke.

    • I agree! Na Mi Rae is going to ruin anyone she marries, specially if she doesn’t even love the guy. lol

  10. Yep, i read somewhere that yonghwa is also frustrated with his character and also said the ever-so-gentle sejoo doesnt exist in real life hahaha! Whats the use of fireworks, heart-aching goodbyes by sejoo in ep 12 then goes back again showing a ring? A big DUH!? To the writer. I think im putting this writer on my blacklist.

    • Lol it was from his Arena Homme interview, he said he was frustrated with Sejoo because he was doing too much for Mirae, he also said he and YEH joke around about the script lines and YEH keeps playfully apologizing to him (for her character) because she has to follow the script.

      Honestly the BTS and cast interactions while shooting are far more interesting than the actual drama lol.

    • Dear writer, plz dont be that cruel to let PSJ rejected gor the third time, huhuhu … PSJ fightinggggg, win NMR’s heart with your gentle heart

  11. this drama…>sigh<…what a waste…I stopped watching midway and stuck to reading the recaps, even that is hard to do. So thank you, Koala, for recapping this, even though it's painful to do so.

  12. Unlurking…

    This drama. Everytime I watch it, at least after episode 4, I want to perform CPR to it badly. Like, please come alive, you still have so much to give. Sadly, the flat line keeps on appearing. Damn drama. I’ve never felt so frustrated watching a drama before.

  13. OMG I wonder why may I continue watch this drama ?, and don’t find a good reason . this writer doesn’t have a clue of what she’d doing with this proyect , but most important kbs , managers , yoon eun hye and lee dong gun are like idiots waiting for this woman trashes the 2 final episodes .Stop her please , someone rescue it !!!!!! It’s not just a bad drama or the worst drama ever, it is a shame.Why does the cast agree to continue working with this writer ?

    • They are professional actors. They can’t stop the writer from doing what she’s doing. Though I’m really curious, can’t she feel the dragging of this story? I mean the ratings are dropping and the story isn’t going anywhere. It’s not moving. I feel like I’m watching Accept SJ proposal if you Dare?!

  14. Lol, I’m the only one here still being like “I love this drama!”
    I’m really invested in the conflict and I like both guys and present Mirae. Although I really ship her with Sejoo.I’m really looking forward to next episode!

    • The writer turned Sejoo’s character into an immature obsessive boy who everyone is frustrated at.. Believe me this is not JYH fan service, the fans are also pissed. I think she just has no idea about what she is doing like she kinda had a concept and then she just kept improvising, I mean this started as a romantic comedy and there hasn’t been any romance or comedy in like the last 12 episode..

      • I agree. She turned him to an obsessive boy but let’s put everything on the table here. JYH is the second lead, we rarely see any second lead on kdrama getting the girl but I can totally see this coming here. Though open ending is much closer to me but I wouldn’t be shocked if MR accepted the ring and then at the end it’s SJ who lets MR go ( to give him a good face only).

        I kinda see some fan services in this drama but tbh I can’t say purely fan services..

    • In what way is this drama being a JYH fanservice when JYH’s character (Park Seju) is getting the brunt of this writer’s incompetence and indecisiveness? Stop blaming people who had nothing to do with this. JYH nor his fans had nothing to do with this story/plot.

  15. I gonna cry when this drama ends , too much frustation , disappointment, anger all this feelings thanks to this writer. There’s no hope for this. I don’t know how the procucers don’t kick out this woman.

  16. If it is pure fan service then why are the fans also pissed with his character??? I agree that maybe half of it due to his popularity but half of it is definitely not. Many of his fans are so frustrated over this drama LOL. Personally i want this drama to end. The drama stress us so much hahahah! Also the nonstop blaming of yonghwa fans, ths jyh vs ldg will also end LOL however i think this is will not end yonghwa acting career, so criticsm will raise again *shrug* but all in all one thing that viewers agree is the bad writing of this drama

  17. Thanks koala for insights. What I wonder is can the future ‘change’ by choices we make or by our personality change? Or both..? What is the point of this story? Present MR is filled with guilt because of what she knows, Shin is also filled with guilt (& bitterness) with the future he knows… Moral of story: do not mess with past ? Do they make choices which make them happy… I wonder. Argh….I just want yo watch a romcom- this is a makhang!

  18. Urgh!!! I’ve been watching this drama from first episode to present.

    I hate what the writter has done to our beloved characters. FMR frustrates me to no end! She has messed up the present and look at what has happened. I can’t believe I’ll be this frustrated watching the drama. FMR is a very selfish person and so is MR. Toying around SJ, present MR also knows YK is meant to be with him but what did the writer do? 2 episodes to go, I want to give this drama the benefit of a doubt but I see it down the drain.

    This was supposed to be LDG’s comeback too. Ugh. Good concept, bad writing.

    • LDG comeback, JYH acting improvement, buy yes, the writer ruined the whole concept. it’s like the writer lost the idea how to end this story.

      i can’t believe i love watching this drama until 6-7 ep but the writer keep making me to hate this drama.
      i thought se joo can move on in ep 12 but no! the writer make him fall in love (too much -again-) with mi rae.

      hope LDG and JYH will get a better drama than this in their next project

      • Even if people insist it is “Mirae’s Choice” yes. But her Future self just ruined this drama. Present Mirae is indecisive. Fans insist JYH to be with the female lead. Come on guys. You like SJ to be lead on by Mirae.

        Mirae OBVIOUSLY loves Shin. So this drama will just be another disaster. I chose the guy because he’s a CHAEBOL and my life is not miserable with him. Selfish considering YK and SJ might have kids in the future. Happy now?

    • We all know Future Mi Rae is a b**** already, but some people may not see present Mi Rae as a bad person.
      However, she may be even worse then FMR, because she plays dumb when she knows almost everything about the future since the beginning. I don’t get what the writer is thinking. It seems like present Mi Rae has amnesia, because she knew Se Joo was Miranda’s grandson since the beginning but was surprised when he told everyone. WTH??? Forgetful viewers may think and argue that Na Mi Rae didn’t know, but we all know she knew he was rich and that Yoo Kyung was going to marry him. Still she’s playing dumb and innocent. WHY??? I can’t understand!! Is she really that bad of a person or did the writer forget what she wrote in the beginning???

  19. I don’t hate it, but I also don’t love it. And I really wanted to, as I’m still obsessed with Lie to me. But whatever that drama was lacking, there was actually romance in it. There are scenes I can watch a hundred times over and over again. They fell in love and we were with them the entire time. Here there barely have scenes together and that’s such a waste of talented actors.

  20. Hong Jin Ah sshi, you’re are such a great pretender. That is to say, you have deceived us in thinking that you are a writer with vision and competency. With King 2 Hearts under your belt, we anticipated MHID to be decent if not great. Sadly, you have just demonstrated that the brain in King 2 Hearts may just be your sister. I have never been so outraged to the point of posting this comment. You have thoroughly ruined a good plot and wasted the talents of actors who still continues to do their best despite the inexplicable story line of this drama. Yet you have the audacity to “apparently” make a comment that viewers will have a differing opinion of the ending. Your plot does not make sense now, I’m sure your ending does not either. Please,and I’m being nice here, go hide where the sun does not shine.

    • Except… It is for the audience. No audience = No drama. Pissing off the audience was not the best thing, that’s why they’ve lost so many viewers, it started out with 9.5 and went down to 4.7. It is her story but ultimately is for an audience.

      • Amen Sister. Mirae can have all choices she wants, but if the audiences don’t agree, the rating is going down the drain. A drama should be realistic enough for us to watch and support. No men want to continue to pursue women who don’t love them back unless they’ve personal issues or something go really wrong with their brains.

  21. Future Mi Rae needs to go DIAF. This drama is so depressing to watch. Nobody is happy. I use to enjoy Se Joo’s scenes but now I fight the urge not to fast forward him. His persistency isn’t endearing. It’s embarrassing. I mean…does the man not have any self-esteem? I’m glad Yoo Kyung accepted that Se Joo didn’t like her. She seems to be the only person that acts like a rational human being in this drama. I hope she finds her happiness. I have no clue how the writer is going to resolve everything in the last two episodes.

  22. So she’s going to leave us with an open ending, subject to different interpretations eh? Which is equivalent to a non-ending without a satisfactory closure.I’m guessing having a final scene of Shin crossing the street to get to Mirae as she waits for him on the other side and the sound of screeching tyres and freeze. That kind of annoying ending which I just hate.

  23. this drama started very strong and has a great potential, until it is ruined after episode 4. I am still watching this because of YEH and the possible chemistry with LDG whom i loved in sweet 18.It is so obvious that YEH and LDG has an amazing chemistry, if only this writer make use of their potential chemistry this drama could have became a classic like coffee prince and full house.A lot of people is watching this mostly because of their bias and curiosity if this drama will end well or continue to be a disappointment.This is the first YEH drama that i might not rewatch. I have seen all YEH drama , and watched them all at least twice. BUt this? I will still watch YEH’s future drama, but this writer, NEVER again. Forgive my ignorance but I thought at first the hong writer that this drama is referring to was the HONG sisters who wrote greatest love, master’s sun and chunyang.But then is was a different HONG, the riter of K2H which i stopped watching after a few episodes, IDK why i didnt like K2H despite HJW and LSG. Anyway i am still hoping that the last two episodes will save this drama for the sake of YEH and LDG .i wilkeep my fingers c rossed.still hoping for the best .

  24. i think the flow of the drama is agreed upon by all the partie’s involved,so whoever will be the hero at the end it is fine for me.

    • Really, pinetree? The flow of the dra is agreed upon by all parties involved? So there was never a script in the first place. Just some sort of story lines labeled plan A, B, C… Hahaha! So sad for LDG and YEH. The writer didn’t make full of their talent and chemistry …. What a waste.

  25. maybe this drama project by the writer is supposed to be for yoon eun hye and jung yonghwa,and i remember an article that jung yonghwa is 3rd or even 2nd overall celebrity male that most favored by the writers to be the lead in their drama,and yoon eun hye’s manager is even somewhat a fan of jung yonghwa who watched their concert back in 2011 if my memory serves me right,and their’s an issue even in early these year that they will lead a drama together, maybe fnc jung yonghwa and lee donggun agency wants a comeback for lee donggun whose been in hiatus for 5 years and somewhat came to an agreement with the writer to leave a strong impression on his character even if he or not ended to the female lead,maybe that’s how this drama script came about,i maybe wrong but it make some sense.

  26. I am still hoping that the last two episodes will save this drama for the sake of YEH and LDG.Shin is someone that she love. Mirae should convince to shin that everything will be fine and always find the best way as long as they keep their power of love. Both of them look good together. Hope in their real life too.

  27. I am really disappointed with the story, it confuses me and get irked by the persistency of the love relationship of Park Seju and Na Mirae. I know Yong Hwa is cute, but come on, I still see great chemistry between Lee Dong Gun and Yoon Eun Hye. Their characters were ruined because of future Na Mirae but knowing what will happen in the future, can they at least change what happened in the past so they can live happily ever after? Why oh why scriptwriter, this story gets too boring already but because I love YEH, I will force myself watch till the end, lol.

  28. I think that when the snow melted on episode 12,along with was the melting on the writer’s brain. This is the first that I am this pissed off with a drama.

  29. It really is a waste of good characters and actors.
    Mirae’s brother seems to be the only one that has a logical story line.

    Everyone else has to keep changing directions as the writer turns.

    So many cool things will end up being forgettable in a few years. We’ll all be like, “What was that show that had that subway thing with the fire and the water and that really good actor?”

  30. yoon eun hye needs a new manager at once

    she needs a scandal to make forget this mess missing you was better
    than this

    a movie or drama with hyun bin

    this hurts to watch so bad

    • It’s the writer’s fault why the drama suck I don’t think it will affect YEH and LDG career. But for me JHW I will affect his acting career even though he improved it’s seem his character is still the same fromm since YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL. I’m not a hater but this is my opinion….

  31. please we need a miracle to YEH and LDG , to finish this drama without affecting their careers. These last 2 eps are going to be painful and frighteening, that’s for sure . I don’t trust in this writer, she is determined to be remembered like the worst kdrama writer of all time . I can bet this will be the first drama of yoon eun hye without the kissing scene.I mean a good kissing scene .I’m seryously thinking about not watching the last eps

    • Yes,this is how the production planned it out: Hey, let’s spend the network’s money and get all this really good actors and high end writer, put them all on a primetime slot following a successful high rating drama (good doctor)then waste the advertisers’ money so we can promote Yonghwa’s career!

      Such an cunning plan, complete fan service!


      People need to snap back to reality and realize that this has nothing to do with fanservice, all actors (main, supporting and minor) have been great it is the writer that created such a flawed story and wasted everybody’s hard work.

      • People needed someone to blame I guess and poor Yonghwa coz he’s second lead and an idol. Tsk.

    • Do you really think idols have that much power in Korea? Because they don’t. Actors are more powerful than idols there. Actors, writers and some media sectors look down on idols. I know a korean girl and she didn’t even know what was CN Blue or who is Yong Hwa…I’m his fan too, but unfortunately Busker Busker and other less known bands for international audienc gotta be much more popular in Korea than CNBlue. Therefore, there is no way this drama could be fanservice unless Yong Hwa’s company threw lots (and I mean A HUGE AMOUNT) and lots of money at the TV station and producers of this drama.

      • hi hi hi …..dont get too affected, my dear,,actors and idols accept it bec.it is a part of their job…;) its the writer who dont make a good script though..

  32. Uh oh it’s better to read the comments than watching the drama but if ever they bring justice to drama for last two episodes. I will watch the last two episodes 🙂

  33. Omg, If Se Joo ends with Mi Rae I’m gonna throw my computer out of the window (no, I’m not, this drama is not worth it xD).
    I’m actually surprised to find out more Yoo Kyung’s fans like me here and in Soompi’s forum, because all I see in Dramafever is a bunch of alienated Yong Hwa fangirls and Yoon Eun Hye crazy fans who want them together at any price, even if it doesn’t make sense or if it seems wrong.
    Thank God I’m not the only Se Joo-Yoo Kyung and Mi Rae-Kim Shin shipper in the world. Actually, I don’t give a crap about Na Mi Rae. She and her future self gotta be the worst female lead ever in the story of kdramas. That’s how much I hate Mi Rae, specially Future Mi Rae for messing with Yoo Kyung and Se Joo’s life.

    Here is my review of this show that I wrote for Dramafever. I got 53 thumbs up and 35 thumbs down:

    Seo Yoo Kyung is worth more than either future or present Na Mi Rae and Se Joo needs to realise that. Mi Rae never liked Se Joo to begin with and only went after his money, like future Mi Rae wanted. She actually threw herself at him many times and tricked him into believing she was interested in him, before realising she wanted to be with Kim Shin. So kudos for Yoo Kyung, who fell for him without knowing who he was. She’s actually harassed at work and the only way to survive in her job is enduring it. Not everyone is lucky to be in the same team as your brother and 2 guys who love you. People can say Yoo Kyung is conceited, but at least she’s neither selfish nor a liar. Therefore, I couldn’t care less about Mi Rae or Kim Shin right now. I just want them to be together, so that Se Joo and Yoo Kyung can finally undo future Mi Rae’s wrongdoings and find their way back to each other.

    • Can someone tell me what are the reactions in Korea? Who does the public like? Mi Rae or Yoo Kyung? Who do they want Mi Rae to end up with? What characters do they like or hate?

  34. the writer must be trying to be different in other time travel drama,but on this drama the story is making the viewer annoyed,i like kim shin ang mirae,se joo is too young for na mirae and YK,i dont feel the chemistry on any of them,except mirae and kim shn hehehheh,sory for thoese who wants mirae and se joo,this is just my opion only.;;;;

  35. I hope se joo ends with yoo kyung,,present mirae is too old for se joo, she is like an “ahjumma” for se joo.yoo kyung is better than mi rae.

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