Heirs Sets 2013 K-drama Record for Overseas Licensing Rights

With two weeks left in its run, Heirs/The Inheritors is on such a tight live-film scheduled I’ve seen BTS pictures of filming where the footage is aired the next day. I’d love to see some spoiler stills for next week’s episodes for a hint as to whether Eun Sang left the country or not. Lee Min Ho was snapped by a fan filming outdoors today which gives some clue as to what to expect. I’ll discuss what I think after the jump. The kiss scene in episode 16 has been getting very mixed reactions, some love it while others were completely underwhelmed. I belong to the “it doesn’t totally suck” group, because objectively it doesn’t suck since there was lip movement from both participants, plus Lee Min Ho was trying his best to gnaw on Park Shin Hye‘s lips. But her body language in that kiss was abysmal. Despite her lips participating, her body language screams “I’m scared out of my wits!” Fans in DC got a hold of the shooting script for the kiss and it’s a pretty funny read. Her last kiss with Yoon Si Yoon in Flower Boy Next Door, albeit less passionate, was much more in mutual synergy. Oh well, it doesn’t both me too much since I really wasn’t expecting something all that memorable though it does seem like a waste of a prime opportunity for Park Shin Hye to shed her “can’t kiss onscreen if her career depended on it” reputation. I love her but she really needs lessons, preferably a hit two birds with one stone kind where she starts dating a great guy in real life and they kiss a lot in their relationship and she gets all the practice she needs. With the 2013 dramas soon to wrap up, Heirs has now vaulted to the top of the list as commanding the most money for selling its overseas airing rights. It’s already been sold to 13 countries and many more are already in talks. I’ll be surprised if this drama breaks Lee Min Ho’s top-selling K-drama Boys Before Flowers. It’s got some buzz but nothing compared to the hysteria and pandemonium during BBF.

Shooting script for the kiss scene in episode 16:

Tan, using the same gesture pushed Eun Sang against the cabinet.

Tan, held Eun Sang’s chin still with his hand and directly leans in to kiss her!

Filled with worry about Eun Sang leaving him at any time

He doesn’t know what to do, and he kisses her even more forcefully, his heart burning up with fear.

Afterwards, Tan embraces Eun Sang in his arms.

Tan is still wearing his school uniform so I’m guessing Eun Sang is still in Korea and we won’t get a time jump. Or this is just a flashback sequence of grown up Tan remembering how he looked everywhere for her. But then the stills below show Tan with black hair, which makes a jump more likely.


Heirs Sets 2013 K-drama Record for Overseas Licensing Rights — 46 Comments

  1. I liked the kiss..it was hot!! 😉

    it was totally unexpected as they are playing high school students and well, PSH always has chaste kissing scenes…so it was a huge improvement as far as these factors are concerned…LMH is perfect as always.

    I love this OTP and I couldn’t ask for more as I finaly got one passionate kiss…lol 😀

  2. Either way this drama was way more hyped up than the actual show.

    Everyone in the drama dressed better than Kim Tan. Which is a pity. On the other hand, the F4 had better chemistry in BoF.

    Sigh, looks like I will remember BoF ( sucky as it was ) more than The Heirs. Because nowadays don’t even bother with the subs. I am just skipping to the bits I like and be done with that episode.

    I so looked forward to the Kim Won character and love line. It’s been a total loss. Not even a successful romance at this point will redeem him.

    • I agree with you there on the Won-Hyun Joo loveline. It’s so lame now…IDK anymore. I said it 100 times already…KES wasted Choi Jin Hyuk and even more, Im Joo Eun….oh well…they will have other dramas…sad sad…
      Maybe if they had a passionate kiss too, it would make me feel better???

      Now onto the Tan-Eun Sang kiss, it was hot, in my opinion. Eventhough LMH had to do most of the work, still an improvement for PSH.
      And I think the time jump will be good for the plot.

      • I suppose if you just watch the lips, or just LMH, the kiss was OK, but I couldn’t stop focusing on that massive tension crease in PSH’s forehead. That’s the crease of a migraine, not something you see on someone having a pleasant experience. So it was her usual fail for me.

    • I agree that LMH’s character wears the ugliest clothes, and is the lamest character. There is also no growth in his character. I don’t know why he picked this drama. I hope he picks more interesting characters, from better writers in the future.

      I enjoyed BOF more than Heirs to tell the truth.

  3. I some other stills where he is wearing the same clothes but in them, he still has brown hair. I reckon in these ones as well he has the same hair,the photos are just way too raisiny.

  4. Very anxious for the preview of ep 17. Side tracking here, ms koala or anyone…are there rumours going around the LMH & PSH are an item? What’s your opinion Ms Koala? Does it seem like there could be something between them?

    • I pray to the heavens that does the girl already has many anti fans do not want a relationship with popular actor as I damaged, I like her a lot so I hope this does not happen
      Well kisses have always been the number one PSH fault I saw a preview at least try and if most of the criticism comes from girls who give half of what they have to be in the position of PSH, have kissed so many hot guys and not seized.

      • I’m not Koala but I fully agree with her POV on PSH’s body language. It screams: “I REALLY don’t want to but I have to, help me out of this please!!!!”. Thus if she and LMH really were an item, she would have behaved way differently. All relaxed with mutual passion. So nope, not a chance.

  5. Actually it’s getting a lot of buzz in Korea. I was surprised by the number of people that came to filming site to see LMH today. It looked chaotic.
    It can even beat BOF in earnings as both leads are big overseas and there are some popular idols too.

    • Yeah, but Heirs canNOT beat BOF in popularity bcuz BOF got better/more interesting story, better soundtrack, LMH’s acting was better. by the way, his clothes were better too.

      • I totally agree. Heirs is garnering attention, but BOF (despite major flaws) created the biggest hype. Aside from the redundant storyline the characters were more enjoyable, the chemistry was better, and the story was a little more lighthearted. Sorry Heir fans, Heir just makes me yawn.

      • @waverly
        What major flaws? I know BOF had a couple of flaws, but they were not that big. I just don’t like how so yi jung continued being hung up on his first love. the ending could have been better, and there’s no kiss scene between so yi jung and cha Eul. when gu jun pyo proposed in the end, jan Di didn’t answer before the rest of F4 arrived.

        The heirs is good, but the first half was kind of boring. it got interesting in second half so far.

  6. don’t know if there is a time jump or not but I noticed that his hair is not dyed black when I saw other BTS pictures of LMH outside the SamSung Store. I think the lighting inside the store and the qulity of the pictures here makes his hair look black.

    • I wish I could point the very clear pictures of LMH outside the entrance of the store but I don’t know how to leave the link here.

    • I saw them too. His hair’s the same. If there is to be a time jump then I hope he styles them the way he did when he came back from the States.

  7. Seriously psh needs kissing lesson from Yoon eun hye. Go rent the tape from Goong, coffee prince and lie to me and take some notes please!

  8. I like PSH, but as an actress she’s lacking in those kissing scenese! LOL…She’s need to take up some good lesson from LMH cuz he seems like a really good kisser! Actually, I remember his kiss scene with Park Ming Young was freaking awesome! She should use this opportunity and learn! LOL

  9. While her whole body wasn’t into it, at least she was making the effort so I applaud that, she was moving her head and lips and I was grateful she was going for it, not so much as any kiss of that sort of caliber would be in real life, but considering how afraid she is of antis, maybe lack of experience, Korea’s not known for the most passionate kisses ever either, so maybe she’ll get to a point where the kissing scenes won’t come off as torture for her.

  10. can anybody tell me wether park shin hye and lee min ho have dating rumors? because i thought that she is dating CNBLUEs yonghwa ………

  11. Looks like the best recipe for a successful k-drama requires the following ingredients: a loaded production as well as big acting and writing names. The story or lack thereof does not matter the least bit as long as there is (forced) skinship to please the viewers, as well as the usual tropes, aka birth secrets/bullying/stalking/male-chauvinism/social discrimination und so weiter.

    • Yeesh, such low standards. I’m glad well written and acted dramas like I Hear Your Voice, Secret and Master’s Sun also got really high ratings this year. At least it will encourage production of solid, riveting dramas in the future…

      • Well I agree with you on “I hear your voice” but not so much on the other ones. These days AM1994 is a gem, and I have not been aboard any oppa/trash or CB team at all.

  12. PSH and JYH dating was just a rumor. I haven’t heard anything about PSH and LMH dating yet, but who knows. I am a big fan of both and will be thrilled if they actually get together! ;D

  13. I don’t care so much about the lip action. For me, it’s all about the body lanuage. The bodies have to totally relaxed. I still can’t forget the amazing kiss at the end of Secret. It was magic when they started laughing into each other’s mouth….Jisung’s enraptured bedroom eyes……and then gazing happily into each others eyes hardly daring to believe they were together at last. ..the bodies in complete sync. Looking at PSH’s face in the first pic is beyond hilarious.

    • I disagree. I buy this kiss. She has a lot of emotions going on at that moment so is expected. I trust her. She knows what she’s doing.

    • yeah me too! I love it when the couple are relaxed and comfortable around each other! the lip action isn’t that important if they can evoke emotions! like in MS I remember the kiss scenes were simple but they were lovely and you can feel the it! and in secret this is on another level hahaha 😀 I can’t forget the last kiss too! it was natural and spontaneous, they were smiling and comfortable with it, it was really magical! makes you smile while watching it!
      so after watching many kiss scenes this one is really bad to me! I feel like they are trying so hard that I’m cringing while watching it, PSH face makes you feel like she is constipated and LMH is trying very hard to make her kiss him back! it was just funny to me!

  14. I can not be sure but I think that’s the kiss more thoroughly inspected, everybody detailing this, it is to criticize, alabaro is something ironic lol

  15. There’s an FA that was shared on heirs insta account that The heirs cast were seen filming in a Hospital in Ilsan, hmmmmmmmmmmmmm………… daddy kim maybe??

  16. Hilarious! She looks like Lee Min Ho is trying to drive a monster alien down her throat. I mean really it seems like a horror movie not a kiss. People are liking the good looking guys therefore the high ratings cause this girl can’t act. IMO.

  17. Park Shin Hye looks like she has to fart really bad but is holding it in because she doesn’t want to embarass herself infront of LMH cause of the smell. Watching her kissing scenes is painful to watch.

  18. park shin hye needs to learn a lot about kissing scene , this is ridiculous LMH is not a monster kiss him with all your heart , just acting doesn’t mean you have to married him . Just me or is there a posibility that PSH never had a boyfriend because that kiss is inexplicably awful from her part , LMH GAVE ALL IN THAT SCENE .

    • Yes, PSH need to learn more about kissing gesture. More homework!! Here, she really looked tense as if she is not into him. I hope next episodes, she will be more relax to receive his kisses. More real.

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