Laughable Written and Video Preview for Final Episode of Marry Him If You Dare

Oh drama gods have mercy on me. Actually, may the drama deities have mercy on all of us. The final episode of Marry Him If You Dare (Mirae’s Choice) is airing in a few hours and I was content just to sit back and accept whatever crap is thrown at me knowing that I can rinse it off afterwards. It’s like going into a mud wrestling contest – one expects to be caked with mud and is fine with it. Except I didn’t sign up for a mud wrestling contest when I eagerly started this drama, so this bait-and-switch has been one horrible nightmare that I wish I could wake up from even if I’m resigned to it. This whole talk of time travel and alternate/parallel universes get me wondering if there is an alternate universe version of MHIYD the drama that is actually amazingly good. You know – Mi Rae and Shin fall in love and their romance is sizzlingly hot and deliciously sweet, Se Joo gives up on Mi Rae the first time she friend-zones him and when Yoo Kyung hangs out with him to cheer up his disappointment heart he realizes what a gorgeous and witty girl she is and they fall in love, then the two couples have each other’s backs at work and end up building YBS into a great network and showing future Mi Rae that her doomsday scenario was wrong all along. Older news anchors can still bring in the viewers, maknae writers can grow into seasoned pros, junior reporters are recognized for talent and not aegyo, and chaebol heirs have the vision and skills to spot talent and use them as the stepping stones to his success. Then in the end everyone learned that future Mi Rae’s life was not present Mi Rae’s and thus breathed a big sigh of relief that NO ONE listened to her stupid blathering and Mi Rae-Shin still chose to love each other because they wanted to while Se Joo-Yoo Kyung took a short detour but found each other in the end with no great harm done. The end. What we got instead? Is a horror of a drama writing fail so epic I actually guffawed for minutes after reading the written preview for episode 16. Good lord this thing can still get more absurd. You betcha when amnesia comes calling!

Written preview for episode 16:

“If you want to escape from your fate, that means you are still being controlled by it.”

Shin is tormented when faced with two different scripts but in the end he goes with the one the network gave him. Mi Rae goes reporting and finds the parents whose son was killed by the faulty humidifier. On the other hand, future Mi Rae wakes up and is in a state of shock that she loses her memory and regresses to think she’s present-age Mi Rae……

Preview for episode 16:

[youtube id=”SXJDcpaHGY4″ w=”625″ h=”445″]


I almost bust a gut laughing at the sheer denseness when Se Joo back hugs Mi Rae and says they appear just like a married couple. LOL forever Se Joo! I’m happy you managed to capture yourself a future wife by hook and crook and whatever floats your boat as long as you win in the end.


Laughable Written and Video Preview for Final Episode of Marry Him If You Dare — 77 Comments

    • Man, the brief fleeting bits of YooShin awesomeness in the preview for episode 16 makes me desperately wish this had been a drama about YooShin from the get go.

      • the writer should have made it a love square instead of an unbalanced love triange
        i noticed Yoo Kyung and Shin’s chemistry since early’s actually better than Shin with Mirae

      • Maybe they will end up being the latest K celebrity couple to be outed post drama?

        Come on, it’s been happening all year. ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. Two things:

    1. Why name a show “Mirae’s Choice” if said Mirae is no more than a cardboard box, and can’t seem to choose anything.

    2. Do magical time traveling powers work in real life? Because Lee Dong-gun needs to go tell his past self to NOT take this drama.

    (Btw, in all seriousness, MR has to go back in time to create the parallel universe that current MR lives in. If there is no time travel, then this universe wouldn’t exist in the first place (ignoring the fact that it HAS to exist, but that’s another complicated story). We would have no story, and no MR, Shin, etc. that we see today.)

    • 1st point – I can’t agree more. I tried to watch ep 15 but couldn’t swallow it. All the time MR appeared on any scene, I was like: “WTF, girl! Get a hold of yourself.” She’s such a push-over all the times, ya’ know, to the point a guy she didn’t like slipped a ring on her finger and drugged her around.

      The writer turns this into such a mess drama that now I root against MR and Shin. I don’t want my beloved Shin to suffer anymore than this.

  2. I really wonder how Seju functions at all given how dense he is. I mean, really. It’s no wonder YK controlled him in the future.


      • You actually don’t have a point since you are just making an allegation about “hate” without substantiating it, but I’m in a good mood so I’ll help you along in your ALL CAPS frustration. Every word I’ve written about this drama is backed up by analysis of what is happening on screen. That is the very definition of constructive criticism. Constructive criticism is NOT saying something nicely. It’s saying something is broken so that it can be fixed. I said that over and over again in the earlier episodes hoping it can be fixed by the writer. Never happened. At this point, no criticism can by definition be constructive because episode 16 is done filming and we’re gonna get what we’re gonna get. Does that take away my right to write about what I am seeing? No. I can write about whatever I want. You can support your drama by writing a very eloquent and intelligent defense about why this drama needs to be loved by all because it’s so darn wonderful. Be my guest.


      • LOL, I don’t hate the writer for not writing what I like her to write. I dislike her writing things that don’t make any sense. And is painful to watch. That’s it. Which is by definition what good drama writing should’t do. Good drama writing needs to make sense and be entertaining. Hers neither makes any sense nor is entertaining. One does not need to be a drama writer to reach that conclusion. One just needs to have a working brain.


    • We just happen to watch drama for the content of its story and not for any other reasons. Ms. Koala has been very fair in recapping this drama despite her liking of Yoon Eun Hye and Lee Dong Gun.

    • if you don’t like her recaps, opinion, or everything she said. just leave this site and stop making comments with capslock. stupid.

    • Ms. Sunshine, just a reminder… Texting or commenting etiquette 101: “Don’t use all Caps. Typing a text message in all capital letters will appear as though you are shouting at the recipient or is being rude, and should be avoided.” By the way, just curious… are you… oh, nevermind

    • I am just surprised that your screen name is sunshine when you seem to be shouting at us from such a dark place. We all loved this drama at the beginning, but it went crazy and made no sense structurally or by character development. You want expert on narrative structure? I have a PhD in it literally, and I can say that Captain Koala is right on the money on this one.

    • @sunshine – I am totally appalled at you writing in ALL CAPS. You are VERY RUDE. BTW – are you the writer? or are you related to her? Please tell her that her drama sucks. I don’t hate her, but I don’t think she does well in her job. My rating for her writing is an “F”. Take it or leave it, this is my opinion.

    • Sunshine, dearest, I am a writer. I have been a professional writer for nearly 30 years, and I am not the only one on this site with professional expertise. Then there are those that have spent hours upon hours watching dramas, commenting about dramas, reading comments and learning all they can about the actors, actresses, the production process, and the drama-making process. Why do we do this? Because we love dramas, all aspects of them. When you are honestly dedicated to a craft, to an artistic endeavor, you want to constantly improve it. Any artist will tell you, there is always room for improvement. And the only way to improve is to face up honestly to the weaknesses and faults, address them, talk them over, measure the improvements.

      For example: Jonghwa has shown definite improvement in this show, he is obviously working very hard to become a better actor. How could we truly appreciate his efforts if we had not admitted, in previous shows, that his talents were lacking? If it is always “all good,” then where is the momentum?
      You see this as a site of hate? It is exactly the opposite.

    • I am for a far more positive stance on the script writing of MHIYD. The script
      ‘s main focus on “every one has an option to make conscious choices” is so consistent in this drama from the beginning to the very last ending scene.
      Even the viewers like us were given the very choice to judge who Mirae is choosing for her future love partner. And we do differently according to our own conditionings and temperament. The critics were so obsessed with the non traditional choice of not having making out or passionate kissing scenes built-in the plot. Actually, I ‘d rather see that each charactor is so human and so realistic in the sense that they are imperfect and selfish when they opt for choices that involve others. But they have all tried their level best to bring happiness for others. Dont you see this plot in the script. All of YBS team members, including Se Ju bond together, risking their life and career twice during the subway bomb incident and during the last episode, Those were kinds of important choices
      human being should make and the script presents it very well. Kim Shin’s last choice was noble, and he knows too well that it would negatively effect his financial future and creat a risk for his future with Mirae. And for Se Ju charactor, kind heart people are always like that. People full of heart are always clinging, falling for things at first sight as their hearts are intuitive, not tarnished by conditioning and ideas. Can’t you critics just allow this sort of personality to still exist in the world domonated by cruelly calculating minds. Can we allow room for realistic movies and dramas to have their place or you critics are so depressed and seek only escape from soapy, sweety romantic stories only?

      in the sense that they are far from being perfect, they therefore, continue to be
      selfish or indecisive in making the choices, which in reality we all do. Mirae could
      not harshly send strong no to Se Ju

      indecisive in making their decisions. Mirae and Shin made choices that agonize
      our critics so strongly in the interest or at least in what they think is the interest of
      their love one. They were afraid to hurt each other if they fall for each other as it
      was already proven by future Mirae and Shin. Off course, Mirae is using her head not her heart when it comes to Soo Ju.

  3. The whole drama would make sense if โ€œFuture Mi Rae” was actually โ€œFuture Yoo Kyung” tired of Se Joo loser ways and wanting a better husband and future. So she traveled back in time pretending to be a Mi Rae from the Future to push Mi Rae and Se Joo together, so she could marry Shin because Mi Rae also sucked as wife and as we saw she was. I’m with @Rina. Yoo Kyung and Shin FTW!

  4. I can’t believe that there would be an ending of MR and SJ. Not because I don’t like SJ but does that make any sense?? There is going to be some major twist and Shin and MR end up together?? Right?? Well, I actually don’t want that to happen anymore but still I hold onto fantasies somewhat because I just can’t believe that the writer would actually end with MR and Shin. It’s some trick on the audience I am presuming. Sigh… I seem to sigh a lot.

    Yeah, I too was thinking that future MR must be future YK in disguise and pushing MR and SJ together so she can avoid her shotty marriage with SJ. Cause that’s just how nonsensical it has become.

  5. I was going to drop Heirs and watch this after your recap of Episode6. I’m glad for not taking that route and stick to Heirs because of my love for Lee Min-ho.
    Still as cliche as it is, Heirs look like a masterpiece compared to this one now.

    • I know, my thoughts exactly. Heirs isn’t perfect also, but at least the OTP makes sense, which is more than I can say for this drama… NOTHING makes sense, and I am SAD to see LDG and YEH being wasted. They need to kiss like a million times in tonight’s episode to make up for this horrible drama.

  6. Now I regret DL and watching this crap of a drama. It started so good, why???
    and coincidentally when I was reading this article, the top banner showed a scene from Big.
    Big was one epic failure, but I don’t know which one is worse…
    I want to laugh every time I watch a SJ scene now, the award for
    most pitiful second male lead needs to go to him.

  7. Choose a tittle that suit this drama best:
    A. Journey of kimshin’ career
    B. Jobless ahjumma play with time machine
    C. Stupid chaebol is falling in love
    D. Watch it if you want to have a hypertension

    • The hug itself doesn’t make me laugh, but the we look like a married couple does it for me. I mean, really Seju… maybe a married couple on the verge of a bitter divorce.

      I don’t know if it’s the character or the limits of YH’s acting, but everything Seju does is just absurd and instead of feeling for him, you just laugh at how ridiculous he looks.

  8. OMG! Are we in the twilight zone and no informed us? It sure feels like it. It’s laughable when readers get offended by what the blogger writes in their own blog. Don’t come here and read then. Present your own logical, reasoning defense for your opinion that’s all.
    Thanks for the heads us Ms. Koala since I won’t be watching it anyway. I can’t believe it fell into obscurity. I feel sorry for the poor cast, who must all be shaking their heads.

  9. Thanks ms koala , I can understand your frustration. What is the point of this show? That the future should not mess with the past? We all have choices… But present Mirae’s is a better person now ( because she does not marry Shin early) Seriously, sejoo is the saddest outcome – to love someone who only likes you- no passion in the coupling.

  10. God, SJ should be taken by the time cop asap. No, rather Mi Rae deserves him. Her inability to say NO NO NO when he slides the ring down her finger. She is too much. Both deserve a whack. She can be by herself , that was what she had said episodes ago, not be dependent on any man-Shin or Se Joo – but live honest to herself. Where did that evaporate Mi Rae?
    Yoo Kyung, this girl needs someone strong and independent just as she is. Not SJ at all. Shin is good, his chemistry with oppa works best. Last episode at the dinner outing and now at the hospital.

    Is there an extra surprise episode after 16? Nothing seems like an end from this preview.

  11. Possible ending: Ahjumma thinks she’s present Mi Rae so she goes to find Shin and declares her love for him. After being taken aback for a few seconds, Shin decides to give their relationship a try. After all, it is the same woman he loves, just a more wrinkled version. They kiss so passionately ahjumma’s dentures almost fall down her throat.

  12. aishh as much as i love JYH, his charachter in this drama is really a turn off for me!! and i blamed it on the writer(YES U)writernim, you should never ever wrote anymore if ur going to do it alone, just do it with ur sister, u make a good start but standing ovation for u to make it this one to my list worst drama ever LOL. Yookyung is so wasted in this series, the only sane person in this mess of a drama. But if i want to take positive outcome from this crazy journey is that JYH improve his acting and the chance he gets to act alongside veterans and gain a lot from it..sigh

  13. Gosh. Somebody please send a complaint to Korea’s writer’s guild (if ever such thing exists) to ban this writer from ever writing again!


  14. somehow it felt like YEH isn’t the main character of this drama and instead the drama revolves around Future Mirae! YEH gets so few scenes and when she does get them, her character looks weak and lousy… it’s a pity that most of my YEH’s recent dramas are such flops… and this drama is the worst… *sigh*

  15. A big thanks to Ms. Koala for having the patience and sacrifice to watch through this drama. I thoroughly enjoyed your recap of this drama and people’s comments – it is more entertaining than the drama itself! I must say I check your site more than I should! ๐Ÿ™‚ Looking forward to the next drama you will be recapping. Hopefully the next one will be a joy to watch!

  16. Seriously, it’s her freakin’ blog, she can do whatever she wants, gosh’. I can’t believe that people can’t accept a drama they enjoy can be viewed as not enjoyable and even bad for others. It’s called different opinion O.O

    I’m still fangirling over Yookyung. I think I am going to watch her parts even if they are only 5 minutes for each episode. I need her awesomeness so badly LOL.

  17. it’s funny how, as expected, everyone’s going ballistic at soompi with tonight’s ending. can’t wait for koala’s recap tomorrow! so much potential went down the drain with this one. I just hope YEH & LDG got paired up in a better material.

  18. I have an advise for your website. If you start to dislike a drama, please stop commenting or doing recaps as there are people who have liking for an actress, actor, writer or production. There is a site called dramabeans where they discontinue recaps if they dislike. I think that is a good way of presenting themselves than go on criticising, calling it positive criticism and having supporters commenting the same things again and again.

    How I happen to land here on this site is when I was looking for a recap in google (I live in US and here we get the subtitles by evening/night), it lead me to this site. May be I will not come again to this site as it is making fun of some drama and calling it positive criticism.

    • @Ben – who are you to give this advice? Do you have your own Blog? Write it there instead! I am a reader of Ms. Koala’s blog and this type of comment makes me very angry. I am glad that Ms. Koala will not listen to you. My advise to you – investigate the purpose of a website before giving any comment. This is a blog, not a drama review site like “dramabeans”. Can you tell the difference? Do you understand what “Blog” means?

    • I think you’re being a little thin-skinned.

      I don’t agree with every review/recap/opinion koala has but I at least recognize that it’s KOALA’S BLOG and it’s MY CHOICE to read it or leave it.

    • @Ben – hey, I have ‘an advise’ for you – make your own damn website and don’t come here if you don’t like what Koala’s written about your bias.

      And dramabeans only drops continuing recaps in very rare cases, fyi. They’ve continued to recap more than one drama they hate (see: Dr. Jin) so you have no business trying to tell anyone what to write.

  19. Is it really the last episode of mhiyd? Reallyyyyy? What a crap… As much as i love the casts, and waiting for a great twist, i was endured to watch it every episode… And what i got is just to see all the dumb and painful 3 main character playing around all the times? Gosh… Thanks God it’s end here, bye nightmare…

  20. I just watched the raw of episode 16 and all I can say is… WTF was that?

    It’s the same reaction I had at the end of “Fashion King” … what a total waste of my viewing time.

    • oh that’s too bad. I will wait and read Mz. Koala’s recap. Just for completeness sake. What a waste of talented actors LDG & YEH!

  21. I’m glad I never watched this drama and have only read the recaps. So much wasted talent. I had an odd thought. The last episode was going to be it was all a bad dream concept. MR had hit her head in the accident and dreamt the whole drama! She wakes up to Shin standing by her side and they fall in love and end up happily ever after.

  22. So, SeJoo gets Mirae. This is the first kdrama I’ve seen where the second lead gets the girl. I hope to see LDG in another drama soon. He is a great actor and it’s such a shame that his comeback drama was written so poorly.

    • But I thought they all ended up alone (based on the Soompi thread comments) my understanding is that all 4 of them went their separate ways but in the end they show her with a baby but it’s unclear whose baby or who she chose..?

      I’m confused now, ah can’t wait for the recap.

      • She didn’t end up with anyone. hints and logic point towards Shin end though, but I guess you can chose your own romance. Terrible end for a terrible drama.

      • @melissa Uggh, it sounds like such a cope out from the writer, she fucked up she didn’t know how to clean her mess so she left an open ending.

        Seriously, this woman should not be allowed to write for a drama again without her sister.

      • The scene at the very very end points like 99% to a Shin/Mirae end, but the writer did not have the guts to actually do it and ruin the Seju/Mirae fan hopes. Lots of news about people who saw the original script (which was both OTPS back to normal) and the changes made too.

  23. Gosh, what is going on here???

    People are entitled to like what ever they want and others are entitled to dislike whatever they want. People are entitled to praise whatever you want and others are also entitled to criticize whatever they want. What no one is entitled to do is tell others what to do.

    Criticism and praise are both valid forms of expression. I am baffled by the need for there to be only be positivity all the time. Is that how real life works? Something bad occurs and we are just supposed to shut it out or not deal with it or deny it???

    Anyway, Koala, I love you recaps. I live in a country where Korean dramas are very, very, very difficult to get hold of and your blog provides a good indicator of whether I should bother to go through the trouble of getting a drama or not.

  24. Thanks god I recently watched the vineyard man and can stand this mess , people said that the vineyard wasn’t good but if you compare with this is better a millon times better. Horrible ending . it beats “fashion king” This writer is the worst , this drama is the most disappointing, the cast is the most unfortunate what a waste of talent . this woman didn’t give head to write a good ending , what a loseR!! she preferred to write this shit ending to not look bad to anyone (CRAZY FANS I GUESS) this woman should be excluded as a writer, she has no talent , maybe she thinks to herself like as an innovative writer , but she’s wrong .She destroyed this proyect

  25. lol. judging from the reactions that i’ve read, i see that the majority is disgusted with the ending. i might not watch it anymore as i’m definitely from team kim shin and the drama should have an appropriate ending based on the real storyline.
    oh, well, i guess that true love here doesn’t prevail. it’s very clear that it is kim shin who is really in mirae’s heart that’s why i root for him. i’m a hopeless romantic. lol
    but i feel sorry that LDG’s talent has been wasted here. he is one true handsome actor with great acting talent.
    gosh! i am so touched by that balcony scene with mi rae and kim shin in episode15. LDG is a dream to watch. impressive effortless acting! he melts my heart! fantastic actor! i wish to see more of him in a better drama.

  26. Thought I was the only soul feeling lost about this whole drama>> and the pics left buried, what actually was those pictures for, good Lord, just cannot piece the ending. Okay if those pictures are to be used as indicators, I would presume she married Seju as the kids in the photos have some sort of his facial features?

    Can the writer kindly do a special recap for us to explain what this drama is all about?

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